The Wrap: GDGT digs us, Back button secrets, Windows Phone wedding bells

The Wrap: GDGT digs us, Back button secrets, Windows Phone wedding bells

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Finally! The big weekend is here: The Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II both officially go on sale at AT&T starting Sunday. While you’re counting down the last few hours, check out these other highlights from the world of Windows Phone this week. Then drop me a comment and tell me what’s on your mind.

GDGT recommends the Nokia Lumia 900

Here’s a common dilemma: imageYou’re debating whether to pick up some cool new gadget—let’s say a Nokia Lumia 900—but feeling overwhelmed by all the reviews. There’s a zillion of them! Who has the time to digest it all? Most importantly, whose take can you really trust?

Well, if you’re time pressed like me, then you outsource the job to experts paid to calibrate the collected wisdom of critics. In the movie world, it’s sites like Rotten Tomatoes. For technology, it’s GDGT. And today GDGT finally weighed in on Nokia’s flagship handset, scoring it a 90 and dubbing it the first Windows Phone worthy of its “recommended” rating—an honor given to fewer than one-half of one percent of the thousands of products on its site, by the way.

They conclude: “We've had a Lumia 900 in the lab for a couple of weeks and done the research on other critics' findings, and there was no question that this is a phone that we'd recommend to first-time smartphone owners and first-adopters alike.” See what else they said

Your Back button’s secret powers—revealed!

There’s more to the Back button on a Windows Phone than you might think. The latest installment in Laura Foy’s video tip series—Windows Phone Minute—lays out all its secrets.

A cubicle dweller’s best friend

Given up on your BlackBerry? ZDNet this week compared Windows Phone against Apple’s iOS and Google Android to see which smartphone operating system was best suited to life in the corporate trenches. Specifically calling out Windows Phone’s stellar on-screen keyboard, its support for Exchange and Office docs, and its time-saving Live Tiles, the site concluded that it is “a great phone for business” and strongly worth considering for anybody “fleeing the BlackBerry platform”.  Read the full article

Smoked by Windows Phone lands in Sweden, Brazil

Results from Smoked by Windows Phone challenges—our good-natured duels to see whose smartphone is speedier at everyday tasks—continue to pour in from around the world. A recent challenge in Sweden ended with a 33-1 record. In Brazil, we went 10-nil against the competition. Here’s some of the local flavor.

Windows Phone: the ultimate matchmaker?

What is it about weddings and Windows Phone? Close readers of this blog may recall that we recently spotlighted a British couple whose proposal hinged on a custom-made Wordament app. Then there was the woman who recited her vows from her phone. Now comes another Windows Phone love connection. Take a look.

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  • KTGiang
    34 Posts

    Honestly, she's really annoying and the background music sounds like its something from the 90's.

  • T Windows
    116 Posts


    I’m back home in Desoto now, but while in California I saw the NBC and AT&T commercials; I saw the Smart Phone Beta ones they aired while back home.

    Can’t wait to see more during the Nokia & AT&T 45 day campaign push, I hope they keep’em going well after the advertising dates.

    We still need to get the Smoked by a Windows Phone commercial on the networks too, the more the better.

    Thanks Rodney.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • T Windows
    116 Posts

    @James Manes

    From your post about Joshua Topolsky review, I was curious to see the notion behind the 7.0 out of a 10 rating on the Nokia 900.

    I read the review and the first few paragraphs seemed un-bias to a point; I already knew by Joshua being a writer and founder for The Verge that any Windows related reviews would never have a far chance base off their review history.

    I was waiting for the rant portion of his review and when I reached the software title, Joshua showed his true colors, and rest assure they were not RED, GREEN, BLUE & YELLOW.

    The prior paragraphs mainly talked about the Nokia 900 body style and core functions of the phone, but as soon as Joshua uttered the words Microsoft Windows – his true feelings toward Microsoft overwhelm his review process.

    I was hoping to hear one positive review for Windows as the core interface of the 900, but again we’re talking about Joshua Topolsky here.

    I personally feel if you’re going to be bias, it’s good to show your cards up front this way you won’t be wasting people time like you and me.

    James thanks for the post and update on the Verge review.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • @ TWin....

    Yeah, I just saw a betaphone commercial on NBC.... How many commercials did you see, and what city are you in??

  • T Windows
    116 Posts


    They showed the SmartPhone BetaTest video's on NBC prior to the launch, I've seen them twice now; and the 1st commercial from AT&T recently aired as well ->

    It's not as funny as the Nokia BetaTest ones but it's on the air and it's " Powered by Windows ".

    I do agree TV will be the icing on the cake, but it's just the beginning of this long uphill battle so let’s stay tune till the next episode.

    Meanwhile we are still laughing... My favorite was the Death Grip clip " Your holding it wrong "

    -Stay Powered by Windows

  • @ TWin....

    Yeah, I thought they were trying to say "WindowsPhone speaks for itself". These are great commercials! Finally.... Now I need to see them on TELEVISION soon, and not just tucked away on a website that only WP users are likely to see. We're almost there,, I just wonder why MS/Nokia are waiting??? Why not build up excitement before the launch of a new product?? Maybe it's just me, but IMHO marketing is still firing on 4 out of 8 cylinders. As fast as the market moves the 900 will be old news, and the window to market it will be gone. MS/Nokia need to be quicker on their toes..

    That show Nokia had was great, but why couldn't it have been televised?? I still think TV is more effective than the internet.

  • DjiXas
    46 Posts

    Did you not listen to the feedback in youtube comments?

    That woman is annoying and everyone hates her

  • KR
    503 Posts

    it's over :)

  • Josh from The Verge only gave it a 7.0 out of 10. I thought it was a bit unfair of him, but it is interesting to see the thing from different lights. I got one and I'm loving it!

  • T Windows
    116 Posts


    They've fixed the webpage, and re-loaded the videos - Toooooo funny I'm loving every bit of it.

    You know to be truly honest the previous video's with the missing or half tone audio was still good marketing.

    I thought the message was saying that the ios/droid users could no longer hear real people outside their little bubble any more – It’s officially over.

    We are still laughing over here…

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • T Windows
    116 Posts

    Thanks Michael for the post and video coverage, things are defiantly looking good all over for Microsoft & Nokia, and we pray this is just the beginning for overdue change.

    It almost feels like the “ I’m A PC campaign, and Windows 7 was my Idea ” – but in this case I’m  A PC for Life & Windows Mobile to Windows Phone 7 was my idea – even better.

    Major thanks to all divisions of Microsoft & Nokia - job well done; we as fans are excited and overjoyed beyond words.

    Simply - Thank You.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • I think I got it! Is it "The Phone Speaks For Itself"" ???

  • Why are their no voices on the beta smartphone site?? This is sure to grab some attention, but the right kind? Now I know this is a Nokia thing, but MS surely has to have something to do with this. I hope those commercials don't hit TV this way... The tech community is just going to give up on WP. The commercials would be cool if it seemed like it was a purposeful technical difficulty, but it seems like it's just poor quality.

    For the sake of WP I hope I'm wrong!

    Did some Android fool sabotage the site?