What would you do with more free time?

What would you do with more free time?

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Hey, life is busy. Free time can be scarce. What would you do with more free time in your day?


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  • More free time.... Make some WP t-shirts, and hand them out at special events....

  • Keep myself occupied, probably volunteer at an orphanage or a clinic. Haven't done volunteer work in years now because I always seem to be busy. Need a #FreeTimeMachine

  • Think about why AT&T would block the 8107 update from my 6 month old HTC Titan.

  • tsrblke
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    @Kenny Rawlins

    I'm a US-er so I wasn't concerned about the pricing.  My point is that once you hit "pricing" rumors, the rumors that a phone is going to [Market X] are pretty much confirmed! (In this case apparently they weren't even rumors, but I don't follow the Canadian market so I didn't know that.)

  • KR
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    First of all when the Lumia 900 was announced at CES the first carrier mentioned was Rogers Canada and secondly the preorders for the Lumia900 were open on Rogers Canada about 2 weeks before AT&T opened their preorder.As tsrblke said the AT&T exclusivity is only limited to the US.In Canada Rogers has the same exclusivity.


    I can confirm the 3 year term pricing from my inside source,but can't really confirm the other prices

  • tsrblke
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    So the numbers on Rodgers Pricing for the 900 that WPcentral is reporting are what...lies? I mean I know they're just rumors but AT&T "exlcusive" only applies to US carriers.

  • Sven
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    I would do something really boring, so the free time would seem to last forever.

  • Against Canada? The Lumia 900 is an AT&T exclusive. It has nothing to do with Canada.

  • KR
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    I still don't get what you guys have against Canada. We didn't have a Lumia 800 Lunch party nor have I seen anything regarding a lunch party for the 900.I'm currently in Calgary but will at least appreciate a lunch party in one of the east coast cities(Montreal or Toronto) and one in the western cities(Vancouver or Calgary)

  • SeNiLe911
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    Please tell me you're adding more cities! At least have something BIG for each Microsoft Store. Microsoft/Nokia needs to WOW us and I feel let down so far after waiting for this device to drop for so long.

  • Really wish the Lumia 900 launch was also in LA, and not in SF.

  • Hugh L
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    spend more time with family & friends and traveling.