7 Windows Phone apps for staying green

7 Windows Phone apps for staying green

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Microsoft is a vast place, and I’m constantly stumbling across interesting things other folks around the company are working on or thinking about. Waste Not, available in the Australian Marketplace, makes it easy to find info on recycling or waste disposal.

Case in point: A post today from Josh Henretig of Microsoft’s Environmental Sustainability team. 

Josh recently combed Marketplace looking for planet-friendly apps and apps that can help promote green thinking. Even if this isn’t stuff you think about often, I bet you’ll still find a couple interesting apps worth downloading. He’s found apps for saving gas, apps for environmental news, apps for recycling info—even an app for reporting someone who dumps paint down the storm drain. Only caveat: Some of these apps are available only in certain countries. Check out his list.

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  • Idella
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  • abm
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    @Michael Stroh, please reply to my questions. I treat my WP as my organ..

  • KR
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    Thanks for the reply Michael,I<ve got another issue

    My focus suddenly can<t sync my hotmail emails,it tells me there<s a problem with m.hotmail.com configuration and the error code is:85010004. This is annoying not only because its my main email account but also because its a windows live account and its a windows phone and funnily my work and University email accounts sync perfectly.its been two days now.need some help please

  • @Kenny: Need for Speed is global. Check again. It should be there--or show up soon. Sometimes new apps take a little bit of time to show up via search.

  • Another way to SAVE some green is the new Free Texting / SMS WP7 app- HeyWire- check it out www.windowsphone.com/.../1b7e0541-ab90-437c-b034-47b706fca660


  • abm
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    2 Questions:

    1 - Is there any multiplayer strategy game like Android’s Little WarCraft for WP?

    2 - Yesterday I was listening to music (METALLICA) and the phone was in my pocket. After sometime the song stopped playing and the OS hanged... couldn't do anything.. tap a button, flip the screen and use the volume control. I had to take out the battery to restart... Is there any way to see the event log so I can help Microsoft to diagnose and improve the product to avoid such crashes?

    Thank you.

  • KR
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    Can't find Need For Speed hot pursuit in the Canadian Marketplace.is it a US only title?

  • @Rodney: An official one is headed to the Marketplace very soon. Meantime, I've also been playing with this app, which you might have seen:


  • Speaking of apps.. Windows Phone Blog App?

  • mtcerio
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    Most of that software works in very limited areas or a limited number of cities (London, or US, or Australia, or some cities in the US, ...). I leave in Glasgow, UK. Ok, I can use ebay! :-)