Free music Monday!

Free music Monday!

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Many of you know I’m a big music fan, so I got pumped when I heard about a new offer from Windows Phone for some free music. The new Gentleman Hall album has been free the last few weeks, but tomorrow is the last day to download! Head over to the Zune Marketplace on your PC, or just login at to stream or download. There are also five free ringtones cut from songs on the new album. I wasn’t familiar with Gentleman Hall, so did a little looking around and found they recently won Billboard's 2011 "Battle of the Bands," two 2011 Boston Music Awards, and MTV's Video Music Award for "Best Breakout Boston Artist" - so they're worth keeping an eye on. And clearly, they are from Boston.

You can see their new video here, which also features your favorite mobile OS, Windows Phone, and a collection of music video production hijinks. Great way to start the week.


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  • Philip G
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    Yea Microsoft, why don't you make it free to all?

  • Marek
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    Václav Dajbych: Czech republic doesn't have Zune Marketplace but also Windows Phone Marketplace. So it's not surprise that we are out.... Surprise is meet someone from FIT CTU on Windows Phone Blog :-D

  • Sheeds
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    Was able to grab the album in the Australian Zune Marketplace today! Thanks Brian :)

    Did a shout-out for it here:

  • Windows Phone 8 with "Xbox Kinect mobile" using the FFC!

  • Poland (as usually) left out.. :(

  • the buttons say free but the popup says 79 points per song ... guess the deal is over now?

  • Typical not free in the UK :(

    Same goes for these >>

    Only available in USA Zune marketplace, you would think that they sell the service in other countries but don't provide the same items and we have to live with an inferior product again!

    Will MS ever learn?

  • jjbowles
    43 Posts

    I wish I wish I wish there was an easier way to find free media content in the WP marketplace or in the Zune desktop software.  Finding free apps is a breeze since there is actually a "free" category.  Why doesn't this exist for music/movies/etc??


  • Wow, I never noticed that free album. Thanks for the heads up :)

  • wekempf
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    The d/l button says FREE but when I click it the dialog says it's 79 MP??

  • Czech marketplace is also out.

  • Yeah right ... of course it's not free in the UK marketplace. Why are we not surprised? :-/