Smoked By Windows Phone goes global

Smoked By Windows Phone goes global

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What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

That’s the happy lesson we’ve been learning these last few weeks as we’ve watched Smoked By Windows Phone challenges spread around the world. In January my colleague Ben Rudolph arrived at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas toting a few red signs, his Windows Phone, and a wad of $100 bills. His plan: challenge the techies to a fun and friendly 21st century duel, to see whose smartphone was faster at the everyday stuff people do.

Smoke Ben and you got a crisp Benjamin. Lose, and you had to face our camera and tell the world. Smoked By Windows Phone was born.

Flash forward eight weeks. Smoked By Windows Phone challenges have swept the California coast; Barcelona, Spain (where the prize was 100 Euros); and Hong Kong

In Jakarta, a 50-person squad from Microsoft Indonesia recently spent three days in a local shopping mall holding Smoked contests (final tally: 640 wins, 50 losses). The event—check out their fun video—was even featured in the local media.

They’ve also been happening across India. A team of Microsoft student partners recently ran a series of challenges, giving away flash drives in place of cash. Here are a few fun shots. You can see more of their pictures and videos on Facebook.

Microsoft student partners in India hold Smoked by Windows phone challenges.Microsoft student partners in India hold Smoked by Windows phone challenges.

As ZD Net noted recently, Nokia is also running their own Smoked-inspired challenge across India called “Blown Away by Nokia Lumia”. Nokia India has some good shots on their official Facebook page. So far, they’ve happened in Delhi and Pune. More were in the works for Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. Beat the Lumia 800 and you win 1000 rupees.

We can’t wait to see where in the world this goes next. If you spot a Smoked contest in your town, let us know!

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  • Yeah, I saw that. Seriously, we really need some t-shirts.. All I want to do is advertise.

  • Actually, I sent you a "private message" on here (hit conversations at the top of the page) last month when I did put a design together... I thought you liked Purple as the accent color though, so that's what I used.  =P

  • Hahaha.. Lol! It's so hard to get a WP tshirt around here... Seriously, I would wear it at least once every week. Now, if I had 5??? Mark my word Mike, you better start designing one right now because I got that feeling. I would like a screenshot of the start screen really big on the back, and simply "Windows Phone, put people first" on the front. Thank you in advance.

    Oh, make it red please... That's my accent color.

  • I love your optimism, but I think you're crazy on this one... I think these 256mb devices aren't going to end well...  Of course, I would LOVE to be wrong, and if I am, I'll MAKE you a WP T-Shirt!!

  • @ Mike

    You know the way you worded that I have to say I never thought of it that way.. Good point. Your daughter wants a "droid"?? It's marketing that got her to think so, but the product has to live up to the expectations....

    You know something?? I'm almost positive that the software limitations will only last for a few generations of entry level WP devices,, in fact I bet, with a update or two, the Lumia 610 will open up to some features the "unlimited" devices have. A iPhone 3gs has similar specs and it hums along just fine. Watch... Getting these phones to the market now, which is good, and not later is the reason they are lacking certain functionality... If we really think about it,, first generation devices had plenty capable hardware, but they had software limitations at the same time. Sound familiar? I bet you guys a WP T-shirt that these 256ram phones get full featured by December 2013 or earlier... Do you think I'm crazy????

  • You are SO right, Rodney.. Several people I know and/or work with, have Android phones and don't know it.  They'll have a "MyTouch" or an "Optimus" or even a "Galaxy" and not have ANY IDEA that it's running Android.

    As I've mentioned a few times, my own daughter has an Optimus running Android, and in a fit of frustration she said, "I should have gotten a Droid!"

    The MASS population, the GENERAL public, those who do NOT hang out on blogs like this, want the phone that can get them their email, their facebook and their twitter, at a low price.  To win the GENERAL hearts and minds, we need the Lumia 710, the ZTE Tania, and other phones that can be $49 or less on contract.

    That being said, I think the new 256MB Tango devices are a horrible idea, and will only bring disappointment when someone finds that their new phone won't run the app that their friend's phone does, even though they're the same type of phone.

  • To sum up what calahas is saying,, MARKETING! It has to make a impact.

    Now, this new guy, Thom Gruhler, who is partly responsible for the Verizon "can you here me now" commercials, has just been hired by MS to lead WP marketing.... Any move is a good move, and to me this sounds great.

