You asked. We listened. “Smoked by Windows Phone” ads go live today!

You asked. We listened. “Smoked by Windows Phone” ads go live today!

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Last month, we kicked off “Smoked by Windows Phone” at CES as a fun way of showing the world why Windows Phone is simply faster at the real stuff that real people do on their smartphones every day. Since the show, where we won 88% of our challenges (95%, including the wins from our tour of California) against the best smartphones in the business, we’ve seen a huge swell of support for “Smoked”; the videos of the challenges have been viewed over 500,000 times on YouTube; and the #1 request on the our suggestions page is to make an ad campaign featuring the challenges.

You asked, and we listened. We’re flipping the switch on a brand new digital ad series starting today!

On your favorite sites like CNET,, Entertainment Tonight,, and Daily Candy (and more) you’ll find 15 and 30 second clips of Windows Phone taking on the competition. Here’s a sample of what you’ll see:

Click through, and you’ll end up at a really great new tab on the Windows Phone Facebook Page. This is “home base” for showing the world why Windows Phone is simply faster; here you’ll be able to see all of the ads, watch longer cuts of the videos, and download “Smoked by Windows Phone” phone & desktop wallpapers. And, of course, you can – and should – share all of this stuff with your friends.

This is just the beginning. Look for more videos and fun stuff soon!

Remember to follow @windowsphone and me on Twitter to keep up with our latest news, ask a question, or just say hello.

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  • Sheeds
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    Hi Ben,

    As tweeted (thanks for the RT) I've created a #SmokedByWindowsPhone Screensaver for use at home for fun - or even better, in retial on store display computers! You can find the link here:

    I've used the official Advert, the official desptop wallpaper and tweaked them a little.

    Hope you like! :)


  • Leigh
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    @daveslash working on that right now.... :) @ZiraVoice

  • Now if I could only search the Calendar ... to answer questions like "When is my next dentist appointment?" or "When is my brother getting married?" Oh well... I can dream.

  • Leigh
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    I do like the ads, but we're not answering the IPune ads and the Androld ads.   If we don't ANSWER, we're not likely to be heard.

    Case in point, on the Oscars, we heard that ICloud would take all your pictures and share them on all your Macs.   Wow, WP7 has that, and probably nobody knew.

    Case in point, the very well done Gooble commercial for the + service that said the guy didn't lose any of his pictures because he had the Androld phone with G+.   WP7 does that and probably nobody knows.

    Case in point, Siri is the only voice-enabled service that can find a tow truck, right?   Of course not, but nobody knows.

    Case in point, nobody else has a service that can answer the question "will it rain today" with a usable honest answer, right?   Ziravoice on Windows Phone can do that, but probably nobody knows.

    It will cost money to market ot the masses, we cannot do it by marketing to people who are already fans, who are unfortunately the only ones finding out there are facebook ads.

    The shot on Kelly was good, we need more of that.   And since you're there, buy an actual TV ad or two on the show.

    I have an idea.  Do an ad on how a great phone won design awards last year, as well as phones that won best in show in 2 sequential trade shows in 2012.   Build it up over 35 or so seconds, almost inviting the watcher to think "oh, this is another iPune ad", and then surprise them at the end with the answer that it is WP7. and then an extremely fast-paced barrage of things that the phone does.   Make sure somebody during the ad takes an old Windows Mobile and smashes it against a wall to make sure all watching KNOW thta WP7 is not  Windows Mobile.  Do this on TV.   People will be impressed and pleased.

    Cancel about half the web ads for a week and put on 30 highly placed ads into nascar races, or primetime TV.   I'd personally like to see one GREAT WP7 ad for every 5 or so iPune ads.

  • caresrg
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    I'd like a "Smoked by Windows Phone" t-shirt!

  • Here's what really sad, and quite indicative of how absolutely horrible this arrangement between Microsoft and carriers is:  I purchased the Chevron unlock when those were available to be had, and I unlocked my Samsung Focus v1.3...I was able to install one of the registry tools and changed my carrier ID from ATT-US to ROG-CA (Rogers, Canada), and I instantly got both the latest updates that ATT refuses to deploy.  It is completely unacceptable that these updates, which fix important issues, can be blocked by any carrier.  Rogers has the same device as AT&T, yet THEY had all the updates available while AT&T refuses.  Inexcusable.  Okay, so by "cheating", I've gotten my device completely up to date.  There is simply no reason why all my fellow Focus owners couldn't be.  I've said this before, but it bears repeating.  OS updates should be designed and deployed completely bypassing carriers.  Device-specific updates should be left to the OEMs and maybe the carriers.  It's just very frustrating that Microsoft NEW what the users BELIEVED to be the case, even AFTER some very weak attempts to "clarify".  I've gone back over all the various published statements and I can find nothing where Microsoft officially denied previous understandings or officially stated the update policy.  Even the latest version on this very blog leaves a LOT for interpretation.  Dishonest.

