Today we’re showing Mission Viejo why Windows Phone is simply faster

Today we’re showing Mission Viejo why Windows Phone is simply faster

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That was Windows Phone’s record against the competition in the $100 challenge that we hosted yesterday at the South Coast Microsoft Store.  It was a great day of challenges – we took on iPhone 4 and 4s’s and a host of the latest Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket, Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus, LG Thrill, HTC Evo 4G, Motorola Atrix, Samsung Fascinate, and more – and against all of them, Windows Phone was simply faster at the everyday stuff that real people like you and me do on our smartphones. 

All in all, a really fun day.  We met a lot of cool people, handed out a bunch of phones and awesome "Smoked by Windows Phone” T-shirts, and welcomed a bunch of new members of the Windows Phone family.


Today we’re bringing the $100 challenge to the Microsoft Store in Mission Viejo.  My crew and I will be there from about 1-7pm. If you’re nearby polish up your smartphone skills, charge your battery, and see if you can win $100!

  And as always, be sure to follow me on Twitter for real-time updates on the action and for a heads up on where we’ll be next.

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  • tsrblke
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    We've officially hit foreign language spam! I feel special!

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  • T Windows
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    @ Rodney

    Dude I know right!

    It has to be some serious red tape in the way that’s keeping the Microsoft stores from building in Dallas already. I looked and searched for a bit and all I could find was a coming soon retail store map without the city names.

    I’m so hoping that out of the seven indicated coming soon stores for Texas that one of them will be in Dallas.

    Link of future MS stores coming soon:

    I guess until then, if Ben and the WP Team make it to the Texas locations, I’ll plan on making the trip just to celebrate the wins, and get some cool pic’s to show off too.

    Yeah Rodney I’m with ya on this one (DFW) defiantly needs Microsoft Stores in our stomping ground ASAP.

    - Powered by Windows

  • I wish some Microsoft Stores would open here in Lancaster, PA. There's like 3 Apple stores here :/

  • @ T Windows

    How is it possible that Dallas\ Fort Worth doesn't have a MS store? Any Corp. would be crazy not to have at least 4-5 here.... One at the galleria, one downtown Dallas, one in Frisco, another in Arlington Highlands, how about one in DT Fort Worth, and top it off with one in the Fort Worth Forest Park area. Austin before Dallas??? That's nuts.

  • Awesome stuff, Ben! I hope we can see some videos of these experiences soon! :) (And hopefully some commercials...)

  • I'm loving WP, but you have to clarify a lot of things about the future... e.g. if 1st and 2nd generation of smartphone will be upgradable to Apollo or if Tango will break up market unity. Thank you.

  • T Windows
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    Thanks again to Ben & The Windows Phone Team for keeping the smoke clouds growing. Dude we can’t wait till the official commercials hit the TV networks and mass media outlets; well in the meantime I‘ll be looking for updates and new video feeds.

    Hey Ben any plans for a Microsoft Store in Dallas TX?

    I know we have one in Houston and one coming soon to Austin, but it would be even better if we had one to call our own here.

    Well until then you guys keep up the good work, we as fans are truly proud.

    - Powered by Windows

  • I was wondering if you're bringing #smokedbywindowsphone to the Bellevue Microsoft Store? It seemed like you were planning something the time I saw you there sneaking around...or is that still a secret?

  • Wow! A Saturday posting... SBWP has to be one of the best awareness and perception changing tools yet. Just 2 questions,,, was SBWP Ben's idea, and is there a schedule for the challenges that we could know about??