Nokia launches first CDMA Windows Phone in China

Nokia launches first CDMA Windows Phone in China

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Now things are really getting interesting. China Telecom and Nokia just unveiled the Nokia 800C, the first CDMA Windows Phone in China and the first Windows Phone on a major carrier there. Wang Xiaochu, Chairman of China Telecom, and Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, announced the first CDMA Windows Phone in China at an event in Beijing today. The phone hits stores next month.

The phone—a China-tuned version of Nokia’s popular Lumia 800—hits stores in April and comes in black and cyan. And Nokia is just getting started: A CDMA version of the Lumia 610 is also headed to China Telecom sometime in the second quarter of 2012.

The companies are a great match. Nokia has been building and selling phones in China, the world’s biggest mobile market, for 26 years. Some 250 million people there already use a Nokia phone.

China Telecom, meanwhile, operates the world’s largest CDMA cell network.

As a result, Nokia 800C owners will have access to popular Chinese media and social networking services including Sina, SOHU, Tencent and Renren. The phone also comes with Lumia-exclusive apps. Nokia Maps provides 3D maps of China and 190 more countries, plus content from popular Chinese travel, food, and real estate sites. Nokia Drive is a voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation app. And Nokia Music offers unlimited free music for 12 months in mainland China.

Here’s something else cool: To celebrate the first Lumia in the country, Nokia plans to offer 100,000 free downloads of the hit games Fruit Ninja and Plants vs Zombies via the new Chinese-language Windows Phone Marketplace.

Read more about today’s watershed announcement on Nokia Conversations.

The Nokia 800C, the first CDMA Windows Phone in China, will hit stores in April. It will come in black and cyan.

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  • YuChat
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  • Microsoft needs to take this to the next level. I love my Windows Phone and would love to see it compete with the iPhone. Microsoft needs a new plan I'm afraid though. They need to just go ahead and start making their own phone. 1 MAIN PHONE to compete with the rest. No more of this samsung, nokia, and whoever else makes the WP. Apple has the right idea with the iPhone. One choice for consumers to choose from. Too many options causes confusion and confusion pushes away average users. Simple choices make for simple answers. If they can make a phone that has buzz every release with a regular update system outside of AT&T constraints they will have something. The WP7 software is amazing and has real potential. I would love to see Microsoft do something big with it. I'm rooting for them.

  • @ DJ Mike..

    I just figured maybe I could get some last minute feedback in before these boys start thinking they are ready to finalize any "new" software they may be planning on providing in the future.. The only thing is that I feel stupid giving suggestions sometimes because I feel like the engineers are laughing saying "you fool! We already thought of that" Whatever, as long as they heard me!

  • KR
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    I think Microsoft should take the Canadian market more serious.We need a blog for windows phone Canada I mean a official blog.As far as I know this blog has never given any information pertinent to Canada, but has talked about Asia.

    All Canadian carriers are satisfied with the sales of windows phone so far, even though we didn't have a Special Lumia Lunch as the other countries. This to me means if Microsoft takes this market more serious it will be more beneficial for Windows phone and Microsoft.

    The windows phone Canada website is a joke

  • @Rodney - you are on fire with the good suggestions today!  What happens to me a lot, is I'll get a txt, and before I can read the toast notification at the top of the screen, it's overwritten by the "Hey, you're in range of a WiFi access point!" message...  have to swipe that one away, then the txt notify may or may not still be there...  I'd just like my phone to have a bit more self-awareness, and not step on its own feet.

  • Yes, forward button in IE9 is a must!

    Also, another thing that would make my life easier would be if on the lock screen we had that little round button, with the 2 music notes, that quickly start a mix of music. I'm talking about the double note button under Zune, inside the "Music and Video" hub. If we could pin this, and other buttons, to the start screen that would be nice to.

    Also, I have text to talk/t-t active on my phone, but it's not the smartest program in the world, and can be kind of annoying at times. First,,, if it alerts me that I have a new text message sometimes I ignore it and just start typing a reply. The service keeps saying "you have a message from Ben the PC Guy".. It needs to recognize that I already started my reply, and leave me alone.. It also needs to be considerate if I'm typing a message to someone else, and just alert me once with no option to reply, and just go away. I can only do one thing at a time, and my memory isn't so bad. Lol!

    My last bitch is along the same line. When I'm typing I hate it when the notification system completly takes over my train of thought, and my device. I have to stop what Im doing and tend to new task that WP wants me to address. I dont like that. Lol! I don't want to fully disable notifications, I just want the system to be a little smarter. The only way I can see this happening is with options to control when it is OK for the system to alert me. Or if we had options for the level of notifications we get.

    If im wrong about some of this then let me know. If I just don't know how to work my phone then let me know. If you agree with what I said then let us know....

    We have good systems, but they just need to be refined, and swabbed with more personalizing options. Seeing that this is essential version 1.x or 2.x, depending on how you look at it, it's ok as long as WP continues to get sharper,, much sharper.. Lol! Sorry if I offended anybody, and team WP,, keep up the good work!

  • Just a reminder that comments with links to personal businesses and other non-phone-related stuff will be deleted.

  • @Robbcab - Brilliant!  I'm gonna set that up immediately!  I had to hack to get the 8107 update, I may as well hack to get the browser functionality I need...  Welcome to WP7droid.

  • Robbcab
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    Question: if I purchase one of these on eBay, will it work on sprint? Don't know if they're both using the same part of the spectrum.

  • Robbcab
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    Agreed, forward button is needed. Right now I'm using javascript:history.forward() as a favorite and it does the job, but it's a hack.

    I named it !Forward so it's always my first favorite. Just know that it won't work if you accidentally back all the way out of the browser and need to relaunch IE.

  • As Rodney already indicated, the big question now, is if there is a CDMA version of the Lumia, how long until (NOT IF) we can get it on at least one of the US based CDMA carriers??

    And also agreeing with Rodney, IE9's favorites list absolutely needs quick jump buttons... And it super desperately needs a FORWARD BUTTON!!  I can't tell you how many times I accidentally double click the back button and need to go forward one step to get where I actually want to be... Only to have to repeat whatever steps got me there in the first place.  Aggravating... Seriously Aggravating.

  • As I said before, the introduction into the Chinese market is HUGE! This definitely has to bring WP'S market share up.. And , I really don't see any excuse to not have similar cdma devices like these on Verizon, and Sprint..

    What I really came for was to make one simple point about IE9. My favorites list is growing huge, and its beginning to get hard to find things. I need the list to be organized with the quick jump menu like the app menu, and the people hub. Does anybody else agree??

    We could also use a alpha numeric "quick jump menu" or whatever it's called, on Favorites in Bing maps... We pretty much need this alphabetical menu anywhere where there is a alphabetized list.

  • I hope this means new phones for Sprint and Verizon are just around the corner, too.

  • Both Fruit Ninja and Plants vs Zombies are XBox Live - WindowsPhone7 games.  Given that there is no XBox live in China, how does one purchase those games?

    I tried to browse the Chinese marketplace and can't find either games.

    Which I think is a big shame - a lot of the top game titles on WP7 are XBox Live games.