  • I second @Suba's dare...  Why on EARTH can't I just download and install the fix for that infernal disappearing keyboard, since it EXISTS???  Sprint will probably NEVER offer it...  which puts me in exactly the same boat as my Android toting friend who has all but given up on ever getting the Gingerbread update for the phone he bought less than 6 months ago...

  • At the risk of hijacking the thread, did anyone read Paul Thurrott's latest blog post on the WP7 update process/policy?  It appears that what we believed was WAY off the mark.  And, based on Paul's post, it wasn't an outright lie by Microsoft, it seems clear to me it was a blatant attempt to mislead by ommission.  The truth is that carriers can block ALL updates if they want.  The actual rule is that if they decide to deploy a specific update they have to include all prior updates.  The bottom line is that a carrier can tell US "screw you, we don't care if you think you want or need the latest updates, we don't have to update crap for you".

    Paul ends his post by saying this isn't really Microsoft's fault.  But I disagree.  They were to chicken____ to stand up to carriers in the beginning.  This makes WP7 no different than Android.  And I defy anyone from Microsoft to prove me wrong.  I DARE you.

  • @ DJ Mike

    Hahaha... Yes he does! He's perfect, and I think he should be WP's permanent "can you hear me know?" guy.. Ben as spokesman, and the 4 "I love WP square" of tiles for the mascot. The thing I like about the "4squares", which is what I will call refer to them from this point on, is that they can be changed up to fit into any theme, kind of like Androids "Droid" mascot.

  • Edison
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    How about making this "smoked" challenge global?

  • @ Ritter..

    Thats not to much to ask. Some of those features could possibly make it into future versions. IMO themes would be best. The original WP7 theme would be the default, and other themes, like the one you showed could be supplied by MS, but nothing steering to far from the original. Personally, my start screen is so personalized I really wouldn't want to much more going on with it. Maybe just some faint texture in the background.

  • Sheeds
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    Well Done MS - a great idea through to execution! :D

    Ben - have blogged about this here

    Make sure you check it out for the EPIC FAIL Samsung Galaxy Note attempted imitation Advert they have come out with



  • abm
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    @Nathan, so far I haven't find any 4x (*empire/*warcraft like) game for WP. Besides little empire, Android and iOS has number of such games!

  • abm
    268 Posts

    @Philip G, on windowsphone-uservoice website if you look at the amount of accepted suggestions versus that of the posted ones, there is a high pobability that you would say the same thing.

  • Just looked again at the still shot on the video here... and Ben's look as he preps to take a picture TOTALLY reminds me of the V'ger alien from Star Trek: The Motion Picture!

  • Ritter
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    PLEASE MS: Make WP8 look something like this   // Metro is simply damn boring

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts

    Scuba! You're still here, long time no see!

    In any case, the whole "How does it end?" thing in the ad is not as supid as you think.  First, everyone knows the phone will win (since it is an MS add). Secondly, it drives people towards the website, which is perhaps the most important thing about an ad.  Modern ads aren't designed to sell a product persay, they are designed to get people to investigate the product more (at least for tech ads.)

  • T Windows
    116 Posts

    Really happy to see the Smoked by Windows Phone campaign going on tour – Continued thanks to Ben and the WP7 team.

    Next stop - TV baby!

    Right?  I so hope I’m right.

    Well until then peeps –

    Stay Powered by Windows.

  • @ Buckeye Tico, Thanks! I like the challenge in being the small guy and defying the odds, which are actually good, and I love change. MS seems to be quietly listening to our feedback, so I have an extreme amount of confidence that any issues we raise hell about will be resolved...Lol! I believe that I'm a trendsetter and not a follower, which is another reason I push WP. It's cool to be able to look out at thousands of people now and know what they will be doing later. I guess I was a "Back To The Future" nerd kid, because those movies really got my mind thinking about what's next. Ironically I'm really obsessed with the past, it's the present which bores me. That's how I stay positive about the future of WP.

