Marketplace arrives in 13 new countries

Marketplace arrives in 13 new countries

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Let the downloading begin. I’m happy to report that today we’re opening 13 new storefronts around the world for Windows Phone apps and games.

The new Marketplaces are Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Venezuela. Throw in the ones we launched earlier this year in Argentina, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, and the Philippines, and it brings the total number of Marketplace storefronts to 54.

And we’re not done yet. As we announced at Mobile World Congress this year, we’ll also be opening stores in UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Israel, Thailand, and Vietnam. I’ll update you on timing for those launches once I have more details.

Nǐ hǎo, China!

We’re excited about all the new Marketplace locations, but there’s one recent addition worth special mention: China. Maybe you saw the news today about the Nokia Lumia phones coming to China Telecom. In less than three months, we’ve added 20,000 apps and 15,000 registered developers to our new China Marketplace. Here's a peek at the online store if you’re curious.

We’re thrilled to be in China and look forward to hearing what our customers there think, so we can incorporate their suggestions in future versions of the China Marketplace.

A look at the online version of the new Windows Phone Marketplace for China.

Setting up your local Marketplace

If you live in one of the countries I mentioned above, here's how to set up your phone to download apps from your new local Marketplace. (Note that for technical reasons it might take a few days before Marketplace is visible on everyone’s phones in the new countries—and look for the web versions of the new stores sometime next week. )

What happens if you’ve already set up your phone to download apps from a Marketplace elsewhere?

You can still reconfigure your phone to use your new local Marketplace, and this article walks you through it. But changing Marketplace locations requires you to reset your phone, which returns it to its factory settings and erases things like apps, contacts, pictures and other information stored on the device. So you’ll want to keep that in mind, and make sure you’ve first saved what you can to the cloud or to your PC using the Zune software.

Looking ahead

What’s next for Marketplace? As the head of the engineering team responsible for our online store, I can tell you that we’re working on lots of great stuff, which I look forward to telling you about in the months ahead. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions. And if you’re a developer, don’t miss Todd Brix’s related post today on the Windows Phone Developer Blog.

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  • stanung
    3 Posts

    for all malaysia windows phone friends whom don't like malay. i suggest your people change to android since like microsoft want us do so, microsoft want us use iphone, but please we use android, to prevent iphone and microsoft this stupid marketing plan.

  • Please I need the market place for Ecuador .... Theres many aplications and i cant buy anyone....

  • Still doesn't work for Romania:

    No Marketplace available

    There currently isn't a Web Marketplace available in your country. If you're looking for apps and have a Windows Phone, go to Marketplace on your phone. Or visit the rest of the site if you're interested in learning more about Windows Phone.

    Also, Romanian developers are still not allowed to submit Windows Phone apps or Windows 8 Apps.

  • freerr
    1 Posts

    Guys !!! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???!!! there is no!!!! - ESTONIA, UKRAINE and e.t.c. IT'S NOT AVAILABLE YET, this topic is FAKE

  • audunn
    1 Posts

    Those limitations addressed here and the inability  to transfer live id to new market is very disappointing.  

    I have had my live ID for years, in fact I have been using it since 1999 and I don't  want to change or make a new one.  In fact I refuse to do so, I will not do it.

    Also why  does functionality in a device have to be different based on where you live?   This quite frankly is ridiculous.  Especially since it seems to me that customers outside of US are paying much more for the devices but get less functionality (for example the search functionality).  Really Microsoft, really?  

    And one more thing, even though you open in new markets developers in those new markets still don't get access to App hub this is so very bad I can not express how I feel about it.

    We live in a global marketplace but only when and how it suits big business.  I wonder if this complies with EU laws and regulations on information, privacy and  consumer rights?

    thtorfason:   I think you can get the nicer Bing search functions back by changing your browser  and search  language in region+language settings to US.

  • Thanks for finaly getting Iceland on the marketplace list. Can't say I'm happy with the unability to change my existing live id to my local marketplace but I followed your article and created new live ID, using my main live id as secondary on the phone.

    As others I was an early adapter and signed my live ID when I got my first WP7 on the US marketplace.

    I have a couple of things that I need to complain about after I moved to my local Icelandic marketplace.

