Windows Phone wins (another) design award

Windows Phone wins (another) design award

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The Interactive Design Association (IxDA) just announced the winners of its first annual Interaction Award—and we’re thrilled that Windows Phone 7.5 has picked one up. Here’s the official award citation.

My buddy Steve Clayton over on the always-fascinating Next at Microsoft blog also reported the IxDA news—and included a YouTube video worth checking out. As Steve notes, it’s not the first big design prize our mobile operating system has taken home.

Windows Phone is off to a good start this year. Nokia’s gorgeous Lumia 900 captured the coveted Best of CES 2012 award for smartphones last month. There’s also been a flurry of great reviews and press lately.

And just think—it’s only February.

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    Well no wonder so many retailers still think they're selling Windows Mobile...  Seriously...  They need an introduction, they need it now, they need it often.

    Thinking back to another Chrysler ad, back in 1995 when they launched the Dodge Neon, they had a series of ads that had the car zipping around, then zooming up to the camera, stopping, and the word "Hi" appeared above the friendly face of the car.  EVERYONE knew what it was.  I bought one, and everywhere I went for the first year or so, people would see me getting out, and say, "Hi!" with a goofy grin, inspired by the commercial.


    Obviously the MS Marketing machine is broken/nonexistent, so I'm with Rodney and several others:  HIRE A TOP NOTCH AD AGENCY AND LET THEM DO WHAT THEY NEED TO DO TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

  • @ Kenny &DJMike

    Yeah, That was Clint Eastwood! His voice and the narration was great. That's what I've been saying all along. It's about the emotion, mood, the character, narration, and quality. If MS really want's great adverting then they would "Just Do It".... We already got the perfect saying "Put People First" so, repeat it over and over until it's synonymous with WP!.... When you think of Verizon it's "Can you hear me now"..What about the iPhone "There's a app for that" Right?

    Hell, get the blokes that do Nike or Gatorade commercials.. If it were up to me I would have a WP commercial be like a Lexus ad, now how cool are those? I seriously think MS should use NO funny stuff until the message gets through.

    And, have FIVE sets of commercials, one for men, one for women, one for gamers, one for music lovers, and one for the enterprise. High fashion commercials for the women focusing on the social networking, and esthetics of the UI, and high tech for the men focusing on hardware specification, UI, and software attributes. The others speak for themselves. Either way the features of WP need to be broken up into recognizable demographic categories.

    Before any of these ads are executed a master or "introductory" ad needs to be aired heavily. WP HAS NOT YET HAD IT'S REAL "INTRODUCING WINDOWS PHONE" COMMERCIAL YET! This is the most important thing. These commercials need to be good and stick around until people are like "enough already", or be replaced with new ones. After Mango was released we began to see commercials, but when they wore old they weren't replaced by new and more appealing ones, they just stopped airing WP commercials all together. The same thing happened with the first generation commercials. MS, we love your products, but this is sad! I sure hope my viewpoint is severely changed by this summer.

  • Yeah, that was another really good one! Again, the key is that it GOT YOUR ATTENTION!

  • KR
    503 Posts

    Get the guy who did the Chrysler commercial "Its half time America" to narrate a windows phone commercial and also get the company who did.

    I don't watch American football,but when my friends and wife were watching Superbowl and that commercial came up,just listening to the first few seconds without even looking at the TV got me outta the kitchen to come see what's going on :)

    "its halftime Microsoft"

  • @Rodney - also, I was thinking this morning of starting a Facebook page for WP7 In The Wild sightings.  A friend of mine started one called "Free Hamburglar" that encourages people to send in pics of people wearing black-and-white horizontal striped shirts so we can laugh at them.  I'm thinking of a similar concept for WP7 sightings, to prove that the phones are out there!

  • @Rodney - Yeah, the Acura commercial was really good, ALMOST made up for the Gates one...  I think WP7 needs an attention getting spot like that, or like the M&M's one, or like the Audi one with the vampires.  if they're so determined to not show the features of the phone in a traditional way, then they should at least do something that will stand out!  

    The only WP7 commercials I've seen (meaning actually seen on TV) that have stuck in my mind, are the one from when the platform first launched, with a guy jumping out of a plane, showing how easy it was to take a picture and upload it to facebook, all without actually unlocking his phone, and the recent one with the dad at the grocery store whose kids keep adding all the GOOD STUFF to the OneNote shopping list.  I Love that one!!

  • @ djmikebrady

    Ask her if she would pose with her Phone. Don't be scared! Just do it! Who knows, your common interest may spark something...No, for real ask her. But, if you get mased don't blame me.

  • @ djmikebrady

    First off, thanks for over posting, like I did. It kind of makes me look less pathetic.LOL..

