AT&T to sell Nokia Lumia 900 for under $100

AT&T to sell Nokia Lumia 900 for under $100

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Dreams do come true.

AT&T plans to sell the Lumia 900—flagship of Nokia’s U.S. Windows Phone lineup—for just $99.99 with a standard two-year contract. The Nokia Lumia 900 arrives April 8. But you can preorder it starting March 30.This is an astounding deal, especially considering the slew of awards the handset has already collected, including the coveted Best of CES 2012.

The phone hits stores across the country on Sunday, April 8. You can preorder it starting March 30 by visiting any company-owned AT&T store.

Black, cyan and white

The phone, which supports AT&T’s blazing fast 4G LTE network, ships in a beautiful, eye-catching cyan as well as matte black. A new high-gloss white version will also be available beginning April 22. The Lumia 900 boasts a big 4.3-inch ClearBlack AMOLED screen, 16 gigabytes of storage, and an 8 megapixel camera with an exclusive Carl Zeiss wide-angle lens (f2.2/28mm).The camera also shoots high-res 720p/30fps video. The one megapixel wide-angle front-facing camera is perfect for video chats.

And as if you needed any more reasons to grab it, you’ll also have access to a bunch of Lumia-exclusive apps like Nokia Maps, Drive, and Transport. And the one I can’t wait to get my hands on: Nokia Creative Studio, a slick photo app that arrived in the Windows Phone Marketplace earlier this month.

Titan II also coming April 8

The Nokia Lumia 900 isn’t the only Easter Day surprise from AT&T. The HTC Titan II will also go on sale that day for $199.99 with a two-year contract.

Like its popular predecessor, the HTC Titan II sports a massive 4.7-inch WVGA touchscreen (largest of the Windows Phone devices). It’s also 4G LTE ready. But to me the standout spec is the phone’s whopping 16-megapixel rear camera—the highest megapixel camera on any smartphone at AT&T.

Read more about today’s news on the AT&T blog and on Nokia Conversations.

The Nokia Lumia 900 will be available in white starting April 22. 

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  • Is this supposed to be the new WP7 phone on Sprint network? I hope not! It's ugly and nothing even remotely close to the Nokia Lumia 900.

  • I was looking forward to this phone, but I refuse to buy it if I can't confirm that it will run Windows phone 8 this fall. I don't want to get locked in to a 2 year contract with a dead end phone that won't be updated. If I can't find out, I guess I'll have to go back to android or iphone because I am not waiting till this fall to get a new phone.

  • There are no stores near me (NYC, Long Island).   If Microsoft would sell an *unbranded* windows phone (other than the $900 Lumia 800 package) I would be happy to drive to NJ to get one.

  • @dannysal: Whoops. Sorry, I gave you bad info. Just noticed the link is live and you can preorder online. Let us know what color you get!

  • @dannysal: You'll need to visit an AT&T owned store to preorder the phone. They're pretty much everywhere, so assume you have one nearby?

  • Today is the day!  The link to pre-order on is still not active but I assume it will be up soon.

  • Will the 900 be released with the highly desirable "disappearing keyboard" feature.....or will AT&T FINALLY allow us to download an update to fix this?

  • Will the Lumia 900 run Windows phone 8 when it is released?

  • Beautiful phone and a beautiful UI. GAH! IDK if I want to get a Galaxy Nexus or this now :/ Dang.

  • @DigbyDoggie

    You are the perfect example of why it is pertinent that we get a strong selection of devices on Verizon, Sprint, and TMobile. Let's not forget Metro PCS, US, cellular, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobil. Metro PCS seems like a no brained,, get it,, "Metro"... Lol Anyways, I'm a nerd... But yeah at&t is obviously not going to accommodate everyone, and I don't think that a monopoly is what we want :'( You should not have to switch carriers to get a WP device, unless thats what you want, but never because choices are limited.... Hey, why don't you find, or make your own, petition and let them boys know wacha want??? Also, what can I do to help you?

  • plucke
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    Can't switch to AT&T.  What about Verizon?