    1. I have Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia collection is not available on the Icelandic Marketplace. This means I can't get the full features of my Lumia 800

    2. After I switched over to Icelandic Marketplace the search button changed it's behaviour. Now when I press it it just opens up Internet Explorer and What happened to all the nice features of searching for music, QR scanner as it worked so beautifully on the US marketplace ?

  • Nǐ hǎo, Windows Phone!

    I 'm from China.

  • So, please update us on the status of Marketplace on countries Qatar, UAE and the others? when?

    And, how about Arabic language support? any update?

    Please guys, WP7 owners are being tortured every single day with friends and colleagues who own iOS and Android!

    seriously, I get asked a lot of times "Why are you sticking with WP? if it doesn't support your own language and region? why the commitment?" and I ran out of answers...and don't know how long will I keep it!

  • Apparently residents in this new countries still CAN'T REGISTER AS DEVELOPERS on AppHub ( Limitation even for countries within the European Union.

    Anyway this looks more like something to fulfill or match Nokia's OVI markets. Before opening local stores you need to have local development in place. But apparently MSDN thinks developers subscription money from some countries stinks?! Or what?

  • pmdci
    3 Posts

    @Michael Hansen:

    I recommend you to go to and check out the "Get Involved" page about how to file a complain about this issue with your local Data Protection agency.

    Good luck!

  • @Mazhar Mohammed what about all the free apps in Android / iPhone we endup paying for in Windows Phone?

  • pehaps you are the one to help me out here

    i read this article

    i have try for over a year now getting this fixed

    first of all i live i denmark, and i never move

    my interconnection is from sweden i live 3 kilometers from the border , thay so cheap in sweden

    i have a apphub account , and i have to get verdifyed every 3 month by geotrust

    i have a xbox live gold , wicth i just cancled , course i can not use it , i can not rent movies ,buy games

    even on the phone,

    it allways says this is not aveble in your contry region

    i have been a programmer on this platform sens 2007 and paid the anual fee

    but have given up, at this point , when i sign up for a free trial in windows azure 4 month ago

    and i can save data in storge tables, some long statud code comes out on the screen

    i talk with a find who has been working with storge tables for over a year now

    and he says it is block some how

    i have put 2000 game point into my account in december 2010 and i took a cheap offer by you and got and extra 1000 points

    so i have 3000 point to buy games or rent movies for my xbox or phone but it dosent work

    i have try to contact you manny times and here the last time , you reply back with this

    Kære Michael

    please tranlate from danish to your USA


    Tak for din henvendelse til Xbox Support.

    Af hensyn til private oplysninger og sikkerhed, kan vi desværre ikke svare på specifikke spørgsmål vedrørende betalinger eller medlemskaber via e-mail. Vi beder dig derfor kontakte os over telefon, så hjælper vi dig gerne. Vores kontaktoplysinger finder du via linket nedenfor.

    Vi takker for din forståelse.

    Med venlig hilsen,


    Xbox kundeservice og supportteam

    For yderligere information om selvhjælpsguider, vores tjenester eller for at kontakte os, kan du besøge:

    Vidste du, at du kan registrere din konsol, bestille en servicereparation og tjekke status på din reparation online? Gå til:

    Du kan nu følge os via Twitter. Du kan tweete dine forespørgsler til @xboxsupport eller se siden


    so i given up now on you , can you please help i have payed the fee for over 6 years now , but i can not use it

    so i have cancled all the stuff , i will not have this any more

    Michael Hansen


  • prelud
    9 Posts

    @Mazhar Mohammed  The answer you posted suggests that you consider the primary issue here the need to hard reset the phone in order to change the live id. Well, I have to tell you, people do not want tho *change* their id - the primary issue is that even if I reset my phone and sign in with the *same* live id I wouldn't be able to change the region to my country! My suggestion is to just allow people to change their region of their live id even if this would require hard reset.

  • Why don't simply to add PayPal payment method? Like it was with XBOX Live. XBOX still do not have oficial support in Latvia, but with my PayPal I do not need to.

    I think the best way to resolve this problem is to separate Windows Phone marketplace from the others. So I can have Latvian WP marketplace and U.K. XBOX Live marketplace.

    And at all, what gives oficial support in countries, if your old users will not use it? And how it's possible that Marketplace in my country (Latvia) become faster then phone language (Latvian)? I think there is a problem in priorities...

