Come fiesta with us at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Come fiesta with us at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

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Here’s your chance to mingle with some Windows Phone big wigs, pepper us with questions, and try out our phones.

The occasion (as if you really need one) is Mobile World Congress 2012, the smartphone industry’s big annual gathering that kicks off in Barcelona at the end of the month. If you’re headed to the show, we’re handing out 50 passes to our party as a thank you to our biggest Windows Phone fans. (Sorry, we’re not offering plane tickets, hotel rooms, passes to the Sagrada Familia, or anything else—just a good time at our party.)

To enter, leave a comment below between today and Tuesday, February 21 telling us why you’re a fan of Windows Phone. On Wednesday, we’ll pick 50 winners at random to receive a pair of tickets to the event.

Good luck, and don’t forget to check back here next Wednesday to see if you’re a winner.

UPDATE 2.22:

And we have our winners! Big thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. If your randomly-chosen screen name is listed below, you and a lucky friend are on your way to securing a pair of tickets to the event. To claim your prize, email with your full name, preferred email address, and Windows Phone Blog screen name by 10 a.m. on Friday, February 24 and we’ll send you all the details. Make sure to put “MWC Party” in the subject line.

We’re looking forward to seeing the lucky winners next week in Barcelona!

akrish123 Enrique_ jegumi MrStuWood snmanivannan
Aymen fernandoescolar Jerrybartone nemesiskoen thomasfgeigerii
balintorosz geforce Joeban niki Tim.Lovell
buffyg76 giaconet96 Jonschaffer orangeambassador trevor.saldanha
Chris Ginz Juanjo Oursi tsjDEV
clickon Greg2k kapuia pablomonfa vieya
cpshodgson hugbare70 Karios randomNSB winniv
Denny French irvman kikoso robjenkins2020 Yasin Kazova
Eduquint IvanGH Mark Guim SeNiLe911 zacjacobs
Edymaroun ivsu Miszkaaaa sid.pektus ZarniwO0p
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  • Hi Microsoft guys and girls, I am just following up on the 5 emails to you that I have sent since Thursday.... Could you advise me when the MWC code will arrive.



  • Ginz
    2 Posts

    Any idea when we can receive the details?

  • rem15
    11 Posts

    You said that's good.Thank you

  • georgi
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  • I'm such a fan of Windows Phone, I co-founded a company to help make it easier to build awesome metro apps. That's commitment! :) But really - I have three Windows Phones, I got my mother on to a Windows Phone, and have built apps that are ONLY on Windows Phone. Just doing my bit to try and help the mobile phone purchasing community who typically can't see the forest for the trees...

  • iuliat
    1 Posts

    Actually not a Windows phone current user or developer. Being mobile developer on another platform, I would like to get a closer look on Windows Phone.

  • Eola99
    2 Posts

    Had a Phone 7 - was very happy with it - than the company closed - I was unhappy - because they took away my WP7 - than a new company and I got an Iphone - and I am sooo unhappy with that !!! So my only wish is: a New WP7 :-) And as santa does not exist I will buy one on friday - just can't wait!!! An than the Iphone will see the floor of my rubbish bin - ok ok - I'll give it back to my comany :-) no middle-ground anymore

  • Pretty please with windows mobile on top.... I am so ready to come fiesta with you all... sorry guys, only 49 passes left :)

  • It's goooood to have windows phone back on track. I will install on my old Nokia 6210 :) - by the way, we will soon launch a new app for Windows Phone called CirCal... check it out

  • I love my Samsung Focus.  I regularly beat iPhones and Android phones on searches in speed and accuracy. Can't wait for Windows 8 tablet.

  • Andrew
    3 Posts

    I held off on getting a true smartphone until the Windows phones arrived in late 2010.  I was still using my BlackBerry Pearl Flip until that time, but the week the new Windows phones released my wife and I made the switch.  I have been preaching the gospel since that time.  Conversions: one coworker who loved his iPhone, my younger brother, my mother, and I will gladly show it off to anyone who asks.  It integrates seamlessly with my Windows-centric lifestyle and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Windows tablet OS so I can get my first tablet device.  Windows phone rules!

  • I've been using my HD7 for a year now and I'm very pleased with it. Since the moment I have it, I've been using it for pretty much anything: games, music but also serious stuff: office, appointmens, e-mail.. One of the coolest features is the People hub: everything you want to know about anyone, from every important social network, all in one place.

    Though before Mango, a few important features were missing, it was already a revolutionary platform and I've been able to show the capabilities to other people and make them understand why Microsoft deserves its place on the mobile market!

