When smartphone meets muscle car: It’s Project Detroit!

When smartphone meets muscle car: It’s Project Detroit!

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Forget Knight Rider reruns.The Windows Phone used in Project Detroit can tap into real-time feeds from Kinect sensors on the car. If car tech’s your thing, you’ll want to tune into “Inside West Coast Customs” on Discovery’s Velocity network this Sunday at 9 p.m. Eastern for the unveiling of Project Detroit, a rad marriage of cutting-edge apps and auto tech.

The car, a collaboration between Microsoft and award-winning automotive designer Ryan Friedlinghaus of West Coast Customs, melds a 2012 Ford Mustang with a 1967 Mustang fastback body—plus some neon flair thrown in for good measure.

Inside, Project Detroit incorporates several Microsoft technologies—from Kinect to Windows 8. But Windows Phone also gets a star turn.

The vehicle can be located, locked, and started using a Viper SmartStart app for Windows Phone (pre-release, I’m guessing, since it’s not in Marketplace). Windows Phone also doubles as its eyes and ears, thanks to real-time feeds from multiple Kinect cameras and mics studding its body.

But the trick that really made me jealous was this: You can say something into the phone and have it blasted through the car’s external PA speaker system. Just imagine the delicious possibilities next time you get cut off in traffic.

Project Detroit is a collaboration between Microsoft and an award-winning auto designer. The goal is to inspire app and auto makers.

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  • zoe8
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  • hahaha I must have been on the phone when I wrote that with my mind elsewhere... Keving lol

  • KR
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    lol,its Kenny not Keving

    I hope Microsoft really makes this right,because it is pathetic and not good for windows phone's reputation.

  • KR
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    Yeah man i'm really sorry for all those people,because I know how frustrating that keyboard issue was,it got to the point I almost switched platforms,but didn't because my only other option-blackberry has no decent touch screen phone and I can't type on their qwerty keyboard (android is not an option for me as for now and iOS will probably never be)

    I thought windows phone was all about having the same experience across all different devices,but as time goes by I keep seeing more patterns of android and windows mobile in windows phone

  • @Keving Rawlins  indeed it is a bad situation indeed for Windows Phone.  I am still, however, planning on getting a WP7 phone as my next one as I had 3 android devices and would like to try it out (iOS is most definitely not in the picture!!)

    Seems like they are going to try and correct the situation:

    Ben Rudolph ‏ @BenThePCGuy

    Relax guys! I wasn't there for the challenge with @sahaskatta so didn't see what really went down. We'll make it right though!

  • @ Kenny Rawlins – Man, you need to feel sorry for many, many more people on other networks too! Trust me bud, it’s not only AT&T! I am on Sprint and no update has been made available and a friend of mine on Verizon told me that their update is not available either.  

    While MS keeps playing childish games to see who can smoke who, its real customers are the ones getting “smoked”.

  • KR
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    Thanks for sharing that

    I have to say I am very disappointed and ashame as a windows phone fan of that situation.what makes it worst is the fact he had to take a picture saying "his Android was smoked by windows phone" which is a lie

    This is pathetic

  • re: skattertech.com/.../i-won-the-windows-phone-challenge-but-lost-just-because

    This is terrible PR for Windows Phone and, frankly (if everything he stated is true), your should award him his earned prize.  Nobody likes a sore loser.

  • WindowsPhone needs a lock screen disabling feature. It should be our choice whether to go to the lock screen, or strait to the start screen. Some Android devices, that have the lock screen disabled, are showing content faster than WP devices in challenges. I want this feature!

  • @Kenny Rawlins - I agree completely, so I was super excited yesterday when WPCentral posted how to put the 8107 update on your phone regardless of what the carrier is doing.  I updated my Arrive, took about 10 minutes.


    The fact that this is all done using official Microsoft tools, with no jailbreaking or otherwise compromising your device, just proves that ALL updates SHOULD come directly from MS with the carriers having no say in the issue.

  • KR
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    I know this a little out of topic,but I really feel sympathetic to AT&T customers who wouldn't receive 8107 update and i'll will really appreciate an answer from Microsoft explaining this.

    The disappearing keyboard is a really frustrating issue it had me pack my windows phone for 3weeks and forcefully had to use an android (its the only other big screen option).i couldn't send a text,couldn't comment on this blog, in fact couldn't do anything involving typing without the keyboard disappearing.i returned using my windows phone when my carrier delivered the update.

    in 2011 I didn't care about the security fix update because it didn't affect my user experience but this one is crucial. I thought Microsoft controls the user experience?how is this different from Android?

  • It's nice that Microsoft is moving forward with the platform. It's too bad that continually the carriers do not have the save vision. If Microsoft can get the simple feature of updates under control Windows Phone will have no future...

  • I'll be watching this tomorrow, the car looks sick!

  • Yeah, I always figured I'm the biggest car guy around here. This is the kind of stuff I would like to see promoting WP instead of the "make everyday special" happy, joy, stuff. I was in a new Ford Explorer the other day, and I thought it was cool to see a factory Sony audio system with a big logo on it saying powered by Microsoft, or something like that. Cool!!! I guess that's ford Sync,,,, Why doesn't MS make some exclusive apps for WP to communicate with Ford vehicles? It might be a smart move....

  • T Windows
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    Ok It's really offical now, I will be tricking out the family car a bit more - these are some killer installs by Microsoft, I really want that Viper SmartStart app.


    - Stay Powered by Windows