    We don't need to complicate this by looking to far into WP's history, enginering, or any psychological marketing boundaries that may exists. WP never has simply been marketed on TV for a consistent amount of time with great commercials. They have to show commercials about the features of WP because the average salesperson learns about phones from television, and advertising. It's sad, but I bet it's a fact. This is a easy fix if you ask me. Easy with $, imagination, and TV.

    Whenever I start to worry about more technical things that may hold WP back I ask myself,,, how many actually know the size of the screen on their phone, do they know how much ram they have, do they know what the screen resolution is, which OS version are they running???? The average consumer doesn't care! They need to know one important thing, and this is seriously all that matters... Wait for it.... They need to know that they are not the only one buying this new type of phone. That means they need to see it on TV, in stores, on the news, in malls, on billboards, in magazines, and it would really help if WP was mentioned as a supported device when a commercial for a new app is on. Besides app support the others can be done quite simply with $$. Uncomplicated and to the point works for a lot of companies nowadays. Apple.......

  • calahas
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    @Michael, Rodney,

      I would add some thing here. If we start with the stack on the device, the hardware does not lag the competition a lot. Most phone OEMs have been introducing almost new hardware with WP phones (Focus, Lumia, HTC phones etc). The problem also not seems to be in the OS. The OS (though I have no idea if this is a complete rewrite from scratch in terms of development and not derived from Windows Embedded OS) appearingly is new. And it does allow app developers ease of usage with tools for new app development and placement in store.

      Assuming that all three of the above are good, the problem does indeed seem be in the time to market as well as the name or brand association for the phone device. If you look at Droid, it was marketed by the Carrier (Verizon) with a in-your-face campaign. iPhone is an unique device being the creator of the market. So it defines the market and needs no more marketing. The point being the hardware OEM device maker has to market the device for maximum benefit. Or the accepting Carrier has to market the device. Neither of these seem to occur with the WP devices.

      Essentially expecting the OS vendor to market the device when it is not the device maker or seller *will* just *not* help the sales process. Microsoft is actually wasting precious dollars on these marketing campaigns since neither marketshare nor specific and truly distinguishing features increase or appear out of this marketing process.

      My 2 cents.

  • @Rodney - dude just sat down next to me on the morning train, and pulls out an Arrive!  That's not just a match on the phone OS, but an OS, model and carrier match!  Feeling a little more momentum picking up...

  • As much as i love my Windows Phone, i honestly don't see this platform taking off much. Not when the Nokia Lumia 900 or HTC Titan 2 are still not in store shelves and no word from MS/Nokia/AT&T on the cause of the delay.

    Most people who are fraustrated by their current Androids or Blackberry phones will most likely go for an iPhone because the snail pace of MS with product release/updates. People really don't know much about Windows Phone here in the states and there isn't much reason to care without flagship devices out on the market.

    I guess Windows Phone is getting smoked by the carriers, lets hope it doesn't go up in smoke.

  • @ Kenny & Micheal

    Thanks for your replies!.... Look, I live in Dallas, TX, a huge market. We were one of the first to get LTE, and are used as a test market quite often. Nobody here knows about WP! They don't know what it's name is, what the products look like, why it's great, who it's made by, the Majority of people here in Dallas simply haven't heard of WP yet. Until I believe they have been marketed to properly, and they still won't buy it, then I might believe that one of these issues, which may be valid issues, is what's holding it back. You guys are a little ahead of me in your thought process because I believe in finding the root cause. Once I find that I stay on it until it is resolved.

    What if they do change the things you guys say are the issues? What if they fix all the issues people complain about? What if WP had 500,000 apps today? How can this matter if nobody hears about it? Who cares? Like I say, Marketing will fix all the issues with WP.

    We are talking about the average consumer here guys. Don't fool yourselves, or sugar coat it. Don't over think this, or start to think outside the box just yet. The public plain and simply have not been hit with the proper level of effective TELEVISION commercials to get their attention. Logic will say that until this happens lets not stear our minds elsewhere.