  • Brammer
    1 Posts

    I've been a fan of Windows Phones ever since I saw a friend of mine come to class with one in 2004. I was determined to get the same phone, so I saved up for months on end just to get it. Since then I've had a couple of Windows Phones and was never disappointed. I started following up on Windows Phones more closely after I saw Steve Ballmer at the last Mobile World Congress speak about WP7.5. I love the direction Microsoft is taking with the OS, going as far as partnering up with one of the biggest phone producers to create the Nokia Lumia 800 and more... When I received my Lumia 800 it became my primary device and I haven't looked back since.

    Social Media has become as easy as pie with the People app, and the personalized home screen is something I could not do without.

    I would love to get a chance to talk to some of the people responsible for making WP7, maybe get some WP8 questions in there, and generally having a good time.

    Hope to see you guys there!


  • Ever since Windows Phone was announced I knew this OS was going to kick some serious bud. It's only been two years but a lot has changed since then. I'm looking forward to the future, with the synergy between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Hope to see you guys in Barcelona!

  • Since it's a random draw I'm glad that I don't have to be too creative. Basically, my favorite feature of Windows Phone is the Microsoft Office integration and as a mobile presenter I am excited about the direction of PowerPoint on Windows Phone.

  • WPC
    1 Posts

    The music player and podcast catching work without the hassle.  Wish the player could play at double speed though. (;

  • I like the Metro interface. The Panorama Items is the best !!!

  • Windows Phone the good news for all of us who does not like Android or IOS. Now we can use Windows on the phone too! I'm anxious for WP 8. It will make WP even better.

  • I never had a smartphone. As a Windows programmer,  I've been wating for the best! Windows Phone will my first.

  • kapuia
    1 Posts

    WP7 is simple amazing, I'd like to be there with you!!!

  • ftuna
    1 Posts

    Windows Phone UX is easy to use and fantastic.

  • I'm a fan of Windows Phone since last year. I sold my iPhone and bought Lumia :) Your Metro interface is really beautiful

  • This is a simple post for me. I was a Crackberry addict (blackberry nut) Not long after it launched. Brilliant for business and I loved it in every way and wouldn't be told otherwise. This was untill 2010 when I was nerding over youtube and saw the new windows OS and was intrigued. The day the HTC mozart was launched I left the blackberry Island behind and set sail for brighter prospects. I have never looked back. I am now on my second generation of windows with the Titan and cant wait for my next one.

    I was a crackberry addict and now I'm a window licker :)

    Most of all from a business point of view this OS makes my day easier. Best way to describe it for me is that Windows phone is a tool and not a toy (like some other fruit and robot based OS's).

    Thanks guys :)

  • AUC
    1 Posts

    Windows Phone - its just great to use.

  • I've been a super loyal supporter of Microsoft's technologies and solutions. I've develop my first app on Windows 3.1 with Visual Basic 1.0.  I also have purchased a lots of  mobile PDAs and smart phones which was operated with Microsoft's OS since 2001 from now. My HTC HD7 which running Mango is the best smart phone than ever. I am going to develop some awesome apps of healthcare domain and publish them to marketplace, also will port these apps to Windows 8 in the future.

    Going forward, it will be great to see the platform evolves as greater integration is added. Like synchronous multiplayer gaming, Skype, and integration with Kinect, Windows 8 and tablets, which I'm definitely getting. You won't find a bigger Microsoft fan out there than me, and I would be honored to attend MWC.

  • It's about time! All our clients are talking about WP - now is the time to show and tell. Looking forward to it.

  • My phone will smoke your phone @ MWC (unless it's another Windows phone).

  • I've been a fan of Windows phone, since using it make me really exisitng.. I came a long way with Android.. But many existing features made me to go for Windows Phone..

  • rjmlive
    2 Posts

    I am a fan of Windows Phone because of the fresh redesign, the innovative and intuitive OS simplicity and feel.  It represents the future of mobile device UI.  I am so in love with the platform, I first got one for my wife when her contract was due and she loves it, but she only gets to use it about half the time because I'm always on it just enjoying it's simplicity and growing features.

    I'm in sales for a living with no coding background, but I love Windows Phone so much, that I've downloaded the developer tools and I'm doing my best to try and learn the platform so I can try to make a simple, practical application for something I don't find or have heard about yet on any other platforms.  I love the way the Metro design is being implimented across all the platforms.  I bought an Xbox solely for the purpose of being able to use all the awesome new features and interconnectability of the mobile platform with everything.