    And, Yes! Please get a picture of the hot girl with the WP device, and post the link on the Blog, or send it to LOL! * I'm going to turn the blog into a WP voyeurism/up-skirt site.. LOL! Hey, sex sales right?

    I say we give the retail store associates a few "pics" they can keep in their wallets. That will for sure boost sales.

    About Seinfield, That's what I was thinking, but have you seen his new commercials where he's trying to get the all new Acura NSX? I think it's pretty good, and commercial sequels always win over the audience, because people love nostalgia and being able to relate. Nevertheless, they have to be of premium quality.

    * Just joking Michael, please don't kick me off the blog.LOL!

  • Now, if they wanna get the Intellectual Brown M&M to do a WP7 commercial, showing how easy it is to shoot and upload video of the Idiot Red M&M dancing to LMFAO, that might be okay.. :)

  • I dunno about Seinfield... remember the shoe shopping commercial with Bill Gates a few years ago??  FAIL.

  • Rodney - this morning's new sighting isn't nearly as exciting... But there's a geeky dude with a trophy that I've never seen on here before.  The supermodel is sitting behind me, so I can't get a good shot of her...  :)

  • I know y'all are getting tired of me, but one more thing,,,, GET JERRY SEINFIELD TO DO WP COMMERCIALS! LMFAO!

  • @ Microsoft

    Here you go! I "Binged" who does the commercials for Target. It was easy, now pay me! Lol.. Turns out its two companies, and may I say that they do a fabulous job...They are... BBDO North America, New York, and Wieden+Kennedy .. Ok, now when you guys meet just shut up and let them talk, and please listen. They got this! so take their word for it. They know how to sell, sell, sell!

  • @ KennyR.

    Thats because they keep the music down, keep the background neutral, and have a narrator that gets the point through. What boggles my mind is that I see great commercials from multiple brands everyday, and they come from a variety of agencies,, I mean did anybody see the Superbowl? Apple isn't the only company that has impactful commercials, in fact, good commercials are very common. That's why I could never understand how a company as big as MS could approve such transparent, insignificant, uninspiring, non HD? Commercials. And, picture quality is important to. Let me ask you guys a question. Doesn't it seem like when a WP commercial comes on the picture quality drops, the sound quality drops, and it's almost embarrassing, even when you're alone? Get the folks that do the Target commercials for Christ sake, just "Google" "who does the commercials for.........?" and give them a call? How hard is this? Lol!

  • @ Djmike

    Can you take some video of the subway, post it to YT, and share the link??? I would like to see that.

  • KR
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    I think Microsoft should come up with commercials like that of the iPhone,you don't really need to have people in a commercial nowadays,just show the audience what distinguishes your product.

    when I watched the iPhone commercial I immediately knew a lot of things the iPhone do just in about 30 seconds but the windows phone commercial all you see is people and a phone's interface

    Look at even the old spice commercial where the guy talks about what makes old spice special.

  • @Rodney - it was an HD7 - and this woman looked like a supermodel... MS should hire people who look like that to be out in public using their WP7 phones, because everyone wants to use what the beautiful people use, right??

  • @ DJ mike

    Good, what kind was it?

  • vincent_g
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    It's already February!! And there is no single news about Tango, although Windows Phone Apollo starts to appear in rumour section.. Please ensure Lumia 900 is available in US And International soon with assurance that it's upgrade-able to at least 2 next major release of Windows Phone..

  • @Rodney!  Another new wp7 sighting on the train this morning!  :)

  • Congrats, WP Team!

  • Congrats Windows Phone team!!!

  • @ Kenny

    I know! And you've been screaming this for the longest. I'm sure that will change at some point, just keep bitching like I do. Remember, if you feel down, and you feel like your life is pointless, just remember that you were put here to make sure WP succeeds,, in Canada!.. Feel better?

  • KR
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    While that might probably make some noise in the US and Europe and Asia,I really don't think windows phone will make some noise this year in Canada,Microsoft Canada isn't doing anything to help this cause.what is really depressing is the fact that people are interested but can't find enough information on windows phones especially generation 2 windows phones.

    just to show lazy Microsoft Canada is,its almost a week or more that Need For Speed has been released globally but still not in the Canadian marketplace.

    no Canadian bank has a windows phone app,I don't even think they're even aware there's such a thing called windows phone

    Sasktel has the HTC Radar,listed as coming soon but the website is not listing it yet under its coming soon device.WTH.that's where anyone needed information on windows phone will go first and its out of date


    I was thinking of starting a blog for windows phone in Canada,but then I realized there wouldn't be anything to talk about,there wouldn't be something to build a hype in Canada on windows phone

  • I'm excited about Windows Phone, I really am! I just want to see more attention for the platform here in the US.

  • I'm telling you! Windows Phone is going to disrupt the market this year! Great job MS/NOK! Good news and progress everyday is becoming the norm.