New Smoked by Windows Phone ads on the way

New Smoked by Windows Phone ads on the way

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New Smoked by Windows Phone ads are hitting the web tomorrow, and I thought you might like a sneak peak.

If you’re new to the blog, Smoked by Windows Phone is a fun little challenge dreamed up by my colleague Ben Rudolph (that’s him in the video), where Ben bets people $100 that Windows Phone is faster at the everyday stuff they do on their smartphones.

This first 30-second teaser is a search challenge (watch what Ben does when some dude tries to cheat a little).

Next up is a challenge involving the Start screen and Live Tiles. You can watch the full video—and more importantly find out who smoked who—on Facebook. Check it out!

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  • KMLap
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    I went to the "Smoked by Windows Phone Challenge" in Houston Galleria, I was told to find directions to the closest 4* restaurant. Sales rep didn't find directions he just found locations of closest restaurant, at the same time I found directions. When I showed it sales rep, he told me that I was trying to cheat and offered me redo, when I found closest restaurants faster then him he again told me again that I was cheating. I don't understand how Microsoft wants to get back on the Market when they are clearly not follow rules. And how they want to compete with somebody who's customer service trained way better then them.

  • Ben Lower
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    @langware  Ben Rudolph has already reached out to Sahas and is making things right (

  • langware
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    Care to comment on this person who beat the challenge but was not awarded the prize ...

  • The 8107 update has been blocked by AT&T (not too surprising after all of this time).    This is very disappointing...  What is Microsoft doing to try to help us out?

  • @T Windows

    Love the signature: "Stay Powered by Windows"...its a catchy phrase!

    I'm totally coming up with my own "windows" slogan now!

  • T Windows
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    The marketing division for Nokia is in overdrive, and it’s exciting to see the people’s reaction to the Lumia brand.

    Nokia doesn’t just advertise they make you see and feel the excitement during their promotions through TV, web, and live performances.


    We can’t wait till Microsoft just floods the US market in a similar fashion; Smoked by a Windows Phone is a great start to keep the momentum growing.

    The web is truly beautiful again because of Microsoft, so let’s see what can be done through the US television networks viewed by billons.


    Meanwhile keep up the good work, we as passionate fans will continue doing our part on spreading the word and aiding the local public.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • @eastern european hacker....the answer is yes, it's true....sort of.  For good reason.  The file system on Windows Phone is protected from being screwed with.  As someone who started out with the Compaq iPaq 3630 and moved to the Axim X5 and X3i, I was use to swapping out cards or accessing the device like a USB drive.  But that was because I HAD to.  Now I don't.  I have no reason whatsoever to access the file system directly on my Windows Phone.  Why?  The cloud.  This is why I said 'sort of'.  The SkyDrive is where most of your stuff should be stored and you can move things back and forth, for the most part, via the phone's integration with the SkyDrive.  The only things now that I actually keep ON the phone are music and videos.  And that's only because I live on the border of Mexico where reception is often weak, so streaming music or videos is impractical.  Regular files are no big thing pulling from or pushing to SkyDrive.

    Get hip to the cloud, my friend!

  • Fjtorsol
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    Of course this kind of comparison could never be done with Omnia 7. Will we ever have a properly working Wifi?? It's really frustrating to be paying a 50 Mbits/s DSL connection and only being able to use 3.5 Mbits/s or even 2 Mbits/s of its bandwidth. Also when I am in hotels or with 3 Mbit/s DSL connections I get a maximum of 0,6 Mbit/s which doesn't even let me watch a YouTube video. Really frustrating...

  • What I CAN'T find out from anyone is what the off-contract price will be for the Lumia 900.  I will only be able to get a partial discount if I get the Lumia 900 with an early re-up of my contract.  If that requires me to give up my Focus, I'd rather buy the Lumia outright.  I'm not quite ready to give up my 40GB Samsung Focus ;)

  • Our local AT&T store has their initial batch of Lumia 900 devices.  I asked if I could come in to take a look at one, realizing they wouldn't be on sale until next month.  He put me on hold to talk to his manager.  When he came back he said they weren't aloud to unbox any until 8 Apr when they go on sale.  Sweet.  I know where I'll be camping ;)  He said it looks like all they got initially were the cyan ones....which is fine, because that's the one I want.

  • Is it true you need the Zune software to get a Windows phone to talk to your pc?  The phone won't just pop up like a drive, like a Blackberry or Android phone will?

  • you've convinced me to give my windows phone another chance. I love how droid gives you multiple windows like an apple... can't get used to the single tiles screen.

  • No tv ads?  Have there been budget cuts?  You guys might want to look into that.  Millions of people watch tv, even the commercials.

  • Does anybody here use the app Metro Browser??

  • @ djmike

    Now that's what I'm talking about! No really, thats what I've been talking about..As soon as they see it "cool" is what they say. If me and you, and others can sell these phones easily, then they are most likely selling themselves, but they do need someone to present them. IMHO the presenter should be TV, and the sales associate. ... Good work!, and keep the news coming in...

  • DjiXas
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    That text means that Ben used wi-fi and he is a Microsoft employee, yeah, I felt the sme way, was like what the?

  • @tymcdo: Ben filmed the ads in various Microsoft Stores, not against MSFT employees but folks who just happened to walk in that day.

  • tymcdo
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    Wait i am confused. Ben is challenging Microsoft employees to a windows phone challenge? Do Microsoft employees not already know how awesome Windows Phone is? I feel like this sheds negative light on Microsoft, and android fan boys will have a hay day with that.

    P.S. I love my windows phone.

  • @djmike: Cool story! Thanks for sharing (and setting him straight :-) )

  • @Rodney - totally unrelated, but another WP7 Victory... Over Thanksgiving, my brother-in-law was up from California, hating on his T-Mobile Android phone.  He specifically said, "Man, the best phone I ever had was a Nokia.. I wish they were still around!" And I told him that not only were they still around, they were about to make a big return to the U.S. with WP7, showed him my Arrive, got him good 'n' interested.  

    He called yesterday to talk to my wife (his sister) and then asked to talk to me - told me he got "The New Nokia" and was very excited, and saying it was the best phone he's had in years!  Naturally I grilled him on the use of it, making sure he'd set up all the cool things it can do...  Also naturally, I don't think he'll REALLY get all he can out of it until I'm down there this summer and can go hands-on with him.  But he's VERY happy with it!

  • I totally agree with Mike B, and everyone else. When I'm on the couch! Thats when I would like to see ads. Let's not let this go for two years strait.... Maybe that "Can You Here Me Now" advertising dude will finally straiten things out. Sorry couldn't remember his name, but he did wonders for Verizon,,  kind of ironic huh?

  • DjiXas
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    What exactly is the point of 10 second ads when full ads are already visible in your channel?

    To annoy us?

  • Along that note, REALLY hoping that when Nokia finally launches the 900, they blitz the airwaves and public awareness like they have in other countries.  I'm not sure why this hasn't happened already, since the 710 has been out for quite some time, but if they're waiting for their flagship to launch I'll be patient.  I just hope they deliver!!

  • Seriously... Web Ads aren't really going to generate the kind of public awareness the platform needs and deserves...

  • When can we see the TV ads? ;D

  • Awesome! Keep it coming.... Television is cool to ;-)