Must Have Games schedule announced today

Must Have Games schedule announced today

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Here’s an early Valentine for game lovers. Today we’re unveiling the release schedule and pricing for the latest Must Have Games lineup, which we originally announced a few weeks ago at CES in Las Vegas.

There will be a new game to grab each week starting with Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit ($4.99) on February 1. Here’s the rest of the lineup:

BulletAsylum: February 8 ($2.99)

Chickens Can’t Fly: February 15 ($2.99)

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction: February 22 ($4.99)

Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp: February 29 ($2.99)

Curious what they look like in action? Just before leaving for CES, my colleague Ben Rudolph caught up with the producers for BulletAsylum, Chickens Can’t Fly, and Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp and filmed this fun preview. Check it out.

Must Have Games for Windows Phone coming in February.
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  • KR
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    Not sure if we'll get it in Canada.i was going to get the Titan 1 from the states,but I hate what US carriers do to phones,by sticking their names on the phones as if the manufacture them.and Canadian carriers are weird,they don't garanti the full functionality of any phone on their network which you didn't buy from them and worst when it comes to phones bought outside the country at times even when u call for support they simply tell you they can't help coz u didn't buy it from them,even if you question is not directly linked to your device

  • @ Kenny

    So, why don't you get a Titan 2??

  • KR
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    So apparently the Lumia 800 and 710 are the only generation 2 windows phones we are getting in Canada(atleast for the first half for 2012).

    I have to say i am personally disappointed in this,i was looking forward to something more like the Titan or the focus S.

    I personally don't find the design of the Lumia's attractive at all and so far all the windows phone owners i've talked to here have the same opinion.

    No matter the Noice the bloggers are making about Nokia i still believe even the Titan 1 Is better than the Lumia 900.In all aspects.

    even my friends who are kinda huge Nokia fans admit that when it comes to design Nokia doesn't stand the fight compared to particularly samsung or even htc.the only thing they say is that Nokia phones are tough and durable,which i agree with,but in a fast evolving smartphone era i dont think anyone is planning to own a smartphone for more than 3 years

    I guess i will just hold on to my original focus,which i think is still the second best design after the white ZTE Tania

    FTW I've tried both the 800 and 710 and tbh they both didn't give me any reason to forego my Original focus i just wish samsung does a better job with their software as HTC and Nokia do

  • It's nice to see more games for WP7, but come on - an early Valentines? Don't kind yourself that anyone is buying it on the premise of that.

    Who can forget that romantic classic Splinter Cell? You know, the one where Sam Fisher creeps around in the dark and assasinates terrorists. Maybe you imagine we then make up a whole epilogue in our heads where he goes back home after mission accomplished to cook his lover a delicious three course meal accompanied by a vintage bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape?

  • About Xbox live and games..

    I don't mean to be negative, but it absolutely disgust me to even think that one of WP most exclusive selling points would ever be ported over to Android and iOS. Never let this happen!

  • TroySch
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    Cool - Looking forward to Toy Soldiers and Splinter Cell!

  • I'm still waiting for the day the Marketplace will let me buy games from my Country.

  • tsrblke
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    @KTgiang and DJmikebrady

    I got the the other day and noticed that it was while I had my cell data turned off (I was nearing my monthly limit).  I'm wondering if that has something to do with the problem, if the data signal is lost (often text messaging abilities remain, but images are sent over data) it might cause the aforementioned glitch.

  • I've had an Arrive since day one, and haven't had that problem - have you confirmed with any other Arrive users that they have it too?

  • Looking awesome!  Where's the video for Splinter Cell!!!


  • KTGiang
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    Always glad to see more games coming to the Windows Phone platform. Sidetracking though, I don't know where to report this but I'm not sure if's known or fixed in any of the future updates. It's specific to Sprint's HTC Arrive. Every so often, when you try to send or receive a picture message, it'll just go in an endless loop of "Get media content" where you try to click on it and it won't download the image. If you try and send a picture, it'll give you an error. The "fix" for this is a restart of the phone and it'll immediately work afterwards. I have talked to friends with a HTC Trophy and theirs works just fine. It seems to be either specific to sprint's CDMA or the HTC Arrive itself.

    Also, still waiting on 8107 to fix the annoying keyboard issue.