    Android has more issues than WP, but the AVERAGE CONSUMER doesn't care because they have been properly marketed to. As a result Android doesn't suffer from these issues. Consumers believe if a product is consistently on TV, and the guys at the store recommend it, they are making the right choice. Every att associate that comes on this blog says that have no trouble selling WP after they show it to the customer, and push WP's capabilities. It's just not being shown dudes! Lol..... Man.

  • KR
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    I ain't leaving the boat as long as there's no fragmentation.whether or not windows phone becomes popular heck I'm getting a Lumia 900 in 4weeks FTW :) that is if Rogers offers a different color than black

    I talked to a Rogers insider today and he revealed to me its coming early April to the Far North

  • KR
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    @Michael M

    I agree with you second paragraph completely.that's why now I'm so scared of fragmentation on this beautiful OS

  • I believe that changing the name of the platform will not necessarily lead to any improvement. In my personal view, the problem of the WP OS is not marketing-related at all. It's poor product management.

    Microsoft deserves huge credit for developing the OS and partnering with Nokia the way they have. At certain point in time, they hired some brightest and smartest "outside the box" thinkers that would question the approach that the company had used before. Bing, Silverlight and the WP OS are prime examples of their great works. Not to mention the Microsoft Labs stuff.

    What needs to be done is the replication of the very same development process that we have seen with the aforementioned products over other departments that do not necessarily share the same vision. Microsoft can be cool again and Windows Phone can be cool again by becoming lean in the decision making process and avoiding the  old-fashioned approach with product management. A gazillion versions of Windows 7, old desktop to innovative Metro UI (I have no clue whatsoever, why they actually pushed for it on the WOA architecture as it would make a great testing ground for future ground-breaking releases of the OS). Now same approach is being applied over and over with the Windows Phone OS. Tango for less powerful devices, then will be somethings else for those more up-to-date ones. Damn it, keep it simple and give the people the best product for their needs without compromising the user experience. That is how customer loyalty is won.

    To summarize, a great and innovative OS being hampered by bad decision-making and poor product management, again. That is why the OS has not gained more traction yet.

  • KR
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    Lol.i don't think Microsoft is hated or windows brand but windows phone = windows mobile,and I don't think people want windows mobile and even in 2009 when windows mobile was dying already,it was still heavily marketed here in Canada almost at the same level as Android if not more.that's why I said windows phone should be marketed as a Microsoft product since links and associates to other Microsoft products like Xbox,Skype,office,SkyDrive,office365,lynx etc.

    FYI,Microsoft is the second most influential brand name in Canada and ahead of apple FTW

    I also know picking a good name is one of the first step of marketing,I don't think marketing is sleeping I think they're trying and so far it is not succeeding and they've got limited resources allocated to their department.

    Lastly you can't compare brand names as Samsung,Hyundai and Apple to the windows phone can compare it to the Microsoft brand name because these names cover a range of products and were brought to light by one of their products.

    I'm sure if apple stuck to making only macOS they might have still been in the dark as before 2007,what brought them to life was the iPhone,which was something new,something phone is new and fresh but not carry's the baggage of windows mobile which clearly the north American market doesn't want.its not an evolution of windows mobile or an update.its fresh off the boat.

    I recently had the privilege to sit at a meeting with a marketing firm to decide on the name of a product(which I can't disclose) it took them 2 hours to pick a name and after that,they plan to research and see what impact the name will have.i thought sitting for 2 hours to pick a name was funny,but then I realized

  • @ Kenny

    Lol! I knew that would split atoms underneath your ass! Okay, maybe I'm being a little to lenient, but if you think the marketing team is awake then you must have been sleeping the past 12 months. Any of these issues, like the name WindowsPhone, aren't changing any time soon, so arguing about perception is a loosing battle and a waist of time. Now I'm not saying that perception issues don't exist, I'm saying that Marketing is what is used to change perception issues. As I said before, marketing will fix any and all issues WP has, therefore marketing is the root cause of these issues.