  • Rodney,  I'm glad you're happy. I travel all over the country (rarely to Dallas, sorry, but often to the South, mainly state capitals). I tried AT&T Wireless for several months. It was awful - dropped calls, lack of signal, billing errors (always in their favor, of course). It was the only time I have ever paid a termination fee to get out early. Since then I have had VZW, still travel to all the same places, and am very happy with the service. Consumer Reports has reported on the issues. I'll never go back to AT&T Wireless, I don't care how good the phone is.

  • @DigbyDoggie...

    I'm with at&t here in Dallas. We have 4G, and even or 3g network doesn't skip a beat. I use it for my business, and it's been perfectly reliable. Might I add that my business is mobile and I service the entire Dallas/Fort Wotth metroplex, which is damn near 100 miles across and growing. I think that service issues may vary from area to area, but this doesn't mean that att has bad service everywhere. Pretty much any state I've been to down south has had good service. Are you thinking that att has bad service based on personal experience, or what the media is saying, because I just don't see it.

    Now, never get att for home internet, or cable! They are out of their minds.. First of all they won't hook it up. Not activating your service is probably the worst form of bad service you can get,, especially when you are being charged. But, att home, and wireless are simply two different companies, so I don't mind having att wireless because it works great!...... And it's the fastest LTE network!..

  • Well we have a lot in common...  I also have sworn off ever giving ATT a single penny of my money for the rest of my life...  Unfortunately, T-Mo also earned my wrath, back when they were VoiceStream...  Been with Sprint for about a decade, and have managed several corporate accounts with Sprint at various jobs too.  Like you, I just don't like the idea of going anywhere else!

    They finally got their iphone, so hopefully in the next few months ATT generates enough buzz about WP7 that Sprint will jump on a couple sexy Apollo phones!

  • @ djmikebrady – No problem bud, we don’t have to agree on everything… what matters is that we respect each other’s opinions.

    As much as I want to put my hands on the HTC Titan II or the Nokia Lumia 900 (heck, the Samsung Focus S will do it too!), I hate AT&T and will never switch to them for cellular service.  But check this out (the irony of life); as much as I dislike AT&T, I was forced to get their Internet service because Time Warner and WOW suck in my area.

    Bottom of line is that I have been a Sprint customer for so long that I can’t picture myself switching to another carrier and I really hope (for the sake of my long and old relationship with MS products) that by the time the baby Apollo arrives, Sprint will have a better selection of WP7s for me to choose from.

  • Actually, the 16 Megapixel camera he mentioned was for the Titan II.  Both phones earned good buzz at CES for their excellent cameras, I can't wait to see real world samples too!

  • Michael, I think you're confused. First you mention an 8 megapixel rear camera, and then you suggest there's a 16 megapixel rear camera... AFAIK, the camera has an 8 megapixel sensor, which is not bat at all ;) I'll have to wait for some pictures taken with it to see if it performs as expected.


  • @BuckeyTico - thanks for your reply...  Obviously the majority of our difference of opinion is subjective, but the one thing we agree on is the state of Sprint's sorry 3G network.  When I first got my Arrive, it pulled down data as fast as my HTC Hero and Palm Pre had.  Plus, I've had a 3G/4G hotspot for a couple years that in 3G mode, now connects so pathetically slow as to be unusable.  Over the past 6 months in particular, it's like they've just given up.  I'm glad they're building out an LTE network, and my local Sprint Store Rep has assured me that once that's done, there will be more WP offerings.  He earned a little credibility by actually knowing a few things about the platform, like that Nokia had a very sleek LTE phone coming soon...  

    I still actually like Sprint in general, and hope to stick with them through their upgrade pains, and really hope to have an Apollo phone to buy when my contract is up on the Arrive!

  • @ djmikebrady – As subjective as my opinion of the HTC Arrive is, and as much as I want to agree with you, I can’t.  The HTC Arrive is heavy, bulky, simple and not visually appealing.  Although it has good processor, storage and RAM specs; its screen size, resolution and viewing angle are limited (but I will concede that the screen glass is of great quality).  Even though I never use its keyboard, the latches that are supposed to keep it in place are now wobbly.

