Now in Marketplace: An improved Facebook app

Now in Marketplace: An improved Facebook app

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App updates are always welcome events. But when the app is Facebook, it’s news.

I’m happy to report that version 2.3 of the official Facebook app just showed up in Marketplace, and it features many noteworthy tweaks and upgrades.

You’ll find changes across the board: Improved panorama and profile designs, better news feed performance and navigation, new filters, and much much more.

To update the app, tap open Marketplace on your phone, then tap open the update queue. (It might take a few hours for the update notification to hit your phone.)

Don’t have Facebook yet? Download it now.


Now in Marketplace: version 2.3 of the Facebook app

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  • hkozon
    0 Posts

    Nice update, much better at getting to the bits I want faster, Tai facebook mobile:

  • Arya
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    The App is really not good. Need a full update soon...This is actually keeping me away from Facebook. PLEASE provide an update on this APP ASAP.

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    This app highlights everything I hate about Metro, and #1 on teh list is the extreme level of wasted screen real-estate in Metro apps.  You can barely see any damn information on teh screen because over a quarter of the screen is literally wasted...

    Jesus Christ.  Does anyone at Microsoft actually use this stuff.  Stop wasting half our screens.  You want to aggressively market phones with huge screens, and then waste half of the screen real estate with useless white space and boring text.  Take the heaers out, replace the text "facebook" with what pane you're on.  Put the top 3 buttons in the bottom bar and keep the "+" button there so there is 4 there (there is room for it, potentially for 5, even.  The rest can go in the pull-up menu.  NOw we have most of our screen real estate and can actually get stuff done.

    This needs to be done in a lot of areas.  A lot of the Microsoft hubs waste a ton of screen real estate.  It makes the phone a PITA to use.  I feel like I'm constantly scrolling to get to stuff that should be visible on the first screen to begin with.

    I am so tired of having to deal with that crap.

  • UI wastes 1/2 of the space for unnecessary reasons. Seriously top 1/3 of screen is wasted with news feed title. I know I am looking at news feed. Does it need to be this big. The bottom 1 inch is settings. Some one needs to know that they are designing this UI for mobile phone and not a 24" monitor.

  • have you guys tested the notification... because it an't working for me. Got a friend to send me an email in Facebook... i was expecting a notification through the toast .. even though I enabled it in settings ... no alert..

  • jjbowles
    43 Posts

    I wish the banner images had an option to change randomly.

  • jjbowles
    43 Posts

    I like it..... BUT BUT BUT BUT what happened to "shake to refresh" ???  That was cool!!

  • I definitely like the improvements.  I agree with others that having it pick up whatever our Timeline banner picture is and using it would be better.. @evolutionqy7, I don't think you understand the Metro way of displaying things.

  • Eurig
    2 Posts

    Events has gone missing - I'm missing a lot of Birthdays!!!

  • Nyadach
    2 Posts

    Nice update, much better at getting to the bits I want faster, and the photos are a nice touch.

  • Cizzy
    4 Posts

    I would love to be able to post what i'm listening to on Zune directly in the app! Kind of like the ZuneHD Facebook app. But the update is pretty money otherwise.

  • They now need to update Twitter for WP7 =)

  • This works so much better. Good to be able to use it again.

  • I agree that you need to be able to delete posts and that this should be update more often.

  • I love this update! Nicely done

  • xyzygy
    3 Posts

    I wish they would make this app look more Mango-ified.

  • HTC
    14 Posts

    So Stroh, are us non-Americans allowed to download and use this?

  • Facebookery. Thats s cool word!

  • Scrolling text is WAY better - but viewing/scrolling pictures is HORRIBLE.  I'm still sticking with the people hub for 90% of my facebookery.

  • King
    32 Posts

    I like the overal look and feel of the app. Beautiful design and some much needed bug fixes. My only (and biggest) complaint is that it still doesnt deep link. If you get a notification and tap it it only opens the app, it doesnt take you to that specific activity/action. Make that happen, add the ability to like post comments and this app will be perfect to me

  • I know I'm gonna sound like a complainer with this, but I agree with the commenters already that have mentioned about not being able to Like an individual comment on a post and the wasted screen real-estate because of the massive "facebook" banner space. It really is absurd! I'd also like to be able to "unfriend" people and "unlike" pages, and I'd like to "Share" posts by friends and post more than just posts on a Friend's wall (links, videos, photos, etc).

    I think if you had a developer team working to release smaller monthly updates instead of quarterly/semi-annual massive updates, it would go a long way with this app.

  • Nathan
    6 Posts

    I like it, the app has things better organized.

    The only thing I would like is to be able to edit my profile with the app. Even if it's just adding things I like in sections, like movies and TV shows.

  • aqcohen
    1 Posts

    There are some translation bug. on English versión on info page says:  "born on" on spanish version was translated as "hecho de navidad"

  • Eurig
    2 Posts

    I think it's a really good update, but instead of the rotating banner image, I don't get why it doesn't use people's cover photos instead??

    With the favourites tab - a way to customise displaying your favourite groups, pages, etc. i.e. the ones you like or none at all!

    Also - deleting posts from within the app is sooooooo overdue!!

  • Hadn't gotten the update notice so I just uninstalled v2.2 and then downloaded v2.3. Then logged in at start-up. Done. Also, to Koki.v3, you've probably already found it by now but on the app start screen bottom menu you can change/refresh the banner pic. You can't pick it but you can keep refreshing until it's one you like. NOW IF I COULD JUST GET MS TO FORCE AT&T TO SEND THE 8107/HTC FIRMWARE UPDATE SO MY PHONE WOULD WORK RIGHT I'D BE STOKED.

  • Koki.v3
    2 Posts

    I don't understand why the banner image isn't the same one I have as a cover picture on my timeline, that'd make sense. Other than that, great update, finally fixed the scrolling bug.

  • WOW. Way better than the official Facebook app for iOS or Android. This is amazing. Thanks MS!

    3 Posts

    If I had to make an argument for Microsoft against  "evolutionqy7" post.... I imagine that those three icons (friend requests, messages, and notifications) and their somewhat big size, which is appropriate to make it fat-finger-friendly were designed to be there on the right. Thus, to the left of it, the facebook banner being complained about..... well, what else you gonna put there??? So, I can see how that all fits together. Perhaps it is the rest of the space, between this top bar of said things, and the scrolling news feed, photos and notifications, that possibly could be shrunk a smidgens.

    The Great: The scrolling jitters are gone!!!!!!!!!!!! If you did away with all improvements and made an update to just fix only the jitters, I would have been a happy man with just that.

    The Not So Great: still can't put a "like" to a comment in a post.

    Perhaps there are other missing features still missing... that I'm missing. Yet, all in all, any update is a good update in my book.

  • seems the showing updated comments was a small start up problem. It seems to be working awesomely now. Me : Happy Camper

  • @ Johan - Thanks for the trick.  I am updating and will comment about the issues you are talking about on your second post.

  • Gurtej
    24 Posts

    Awesome. This update has resolved my issues. In the past I was not able to upload photos to or take a photo for a Group post. A message would say, this facility not available on my phone. Very smooth now. Secondly, in the past there were two 'like' buttons. With one button showing a different number. Gone now. Thanks. In the absence of update notification, did not force it. Reinstalled it through Windowsphone website.

  • ps, you can force the update as well.

  • Comments and likes don't show up using the New @windowsphone @facebook app. Only after closing the app and restarting it

  • The UI seems to be all over the place. Its cool and weird in the same way. Its not simple looking as it should be.

    Is there any need to plaster the facebook sign over it as well. We all know were in the facebook app. Sorry quite disappointed in terms of UI