Sync multiple Google calendars, search more Gmail

Sync multiple Google calendars, search more Gmail

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If you plan your days using Google Calendar, you’ll be happy to know that the company’s Sync team has now made it possible to show appointmentsNow you can sync up to 25 Google Calendars with your Windows Phone 7.5! from multiple calendars on your Windows Phone 7.5 (thanks, fellas!).

To add them, just go to on your phone. Once you’ve logged in, select your device and the calendars you want to sync (you can choose up to 25—if you’re really that organized). Tap Save and you’re done! Note that your new calendars won’t show up until your phone’s next sync with Google’s servers—every 30 minutes by default. To make them show up sooner, you’ll need to do a manual sync.  We’ve put together some detailed instructions here.

But wait, as they say, there’s more. Multiple calendar support wasn’t the only goodie Google announced today. The company has also now made it possible to search for Gmail messages that haven’t been downloaded to your phone yet—an upgrade I know many of you will welcome.

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  • Update: Even though visiting the sync settings URL manually showed the page where I could "check" (enable) syncing of an additional calendar, the events have not synced. It's been 12+ hours; I've tried syncing manually from email+accounts; I've tried de-selecting (and later re-selecting) calendar syncing in the account settings on the phone.

  • As posted by belgeek, the sync page doesn't seem to work as of now (WP 7.8). I got redirected to the non-signed-in pages for which screenshots are at:

    Then, looking at this post:

    I visited (manually typed) the URL visible in one of the screenshots after logging in to GMail using IE on the phone:

    That presented me with the signed in Google Sync page on the phone.

  • belgeek
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    This used to work fine on the previous phones I have used (WP7.5 and WP8), but I just got a brand new yellow Lumia 920 (YEAH!) and the page has completely changed and leaves me unable to do anything.  Could someone please help?  Thanks!

  • Does this work for the most important (and often ignored) *tasks*??  I use tasks more than anything else and it always seems that everything syncs except for tasks!  I would love to just skip Google and sync my Outlook 2010 (with my tasks!).  Is there some way to do that?  I am obviously still learning this new phone, so I will keep looking for the answer to this most important question!

  • I could not reach this page as well, but for a different reason.  The browser on my phone was configured to request the desktop version of pages I visit.  Google would send me over to that version of the page and I was not able to configure/manage my calendars.  Going into the settings on the browser and putting it back to mobile version fixed the issue for me as my phone was already set to US English.

  • This is great to see. I complained about this feature not being available in Juliette's blog a few weeks ago regarding setting up a family calendar in Hotmail. I saw another user posted a workaround and tried that and it worked. Good to see now that it's a feature that doesn't require a workaround!

  • Sweeettt!  This totally rocks!  This new feature has made me a total Windows Phone believer...

  • "SEARCH MORE IN GOOGLE MAIL" finally works!!! HURRAY!!!

  • ive been tempted to setup my isp email account on wp7 but wanted to know 1st if it is stored on hotmail servers before it makes its waye to my phone. also it mentions xbox live does it mean i can read my messeges from there instead of the xbl app?

  • tsrblke
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    That confused me to since usually m.[sitename] goes to a mobile site.  I also find it odd that I can set other devices there anyway, so why not just let me set them in Google?

    Although to be entirely fair, under the "detailed" instructions it does talk about using the mobile site.

  • arrow22
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    Mike, I know you're just the messenger here, but it really would have been helpful to indicate that this only works in "English (US)" and with the browser has to be set on "mobile browsing" to access the sync website.

    ...It does seem odd though that Google created the site with seemingly arbitrary restrictions, but I am happy that I can search my mail now!

  • Ahh.. silly me, solved the problem. Why on earth have I assumed that any WP7 related service would be available globally. As usually I just need to cheat by setting site language to english.

    I wonder what would americans do if one day they avoke with all their services in polish.

    Anyway - the message about unsupported device was really helpful in that matter.. thanks, not confusing at all.