    I am an ambassador for the Windows Phone platform and I am absolutely dying to upgrade to one of the new Nokia's if they ever get to my market.  I post about Windows Phone on my facebook and twitter all the time and I actively try to convince and convert all my friends on Iphones, Blackberries and Android.. and I don't even have a phone of my own.

  • fortune ticket, eagerly waiting to get one

  • I havent gotten a chance to get my hands on a Windows Phone just yet, and i am waiting for the Nokia Lumia 900!! Windows Phone is the first OS that is trying to do things differently, and i love the fact that the OS is meant to make interacting with the phone easy and fast so that you can get back to real life faster! i think this would be a great opportunity to get my hands on a windows phone and learn more about the OS

  • Responsiveness, Metro UI, Live Tiles, Office & XBOX Integration, Developer Tools!

  • A Dev, patiently waiting for a decent Win Phone 7.5 on Verizon.

  • I've been to Barcelona before...not impressed to go back.  However, Windows Phone DOES impress me, and has from day ONE.  After having come up through the PocketPC (iPaq 3630) and Windows Mobile (Axim X3i) ranks I was SO ready for a meme change.  A sea of icons and the desperate and frustrating world of customization just to get to something as functional as I believed the mobile experience SHOULD be just had reached its end with me.  The moment I got the glimpse of the Metro UI and began to grasp just what Windows Phone 7 was bringing to the genre, well, I knew I'd found what I was looking for.  I can't express how ecstatic I am at being able to make technology my slave instead of BECOMING the slave to it as you are with Android or even iOS.  My information, the way I USE it, coming TO me without being forced to open page after page of apps get that information.  That's worth its weight in gold, my friends.  It's there. It's all there, smart and easy.  Windows Phone is the way access to my life should be...always.

  • nmoanta
    1 Posts

    Hi,  first I'm a big fan because I'm a .NET developer! :)

  • I'm a windows fan becuase I it just has to work! Windows phone does everything right from the apps on down to the Metro UI. I could not live without it, so when my friends ask if they should get one i say. I'm I windows phone so jump in lol. like the others me and my girlfriend will be rocking our I Love Windows Phone shirts we got from the Party in Chicago if we make it to Spain = )

  • I am a big fans of Windows Phone (and also Windows Mobile).

    Once I get the look of Windows Phone 7 on MWC2010, I am very excited with it.

    I bought the 1st gen of Windows Phone for my girlfriend when it released. ( A LG E900, I was still using Omnia II that time)

    It is beautiful and fast.

    When I saw Joe Belfiore introduce the Mango, I got excited too, and I think Windows Phone can really complete with Anrdroid and iOS.

    I want to know the detail of Tango at MWC 2012, also I want to express my feeling on Windows Phone 7 as Asian User.

    Hope I have a chance to go to MWC 2012.

  • remember.. qtek s200 coming from htc. It was my first touch screen phone. I was at highschool. I learned "what is the application?, What is the windows mobile? what is the smartphone" with this phone. Then always i followed the windows phones! Htc diamond, then htc dimand 2. And now, i am using htc hd7.. Because i like metro interface! I like stable operating systems. I like microsoft and of course i like big application market!

    Marketplace be bigger and bigger. I want to use to you, more than more! You are next for mobile genertion!

    mango, tango, apollo, come more please come!

  • Cleanest easiest and best phone on the market. Period. Dumped my Android for my HD7 and never looked back.

  • I moved from SAMSUNG FOCUS TO SAMSUNG FOCUS FLASH TO HTC TITAN .....Now getting ready to use nokia lumia 900...hoping to upgrade this summer...windowsphone you rock !!!!

  • I love my windows phone because it syncs perfectly with my Microsoft sync system in my car. I don't even listen to radio in my car I just turn on my car and my Zune player on my phone play automatically where I last left it on my car stereo.  I also love the way that I can group my co-workers together so that I can text or email them all at the same time. It also keeps my history with them all in one spot. I don't have to search individually through email and messaging apps.

  • muj2k
    1 Posts

    well i never experience about windows phone.. but this time i am thinking about it to have a cell phone with windows phone.. and i mean it....

  • I'm a WP fan because of the design. Plain as that.

  • I love it becouse it is so amazing and smart!! I am from Madrid! please choose me!!

  • niki
    1 Posts

    when my LUMIA have SKYPE in one morning  then i'm gonna go to Barcelona

  • docer
    1 Posts

    I'm a WP fan because I love the look, the simplicity and the speed of this OS. It's very good, but I'm sure it will be even better.