    Call and data reception is poor in most places I go (and no, I don’t leave in the middle of nowhere) to the point that I am forced to connect to any available Wi-Fi whenever I can.  And this situation never happened to me before with my previous Motorola and Samsung smartphones.  4G support is a dream on this device even though its counterpart Android already offers that on a variety of phones.  Should I continue?

    As I stated before, I want to believe that Sprint is waiting to completely upgrade their network to 4G LTE before they can offer more and better WP7s.  At this point and since no one (yes, I am talking about you Microsoft) is forcing them to release the 8107 update, I feel that they are going to just let the HTC Arrive die.

  • Luigi
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    Finally last week T-Mobile made the 8107 update available for their HD7 users. The 8107 update also updates the firmware to 51202. Even though I was really thrilled about the updates, I have to say that I never had any keyboard issues under the previous 7720 version. No keyboard issues either for my wife’s Lumia 710 still running the 7740 version.

    The Lumia 900 seems a great phone, finally a perfect match for WP OS. I look forward to seeing the new marketing efforts from AT&T, Microsoft and Nokia and how they shape up. I hope, like everybody else in this forum, they will take in consideration the suggestions and recommendations given by each one of us to come up with the most effective ads to show the world that it’s now “Metro time to re-think differently”, finally!

    Personally, as much as I like the phone and its outright price, I am not switching carrier.  I just hope that the Lumia 900 will be available in “unlocked” version so I can use it with my current carrier.

  • DjiXas
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    Fix the update mess and I will jump in

  • @DigbyDoggie - I think, of greater concern to business customers, is the lack of support for the full suite of Exchange Profiles... I feel like a broken record, but it's HUGELY irritating that my coworkers with their android and iOS devices connect to out company email server (running MICROSOFT Exchange) without a hitch, while my MICROSOFT phone isnt allowed to.  That, is the biggest fault against widespread business use.

  • @Buckeyetico - just curious why you think the Arrive is such a joke?  I've got two on my plan, mine was purchased on launch day, and I love it.  I hate screen-keyboards, even though I recognize that my next phone likely won't offer it... But the Arrive keyboard is great - it's got 16GB storage, which is more than many 1st or 2nd Gen devices... The glass, after over a year, has proven to be virtually scratch proof, and like all 1st Gen devices, it has great processor, ram and graphics specs.  The screen may be small compared to other wp7 devices, but at 3.6", it matches many other popular phones, including that one from apple.  

    So other than Sprint's rapidly declining 3g network, what's wrong with this phone??  

    (I'd also like to point out that the keyboard stayed active while typing that entire comment, something that hasn't happened since Mango hit!  Viva la 8107!)

  • Start offering this on a real mobile network, such as Verizon Wireless, and I might be interested. Who needs a phone that can't make calls due to poor network? Think about your business customers who need to be able to count on this as a real phone.

  • @ DjMike.. If push comes to shove I will force the update..

    @ Ryan... You're wrong! By not getting the proper devices on Verizion WP is loosing MILLIONS of adopters. Lol.. Yeah, your right! I'm not even on Verizon and one of my biggest wishes is for Verizon to get 4 WP devices before 2013. One budget phone, one midgrade, and two high enders. This would probably be the all time best thing to happen to WP, well besides Nokia and at&t.. Lets not forget Sprint, and even Tmobile could pick it up a bit. Microsoft knows....

    @ Scuba... If my phone is still under warranty, and my service provider is not honoring my warranty when my device starts to malfunction, isn't somebody in breach of contract?? Is WindowsPhone software a "install at your own risk" quality of software? WindowsPhones biggest fans are in need of updates so that we can continue to recommend this platform to friends and family. Slowly, everyday, the gap between things that used to be selling points for WindowsPhone, and issues Android devices have, is closing. Some of what you have had to do, considering your situation as well, sounds like what Android guys have to do to get their devices working properly. I hope this gap is widened much further in the future, and that the original "WP model" will be carried out as promised.... Wish I could afford one off contract...

  • YES!!! I get to upgrade in July and this is the next phone I will buy for myself!!