    No, WP hasn't been marketed on enough levels for a consistent amount of time to affect awareness, or perception. Seriously, we have a page set up by MS for suggestion on how to market WP because the entire tech world has called your boys out on this issue. Apple didn't change it's name, Hyundai didn't change it's name, Samsung didn't change their name,,, these are companies that changed their products and marketed them correctly. You got to admit it, if those store associates started pushing WP people would listing up and buy them. And, maybe a large group doesn't trust the Windows brand, but a even larger group still buys Windows products, knowingly, every day. The reality is that the majority of people aren't scared to buy a product by the name "Windows". Don't believe the hype, look and tell me what you see. These writers say that MS is hated, but how many PC's are still humming away, and being purchased? And, the products are improving immensely. If Windows can have substantial market share, then WP can to. Maybe WP's success hinges on who the phones are marketed to. I would run the most relentless ad campaign, with the might of a freight train, stressing that if you use a PC/Windows computer then you got to be stupid to not use WP, and make the device stand up to their word.

    Talking about the issues is great, but in this stage we need to talk about solutions. I like you Kenny, and I don't want to see you, or any user, make the switch. Lets stay on these boys about Marketing!

  • KR
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    Check the recent market share numbers for Canada and the US,then tell me if windows phone is gaining traction.its not like Microsoft is sleeping or the marketing team is sleeping

  • KR
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    "not the competition, not the hardware, not the software, not perception of MS, not the selection of devices"

    Really?common!be more realistic,don't let your fanaticism get in your face.i can't believe you just said that.even someone who has never taken a marketing course will let you know brand perception is very important for a product.

    I don't even wanna get into the other aspects you said don't matter.

    I don't know where you live but in my town there's a large awareness of Microsoft and its products,including windows phone,but people just don't bye it.

    I also thought all windows phone needed was to get into people's faces but then i started looking from the most basic aspects of the OS.

    You can put something in my face and i can close my eyes,just as you can put it in my face i glance and go,yeah i saw it but I'm not interested

  • @ the former...

    People don't care what it's called as long as it's cool and popular. WP is cool, but not popular. Unfortunately it's been left up to the store associates to guide customers along in their buying decision. The Associates aren't very well trained, and more than half of them aren't interested in phone technology, so they don't take it upon themselves to learn about new products. Their knowledge comes from the devices some other associate sold them, and Television. Television only has Apple and Google products being marketed, with extremely little WP exposure, so why would they push anything else?

    Every issue with WP can be solved with a good and relentless marketing campaign. Lets not forget that this is the root cause of any struggle that WP is having in the market. It's not that it is to late, not the name, not the competition, not the hardware, not the software, not perception of MS, not the selection of devices,,,, it's plain and simply awareness, and I will preach this till the day I die! The general public doesn't know what to buy, so they rely on advertising to learn what is available. Apple herded the sheep on Monday, Google herded the sheep Tuesday, and now it's Wednesday and time for the third herder to do it's job.

  • KR
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    I'll say this again,Microsoft needs to rethink the name windows phone,then market the platform as a Microsoft product not a windows product.when u think windows you think PC or windows mobile(which we know failed) non of which people want as a mobile OS

    Windows mobile was crap,though feature rich,how do you expect windows phone when now even Microsoft has rebranded windows mobile to windows phone officially.

    I wouldn't lie I'm personally losing faith in Windows phone and still strongly believe blackberry still has all its chances in north America as the third ecosystem

    Last year people said 2012 will be a big year for windows phone,but now very few people say so for 2013

    I'm sure Lumia as an OS name is better than Windows Phone

  • While I am strong advocate of the Windows Phone OS, I cannot see value in this campaign, as it simply does not demonstrate the advantage of the platform i.e., its superior user experience and innovative design.

    I have watched a number of the campaign videos and having used virtually any kind of competing devices, I can say that the it merely seems to be a naive show-off and offers no bottom-line value. But there are so many great things that can be said and demonstrated about the Windows Phone OS, such as the integrated search feature, unified user experience, low processing footprint and compelling user experience.

    The fact of the matter is, if you offer a truly good product to your clients/customers, you will not need to resort to this kind of advertising style. Take Evernote as an example here. They barely advertise their product and their consumer base has sky-rocketed ever since they went out of beta. The Windows Phone OS has the same potential!

    Lastly, as the user @ChrisAverage has commented, if you intend to make the challenge truly global, how about localizing and tuning the services to local market requirements in the first place, so that you could demonstrate platform's superiority. Otherwise, this experiment will feel so 1980s and cheap.

  • While I am strong advocate of the Windows Phone OS, I cannot see value in this campaign, as it simply does not demonstrate the advantage of the platform i.e., its superior user experience and innovative design.

