These 20 tweeters just got cured of their #DroidRage

These 20 tweeters just got cured of their #DroidRage

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This week the internet was buzzing about how upwards of 5 million Android users have phones infected with annoying adware.  To help out, we offered up 20 free Windows Phones to people who shared their story about their frustrations with their Android phone, and why a Windows Phone would be a welcome upgrade.  

I got nearly 1000 responses since we kicked things off (thanks to everyone who sent in a story!), and out of those, here are our 20 winners:

If you’re one of the lucky winners all you need to do to claim your prize send me an email with your name, Twitter handle, address and phone number.  Be sure to include the subject “I won the second round of #DROIDRAGE Phones!” so I can find your mail in my inbox!

Thanks to everyone who sent in their story!  And remember to follow me on Twitter to share your story, ask a question, or say hi.

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  • Hello. I'm digging on your windows phone 7 and locations for the API. Where can I find them to me.

  • Well I was disappointed, really needed to do this? give a WP7 for a bad comment on ANDROID?

  • T Windows
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    @ Ben

    Thanks for another great blog post "DroidRage" hey I'm guessing Verizon didn't get the memo that their droids are crashing due to malware - viruses.

    Maybe they are hoping the new colors in their latest commercial will cover up the truth factor….5 million users infected, I’m not sure new colors will help that.

    -Powered by Windows

  • T Windows
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    @ Everyone

    If you haven’t seen or had a chance to voice your ideals or suggestions for WP7 ads.

    You can do so at the following link:

    “Windows Phone Users Voice” would like your suggestions on how they can spread the word about Windows Phone itself via advertising campaigns, community or social media involvement and other types of promotions.

    -Powered by Windows

  • T Windows
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    @ Kenny Rawlins  - Check out this resolution link from Microsoft support, the steps should help you.

    -Powered by Windows

  • I wouldn't talk smack at all.  I have to reboot my HTC Surround WP7 phone several times a day because Microsoft, HTC and ATT can't figure out how to work together and fix the Zune-Freeze bug.  Very disappointed.

  • @Kenny Make sure you didn't turn on the https setting in hotmail via the web.  I almost did yesterday but i noticed it has a little disclaimer saying it will break your windows phone sync.

  • We need a ''reply to'' button on these post for every comment. This would aid in keeping the blog more organized, and take less scrolling to find reply's to our post.

  • KR
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    Hey People

    My focus suddenly can<t sync my hotmail emails,it tells me there<s a problem with configuration and the error code is:85010004. This is annoying not only because its my main email account but also because its a windows live account and its a windows phone and funnily my work and University email accounts sync perfectly.its been two days now.need some help please

  • Sorry team, I couldn't resist....


  • vincent_g
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    Still no update on the next version of Windows Phone?? I am very excited of the so called "Tango" or "Apollo". Please reveal the feature slowly like what your team do with Windows 8 :)..

  • @Jack Pulliam:  Why should anyone be suprised at Microsoft/Windows making fun of anybody?

  • tsrblke
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    Then I rescind my nastiness, and apologize.  After a contest like this we tend to get a lot of random people who stop in and say "Windows phone is aweful because I didn't get a windows phone."

    The Lumia 900 could come out a bit faster I'll admit.  In the meantime, I'd look into getting a cheap Focus V.1 or a Focus Flash (which I think retails for fairly cheaply even without the carrier subsidy.

  • Congrats to the winners!  I'm not specifically married to CDMA, but I do like Sprint's packages, pricing and coverage... And up until a few months ago, their 3G EVDO was fast and reliable, leaving me no complaints beyond their lack of love for my chosen ecosystem.  Lucky for me, I love physical keyboards, so the Arrive would have been my choice regardless of how many other options they may have had.  But the lack of ANY other devices and no indicator of that changing, has me very concerned...

    I think the CDMA vs GSM debate really just boils down to other elements of the carrier, as I'd gladly switch to a GSM phone, I just don't want to have to switch carriers to get it!

  • Excited to make the switch. My Galaxy Nexus has given me a ton of problems. Thanks Ben!!

  • thank you very much! This HTC Wildfire i have is going to be useless

  • Bet 75% of them keep their current phones and put the new ones up on Ebay...

  • CDMA has better coverage in a lot of areas.  And talking and surfing data at the same time isn't that big of a deal.  Always been on CDMA and its not a show stopper.

  • I don't think the lack of phones on some carriers is mostly Microsofts fault, Verizon is especially not liking the WP it seems, possibly I am wrong but statements I have read from Verizon and Sprint, the case seems to be they don't want WP that much to begin with.

  • @tsrblke

    I've only owned an Android device for about ten months but I'm eager to switch over to the Nokia Lumia 900 when it comes out. I've been eyeballing Windows Phones ever since my friend (mentioned above) got his because it seems that much better. Switching between three Android devices in a month left a sour taste in my mouth, you know? The fact that this contest appeared on my feed as I was going through all that phone trouble is kinda funny, I must admit.

    I walk away disappointed now but this isn't over until I get my hands on a better phone!

  • tsrblke
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    I believe it was random, but still, you could go to a Windows phone, Flashes are cheap and better than Droids in the same pricepoint (and better than most phones.)  Although I doubt you'll actually read this, since I get the feeling you had no intention of switching unless you won (and thus won't be back.)

  • I went through 3 android phones this year due to technical difficulties. My husband has been trying to get me to switch to a Windows phone for a while so thanks for making the switch easy on me- NZ

  • I'm sorry, gang, but I don't understand why CDMA hasn't already died.  It's a one-trick-pony.  I can be accessing the internet while talking to someone since I'm on AT&T.  I just don't see the attraction to CDMA.  Not at all.

  • I tweeted about how I was phoneless because I had two Android devices catastrophically malfunction on me in late January.  I even put in the part about how my friend whipped out his Windows Phone and let out a witty one-liner (I hate you for that, Justin). It read like a commercial but was 100% real. The setup was so perfect that I'm baffled I didn't win... I guess it's off to Best Buy to pickup my new Android /sigh.

  • I hate to say this because I have friends with Droid devices, but Android is terrible! Who wants a phone that has nothing but malware, stability, fragmentation, and major quality issues?? Who? I swear MS never killed WinMo off, just sold it to Google. WP won't sell as many phones as Android anytime soon, but will be appreciated and respected much more than Android,, very soon!

  • @Phirfly, I am right there with you.  If only Microsoft, HTC, Nokia, (or in my case Verizon) would just come out and say "Hey, we are getting more Windows Phone devices soon" I wouldn't be wanting to leave for ATT either.  They all want to be quiet until right before a product launches, and sometimes thats the best thing, but in this case somebody needs to speak up and let CDMA customers know whats going on.  The whole WP7 ecosystem has shown little support for CDMA networks, which is sad because CDMA has the most customers in the USA at least.

  • I'm leaving my carrier when the Lumia 900 comes out cuz of a lack of support for the platform.  A simple we are getting something cool soon would be enough to keep me around but the opposite statement makes me plan to leave as soon as the phone with all the features I wanted finally comes out.

  • @micheal8 ... Security is an illusion; but at least microsoft tries!

  • Google has no security and apple pretends bad things don't happen. Microsoft for the win....again.

  • Sign of the Apocalypse:  Microsoft is making fun of another company's security

  • Lame pandering win phones apparently lol.

  • Boo, I didn't win.  My #DroidRage will keep going I guess cause my carrier doesn't even support the WP7 platform.