  • When Marketplace launched in Russia there was a link to easy change region:

    Can users in Ukraine wait for method like this?

  • @Mirronelli, @Arthur Csertus, and others: We know resetting your phone to switch Marketplaces is a big inconvenience and are hard at work investigating ways to address this in a future release. It’s an architecture issue and the engineering changes required to fix it are pretty substantial. But I want you to know it’s definitely on our radar. In case you missed it, here are instructions for making the switch:

    @JuanPerez, @fordcom: I appreciate your comment and am sorry you’re having to wait. We’re working to expand Marketplace around the world as fast as we can. We have 9 more stores on the way and many more planned. Unfortunately, launching each new store just takes a lot of work due to the unique laws and regulations of each country. But we’re working on it!

    @ DjiXas: The same holds true for App Hub: We’re working to expand its footprint as fast as we can. Please see my colleague Todd Brix’s post yesterday on the Windows Phone Developer blog. He talks about this in more detail.

    @tudor_turcu: Thanks for commenting. In my post I mentioned that the web Marketplaces for the 13 new countries won’t be going live until next week. Please check back then.

  • @Kenny: Thanks for calling attention to this. Contrary to how it might look, we love our friends to the north, and shouldn't have let the site fall behind. It has our full attention now. Look for a refresh soon.

  • @Cristian Costache they don't need our support nor money. Their platform is strong and has the market share. Or does it?

    @MS, why don't you make it easy for people to use your platform? To buy apps? To have a choice of apps? Why do you create almost empty marketplaces, that people do not want to use because you force them to change their email?

    No one really wants local marketplaces. We want one marketplace with all the apps, and the possibility to buy apps wherever you are from. With our own visa cards. If It was complicated for someone to read in foreign languages, make user definable filters for them.

    Otherwise you cannot catch up Android nor Apple.

    Forcing developers to pay more for reaching more markets also makes them think twice. So they target US, UK and that's it. Even MS is targeting its own apps in US Marketplace first.

    If there are legal restrictions, just make the app not available in some part of the world. But let them be exceptions not a rule.

    Living in Europe is like living on a different planet for poor people that get stuff to look at. The stuff that US people can use. Thank you MS for feeling like this.

  • No! no! NO!!! I will not change my 3 years old account just to be able to use the marketplace in my country (where probably there are fewer apps an more expensive). I`m perfectly happy with my US account but the only trouble is that I can't buy apps... I guess for you is not a problem... I'll just have to install the free ones on WP and spend my money on the same or similar apps on android... GOOD JOB! ... "Put people first!" ... it's just a bad sarcastic joke...  you will NEVER catchup Android and iOS if you continue doing things like this...

  • While this is an step in the right direction, and Im happy to see my country listed; I have to say that this is not quite enough. My country's web marketplace is not available, but I took a look at the argentinian marketplace, and I coudln't find "angry birds" or any xbox live game.

    Please let me take this out of my chest: without the xbox live and zune products you will never get the full windows phone experience. Even if I could (microsoft wont let me, anyway), I wouldn't change my marketplace locale; it would just dumb down my experience significantly.

    Microsoft, its time for you to expand your consumer products to the rest of the world. Bring xbox, bring zune, come on!

  • @ aplus89

    See, progress as promised my friend. Enjoy!

    @ Everyone... I was watching this documentary about the Coca Cola company, and how decade after decade the brand continues to grow a thrive. It got me to thinking that WP needs a connection to something respected and rooted into the mind set of the public like this. Interesting! What other brand can you think of that is so extremely affixed to almost every culture in the world? I seriously can't think of one. My suggestion for the next $200 million in advertising dollars,,, spend it making the worlds largest lips, and kiss some major Coke a$$. Lol!

    Seriously, this should happen!...... Oh, just thought of another. McDonald's, but it's not as prevalent world wide, and may not have the "it" factor that Coke does. I'm thinking big here guys!

  • aplus89
    2 Posts

    Excelente, me gusto mucho que ya tengan para Costa Rica, he estado esperando mucho para que esto suceda realmente muchas Gracias!

  • fordcom
    5 Posts

    Still not available in my country... waiting

  • @ DJ Mike

    I know! I'm hoping for the best. Can you believe it? Bigger than the iPhone push? That would be awesome, but  I've been burned so many times I have to say "I will believe it when I see it"

    Let's pray for WP, no seriously, say a prayer today for WP!

