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The Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II officially go on sale today at AT&T. Click for more info. 

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  • Goodeye
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    Why is it in every single press shot, the Network indicator reads LTE, however every single Titan 2, and Lumina 900 I see (I was just in an ATT store yesterday) shows 4G instead.

    Yes LTE is 4G, HSDPA+ is technically not (which the Titan 1, Focus S/Flash are). To me there needs to be some sort of difference between how HSDPA+ and LTE display, it just causes confusion.

    I love these new phones (The Lumina 900 is AMAZING!) but Microsoft you guys really need to put some pressure on the carriers to market correctly.

  • @ Scuba..

    Hey, can you tell me how much faster the phone wakes up and is ready to take a picture using the camera button vs your Focus??

  • Awesh
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    I want lumia 900

  • Well, I am very pleased with the Lumia 900.  Unfortunately, the one weak link I was concerned with quickly reared its ugly head: storage.  After reinstalling MOST of the apps I have on my Focus, and only a fourth of the music, I now only have 1.2GB of storage left.  It really is frustrating that I had to be prudent on what music to sync to the Lumia.  Other than that, this phone is a thing of beauty.  It's VERY fast, the added features that my Focus didn't have are great, and I am really amazed at how great the speaker is on this thing.

  • @ Vitor Canova

    There are plenty of apps in our marketplace that can render this type of effect.... Hey, maybe if you go buy the 900 instagram will make an official app for WP. It's all up to you dude!

  • Looks like this picture was taken with an Instagram app. I think such thing does't exists in Marketplace.

  • should have read that over before I posted it. Lol!

  • @ Micheal  Stroh..

    Thats exactly what I think WP should be portrayed as... Colorful, seasonal, adaptable to ones outfit, personality, car, lifestyle, and persona. Your picture is the perfect example of what WP is all about to me. The iPhone is about consevrvitivity, and white, Android is to technical and Black, but WindowsPhone is about whatever color you are, and bright! Bright, as a smartphone should be, which is why it should appeal to people of all metaphorical "colors"....

    Do you remember that 1970's Coka Cola commercial.. "I wish the whole world could be in perfect harmony" How does a compnaty come up with ads that reall stic? Your Easter basket could be the fuse towards sparking that hit WP advertisement that really sticks in the publics mind. I see it!.... If you can just reply "I here you" then I will know you heard me, and this really would be the best Easter ever for all us fans!

    BTW.. Excellent job with the Lumia Launch, and all the marketing sourounding it. :-D

  • exglade
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    HTC Mozart 7 is good. But this is rainbow! ‎(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • @King: Typo! Fixed. :-) Happy Easter!

  • King
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    WP7.7??? interesting. I want a 900!:(