    I have watched a number of the campaign videos and having used virtually any kind of competing devices, I can say that the it merely seems to be a naive show-off and offers to bottom-line value. But there are so man great things that can be said and demonstrated about the Windows Phone OS, such the ingrates search feature, unified user experience, low processing footprint and compelling user experience.

    The fact of the matter is, if you offer a truly good product to your clients/customers, you will not need to restore to this kind of advertising style. Take Evernote as an example here. They barely advertise their product and their consumer base has sky-rocketed ever since they went out of beta. The Windows Phone OS has the same potential!

    Lastly, as the user @ChrisAverage has commented, if you intend to make the challenge truly global, how about localizing and tuning the services, as per local market requirements to demonstrate platform's superiority. Otherwise, its so 1980s and feels cheap.

  • T Windows
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    The official Tango update is due in April, but it's sad that some carries have the say so whether you will see it or not.

    As a failsafe on the behalf of Microsoft I recommend they make future updates available as a by-pass to carries control in the marketplace for all models.

    The article link below by MaryJo has more details about the Tango release - check it out when you have time.

    Well then until the April release...

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • KR
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    There're a few things I'm worried about

    1-Canada is the only country that didn't have a lunch party for the Lumia devices.i wouldn't go further on that.

    2-I'm totally against the low end Windows phones,i'll prefer the apple model of making current generation windows phones the low my opinion this creates some standards which needs to be considered,I don't think it's a good idea to just flood the market with devices and this will also lead to fragmentation.In this case too when there's an issue in the ecosystem it will be hard to detect and fix(such as the disappearing keyboard).lastly this cause a new problem in delivering updates since there'll be one more player after carriers,the different memory phones. Its just a matter of 95% of the apps will work,the experience will be different(fragmentation) since some functionalities of the OS will be lost,such as multitasking.

    Finally,regarding the Apollo update,I think Microsoft should make sure generation 1 devices get it,because I don't think this OS can afford to lose any customer base and clearly not the majority of windows phone owners currently own or are planning to own a generation 2 device by the end of this year,given that many countries had generation 1 devices in February 2011.

    my three main reasons why are chose windows phone are: the UI,the integration and the lack of fragmentation.given how the other OSs are integrating features I'm now left with just the UI and no fragmentation,so if we start getting fragmentation there's no doubt I'm leaving the community.this is the reason I'm still staying away from new windows phones.

  • @ Strider

    Thats good, but I want to download it to my phone, and it just won't let me. Am I doing something wrong?? It says "this is a unsafe file" and then refuses to open it even at my request. This is on my phone.

  • Sheeds
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    @ Rodney - There is nothing unsafe in the file to my testing (I used a legit purchased App to create it). Because Screensavers are .exe files (they have to self-execute the way the app creates them - as most do), when Zipped your phone is recognising .exe is potentially unsafe.

    I have not had a single issue reported from anyone (scanned my created screensaver with Malwarebytes, Norton, Windows Defender etc).

    Most modern OS's will warn you if downloading a .exe file!

    Rest assured, if it's from my Skydrive - it should be safe. :)

  • @ Strider...

    I tried to download your file to my Focus and WP said that this is a unsafe file to open. What's up with that?

  • Sheeds
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    Hi Michael,

    I've created a #SmokedByWindowsPhone Screensaver for use at home for fun - or even better, in retial on store display computers! You can find the link here:

    I've used the official Advert, the official desptop wallpaper and tweaked them a little.

    Hope you like! :)


  • @Caywen

    That video is funny, and I can't believe how smart your boy is.. You know that just shows how well organized WP is. Talk about earning brand loyalty. Lol

  • caywen
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    My toddler smokes other toddlers with Windows Phone:

  • @ turtlebreath

    I hear you. You're right. There's no sense in making up excuses, or going around the fact that this is not what we were promised. I'm on att and I can't believe we haven't got this update yet. And, as the fella mentioned above, a update every 6 months is not going to keep users, or the press, excited about WP....

    Have you heard about the $35 Raspberry Pi?? It would be cool to have a alternative to that.. don't you think.

