Marketplace expands to 5 new countries

Marketplace expands to 5 new countries

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Good news—the Windows Phone Marketplace for apps and games is opening for business today in five new spots—Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru and the Philippines.

If you live in one of these countries, tapping on the Marketplace tile will soon (it might a few hours for all the lights to come on) put loads of great apps and games at your fingertips. One important caveat: Your phone will need to have Windows Phone 7.5 installed to access the new stores. (Look here for update instructions.)

If you’re a developer and want to make sure your app lands in one of these new stores, make sure to check out Todd Brix’s post today on the Developer Blog.

Happy downloading!

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  • stanung
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    why only malay in malaysia marketplace? how can i use this phone in malaysia??? microsoft stupid or take apple under money properly make windows phone no market at malaysia.

  • DjiXas
    46 Posts

    Please allow Lithuanians to submit apps

  • Years ago, trying to play a GfWL game the system forced me to choose a Country I did not live in in order to register and play the game I already had. When in 2009 the Xbox Marketplace opened to 9 new countries, they allowed people from these countries to make a region change. I was expecting this to happen again for all of us. But It didn't. After a long a frustrating chat with a support representative it seems it is impossible to make this change and I will have my account forever set to México. Thanks Microsoft!

    This needs to change!

  • Well, the web page for the marketplace for Argentina now is working but the marketplace in my phone does not

  • I wonder if this issue would have occured in the USA the silence would have been the same.

    Did anything go wrong? OK, then just give us a date for when the marketplaces will be available. But this silence put me angry, very angry about the supporting ecosystem of WP.

  • @tsrblke My phone does have 7.5 installed (detailed version 7.10.8107.79) and the mkt tile says it's not available in my country.

    About , when I go there it takes me to Spain's marketplace. When I select any particular app it tells me something like "unfortunately, you can't by apps here, do you want to try on your country's marketplace?" I then choose that option and get an error page, because there's no marketplace for Argentina.

  • tsrblke
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    Did you try going to It's suppose to auto-redirect based on IP address locationing, it's entirely possible that page got glossed over.  Or does nothing work and you can't get in at all (even via marketplace tile) in which case perhaps your phone hasn't gotten 7.5 installened?

    In any case, it shouldn't have been glossed over, you're right about that.

  • @Michael Do you realize that 1 week after you published this announcement none of those 5 countries are listed in the MP's list of available locations?

    Would you care to comment on what's going on? I bought a WP7 phone after your announcement with the understanding that "it might a few hours for all the lights to come on" but this is ridiculous

  • I'm from Perú and the same problem is happening here (Marketplace is unavailable). You Microsoft guys make me feel disappointed with this situation.

    Juan Luis.

  • Got tired of waiting and nothing. Reset the phone again and configure my former account from Chile. At least I can download now all free staff of interest to me from LG store and the Marketplace. When I see that the Marketplace for Argentina shows on the Web like the other marketplaces I'll come back to my Live ID from Argentina.

  • @ RicardoReyes – Good luck in getting any response (whatsoever) from any MS representative here.  All they do here includes pretty much the following:

    1. Drop a bomb and hide from the collateral damage.

    2. Welcome (with a smile) the fanboys or the ones that only have good things to say.

    3. Talk about the “new” and the “fruity” games/applications the “globalized” marketplace has to offer.

    4. Talk about useless contests, meetings and demonstrations that don’t really help the product take off nor help to fix the issues most of us have with our phones (e.g. glitches, updates, warranty, etc.).

    Although there are a few good enthusiasts here that always keep a positive attitude about all the crap we’ve been dealing with since day one, most of us here don’t feel very good about it, and I can’t help to feel disrespected by the people who once said that this new experience (yes sir, they promised that!) was going to be completely different, a better one.

    P.D. Simplemente estás perdiendo el tiempo acá.  Te recomiendo que cambies de plataforma o que esperes hasta que la versión de Apollo salga al mercado.  Suerte.

  • Aris W
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    Same here in Indonesia. Already 6 days, but still cannot access marketplace.

  • Ricardo, that simply nonsense from misinformation from the sales rep. reminds me of an article I read about a sales rep at an AT&T store that told a customer that the arriving Lumia line will be running Android.

    You already know how poorly trained are these people at our carriers.

    I had the LG store and the whole marketplace on my LG E900 when I was using a Windows Live ID from Chile, and downloaded a lot of free stuff on my phone. I just switched and reset my phone last Friday when I read about the Marketplace going live for Argentina.

    Anyway, if it wasn't supported then we wouldn't have Mango and updates 7740 and 8107 on our phones.

    Is Android 4.0 (Ice Cream sandwich) homologated here?.

    We'll have to wait...I guess...