    I was delighted when I heard about your alliance with (my) Nokia!

    Greetings from Barcelona! ;D

  • I've been with you guys since the HTC Diamond and now I have the HTC 7 Surround. I'm a sales associate for a mobile corp in Canada. Every time I work I put the image of the Nokia Lumia 800  that coming soon on the computers we have for clients and I used to convince my boss and some of my collegue to go with Windows Phone. I Went to the launch of Nokia Lumia 800 recently. I was a PS3 fan, but since I have my Windows phone 7 i'm changing all my setup for a unification of Windows when the 8 come out.

    Me and my wife have the same phone and we share our calendar together and it is really nice to work with that !!

    Windows phone is an awesome OS !

    Thank you all !

  • kevc4d
    1 Posts

    I love windows phone because it fuses design, functionality and speed. The ultimate communications device with Xbox Live and Office built in, its FTW.

  • I gave up my Macbook pro for an HP computer, plan to upgrade to Windows 8 and now want to switch out my iPhone for a Nokia Lumia, and also convince my company to develop app solutions for Windows. This party will definitely help me take the journey OI began with my laptop and extend it into the mobile world.

  • FranWP
    1 Posts

    Hooked on my Lumia 800, great user experience, fantastic performance. On the wish list: More essential apps available, launch the 'Smoked by WP' campaign in Europe so people can perceive outstanding user interface and how easy are daily tasks. Wish Tango update is closer than expected with tons of new features!!

  • I'm a fan of Windows Phone because it just perfectly represents my need to express individuality in itself...

  • I'm sick of so many Android and iPhone!! I'm looking forward to use for the first time my new Lumia 900!

  • Caro
    1 Posts

    I had the chance to try a Windows Phone with Mango and I really liked it ! It's really cute and different :) I'd love to attend your party ! Thanks :D

  • I love Windows Phone because its not trying to copy iOS or Android or something else but is honestly fresh and new and amazingly fast. Cant wait to get new features. ;) And I'd love to meet some of you guys in BCN ! (for sure I already have a flight and hotel room :D)

  • Tikkaw
    1 Posts

    I have an iPhone and an Android device in my pocket, and that's where they usually stay, as my HTC Radar is in my hand!

  • Because even though Sprint employees openly bash it in their corporate stores, I bought one on a hunch and it's the best OS I've used to date.

  • The only phones i've owned have been windows phones, the experience coming to this event would be priceless.Even if i dont win i still will continue to purchase windows phones.

  • Joeban
    1 Posts

    I've worked for private companies marketing Microsoft products for years, first it was Vista, WP6.5, then Office, then the Live Suite, but nothing moved the community like the introduction of WP7. In fact, nothing made me love my job more than advocating a product I couldn't myself put down.

    However it was also the most taxing, you see, training documents were thin on the ground with the release of the windows phone, as were demo phones in the local office. So, I chalked up the money, lined up, bought a WP7 at release, and spent many a sleepless night working out the nuances. It was then my job to set out and teach over a hundred sales reps what to love about the phone, and what it's best features were...Naturally, phone reps knew exactly what to ask people like me, and many times I was caught out like a fish out of water. But instead of shunning the difficult questions off, I gave them my email, took their number and would go home and dissect the phone until it had revealed it's secrets. Then, usually then next day, I would call back the befuzzled reps and tell them EXACTLY what they needed to know about the phone. Now I guess this is where the "I'm a biggest fan" part comes into the equation, because never once did I think I was actually working, there were nights I'd be up until 4am and back on the road at 7, but it was never under duress. It was honestly because I loved using the phone!

    15 months later, my promotional company has been disbanded, and I am back studying, however, I STILL get company representatives sending me emails about certain questions about WP7 (especially when Mango came out!), and although my Windows phone broke long ago while trying to find an inaccessible SD card slot. So, I will be on the tolled support line, calling, and asking the questions I can't answer from reading support documents; and replying to their emails. And I'm not getting paid, in fact my phone bill was almost triple a couple of months ago. And when I ask myself the question, "Why am I still doing it?", it's because I cannot bear to see a product like WP7 go astray, I cringe at the thought of another smartphone being recommended because they "didn't know" WP7 could do all these amazing things. Am I the biggest fan? Probably, but not directly, (I consider my relationship with the phone spousal, with its' ups and downs). I'm its biggest fan for the twinkle I get in my eye when I see the newest version in stores, because I know any any one moment, it's making somebody's life that little better, that little easier, or that little smoother.