  • So... how do I use it actually? When I go to it just shows "nieobslugiwane urzadzenie" which means "unsupported device" in Polish. I've got HD7 so perfectly standard WP7 device..

  • I'm glad to see that this works for folks that use Google's services for email and calendaring.  Now, what about Hotmail and being able to "search the server?"  Why hasn't Hotmail been updated to include this capability, yet Google (with apparently help from MS) to enable Server Search?

  • This is great news but it's working only when English (US) is set as language.... why not !

    Now, you need to fix the special character issue on gmail, I can't support anymore laugh from iPhone et Android users...

  • gfunk84
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    @Michael Stroh: Any chance we'll see more collaboration with Google, perhaps with some native apps? With Microsoft now developing great native apps for Android and iOS, WP is the only relevant platform without first-class apps from both Microsoft and Google. Native official YouTube and Google+ apps would be great, as would first-class native support for Google Chat in the Messaging hub.

  • tsrblke
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    Yikes looks like one of my multiposts got eaten!

    For those interested, the "Delete as trash" option also fixes the bug where delete just archives as well.  Thus, my phone now works exactly as I've always wanted!

    Interestingly though when I tried to enable one of my calenders it didn't show up.  I suppose it could be because I haven't added any events to it in over a year though (I stopped using seperate calenders when I got my Windows Phone).

  • @xpxp2002: You would presume correctly. :-)

  • tsrblke
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    Just FYI, you may want to clarify.  You can search for messages that haven't been downloaded YET or that were removed previously (since the phone only keeps X days of mail by default.)

    @Rodney E. Jones

    Because at the time Gmail was cool, and actually being the first to really push the threads thing I liked them a lot.  That being said things have deteriorated pretty quickly, but the interface is still a few inches ahead of hotmail in terms of layout (although Hotmail's new Sweep features make it a great account for all my "businesses" realted stuff (i.e. amazon, banking, loyalty clubs.)

    Also I have google apps at work, and bringing my personal calender to my work calender (but still keeping them fairly seperate) is easier w/in the same ecosystem.

  • So a little off topic, is there a way to change the Windows Live ID and have it auto sync with the phone? I want to change the email address that's associated with my Live ID but am concerned what that would do to my phone. I have a Gmail and want to shift to Hotmail\Live. I can change it on the Windows Live site, but what will that do to the phone? will I lose things that aren't synced to my PC? my zune etc? HELP!

  • As a side note IE must be set to mobile browsing to access the Sync App.

  • Also,,, seriously, if you have a WP device why not just take advantage of the ecosystem at hand, unless your workplace is restricting you. I can understand that.

  • Speaking of Google,,, did you hear about the Asus tablet and the trouble its been having after receiving a seriously bugged out ICS update? Typical...

  • tsrblke
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    Thank you!  It may not be the easiest way to do it (I wish I could do it from the OS, but it's a huge improvement.  I guess I can start managing my calenders again like I used to.

    I'm also glad to see that sever search has started working finally.  I saw that feature pop up in 7.5, but it always returned an error, which made me sad, because there were times where I really needed it!

  • wouter
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    I had the same error on about Google Sync not being avalailable for my phone (message in Dutch). I was able to change the language to English (US) directly from that page, after which I was able to select my calendars.

    Instead of waiting for the next sync, I forced a refresh of my google mailbox. The calendar items were synced at that time as well.

    Works like a charm :)

  • One must presume Microsoft's Windows Phone team and Google's Sync team were working together to make this happen. I'm so happy to see the end result. I enabled some additional calendars and successfully used server search today. Hopefully this is the beginning of a more amicable relationship that leads to improvements in both parties' platforms. As a Windows Phone user, I welcome any changes that enhance or expand my phone's capabilities, even with competitors' products and services. These two features may seem trivial, but I can't express enough thanks to those who helped make this possible!

  • This is really great news. I had to do browser spoofing before to get to this page. One additional note: works only when English (US) is set as language. In my case it was set to German an I got an error message telling me the page is not available for my phone. I had to log out from Google, visit the site from my phone, switch the language to English and then log in again. Now it works like a charm.