  • @Michael: this is geting worst. Calling LG's support line they first try to convince me that my phone must have android and not WP, then that it's impossible that I have Mango installed because my phone wouldn't support it, and at last that it doesn't matter if you (Microsoft) says the MP is available, they (LG) get the final word and for my phone model (LG E900h) it's not going to happen

    My carrier's support line (Telecom Personal) says that WP 7.5 is not homologated yet, no idea when it will be, just have to wait.

    What's the deal here? I changed to WP7 tired from having Motorola delay my Milestone's upgrade to the latest Android version, because WP7 was supposedly free of that. Was it a lie? Now I have the first smartphone in the world that doesn't support any apps. I feel cheated, do I need to return my phone and get a new Android?

    I didn't import my phone myself nor did I crack it / hack it / root it / whatever. I bought it from a company that supposedly has a relanshionship with Microsoft Argentina, with an OS that is supported and should support apps so what's going on here?

  • The same again from me. As @gabmontes and @RicardoReyes have posted, the marketplace is not appearing not only on the phone (I have update 8107 on my LG)but neither on the Web.


  • @Micheal, I'm having the same issue as Ricardo and the others: the marketplace is still not showing up in Argentina. This country is a great opportunity for WP users and developers, we just need the marketplace running. Do you have any update? Can we get updates on the issue anywhere else? Thanks for your great blog!

  • Michael: these are great news, but 5 days later, with my phone completely up-to-date the marketplace is still not showing up. I'm in Argentina and the marketplace app says it's not available for my country or region. WP7 is so rare here that I don't know anyone else who has it, so how can I know what's going on?

  • where can i find the marketplace in zune?

  • Thank you, Michael.

  • @Sergio Berlingeri, @lenardarthur: It can take a few hours--or even a few days--for a new Marketplace to show up on your phone, once we throw the switch. You also need to be running Windows Phone 7.5.

  • Reinold
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    Hey! Great news! I'm from Perú and I really want to have a windows phone. It looks sexy! and if there is the possibility to have apps and games in my country it's sexier:P. Thanks.

  • @Michael Stroh

    This is good news.  I am from the Philippines - however, Marketplace is still not appearing on Zune.  I have been a WP7 owner since May 2011.  Please advise if there are other things I need to do to enable the marketplace on my end.

  • Wich there will be Thailand in this kind of news someday.

  • Gadjade
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    But why not the Zune is not available in my country yet? :( - Philippines

  • Hi. I'm from Argentina and nothing happens yet. My Windows Live ID is from Argentina. For how long do I have to wait for the marketplace to appear on my phone?. Thx!

  • Hello, I can do to move my account from Spain to Argentina?

  • Sheeds
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    I knew all that High School Indonesian would come in handy one day:

    Bagus Sekali! #Nokia #Lumia Tujuh ratus sepuluh dan delapan ratus pergi ke Indonesia sekarang (di Februari). Silakan Bintang Lagi :D #wp7

    (off the top of the head LOL)


  • Amazing! What a great time to be the publisher from Argentina with more apps on the Marketplace!

    Thank you so much guys,

  • @ Tony Dedrick

    Yes, as I said before... I agree that some do have a negative perception of W/WP, but what brand doesn't see a group of people who have a negative view of it? OK, so there are those who would rather use a Mac than a PC, and this is normal as we should hope for a market without limited options. Are we in any fear that PC's will stop selling anytime soon? I think that Windows has been dominant for so long that when other OS's come along people start getting defensive and thinking that MS is in danger, or focus on the fact that some people hate Windows. This is just health competition as far as I'm concerned, and its good for the consumer. Not to say that the negative perception of any group should be ignored, because we know how negative perceptions can grow, but it's always going to be there. Although it does exist negative perception is not the problem with WP!... Now, WP on the other hand has not tackled the root cause of it's adoption issues, so with that said marketing is the biggest issue right now, as you do agree.

    I guess I'm just a root cause, one issue at a time kind of problem solver who doesn't have time to worry about who does or doesn't like Windows..LOL! We all know what the issue is, and anybody who would ask if WP has stability issues obviously doesn't know what the true problem is, or can't accept the fact that WP is a good choice. That same person would naturally be fearful of WP knocking his/her platform down a few notches because they know that WP's main issue can be remedied with $, which MS has a lot of. And what scares them the most is the thought of what could possibly happen if, and when those issues are resolved.

  • I don't know Rodney. I do think in some segments of the public, Windows does have a certain perception. Now, there is one thing to have the perception. But another to overlook it at the expense of cost.

    I guess what I am saying is that I don't pretend to know why everyone believes what they do or buy what they do. I do get the sense from many of the people I know personally is that they will buy a Windows PC because generally compared to Apple, the initial cost is much more attainable than a Mac. Its much more comforting to buy a computer at $300 than $1000 or $1500. And yet, if I were to ask these folks if they could afford a Mac, would they get one, they always say yes because of the perception that Macs are a better investment long term than PCs for various reasons. These are regular folks I'm talking about who I wouldn't consider techies of any kind.

