Smoked by Windows Phone lands in California!

Smoked by Windows Phone lands in California!

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Ah, California…

Land of sun, sand, movie stars, great vineyards. And starting today, Smoked by Windows Phone!

We took over CES 2012 in Las Vegas, and now we’re bringing the $100 challenge to Microsoft Stores across southern California.  We’re kicking things off  today at the South Coast Plaza Microsoft Store in Costa Mesa, CA.  My crew and I will be there from 2pm to 8pm.   Here’s how to get there if you’re local and want to come say hi or take the challenge:

You know the deal by now.  If your phone can beat Windows Phone in a head-to-head speed challenge on a common task that real people do every day on their smartphones and you get $100 cash, right on the spot. If your phone loses…

Be sure to follow me on Twitter for real-time updates on the action and for a heads up on where we’ll be next.  See you in Sunny California!

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  • le14
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    So pissed off. Me and a friend get there (both of us have an S2) wanting to do the challenge just to try to win the laptop. We walk in, ask the guy and he says we are my friend (since he already did it) is good since it's a new promotion and valid March 30 - April 5 so if you haven't done it in those dates yet, you can do it again. He asked us what phones, we show him, we exit our programs, etc.

    Now he states the challenge, send a picture text. My friend says I can go ahead and go, so I walk up, and the guy says I'll challenge both of ya'll at the same time. We asked are you sure and say that we can wait to go one at a time, he says no just both at the same time is fine. Now another guy comes over that works there to be the "judge" and he see's both of us doing the challenge at the same time and he's fine with it. They make little snide remarks saying, "Let's see how the dual core processor fares, get ready to be smoked, etc." Now ready, set, go, we go, we beat him, he admits defeat and goes and talks to a manager. We see two laptops being carried out, so we are pretty ecstatic.

    Now here comes the frustration. Manager comes over, talks to us, and only offers us one laptop, even though she says we both won the challenge and says that one person can have a redo. We argue, stating that we knew the rules, the microsoft worker said for both of us to go at the same time and the "judge" acknowledged it. She then states in the rules only one person can go at a time (I read it over, it does not, just says One entry per person, One phone per person, One winning prize per person). We argue back and forth, she says we are even lucky to get one since the rules weren't followed, and I get upset and state that in most contracts/challenges it is up to the stores transgression to modify or change anything and that's what her employee did and WE ASKED HIM and he said he wanted to challenge us at the same time. Blah blah blah, back and forth some more, more of we are lucky to get one and have a shot at redoing it. Now my friend was like F' it, we'll just contact corporate or something, they said fine so we got information, and it turns out she's the assistant manager so we ask to talk to a manager or someone higher up and she says there is no one higher up (WTF then why are you the assistant manager). Friend does it again, they now pick translate a whole french menu to english (WTF) so of course we lose. So we are now just trying to figure out the best way to go about this. Most frustrating part, she states that she wants to give away laptops and are happy when people when, but she can't this time. I ask why, it was her worker, an employee of Microsoft that changed the rules, not us, she responds, I'll deal with him. This all the while we get snide smart allelic remarks from some of the employees.

    Long story short:

    Challenged by an employee who let's 2 of us go at once (in which we double checked)

    Smart remarks on getting smoked

    We win, they acknowledge it, they get 2 laptops out

    Assistant Manager argues saying rules were broken (BY HER OWN EMPLOYEE not by us we double check they insisted anyways)

    We walk away with one only when we were suppose to get 2

    Microsoft will be hearing from us, any ideas?


  • DjiXas
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    You should have announced that at least 1 day ago :(

  • I REALLY LOVE THIS, great in-your-face marketing and badly needed. The ONLY prob is that you need to have a NEW phone user using both of the phones..or...

    You are a MS employee, yes?

    Then you should duel employees of the other companies. Now THAT would be the most awesome. And if they refuse to battle, you call THAT out to the media TOO. Go get 'em!

  • Please define "common task"? Thanks.

  • At least I thought Dallas had a store... Well, who says SBWP has to be at the stores. Here in Arlington alone we have the Rangers stadium, the Cowbows stadium, Six flags, and the rest of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex has very many locations where a SBWP challenge would be great.

  • Sheeds
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    How quickly can you open a MS store in Melbourne, Australia? ;)

  • Please let me know when and if you guys are going to be at the MS store at the galleria in Dallas. Is there a schedule??