  • @ Mark Gibbs – I feel your pain about Sprint not showing any interest in adding new WP7 phones any time soon but don’t say that AT&T cares about Windows Phone, that’s far away from reality.  The only reason AT&T have the best line of WP7s is because they happen to be the “premier partner” and probably the agreement is forcing them to do so.  The truth is that they don’t care about the phone, their sales reps and managers don’t care and don’t know that much about the phone and they don’t even care about releasing all updates in a timely manner.  With partners like them, who needs an enemy?

    I have been with Sprint for over 10 years and although I am not happy with the only WP7 selection they carry (the HTC Arrive is a joke of a phone), something is telling me that Sprint is waiting to completely upgrade their network to 4G LTE before they can offer more phones –or at least that’s what I want to believe.

  • Geez all the warranted vitriol here about ATT, microsoft you guys need to start seeling this unlocked in your stores immediately!

    For everyone else, DO NOT buy this on contract if you don't have one!  $450 +42 a month with Straight Talk is less than $99 + 2 years of ridiculous voice and data rates.  You come out $500 ahead on Straight Talk at the end of 2 years AND you STILL get ATT's speeds and coverage.   don't be an idiot.

  • baron164
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    I really want to switch to Verizon and get away from ATT but I feel ATT gets all the good phones. Plus there is the issue where if I switch phones I loose all my save game data and app data so I'd have to setup everything again from scratch. Microsoft really needs to get a backup/restore or transfer feature built into the Zune software so I can buy a new phone and safely transfer everything from one device to another.

  • Is there any word on Nokia or Microsoft selling an unbranded phone (not the non-LTE international version)?  I really, really want a Lumia 900, but I can't stand the idea of spending $450 for an off-contract phone and be stuck on AT&T's non-existent update schedule.

  • Oh, and I forgot to mention---I've not had to deal with the disappearing keyboard because I purchased one of the Chevron unlocks, installed registry tools, changed my Focus from AT&T to Rogers and BOTH of the updates AT&T refuses to deploy immediately loaded on my Focus.  I then changed it back to AT&T and I've been a happy camper.  It just angers me beyond belief that AT&T is allowed to block any updates at all.  If there's one thing I would love to do is fine AT&T several million dollars for every week they delay deploying an available update.

  • @Rodney E. Jones, I'm likely going to purchase the Lumia 900 off-contract (we now know it will be $449) so that I don't "waste" any potential discount (my contract is up in the fall) in anticipation of Apollo devices.  Also, I don't want to risk having to "turn in" my Focus just to get the Lumia 900.  I rely quite heavily on the 40GB of total storage I have on my Focus and it still performs like a bat out of hell.  But the goodies that come in the Lumia make it a prime acquisition.  I'll definitely share my comparisons---I may even do a video post on it ;)

  • MWA1955
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  • @T Windows: Thanks for sharing!

  • T Windows
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    I'm proud to say that as of April 8th my company will be purchasing a total of (83) Nokia Lumia 900's.

    I so wish I would have recorded the phone cancelation between the Sprint (rep) today; I had to keep muting the line due to laughing so hard at the Sprint rep, he just kept asking me why I was canceling so many accounts.

    I proudly said due to the lack of support by Sprint for the Windows Phones, we would be moving our accounts to supporting providers with a variety of selections.

    It was truly a great day for the IT Department.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • Good Bye SPRINT after 15 years, Hello ATT, now we have a carrier that cares about Windows Phones ... Oh, and my family is leaving Sprint on the 8th as well.. :)

  • Finally!! i'm tempted to hold out to April 22 for the White one but don't know if i'll be able to hold out. btw the $450 no commitment pricing sounds good to me for a optimized LTE 4G Windows Phone.

  • dgaust
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    So a two year contract with AT&T should allow you to receive updates for around 14 of those 24 months....

  • R y a n
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    Will this phone be available from Verizon?   Who is in charge of getting Verizon to allow these phones?   Without pushing Verizon to carry this phone, the adoption rate will be MUCH less!   What is the roadblocks?   Is Verizon refusing?    Why isn't there a 32 GB option, (and please don't use the Cloud excuse)?  I LOVE this phone!  But I will NOT switch to AT&T!    Microsoft is losing thousands of early adopters with this HUGE oversight IMO.  Count me in amongst this group....