    @ DJ Mike, Thanks.. I hope the booklet breakdown wasn't overkill, but I felt it was necessary

    @ jamon723.. No I haven't got my update yet, and the DS problem is getting on my nerves. I can't imagine having to wait until Apollo to get this fixed. But, compared to Androids consistent issues, and the "everybody's doing it" style of the iPhone, I manage to look forward. Thanks dude!

  • Philip G
    10 Posts

    @abm Why do you say that? You know somethinmg that everyone else doesn't?

  • @Rodney, I have to agree w/ BuckeyeTico(GoCostaRica) and I'm guessing you must have finally gotten your update for your stoke to be back. Wish AT&T would give me mine. Sounds like you're gonna have to make your own t-shirt though. Lol.

  • Nathan
    63 Posts

    is there any windows phone gaming blog?

    I'm looking for the 4x games... something like "little empire" for Andriod!

  • abm
    268 Posts

    Does anyone from MS following up with the features request posted on ? I seriously doubt it..

  • Philip G
    10 Posts

    Ben, you need to do a "smoked" @ MWC next week then icing on the cake, Times Square ;-)

  • Love the #smokedbywindowsphone campaign and glad to see it getting more mainstream exposure.  Got to convince people it's not just about apps.  So while "there's an app for that" mentality, people forget that's not always the best way.  Intergration and ease of use are important.

  • Philip G
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    @camus154 A lot of people are rubbishing Windows Phone because the hardware specs are much lower than for both Android and iPhone with their dual cores etc. etc. ad nauseum, so what better that to show these mighty powerhouses being cut down to size and resoundingly beaten bu the underpowered little upstart, Windows Phone? I'm curious though, what phone do you  currently have?

  • Great pics Rodney!  And that sandwich sounds amazing... Hopefully if the NW ever gets into Spring/Summer weather, we'll have the Café up here!

  • Well, I have to say, I couldn't be more happy at the new campaign.  I agree, though, that now that you have it going on Facebook and a number of other strategic websites, you really do need to put those spots up on TV.  It makes little sense to ignore that medium when you have a potentially winning campaign (finally).  Just as Nokia got smart and has been engaging a blitz, Microsoft needs to shoulder up to that effort as well.  Keep up the good work (I'm not forgetting the areas Microsoft still is blowing it <ahem - UPDATES>).

  • @ Rodney – Dude, honestly, you amaze me… you are the biggest WP7 fan I have seen here and anywhere! And MS should reward you for that!! Tell me something, how do you manage to keep this positive attitude; especially after all we have been through with WP7 since day 1 and all the criticism from many of us against its poor management and marketing strategies? You are not a fanboy; you are the biggest fan PERIOD.  BTW, good pictures!

  • @ Camus154

    The food truck is a good idea because it shows how WP is really different than the competition. No blue shirts and khaki pants, no computers or store displays. Today in Dallas it was 80 degrees, it felt like late spring and WP was the only platform reaching people in a fun, relaxed outdoor setting. I guess you have to catch the truck to get a sense of the mood it provokes. Nevertheless, I'm with you on the TV spots so keep posting here daily, and giving your feedback on what you do, and don't like. I love it man, and welcome to the blog... Hey,, wouldn't it be cool if we could get some WP T-Shirts?? Lol.

  • camus154
    11 Posts

    Lol, so another one of Microsoft's brilliant marketing campaigns for WP7 is a FOOD TRUCK?

    I have yet to see a single prime time WP7 commercial that actually tells me how WP7 is different or what, if anything, makes it special.

    Oh, there was the one ad with some chick painting a mural. See, the phone has a "People" screen and she's painting a picture of herself, so I guess somehow that's related.

    And there was another commercial selling the phone that comes with "a people hub", but that didn't bother to tell me what that was or why I should care.

    Meanwhile, I see at least 5 commercials in one sitting that showcase how Siri allows the iPhone to be voice commanded for all sorts of every day tasks. You know the ones. They start with the Siri "boo-boop" followed by a montage of useful scenarios where a smart phone--and a voice commanded one, at that--would be useful.

    Seriously, Microsoft. Enough with the gimmicks. Fire your entire marketing department and start over. Go back to basics.

    This isn't rocket science.

  • !! Pictures of Cafe Mango In Dallas !!

