It’s Metro. It’s retro. It’s the new Windows Pager!

It’s Metro. It’s retro. It’s the new Windows Pager!

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No holiday is observed more enthusiastically by techies than April Fool’s Day. Well, count us in. 

Since it fell on a Sunday this year, you might’ve missed some of our phone-related shenanigans on Facebook. Like the Windows Pager (2,693 Likes). Or the eco-friendly denim edition of Windows Phone (1,294 Likes). Or our Zombie Apocalypse ad campaign (420 Likes).

“Where’s the link?” a few of you wondered. Gotcha.

AdWeek thought they were fun. Did you?

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  • T Windows
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    @ Kenny Rawlins

    Thanks for the update on the Video with the Windows Phone debut, it's really good to see this type of exposure.

    But what I really want to know is who caught the HTC Titan after she threw it in slow motion across the room - LOL.

    Either way it was so cool to see the Windows Phone in this light of advertisement by The Microsoft team, thanks again

    I'll be adding this to my blog post.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • @Greg, thanks for the good laugh, especially the line “Our customers told us that it really helped them pass the time while waiting for their Adobe products to update each day.”

  • @ Kenny..

    Thankx, that's some major exposure! I loved that. I would like to commend the team responsible for pulling that off. Marketing like that is what gets into to peoples heads. Great work! And, keep it coming....

  • While the WP team is "fooling" around, which it's cool to see, I think it would be really cool it there was some little "stupid machines" that I could customize my WP screen with. Maybe WP can differentiate itself by coming up with some "mini apps" and let developers make some cool little "skins" that can be ran from the start screen. For example, a double sized tile could be used as a mini boom box, which of course would play from the Zune library. Another, a audio graphic equalizer that would make use the double tile size, and actually work! how about a analog or digital clock? Or, large, and small, animated tiles with short looping clips? All of this would increase the cool/fun factor while maintaining the quality experience.

    After all, WP runs great on single core, so we need to find something fun to do with all that extra processing power. LOL!  Hey, why not? I'm all about increasing the coolness/fun factor for WP. I mean come on guys we have to admit that WP is a little tight around the collar,, in a good way of course... The other day I was in my friends car, and we were jamming out to Zune. I had my Focus hooked into his in dash from the audio output on my phone strait into his audio input on his dash. He said "hey let me show you something".... He just got a Razr Maxx, I admit it's a cool phone. Very cool hardware.. Anyways we unhooked my Focus, and hooked the Razr up, and MAN! that Razr sounded Worlds better than WP!!! We couldn't believe it.. A few days later he said "I found out why my Maxx sounds so good. Look" That damn thing had the baddest EQ Ive ever seen on a smartphone, and audio settings out the wazoo!... Does WP have audio adjustments, bass booster, graphic EQ?? It better have it in WP8!

    Question.. How come people say "let me show you something" when they want you to hear something??? LOL

    How cool would a graphic EQ be on the start screen?? And, Who says that when you tap on a app it has to take you inside of it? Some tiles could use the tap as a start button. Like the idea of a large animated looping tile,, The "tap" on the tile would start the animation loop. What about tapping the tile to make it flip. At this point pressing and holding the tile would open a menu of options for it.

    Look, MS would provide the application/ API, and let the developers "skin" it. This way we would be able to choose our own add-ons. Can you guys think of any other start screen "mini apps" that would be cool?

  • @Greg - as soon as I read the first few sentences, I was silently rooting for a W3.1 style desktop, and you did NOT disappoint!!  WIN!!

    @Kenny - that's some of the most blatantly obvious WP7 placement I've ever seen!  But that guy next to her at the bar sure didn't seem to like that she threw the phone...

  • jbarona
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    Any awesome windows phone events planned for Austin TX now that we are getting a MS store at the end of the month????

  • @Greg. Hahaha. Nice one! Thanks for sharing.

  • Very nice! You want retro? Check out my breaking news about Windows 8, featuring a blast from the past.

  • I was particularly amused by how hard it was to explain to my son what a "pager" was...  and why this was so funny!

  • KR
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    Did you guys catch the htc Titan appearing in the video "Fun.: We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe".

    Its a hit song right the titan from the 28 seconds mark