    And isn't that the only thing technology should ever do?

  • Juanjo
    1 Posts

    I'm from Barcelona, so I don't need any kind of transportation and I can show you all these beautiful places Barcelona has to offer. :-)

    I can also show you great pictures and videos taken with my Windows Phone, even during the party, hehehe! :-P

  • geforce
    1 Posts

    Well I Started Developing WP7 applications Since August 2011 and from that time i started loving the windows phone because it feel much different than any other device.

    I <3 Windows Phone

    I love windows phone

  • Windows Phone platform is impressive and intuitive for users. I may be one of the first US owners of a Nokia Lumia 800, had to buy it with Euros.

  • irvman
    1 Posts

    Exactly when is the after party because my wife and I are considering to possibly take Friday off work to fly to Barcelona for the weekend just for the party but of course see Barcelona too. I already made the switch and advised my work place to buy windows phones for showing customers at our libraries the Windows ecosystem. Of course Windows is invited to our humble event next march 8th at Espoo, Finland where we talk about our new services, courses and latest equipment one of them being the Lumia.

  • I'm a huge fan of the interface : it's simple and innovative. Everything is available at a glance with a slick design... love it !

    I  really hope I'll be lucky enough to get to see the show

  • Pau
    1 Posts

    I love the square and the smoothness of the movements of the screens.

  • kfarid
    1 Posts

    I like windows phone because it has many useful apps.

  • lblima
    1 Posts

    Simply the things are where they have to be on it! WP Rules!

  • At JamPot we LOVE Windows Phone so much that we added it to our multi-platform app builder product - TheAppBuilder ( We did this because we believe 2012 will be the year of the Windows Phone, making massive gains in the market, and we want to make sure when our customers take only 30mins to build an app, they get a Windows Phone app in addition to iOS and Android. We've published a huge number of apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace in the past two months - since we launched TheAppBuilder. Microsoft is doing great things with Windows Phone, we couldn't be more impressed and look forward to more exciting developments in the near future.

  • Currently working at Rakuten Group HQ in Japan, accelerating Smartphone/Mobile initiatives, and excited to implement Windows Phone OS!

  • Greg2k
    1 Posts

    I'd love to attend MWC because I can't wait to see how the brilliant work done on developing a truely unique experience on Windows Phone translates to Windows 8. I'm currently on an LG Optimus 7 (AWESOME 1st gen phone, btw) and I'm soon to get a Lumia 800.

    I've got my brother, my mother, my father and soon my girlfriend on Windows Phone, so I guess I deserve my share of the celebration ;)

  • Ginz
    2 Posts

    I can still recall the time my manager send me to Paris for the first presentation of WP7 to operators and vendors, somewhere in the beginning of 2010. I told my manager that I was really curious what Microsoft had made up, because I was always bashing about Windows Mobile.

    When I came back from Paris I changed my opinion 180 degrees. Since that time I'm a big enthusiastic. Before the time the WP7 device came on the market, it was quite difficult to convince even colleagues. Nowadays I feel even more convinced about WP7 and I see that Microsoft did something that never were able to do before. Not on any other platform, not even with Window 7.

    I like Android, no question about that. Lately I also had iOS, which is also quite good, but that's it. No, with my WP7 device I really feel like Microsoft took a look at Android aswel as iOS and thought "We can do that better". They eliminated the disadvantages of both world, combined the benefits and made that totally WP, without copying the others.

    Only 10 months after the launch Mango arrived and made the OS a complete grown-up OS. And due to the added languages, I even dared to buy a WP7 device for my father.

    I'm even that confident that Microsoft will have succes with WP7 and their successors that I made a bet that WP7 (or its successors) will have a bigger market share than iOS. That's quite a statement, isn't it?

    I'll be in Barcelona, so it would like to be at the party and see what's microsoft upto these days...

  • I have bought my Windows Mobile HTC HD7 on the day of publication in Germany. I do not want to give her back. Of all my colleagues with their iPhones, I'm the one who has chosen the right system.

    Because I love Windows Phone so I've now also begun to develop software for it.

    I would be extremely happy to be invited to the MWC 2012 from Microsoft.

    Keep up with your good work

  • I'm a Windows Phone Fan because of the innovative, outstanding UI design, speed and intuitiveness.

    I love the social centered strategy, that keeps me up to date and in contact with all my personal and business contacts. Windows Phone will put Microsoft and Nokia back on the map in this mobile world. I predict a second or maybe first place by 2015.

