Windows Phone makes a cameo on LIVE! with Kelly

Windows Phone makes a cameo on LIVE! with Kelly

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As part of a recap of their after-Oscar special, the Nokia Lumia 710 was featured on top morning talk show LIVE! with Kelly today. Watch the video

Host Kelly Ripa talked about Windows Phone and shared photos on the Lumia 710 from behind-the-scenes of the Oscars and her special. In a particularly exciting moment for the 180 members of the live studio audience, Kelly announced that everyone would be going home with a free Windows Phone and six months of service from T-Mobile! The giveaway was followed by a short Windows Phone video that highlighted the ease with which photos can be quickly shared on Facebook.

Check out to see more Windows Phones or to get your hands on the Nokia Lumia 710.

Audience members on LIVE! with Kelly today won a new Windows Phone and six-months of service from T-Mobile.

Host Kelly Ripa gives audience members a free Windows Phone and six months of T-Mobile service during her LIVE! with Kelly broadcast.

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  • I called up a local AT&T store the other day to ask if they had a release date for the Nokia Lumia 900 and the guy goes "hmm never heard of this phone... let me look it up for ya" and i'm thinking "WTF?" he then pulls it up and goes "wow sick phone!" and then confirmed that March 18 date that's been rumored for weeks.

    AT&T store reps still don't have a clue about WP and let alone the Lumia 900 which is set to drop this month. SMH Time to clue in all these ignorant folks who work for these carrier stores and also some TV ads just like everyone has been mentioning here. T-Mobile's Lumia 710 is definitely getting some sales, I've actually seen some people with them here in Lancaster, PA. My guess is they've seen some of the TV promos being aired during primetime shows and sporting events.

    Good work to Nokia/T-Mobile but now it's AT&T's turn to promote the flagship WP.

  • @ DJ Mike...

    You are a god! Can you duplicate this like 2000 more times??

  • @Rodney - I did your trick today!  I went into the Sprint store to pick up the replacement for my wife's Arrive, and half an hour later, there is a thoroughly devoted sales rep there, who prior to meeting me, had no idea that WP7 even existed, thought it was just WM, and thought it was more of the same.  

    Now, he's upgrading himself from an ip4 to an Arrive, and said he can't wait to show it off to customers looking for a great smartphone!  :)  And since Sprint has dropped the Arrive to $49, he thinks he'll be able to move a lot of them.


  • KR
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    I  think the windows phone logo should be similar to the windows 8 logo which I think is a great looking logo, the best so far from Microsoft "its a window not a flag" as said by Sam Moreau on the article "redesigning the windows logo"

  • Why does Verizon not support WP"s? I refuse to go to the iphone and I've had a droid for a couple years, but I want  the synergy I will get with the WP.  



    @ LUIGI.. you're completely right, I fully agree!

  • Luigi
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    @ Rodney

    You are preaching to the choir! I completely agree with you. For marketing purposes, I am going to throw in some food for our brain (Windows Phone/Nokia marketing team please take notes!) and let anybody know how I landed on the Windows Phone platform at the first place. Some “demographic” information about my household first:

    1) My wife and I buy our phones (we do not like to be bound by any 2-year agreement with the carrier).

    2) I prefer cutting edge technology whereas my wife is more essential. Either way, we do not mind paying more for a better product.

    3) Even though we both are young professionals, we do not do “social media”.

    4) In our household, among the other things, we have two iPod Touch and one iPad2, so we are not one-track minded people.

    On or around December 2010, I decided that it was time to get a smartphone to replace my 3-year old Motorola Krzr K1. At that time Android smartphones with 3.7” inch screens were the norm and nothing stood out from the crowd. Blackberry was not an option because I wanted a touch screen. iPhone was not an option either because I did not want to pay any premium to AT&T in terms of monthly service. So, the 4.3-inch screen, the sleek look and the 1-GHz processor (it’s 2010!) of the HD7 captivated my attention and decided to buy it. Nothing I knew about the copy-and-paste capabilities (or lack thereof), the upcoming No-Do, Mango updates and so forth and so on. Apparently the sales associate at the T-Mobile store did not know anything either because the only word of wisdom he could provide was that the “HD7 had a big screen, indeed.”