    So while I think for some there is some kind of perception issue with the MS and Windows name, I do agree WP big issue has been a lack of loud and consistent marketing

  • @ JackPulliam3rd

    I'm no MS employee, so you can ignore me if you want to.. But, are you asking about peoples perception of Windows Phone, or are you asking if WP is stable to be used as a everyday smartphone? Look at it like this.. some people will always have issues with Google/Android, some will have issues with MS, some will have issues with Apple products, but your average, everyday user doesn't even know what OS their device is running. The Smartphone market is so small right now, compared to the entire mobile market, that there are more people that are potential WP new users, than that are already committed to Android, iOS, and WP combined. This is evident by how the sales staff a stores sale phones. They are only familiar with the one in their own pocket. The more WP is pushed by the "average" person the better sales will be. By average I don't mean you and me because we aren't the majority, we are educated consumers before we go into the store. People trust sales staff, and remember, the sales staff are pushing only what they have been sold to by another "follower", so the cycle continues.

    Now, Just because a product sells like hot cakes doesn't mean that it is the best, or the worst, this just means that it is easily accessible to the consumer, the consumer is aware that it is a option, and somebody, or something convinced the consumer that it was worth their hard earned money. My point is that although the ''Windows" brand may have a large group of people that perceive it a certain way, Windows still manages to sell tons of PC's to a much larger group every year. We need to remember that there is this tech world that we are involved in, and then there is the real world, where millions love Windows PC's. Windows Phone has a marketing and awareness issue not a quality issue or perception issue.

    To go further think about this.. Android\Google, not to troll either but just making a point, has been in the news the past week for a huge malware scare, a ICS tablet meltdown, and a questionable policy issue,,, all in one week! With a history of instability, fragmentation, late updates, security issues, and lackluster software, these phones are still flying off of shelves. In contrast, although not perfect, Windows Phone has proven to be extremely stable, very secure, less fragmented, has fresh aesthetics, and MS somehow managed to release it's updates to multiple devices on multiple networks in a relatively timely manner compared to the competition. Still WP struggles for sales. Apple has issues as well, because no OS is perfect, but this is acceptable, therefore people trust iOS, and Apple deserves praise for their tight ecosystem. Once again, Not everybody wants a MAC, but that hasn't stopped those same people from buying into iOS by purchasing iPhones. It's about how well a product is marketed...Now, Come on you know WP is ultra reliable and stable, Arguably the most stable and responsive platform available, even when up against iOS. Android isn't even in the same category, yet it hold the most market share...... A Dodge Challenger has a larger motor than a Ferrari 458, but which is faster?? I'm sure Dodge's market share is higher than Ferrari's, but wouldn't you take the Ferrari for the same price? Well, WP is the same price! Just nobody knows,, YET!

  • I have a Windows phone question that's legit, not trolling.  Have you found resistance to use WP based on the Windows brand?  I'm curious but generally concerned about security, Windows rot, dll hell (or the equivalent) , etc... Basically all the problems we've come to expect with Windows.  The PC is one thing because I always have backup machines and it's kind of fun to fix, but I can't see myself out and about with a phone I have no faith in.  I've asked several vendors and they said that yes, this is happening.  Even though they like and recommend WP customers are wary.  Just curious to hear MS's take on the matter.

  • Expand to Dominican Republic, please. I'm learning C# and Silverlight to develop for Windows Phone 7 (and Windows 8), but I'm hesitant to keep learning.

  • Also, It is great to see that you guys are actively taking suggestions for our huge marketing misfire.


    I just don't get it. I just came from Tmobile, and Walmart. I went in to see the 710, which by the way was in a very good position up front and center, and was the only working device around, great. But, I went in posing as someone new to this stuff, and asked the associate what was the best device in the $50 price range. She said the HTC sensation because it does everything that the big android phones do. I said " well, I have been going around trying to get advice because I read that WP was good,, what do you think?" She replied, " I have to recommend Android because that's what I use, and I don't know ANYTHING about WP" ... I couldn't believe she said "Anything" .. Now, WalMart has your 710, and Radar listed as "Windows Mobile" WTF?...

    I just don't get it! How does that make you guys feel to work so hard and month after month continue to be disrespected and ignored like some OS that's dying? Worst of all these associates, god bless them because most of the don't know any better, are putting more and more of these terrible Android devices in innocent peoples hands. I personally think you guys should feel responsible for letting the public not be given the chance to choose a better phone, especially when it's sitting right in front of them. How can you guys sleep at night? We have to save these poor folk! Lol!

  • Ruix
    2 Posts

    .what if i've selected singapore as my market before this. will i be able to change it to malaysia?

  • tchimev
    1 Posts

    How about Bulgaria?

    When are we getting this?