  • eric.b
    1 Posts

    I use my phone to tease my iphone and andriod using friends! hehe! It's managed to turn an everything-apple friend to the coolness of the windows phone! When it comes down to it, what's cool? what everyone is doing? nahhhh! It's what gets a "wow what is that?" reaction!

  • IvanGH
    1 Posts

    I have used and tested almost all devices and OS's. Being part of a major global carrier I had the opportunity to play with Android, IOS and Windows. Now out of a corporate environment and in the small business side, the lack of tools were killing me. With windows phone, I can now access my 365 account, sharepoint, lync and it fully integrates which other devices dont. No comparison, WP is above the rest and will be for professionals and the enterprise user.

    1 Posts

    I am a fan of windows phone because I like innovative technology that seems to never grow old. Thanks guys! :D

  • Jahnu
    1 Posts

    It just looks and feels right. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

  • spok
    1 Posts

    I love wp look&feel. I hope this will be your year

  • Windows Phone, the most amazing interactive social experience for a mobile phone, oh yes I'm a Windows Phone's fan!

  • winniv
    1 Posts

    Some tell me their phone is better, but I have no reason to look elsewhere. Just loving my WP.

    I live in Barcelona and would love to see the party from the inside.

  • Karios
    4 Posts

    A Windows Phone fan? That's not saying half the story :) Windows Phone ROCKS:)

  • ah3703
    1 Posts

    because windows phone something new with a unique menu that will open up a window every person in the world of telecommunications

  • Windows Phone is the best answer to the still dominating iPhones and Androids.

    2012 will be the year when Windows Phone 7+ and Windows 8 change the world to a new direction.

  • This year will be the triumph of windows phone? I watch!

  • EDA
    1 Posts

    I am a big fan of Windows Phone, i have one and its cool. Also i am co-Founder of a startup and we are finishing up our Windows Phone social  calendar app for MWC). Phone is great for apps.

  • The interactive live tiles and fluid Metro UI drives me crazy!!

  • geri-m
    1 Posts

    I have a lumia 800 and it is an awesome device. I especially like the New Approach for the gui. Good Job!

  • I love Windows Phone because it's beautiful and powerful. The interface is amazing, in particular the live tiles! I van write what I want when I want with Office and it's easy to share anything with the social networks. And it's all well-organised!!! Best Mobile OS ever.

  • oriol
    1 Posts

    I currently develop for Android & iPhone, but I'm very interested in developing for Windows Phone, because is growing up fastly!

  • I will want to eat a Mango smoothie while I see the Sagrada Familia by the Windows of the MWC in Barcelona.

  • faquick
    1 Posts

    Like WP7 because it brings a very new user experience and interface, bravely going for something really new and "fresh" :)

    And I will be @ MWC and so I would love to party with you! ;)

  • Windows Phone is a new phone platform. It provided a lot of new opportunities and experience. I'd like to be in it!!

  • 90% of my mobile needs complete with my awesome Windows Phone 7 without APPs. Now imagine with APPs!

  • ... dary! Legendary!

    Windows Phone? At first I was like... meh touch screen... then suddently the glory of no-freeze reaction, the greatest temptation to torture the metro-ui up and down and up and down, then the abillity to create hotspots, the html5 browser...

    And You know whats best about Windows Phone? That it is still nothing comparing it to Windows Phone 8, polished great system, every phone updated no fragment(droid)tation, and first of all a fruit of joy! No not apple, just... MANGO.


  • I love my Windows Phone! One of the best creation of the human race! Kudos Microsoft for this. Hoping for a "Multicore, lotsa-RAM, lotsa-memory, supreme camera, ultimate display, external memory capable, all-in" Windows Phone. Just day dreaming guys. Seriously, the "floating" feel of Nokia Lumia 800 is so cool!

  • I am a fan of Windows Phone who had been waiting a very long time ignoring Apple or Google before Windows Phone was released. I enjoy it very much and I like to party!

  • Oursi
    1 Posts

    Brand new UI, powerful development opportunity using Microsoft's knowledge and background

  • From my perspective, Windows Phone has the most convincing UI of all mobile platforms: Simple, but beautiful. I am sure that it will gain traction especially among younger users, so-called digital natives. They do not need naturalistic designs that copy the analogue world, they want relevant information at a glance.

  • grjordi
    1 Posts

    I really like the Metro Interface, and I love that there are People that the can make things diferents than iOs that works even better.

  • Quique
    1 Posts

    I love WP because it is a new opportunity for developers