  • If I go to I get the same message as yesterday:

    "No Marketplace available

    There currently isn't a Web Marketplace available in your country...."

    Also, the weird restriction on changing the country associated with the Windows Live / Zune account, that has no explanation so far will prevent many customers in buying from the country marketplace (and from any other marketplace, because a credit card from one country is not accepted to another country marketplace, even if it's a perfectly valid VISA credit card).

    Very few Windows phone owners will go through the trouble of exporting hundred of contacts from one Windows Live account to another, saving all their photos, movies, musing, settings from many apps, SMS messages, notifications etc. and then restoring them after resetting the phone.

  • The inability for the consumer, or even Microsoft apparently, to be able to change the country of residence in the Marketplace account would seem to be a contravention of European Directive 95/46/EC, Article 12(b), which states:

    “Member States shall guarantee every data subject (that’s the EU consumer) the right to obtain from the controller (that’s Microsoft): as appropriate the rectification, erasure or blocking of data the processing of which does not comply with the provisions of this Directive, in particular because of the incomplete or inaccurate nature of the data“.

    Those of us in the EU should complain to their country's Data Protection Authority. Perhaps then Microsoft will start to get the message that this issue needs to be addressed. More information is at

  • prelud
    9 Posts


    "IMPORTANT Once an account locale is associated to a Windows Live ID, it is permanent and cannot be changed.

    To access the Marketplace of a country other than the one in which your account was created or to switch between catalogs in markets where more than one Marketplace is offered, you must reset your phone and complete setup again by using a different Windows Live ID."

    No, thanks! This is totally unacceptable! I am pretty certain existing users will never trash their years old LIVE account, meaning existing users will not ever buy any paid apps/games!

    Creating a dummy new account just for this and then setting up your existing account for email is not a workaround again, because all your docs etc. are not synced (skydrive) to your email account, but to the one you activated the phone with!

  • the real joke is that you can't even select new countries on new registrations. good job!

  • I am quite dissapointed that I have to somehow "throw away" all my data stored with the current LiveID and create a new one so I can set my current country on Windows Phone.

    I truly suggest you to think of something that helps us switch countries without switching LiveIDs.

  • DjiXas
    46 Posts

    1. Please open app dev hub to more countries

    2. Can you issue the official statement on whether or not it will be possible to change LIVE country? So either we all switch now or continue waiting without buying any additional apps

  • zaWasp
    1 Posts

    Super. How about opening the App Hub for developers in these countries as well?

    I developed Windows Mobile apps for 8 years from Romania. For Windows Phone I can't even post a free app to the Marketplace.

    Good luck with your OS - for now I stick with Android.

  • Dominican Republic, please! Come on, there's even a huge contest for creating apps right now, and there was a workshop for app creation a couple months ago.

  • markiz
    40 Posts

    Now all i need is a hard reset. And than on to installing every app i have and transfering all the music + photos anew.

    Still great news though!

  • Brandon
    20 Posts

    What does this mean for language support in the OS? I have some translators giving me Lithuanian translations, but nowhere to put them :(

  • AMZ
    1 Posts

    Does this mean that there will be a Latvian "keyboard" (characters) released for Windows Phone sometime soon?  How is it that WinPhone is missing SO many foreign character sets -- especially ones that aren't THAT different from English?

  • @Rodney - fingers crossed, dude!

  • Why don't you allow people to change Marketplace region without changing sign in account? This forces people to make a tradeoff between keeping their years old live account with beloved email address, skydrive storage, account associations, Xbox acchievements or whatever?

    There are early adopters that had to cheat their marketplace account to be able to use windows phone or xbox. Because they like the product. Please allow us to change marketplace even if only once in a few years.

  • KR
    503 Posts

    I meant expect instead of except

  • KR
    503 Posts

    I know this is out of topic but as I said before the windows phone Canada website is a joke. it still says that the Lumia 800 is coming soon,where as its been on sale on Telus for about 3 weeks now in all three colors. The Lumia 900 which is already open for preorder on Rogers is not even listed on the website.

    So tell me where do you(Microsoft) except Canadians to get Legitimate information on Windows phone