New “Minute of Mango” tips series begins

New “Minute of Mango” tips series begins

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Microsoft’s Channel 9 kicked off a new tips & tricks video series for Windows Phone today called “Minute of Mango” that’s fun and worth watching.

The series, hosted by the always vivacious Laura Foy, is geared toward anybody looking to save time and do more with Windows Phone 7.5. Check out the first episode on making custom ringtones below, then make sure to subscribe or share the series with friends or family. Trust me, they’ll thank you. Laura plans to broadcast 3 new tips a week for the next 10 weeks.

Minute of Mango, by the way, isn’t the only great show Channel 9 produces about Windows Phone. For app reviews and suggestions, don’t miss Laura’s weekly Hot Apps series.  If you’re an app developer or just curious about what happens here behind the scenes, you’ll dig Inside Windows Phone, hosted by Larry Lieberman.

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  • tsrblke
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    In "Settings-->Software-->Xbox360" there's a "Share collection with Xbox" option. I haven't tested it to be honest, but it's there!

  • When is 8107 going to be released for AT&T?   i would love to help encourage people to switch to windows phone (and show videos like this),  but can't direct them to a platform that refuses to release security updates on a timely basis.

  • @Rodney - did you get to see the Mango Cafe this week???

  • I know this isn't the place, but I have a beef that maybe you\someone could look into. I 'have' to use the Windows Media player to send music\movies etc to my Xbox 360, I can't use Zune to do it. But have to use Zune to Sync my phone.. is there a way or thought given to combining the 2 softwares so that I can just use 1 and not 2? I just want to pull up my media player and play whatever, wherever and sync to whatever.. I have to manage playlists in both(because they're not interchangeable), and my media libraries to an extent in both.. will we have Windows Zune Player(combination of both) in Windows 8?

  • The only time I've had to use a lower bitrate is when the length of the track at 320 causes the file size to be under 1MB.  So yes, it's a limitation, but not strictly due to the bitrate.

  • vieya
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    Just bring more phones to sprint. Convince those sprint people to carry more windows phone. Also roll out tango and give us the features we are desperately seeking asap!

  • tsrblke
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    Mine was 320, and the phone appears to have auot converted it for me!

  • DjiXas
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    I spent hours renaming, manually adding genres and splitting videos to 37, 35 and other time frames till I realized that the reason it did not show was because i used 320 kbps instead of 192!

    What a waste of time, yeah, no limitations my arse

  • You're the best, Rodney!

  • Good, I have a few newcomers under my wings, and I will have them take a look at the videos