    To make a long story short, I bought a Windows Phone because of the look and feel of the actual phone. I am sure that the early iPhone adopters were motivated by the same factor. Two years later, I see that same principle completely reversed by the Nokia/Windows Phone marketing people. They seem focusing (or shall I say obsessing?) on a low price point and first time smartphone buyers. Do they know how many smartphones are available for FREE with a 2-year contract?   Do they know that most of the Android users do not know that Android is the name of their phone operating system? And if they know that, a large majority completely ignores the actual version of the Android operating system installed on their phone. My suggestion? Make a very stylish phone, pack it with a very sleek design, a 4.3/4.5” ultra high resolution screen, a decent front facing camera, a premium on-board camera with 1080p HD video capabilities, a long life battery, a 4G/LTE connectivity, lightning fast performance… and Windows Phone 7.5 or later version, Skype and SkyDrive. Nokia, are you listening? You are almost there. If you build the Lumia 900 series (with the specs above and in a multi-carrier version) they will come! And if they end up buying the Lumia 610/710 version, at least they know that they got a great deal… Which smartphone lets you text and drive while keeping everybody safe on the road?  The phone sells the operating system but the operating system alone does not sell the phone. We are with you but you - Nokia/Windows Phone people - are the ones who have to join forces, make the phone and run ads and promotions… we can only contribute!

  • @ Luigi

    Lol! You're in the right place dude! Marketing! This is one of the most talked about subjects around here, and if this damn keyboard keeps dropping while I'm trying to type this message then #$%#$%&!,, Anyways, ironically marketing is one of the most asked for new features in WP Lol. You hit it dead on the head.. The TMo guys should be pushing this as a safety, and convenience, feature. Look, be honest; the 710 and Radar are the best phones TMo has under $100 right?? Well, if you spread the word yourself you will probably sell more WP's than the rep that sold you the 710. I have actually sold  people on WP and have them selling others on WP. Now, don't let MS know this because they will take advantage of our dedication, which would be the wrong move Lol!

    Keep posting your opinions and suggestions here and I'm sure it will pay off.... for everyone!

  • Luigi
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    Following my happy experience with my current HD7 on T-Mobile, I bought a Lumia 710 for my wife three days ago. Even though she had a Blackberry before, she’s been able to immediately adjust to the new interface of the phone and take full advantage of the new features in a flash. She loves the phone and its capabilities. We have noticed however that the best feature of the phone, the text-to-voice-to-text capability for SMS messages while connected on Bluetooth, is never (or barely) mentioned among the specs of the phone (any Windows Phone!).  In a time when every State (or Country, globally speaking) is promoting or already implementing a ban to cellular phone usage (especially texting) while driving, we feel so privileged to be able to safely talk and/or text without impairing our driving capability thus being safe drivers for ourselves, our children and all the other people on the road. Yet, my sales rep at the T-Mobile store did not know anything about this feature. This should be the strongest selling point for Windows Phones and heavily advertised.

    In a perfect world, however, the Lumia 710 (and 800) should have a front facing camera and this is a big flaw for a newly marketed phone, to the point that we are now considering to return the Lumia 710 for an HTC Radar, especially after the impressive feel transpiring from the new Skype app.

  • I know for sure T-Mobile is going to get some new WP devices added to their lineup soon because the 710 is their 3rd best seller. If this continues they will ask for more devices, and once the other carriers see this they will want to get in on the action asap. These carriers only bias is making $, and you can take that to the bank! 2013 will be the year WP really gets attention from all carriers, and at that point the OS will be extremely competitive in terms of functionality. I'm not sure this would've been possible, with lackluster marketing on somebody's part,, if not for the Nokia/MS partnership.

  • gregw74
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    I would really love to see WP promoted on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He often has Josh from Engadget on his show, why not Ben?? I know he slams MS from time to time in his monologue and although he has a fetish for Apple products it would  be a great show for exposing WP to a younger audience..

  • And, all you lucky audience members are just in time to witness the makeover that has been done on Bing maps!