  • @Rodney    The article about the Nokia update is interesting... there are similar hacks to update the Samsung Focus I own, too-- I'm waiting a month or so more before trying such a hack

    My hope is that Windows Phone succeeds..  the competition is good for both Apple and Google.  And how else can I get my ilomilo fix?    It's a gorgeous interface, and I love using the phone.   My hope is that cell phones are supported for more than two years in the future -- it seems such a waste of resources and materials to be making all of these phones that become "obsolete" in a short period of time.   That's one area that Microsoft has been good at in the past, and I have hope that support will continue longer than other carriers.

    It's difficult to be optimistic when no one at Microsoft or the carriers treats our concerns as valid or acknowledges that they exist.    Nor do they respond to any of our questions or concerns about the matter.  Microsoft released Mango (and did a fairly good job at it), was able to get press saying how great the update process is, and then subsequently dropped the ball on future releases while refusing to publish information about update status.   AT&T (my carrier)  doesn't even acknowledge the 8107 release exists -- even if I point them to update history for release-  and won't comment on it.  Neither of those is very respectful of customers.

    I expect that marketing will improve when Windows 8 is released-- everything ties together in a nice ecosystem. In the back of my head, part of me worries about the windows store and the trend of "locking down" computing systems.  Maybe it means I'll have to use Linux or a BSD variant or Haiku in the future,  but it's a story that has to play out.

  • You may say that other phones get smoked by WP in things like updating status or updating photos, but a smartphone is way more than only that.

    I have had an LG Optimus Quantum for a little bit more than a year and I'm also considering switching to another platform when my current contract ends since here in Canada we only have like 3 devices available and many of the WP features are available only in the U.S. Updates for both the system and the applications come like once every six months and the hardware specifications are way behind the ones for other platforms.

    Microsoft has to amaze us with the next version of WP, otherwise they will lose the little momentum they have.

  • Put the naysayers to rest, Let's see the 256mb Tango phones smoke some iPhone's, Droids, and Blackberrys.... 95% of existing apps will work on these 256mb phones as they are today without dev's tweaking them, but most of these challenges are not app challenges. I think the local scout 4 star restaurant and directions one isn't possible but other than that I think the new Tango phones smoke a bunch of iPhones and Droids.

  • @ Luigi & Turtlebreath

    I have to admit that the update process is not as we expected. This was supposed to be a major selling point of WP, but instead people are beginning to hack updated onto their devices in order for them to function properly. This sounds like what I've been taunting Android user about. Karma's a raunchy bitch in heat. Lol!

    Hey, look at this sad post on WPCentral of what people are succumbing to....

  • Luigi
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    What is wrong with T-Mobile and Windows Phone? The WP 8107 update has been around for two months now and no users (or very few) have received it. My wife got a Nokia 710 less than two weeks ago and she is on 7740, still. My HD7 is "stuck" on 7720. Android just released the 4.0 version (aka ICS) and all the users on T-Mobile/Android 3.1 already received notice that 4.0 will be available to them very soon. What gives?

  • @ Turtlebreath

    Ok, in all fairness you do raise some good points, but other systems tend to have slow, or non existent, update processes, and doesn't MS provide the best tools and help for the WP development process, compared to the competition? Now, the $100 fee does seem quite prideful, especially when users are still in need of thousands more apps. And, our goal is to have superior update process, not just match the competition. That's what I mean by look at the big picture. Weighing out all the pros and cons of the OS's, not just two issues, seems to be why any of us choose WP in the first place. What doesn't make any sense to me is that the same people who choose WP7.0, with it's limited functionality, say that the 7.5 isn't worth their time now. I think some have forgotten the reasons why they decided to use WP in the first place. Although not close to perfect, who here see's something special, innovative, and promising about WP? I'm not going to go into what's great about WP because at that point I would be just preaching to the choir, but I will say that WP is still moving forward, and IMHO it's just to early to give up on it.

    Turtlebreath, your points do concern me and I do agree that they require attention. I have some issues of my own, like marketing, the limited functionality in Bing maps, and the molasses rollout of new devices. So, I'm not in opposition with you, I just want to make sure I'm still talking with you, right here, 12 months from now. ;-)

  • @Rodney  Please elaborate what you mean?  

    My big picture is that Windows Phone is a very nice operating system, but it's one where security fixes and other bug fixes are not pushed out on a timely basis.   It's also a system where the only legitimate way to be develop applications for the platform requires paying ~$100 a year.   One of the things that is important to me is to make it easy to enable others to learn a bit about programming, and windows phone fails to do that.