  • KTGiang
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    Now get Sprint to release 8107 to the HTC Arrive customers who need the keyboard fix.

  • Off contract on the 900 is $450, and the Titan II is $550.  Pretty good pricing for this caliber of device!

  • GBK
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    On a related note..

    please sign this petition seeking to prevent carrier updates blocking.  

    We're all hoping this won't affect Nokia but given the previous track record there is no guarantee.

  • Korn1699
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    How much is it off contract?  I'm wondering since AT&T seems to only be allowing updates for 1 year of the 2 year contract, and I can't stand another year of dealing with my keyboard disappearing.  I know there are work arounds to get the update without buying a new phone, but my Focus is my only phone, as well as the phone I use for my house phone.  I don't really want to risk bricking it.

  • @Rodney - I applied 8107 to my Arrive over the weekend, and the keyboard hasn't disappeared since...  It's a simple update process and really just highlights how ridiculous it is to be at the mercy of the carriers for critical patches like this.

  • @ Cizzy

    Isn't cyan blue? I Think they come in black, blue, and white. I think they should also be available in magenta, light grey, and a nice tone of red. If Nokia comes out with a matte red, or grey WP8 device I promise to buy.. No joke! IMO we need more masculine phone color choices, and accent color choices.

  • @ Mike B. If I don't see any commercials this April I give up, and y'all won't here me complain about Marketing anymore, because at that point it would mean that we're not being heard, MS doesn't agree with us, or they just want to keep the OS exclusive. Either way I'll just keep enjoying my WP, and except the platform for what it is, or is going to be. But, I'm still hoping for more support... What else can I do? I mean, it's not like we are getting compensated for our efforts... A WP tshirt would be nice though. Lol!

    @ Scuba.. You're going to get the 900? I have to say that I'm surprised. I figured you would wait and see if a 32gb phone was coming out.. Anyways, thats cool, and tell us how you like it vs your Focus... I'm really sick of this disappearing screen. It really is ruining, seriously ruining, my experience. I can't believe that a bug with one if the main features of a smartphone is not being taken more seriously. Whenever my screen drops continuously I feel the same level of frustration I had when I had to reboot my Samsung Epic WM6.5 device. I can't believe this is happening with WP... Are you getting the 900 to solve this issue? And, what do you think are our chances of getting the refresh before June?

  • Cizzy
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    Super excited for these to launch!!! I can't decide which i want, Cyan or Blue!!!

  • Kreisi
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    Epic! Gorgeous device with killer spec at a bargain bin price. Knock it out of the park MS/Nokia/AT&T - Good Luck!

  • fpoon
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    My contract for T-Mobile expires in May, so I'm going to get the white Lumia 900.

  • Ugh...white?  That will be the ugliest thing.  People are dirty, and the white body will quickly look gross.  I just don't understand the clamour for a white phone.  Then there's the fact that most people put their devices in a case, completely defeating the color issue.  I've yet to see a non-greasy looking white phone (most notable being the iPhone).

    Anyway, I plan to be in line waiting to get the Lumia 900 on 9 Apr.  Sad to say, though, I'm not expecting AT&T to ever update the device after I get it.  They have refused to update the Focus, even though Rogers update theirs with no issue.  AT&T is incompetent when it comes to updates.

  • I love that we have a Hero level device debuting at $99.  THAT is going to get some attention focused on WP7!

    Now, like Rodney, I can't wait to start seeing this thing EVERY TIME THE TV IS ON!

  • I'm super excited about the Lumia 900, but also super disappointed that it only has 16GB of storage. I get that the cloud is the new "thing", but AT&T service is so spotty that streaming options aren't exactly realistic.

  • KR
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    Can us in Canada have some information about the availability of the other colors that'll be available on Rogers?I personally want the white lumia 900 but so far the only color that Rogers lets you preorder is black.i'll like to know if I should keep waiting or I should just go for a different phone.


  • As much as I despise AT&T, I will be making the switch from Sprint for the White Lumia 900. Can't wait!

  • Yes! Good work. I can't wait for the campaign....