Tips for using the new Skype Beta app

Tips for using the new Skype Beta app

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Our friends at Skype have just posted a short tip sheet for the new beta (test) version of their free Skype for Windows Phone app.Making calls is easy on the new Skype Beta for Windows Phone. Check it out on their blog. And if you haven’t snagged the beta yet, download it now from the Windows Phone Marketplace. (It’s already got nearly 200 ratings and 4.5 stars!)

I spent Monday skyping some friends on this thing and was having fun. But as Skype’s Raul Liive pointed out yesterday on their Garage blog (such a cool name), it’s important to remember that it’s still a pre-release version of the app—so not all planned features have been wired up yet. For the time being, it’s also available only in English.

Still, I think they’re off to an exciting start. Want to tell Skype what you think of the beta, or ask a question about it? Visit their Support Network.

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  • Quote: it’s important to remember that it’s still a pre-release version of the app—so not all planned features have been wired up yet. For the time being, it’s also available only in English...

    If it's not doing what you want it to do - Boo-Hoo. It's BETA! - Uninstall it!

    Would you rather have a half way functioning awesome program now or nothing at all until it's perfected?

  • @lyger,

    I could be wrong but I seem to remember that when Skype for Windows Phone was announced it was to be in two phases. The first would be an application, and the next would make it an integrated part of the OS.

    Integration with the People Hub and others would require an OS update, and I believe that would be too much work, to hurried on the part of MS upgrade an OS for one app. The Skype team would not have the ability/authority to change the OS, that could be equated to getting an app from the marketplace that changed the way your pictures hub worked for instance. The skype team in this case wrote their app, and in the mean time, the OS team is working on an upgrade that includes the features you listed.

    And given that it's beta, I think the final release can add some features like receiving chat messages via push if not running.

  • DjiXas
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    - Opened chat, it took ~3 minutes for previous conversations to load and it did this by default. It should just load few recent texts, not a few months of history

    - Send feedback button does not work

    - Laggy from time to time

    - Can't change status to away

    - Can't run in background

    - Can't disable sounds

  • Dear "angiepm" First update your OS, then go for skype.

  • I have tried numerous time to download app, keep getting the following message "Can't get app. This app requires a newer version of Windows Phone to work with your phone." I have an HTC HD7 with software version 7.10 (7720). Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Lawk
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    @ Nathan. I have the Omnia 7. No lag in imdb or skype.

  • @ Nathan I disagree about Microsoft screwing the customer of their old devices. Have you noticed that the first generation Zune device continued to get updates for years after its release. How many times has an ipod been updated? MS supports their old devices for much longer than apple.

  • Philip G
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    @lyger You raise some very good points which I'm sure will be addressed come release :-)

  • Nathan
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    Very rough/unsmooth swiping experience on HTC surround .. you can say exactly same experience as we get in IMDB app !!

    (just because it's a first generation device??)

    Microsoft already start ignoring the first batch devices?? Very sad but typical Microsoftish way of screwing their customers.

    Its a matter of time, HTC TItan customers will get the same kind of treatment.. very soon.. say in Feb 2013??

  • Sven
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    @ Rodney Jones. What do you mean we are missing VoIP? I had a voice conversation over the client, and if I'm not mistaken, all the data that comes and goes is via Internet Protocol. Are you looking for some particular standard you want adhered to?

  • Guys they just pointed out: "it’s important to remember that it’s still a pre-release version of the app—so not all planned features have been wired up yet." Considering skype is now a MSFT product and how tightly they integrated MSN/FACEBOOK chat - i won't be surprised if Skype is the next major integration.

    But I do agree that it will be really exciting if the app can do what @lyger mentioned.

    The one thing I noticed we can't do in beta - that I thought would be basic is [add a contact]. But I do understand this is in Beta. As for the call quality - great stuff!

  • be05x5
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    Woohoo!!!!! Skype is finally here :)

  • cmwind
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    good app. surprised by stability. dissapointed there is no push notifications, live tile support, or background multitasking support of any kind. Need the app too... but ultimately this should be integrated into WP8s  People, Messaging and Phone Hubs... Hope Windows 8's People, Messaging and Phone Hubs also get this integration AND i hope Xbox vNext gets true hubs like these as well and Skype can utilize Kinect.

  • I think the main thing we are missing is VOIP. I'm sure this will come with patients. Anyways, it's just nice to say we have Skype, and reinforces the fact that even though WP doesn't have 300,000 apps we still have what's important for most users. But, 3k apps would be nice because in that count would be the apps that some are waiting for, like their personal banking app. Nevertheless, Skype for WP seems to be the best looking Skype app, of any platform, overnight!

  • lyger
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    Very disappointed with the App, here’s my gripes:

    1. Does not integrate with the People Hub.

    2. Does not integrate with the Messaging Hub.

    3. Does not use phone in call volume controls, it uses the main volume.

    4. App has to be running to receive a call.

    5. No multitasking, App loses focus and you will not receive a call/txt.

    So why have Hubs in WP7 if Apps do not have access to add there Services into them...  Oh wait, that will come with Contracts in WP8... typical... Microsoft are starting to sound like Apple....Fixed n next upgrade.