    Today I met up with the Cafe Mango truck in Mesquite, TX, which is just minutes east of downtown Dallas. These guys, and girls, are Awesome with a capital A, and they really know how to sell WP's. I have to say that the food is great! I had the "Mango Special" a sandwich with chicken, chipotle black bean pure, mango salsa, and avocado.. Very good it was indeed, and the quality and appearance was amazing. This is a real food truck guys, not just some rolling advertisement for WP.  The amazing thing was that it was all complements of MS.

    Now, another amazing thing was how nice, enthusiastic and knowledgeable the promoters were. These guys really know how to sell WP. Funny thing is that inside the att store the staff had no interest whatsoever in the truck. I actually arrived before the truck got there, went in to ask a store rep if the WP truck had left, and she said "What? A Windows mobile phone mobile truck?" She not only didn't know about the truck, which is understandable, but she sounded like she didn't know what WP was either. Scary because she works at a corporate store, and judging by how her uniform stood out from the other reps I swear she was a manager. Believe it or not some of the other reps actually were mocking Charles the WP promoter,, totally disrespectful...... I'm sure glad we have some good WP salespeople know with the food trucks. Every little bit counts, so I say smart move MS, and thanks.

    The food truck is supposed to be in the Dallas Fort Worth area for a few weeks, going to all the hot joints. I DO plan on catching these guys again, because frankly those sandwiches are the bomb! I have some pictures, quite a few, of the truck, and my idiot self. Oh! I finally got my hands on the 800 and it is amazing! OMG! I am sold on Nokia phones period! I swear my next phone will be a Nokia, and I can't wait to see the 900 or better. The promoters let everybody get pictures of themselves with the 800 and with our own phones.. The two promoters, Carolann Distasio from Oregon, and Charles Boltas from Irving, TX, did a great job. If you see them tell them that Rodney said hello..

    If you are going to be in Dallas for the next few weeks then keep a eye out here on the Cafe Mango Twitter page... .. I'm sure they will be out and about tomorrow all day.

    Here are the pictures that I took today, Enjoy!  I'm the fat black guy with the purple shirt on LOL! The other guys in the pictures are also huge fans here in Dallas, and like myself chased the truck until they caught it. LOL! Thanks WP Team...

  • @ djmikebrady

    Actually,, I got the hook up from Cafe Mango today! I meet them in Dallas, well mesquite which is pretty much Dallas, and they were awesome. I'm going to post some links to the pictures I took, and tell you guys all about it later today, so check back here tonight.


  • Yeah, I think most of us who were calling for these to be made into ads were talking about TV...  Nice start guys, but we've GOT to get this information out to the living rooms during prime time!!

    Also - @Rodney - did you get a chance to hit up the Cafe Mango in Dallas the other day??

  • dajunga
    1 Posts

    Nice! These should make great TV ads as well.. make it happen!

  • camus154
    11 Posts

    @ exglade and senile:

    I see you missed the point of the analogy.

    If you require your viewers to take some sort of action in order to "get" the advertisement, then you've already failed. Just like the comedy club analogy.

    The sole purpose of ads is to sell a product. Period. That's it. And as a consumer, if you make me click around the internet in order to see what the hell you're selling or why I should buy it, guess what.....I probably won't.

  • SeNiLe911
    12 Posts

    @camus154 take a chill pill! All the videos are on YouTube. Learn to use the internet.

  • In addition to this, it would be a great advertising campaign to have a series of commercials that specifically show the tests where Windows Phone beat the Android/iPhone. It should focus on the fact that they think they're going to win, their shock when they got beat, and wanting a windows phone afterwards.

  • exglade
    6 Posts

    Why the rage?

    @tribexx In case you didn't know, you don't have to sign in to view the Facebook page. It's a public page, everyone can see. Enjoy. :]

    @camus154 this is an advertisement not a comedy. Do you expect a trailer to show you the entire movie as ad? :) Just stating the obvious.

  • This is great and well needed! I do hope that part of the "more videos and fun stuff soon!" is going to be in the form of television ads. IMHO I think TV is still the best resource to reach customers. TV has worked for Apple, and Google, so what makes WP an exception in this sense? But, I'm very glad to see the online ads. Thanks Ben!

  • camus154
    11 Posts


    An ad campaign that requires the audience to go somewhere else to see the results?

    Are you *&#% kidding me? This is what you came up with to sell WP7?

    It's like going to a comedy club where the comedians set up all the jokes and then tell you to check Twitter for the punchlines.


  • tribexx
    8 Posts

    This is a great advertisement...

    Too bad not everyone is on facebook.