Pinworthy: 3 Windows Phone apps for baseball fans

Pinworthy: 3 Windows Phone apps for baseball fans

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The 2012 baseball season officially gets underway tomorrow. Whether you’ll be on the couch or in the bleachers, these apps—all free—are essential preparation for Opening Day.

MLB Pro ‘12

MLB Pro '12MLB Pro '12

If I could download only one baseball app, MLB Pro ‘12 would probably be my current pick. It shows the latest scores, news, and standings for each team. And—sabermetricians take note—it’s stuffed with nearly every stat you’re likely to care about, from a player’s ERA to his annual paycheck. Considering how info-dense it is, MLB Pro ‘12 is also nicely designed. I enjoyed little touches like how the backdrop changes to show a team’s home stadium, for instance. Finally, the app makes good use of Windows Phone features, like the ability to pin favorite teams to Start so you can see their upcoming games. Download it.

Bloomberg Sports Draft Kit 2012

Bloomberg Sports Draft Kit 2012Bloomberg Sports Draft Kit 2012

If you’re putting together your own fantasy league, you’ll want to add Draft Kit 2012 to your arsenal. The app has tons of customized rankings and player info, plus a special Draft Mode to help you keep track of remaining talent in real time. Another nice touch: It syncs directly with popular fantasy leagues from Yahoo!, CBS, and ESPN.  Download it.

SportStream Baseball

SportStream BaseballSportStream Baseball

Since I do have room on my phone for more than one baseball app, I also recommend SportStream Baseball, which does a solid job of tracking nearly every key baseball-related news angle—injuries, free agent deals, roster changes, and more. It also provides handy access to photo and Twitter streams about each team. Download it.

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  • abm
    268 Posts

    Nice, but how about introducing some 4x-strategy games (*Empire).

    Like Android got Little empire and others. WP got none!

  • At DJ Mike... And T Windows..

    Did you here about the "behind the tiles Party's? Are you going??

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts

    Well At bat is the offical app which will stream games.  But it's usually pretty expensive.

  • @Johnny: That does look good. Thanks for the pointer.

    Anybody else have a personal favorite?

  • MLB At Bat 12 is supposed to be out tomorrow. Hopefully it actually happens!

  • You forgot Baseball Now.