Freebie of the day: A Start screen for your blog

Freebie of the day: A Start screen for your blog

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Looking for a fun way to liven up your Windows Phone fan site? Or embellish your next email (you know, the one to your buddy who’s still using one of those other smartphones)?

I’ve got just the thing.

This neat animated image of the Start screen has been making the rounds here, and I thought I’d pass it along. Never look a GIF horse in the mouth. Grab it and go crazy.


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  • @Striker_Auz I'm actually working on a Metro based theme using my Wordpress blog currently, and hope to have it published to the Wordpress Theme directory later this year. You can see the site how looks to date at

  • PammyLZ
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    I could've used this GIF for a presentation I gave on Windows Phones a couple weeks ago. It was hard trying to demonstrate the Live Tiles in a PowerPoint on a projector screen...I used a video, but alas, this would have been better. :)

  • KR
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    I just saw a full page add for the Nokia Lumia 710 by Rogers in The Metro newspaper this morning and the press release underneath it is one of the best i've seen for WP.


    and it follows

    "Experience the first ever Nokia Windows phone in Canada. Introducing the Nokia Lumia 710,exclusively from Rogers.It features the next generation Windows Phone OS. its tile based interface has been called the best looking smartphone Operating System  in the industry Its so easy to use and with microsoft office built right in,the Nokia Lumia 710 has unprecedented access to Microsoft word,excel and powerpoint.and as if that was not enough you can use to sign in to xbox live right from your phone, so you can play games, interact with other xbox live members and even use it as a remote for your xbox"

    Its true i personally wouldn't buy either of the announced Lumias(including the 900) because i don't like the design but i wish more of the advertising keeps coming.BTW i think the design of the 710 looks way better than the 2 others i just wished a 4.0" screen and a front facing camera and white

    How i wish we could have the white ZTE Tania here with a ffc,i don't mind 4GB of storage

  • @ bm ozlem,

    Try the Windows Phone blog. I'm sure they will help you over there.

  • hello.. I'm searching APIs for Windows Phone 7. Where can I find all the APIs..

  • Hey gang, I just put together two new ring sounds for Valentine's Day - check them out as part of my collection of Tones that Don't Suck!

  • I'd love being able to take screen shots.  I'd like to be able to create my own gifs like this, with my own pictures.  I think that would mean more when showing it to my friends.

  • I would love to have my start screen as my main picture, and moniker on Facebook and other sites.

  • @ ArkEngel

    Perfect concept! I was sure to retweet it. I'm sure that's exactly how it would work. You are a pillar in the WP community, and thank you for your efforts.

    This is exactly why I think WP should have annual awards for dedicated supporters who innovate, are actively involved, promote, sale, or host WP website an apps.

  • Albert
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    I agree with the rest--we would all love to share our own Windows Phone experiences with friends and on social networks; we desperately need a screenshot function to represent Windows Phone users on the web. It's not fair that phone screenshots on the web all come from Android and iOS devices =(

  • I totally agree.  People who have never used an iOS device still know what they look like because they see them all over Facebook.  Giving the WP7 faithful a way to share our beautiful UI, it would ONLY help!

  • I really wish you guys worked on the screenshot capability. Here's a sample workflow:

    People like sharing "REAL INFO / Scenarios" the gifs are cute and all but if you want us to share the windows Love - screen shot is going to be filling those Android, iPhone screens with WP7 screen capture pictures - sharing a story / a beautifully designed metro layout with informatino being shared, etc.

    Not being a programmer I don't know how to do it myself - but I know it's possible because I've created an application with TouchDevelop that allows me to take one while on the App. (If I managed to do that I am sure the team can do screenshots even quicker! ;) )

  • Sheeds
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    Oh - I have added to my Blog already - and set up a Hyperlink to the Facebook Windows Phone Mango Facebook Demo as a freat way to link this animated GIF to "try it for yourself" demo for prospective new users. (right widget area, scroll down a little) ;D  More of this sort of thing please MS!!!

  • Sheeds
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    Love it Michael! :D Thanks.,

    - Now - can MS please release a Wordpress Theme based on WP7 Metro!!!!!!!!!! Happy to pay!

    Also - I sent you an email via the blog address - PLEASE help me.



  • abm
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    I wish if we could use animated graphics for lock screen in Windows Phone & a way to download image directly from IE9-WP :-)