Our Valentine’s Day contest results

Our Valentine’s Day contest results

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A big thanks to everyone who participated in our Valentine’s Day contest and shared their love for Windows Phone on Twitter with the #ILoveWindowsPhone and #DumpingMyDroid hashtags.  I saw tons of fun (and funny) responses.

Here are our two winners, chosen at random:

@cpuzder: #Ilovewindowsphone because it provides the best way to quickly contact my wife, play a fun game and easily get the price of gas!


Glad we help make your life easier, Christian. So are you giving your new Windows Phone to your wife or keeping it for yourself?

@Ran_Jo: Dear Droid, You lag, you freeze, you've brought me to my knees, goodbye! #DumpingMyDroid #DroidRage @windowsphone FTW!


Pure poetry, Randy. Kiss that #DroidRage goodbye.

Congrats and thanks again for all the great tweets. And don’t forget to keep following twitter.com/windowsphone for more fun.

UPDATE: All the twitter love must have overwhelmed us. As a few eagle-eyed readers pointed out, we neglected to follow our own terms and conditions. (Thanks for the catch!) So we’ve randomly selected an alternate winner:

@tdoshier @windowsphone I love big, beautiful typography and slick, minimalist design. #ILoveWindowsPhone


Congrats, Tyler, and thanks for sharing the love.

We don’t want our oversight to spoil Christian’s day, so we’re still sending him a Windows Phone. (Hope your wife loves it, Christian.)

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  • HTC
    14 Posts

    Random and then filtered to only Americans.

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts

    "Here are our two winners, chosen at random:"

    So yeah, Random.

  • I guess your right.  Just a random selection.  I guess they don't have time to read them all.

  • Clearly they just randomly pick people who tweeted them during that timeframe, and it has nothing to do with how witty or clever your entry was... How else can they justify declaring a winner who didn't meet the most basic requirements?

  • I never win these contests, and I thought my break up message was much better.

    @windowsphone Dear Droid, it's not you, it's me..oh wait, it's you! Let me take the time to "force close" on you for good! #DumpingMyDroid

  • @Rodney, I'm gonna have to make those shirts up!

  • @ Cpuzder, Brady

    Yes, I do have some hope that the Focus is next on the list.... How about a tshirt saying "I got the 8107 update of 2012" lol!

  • HTC
    14 Posts

    Congratulations to the American winners of this contest.

  • Oh, and I want a T-shirt too!!

  • Man... on my Arrive, the keyboard bug is getting worse and worse... (I'm sure it's because I have more and more apps installed, but that's to be expected, right?) I am NOT happy with the new "let the carriers handle the updates" method...  Sprint doesn't care at all about my plight...

  • cpuzder
    2 Posts

    @Rodney E. Jones - just got keyboard fix tonight for HTC Radar 4G. Hopefully soon for you!

  • It's sad because I really do read this blog,, I'm here everyday! All I ever asked for was a red WP tshirt. I always said that I'm here not to gain, but to give, so I will keep my promise to fully support WP..... But, can I at least get the update for my Focus so my keyboard will stay still? lol:-D.. And that Tshirt?

  • Wait, I thought there would be 20 WPs given out?

  • aww, worth the try. we all know *nobody* actually reads this blog.

  • cpuzder
    2 Posts


    First, I apologize for causing a commotion. I apprecaite everyone pointing it out and I think the the WindowsPhone team did the right thing by picking another winner.

    Thanks again, and yeah, my wife is going to get it!

  • Keep  reading the blog. This won't be our last giveaway. :-)

  • well um, i'd delete my comment for a windows phone ;)

  • Hmm, well my day was spoiled by not winning, AND I followed the rules for my entry... any other extras lying around you can hand out? :)

  • @sixseven et. al: The referees are reviewing the play. :-) Hang tight.

  • @cpuzder did not '@reply to @windowsphone'.  Please select a winner that followed the rules.

    From the published rules:

    Your tweet must include either the hashtag #ILoveWindowsPhone or the hashtag #DumpingMyDroid and must @reply to @windowsphone, and comply with the Twitter.com terms of use to be eligible. Limit 1 entry per person and Twitter handle per Prize Period.

  • The commenters are correct, Christian's tweet does not meet the requirements of the contest.

  • yep @mddombrowski is right from your own T&C page: "Your tweet must include either the hashtag #ILoveWindowsPhone or the hashtag #DumpingMyDroid and must @reply to @windowsphone, and comply with the Twitter.com terms of use to be eligible."

  • and Droid you can not do this


    Only Windows Phone can World Record, droid and iphone is smoked by windows phone

  • @cpudzer's tweet does not qualify as an eligible entry under the official rules