  • @ Caresrg.... Yes! Thats what I've been saying for the longest. Well, that and can we get some t-shirts!

  • I edited a new Ringer Sound tonight..  It reminds me of what I imagine the U.S. WP7 Marketing team sounds like during a brainstorming session... (Just kidding, of course - although we REALLY need to step it up!!)

  • @Scuba - how did the physical action keys feel?  I can't wait to get a phone some day with those... I'm so sick of accidentally brushing my thumb against the search button while watching a video, reading an email, etc...

  • caresrg
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    Television. T-E-L-E-V-I-S-I-O-N!

  • I discovered a co-worker has the Lumia 710.  He dumped his Android phone for it, as a matter of fact.  I have to say, it's a pretty sweet device.  It makes me lust after the Lumia 900 that much more.  The main drawback?  Anemic onboard storage.

  • @Vieya, I'm afraid that they have to make a way to get really low-end devices out there if they want to compete with the crappy pieces of junk that Android can come on.  We'll still see hero phones in the Windows Phone ecosystem, though.  And I'm afraid you can forget about getting faster updates.  When Microsoft makes updates available and IF carriers choose to play, those updates now go out impressively well.  However, that said, the fact that carriers can thumb their noses at any updates they wish means you can forget about carriers actually choosing to field updates in the future with any kind of dependability.  AT&T has said "screw you" to it's customers with the past two updates.  I had to unlock my phone, change the settings to Rogers, Canada, to get the last two updates to my Focus (finally, no more disappearing keyboard!).  Until Microsoft takes back 100% control of updates, we will continue to see fragmentation begin to rival that of Android.

  • @ turtlebreath & Hawk..

    IMHO, you guys need to look at the big picture. ;)

  • I'll do a smoked by windows phone for you guys :D, just send me a LUMIA and I'll youtube it LOL!

  • Hawk
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    @turtlebreath...ditto!  I went with WP7 because the updates were supposed to be seamless and ALL phones would be updated as updates are made available.  Unfortunately, that's just not the case and as we see more models added to the lineup, the worse the update process will get!  There are still Android phones on 2.0 that can't get even 2.1 or 2.2!  

    I'm eligible for an upgrade at the end of the year.  As of today, I don't see any reason why I should stick with WP7.

  • I dare You to try this in Poland. With the way bing, maps, scout, zune pass, speech and other features (don't) work here You're dead in the water in most challenges :(

  • @Harsha.g11: Thanks for setting me straight! Corrected!

  • Let me correct you

    //Prune. More were in the works for Mumbai, Kalokata//

    Its not Prune it is Pune

    Kalokata should Kolkata

    Rupee synmbol is not $, its HTML code is &#8377


  • vieya
    44 Posts

    Please no more low quality cheap phones. The tango update going to the low end is a mistake. That will just create fragmentation. It should be all high quality don't go low quality...please! Tell Nokia to stop and don't let ZTE do it! But seriously faster updates would be nice. More updates would be even better. This is a bad form of marketing instead of showing features it just shows that the phone is fast. Also this is not even on TV. I've never seen this as a commercial even online. What is up with the marketing department?

  • T Windows
    116 Posts

    Thanks for the post & video Michael.

    I'm proud to say that we were in it from the start; it's really good to see the Windows Phone concept take off in other countries with fans like us.

    @ Rodney -

    I really hope Verizon & Sprint gets with the program and put aside the pettiness and bias behavior towards Windows.

    I do like the ideal of the SBWP truck count me in.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • The windows phone is smoked by the iPhone when it comes to speed of providing updates to phones... and it's really no better than Android.   it's too bad-- i really like my Windows Phone.... I will have some thinking to do when my contract expires this fall.

  • How can I help you guys have devices available so that if somebody, on say Verizon, wants to smoke the competition they can?? I will do it if you tell me! And, how about a SBWP truck, like Cafe Mango. I think that's a good idea. Or maybe some promoters posted at the mall... Just some more of my crazy ideas. I guess I'm just getting impatient seeing little marketing here in the US while other countries seem to be "doin it big"

    Oh, put a huge picture of Ben on the trucks holding a smoking hot WP device! Lol