Another big milestone for Windows Phone

Another big milestone for Windows Phone

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Yesterday marked another major and exciting milestone for Windows Phone and our partners AT&T, HTC, and Nokia with the availability of the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II. You can now go online or visit AT&T and Microsoft stores across the U.S. to experience the best Windows Phones we’ve yet delivered—and the first Windows Phone LTE devices on AT&T.

The Nokia Lumia 900—the first Lumia on AT&T—took home the “Best of CES” award in January when it made its debut. Today it’s topping Amazon’s best seller list. The reviews are also in, and they highlight the phone’s beautiful design and the unique Windows Phone experience. Here’s a sample:

“This Nokia phone and its Microsoft operating system are truly lovely—more beautiful than the iPhone or Android software, and, for most functions, just as powerful.” —The New York Times

“Windows Phone’s approach trumps the iPhone’s unhelpful mosaic of app icons and it’s also a more orderly solution than Android’s desktop widgets.“ —The Chicago Sun Times

The Lumia 900 is a great testament to the hard work and energy of both Microsoft and Nokia. We’re very proud of what we’ve built together in a little more than a year: it’s powerful, yet also beautiful to look at and hold.

Since launching Windows Phone 18 months ago we’ve also made big strides in expanding our platform around the world. We just debuted in China. Our Marketplace is available in 54 countries (with another nine on the way). And we now offer nearly 80,000 apps, with 300 new arrivals every day. We’re also excited that PC Magazine readers just gave Windows Phone a “Readers Choice” award for favorite mobile operating system.

Starting today, a lot of activity kicks off from Microsoft, AT&T, and Nokia to help make this a great launch. You’ll see big displays taking over AT&T retail store windows, the amazing $99 price tag (with a two-year contract) for the Lumia 900, and some fun events happening in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and on the web to help you regain some of your valuable free time. The retail experience—from the events to the window displays to the enthusiastic sales associates—is all designed to showcase and reinforce what’s best about Windows Phone, so customers coming to the stores will have a great experience and leave with the Windows Phone that’s right for them.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the Nokia Lumia 900 or HTC Titan II yet, head down to your local AT&T store and try them out. We hope you like them as much as we do.

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  • i like to use win8 on my smartphone nokia lumina 520

  • GYoung
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    When will T-Mobile be getting the Nokia Lumia 900 and/or the HTC Titan (or Titan II)?  I don't want to have to switch carriers just to get the phone I want.  Will the hardware on the Nokia Lumia 900 or the HTC Titan (or Titan II) be able to handle WP8 when it is released?  How about the hardware in my HTC HD7?

  • Bushman
    12 Posts

    Why miss the chance to put Windows Mobile in one if the gadgets out this year in the Nokia Pureview 808 - the 41 megapixel would boost WP7's profile.

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  • @Gmit

    You should do your homework before and after you buy a device.  Your reasons for wanting to return your device are yours, but Windows Phone 7 does support many parts of Exchange ActiveSync:

  • pfwd
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    It's a good phone and I've moved away from Android to use it.  However  I have however documented ( ) some minor user interface issues that I would like to get fixed in the next version

  • Thats great, looking forward to move from iPhone to WP, all updates, specially with Nokia Lumnia, are making my decision stronger.

  • abm
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    @ Korn, it took me 10 minutes to put my 1st generation HTC 7 Surround on update and another 15-20 minutes wait to finish the update successfully (followed the tutorial that #jjbowles mentioned). Now, Zune update (Zune>Settings>Phone>Update) shows the phone is up-to-date and the restore point for my previous update-level (7720) — all legit.

    Just get over the carrier's procrastination and pay attention for 10 minutes!

  • Fireski
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    I have an HTC Arrive WP7 with Mango on Sprint. I love the phone and the OS but would jump to a Nokia Lumina 900 or HTC Titan II in a heart beat if they were offered by Sprint. I can only hope that Sprint gets a move on and offers some newer high end WP7 phones with LTE and large screens. I refuse to move to a lesser network like ATT.

  • Korn1699
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    What are you talking about? It just pulls contacts to your device.  If you wipe it, you have to resync from each service to get them back...  If I connect my live ID and facebook, it has both, but if I wipe it, I have to add both back to get both.

  • Gmit
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    I did it .... bought a new Nokia Lumia 900 with Phone7

    Next week it is going back.  What?  MS killed Active Sync in Phone7 forcing data into the cloud.  That won't work for our sensitive customer contacts.  Give me the old USB wire.

    Any hope for this situation?

  • I feel like an outcast .

    I always been a Windows fanatic myself, loved win95, 98, XP, Vista and 7, but on the phones side I always been partial to Nokia I've owned 6120,5120, 8260, 3320, 7210i, 6265i, N80, N95, N82, E72 and lastly N900. I never had the chance to own anything with windows OS, because I always had Nokia phones. Last year my biggest dream came true and Nokia started using what it seems the greatest OS for mobile phones right now.

    Until two years ago I lived in Venezuela, now I live in Panama a very small country where the only thing people uses when I got here were the BlackBerries, which now I own and hate... Now a days carriers are giving a huge push to Android devices and the Iphone, they are making people change to those platforms pretty easily. Now I see androids all over the place, especially  Samsung Galaxy SII and Galaxy Notes.

    So as I said I hate my blackberry bold 9900 I started looking if any of the 4 carriers had any windows phone 7 for my to try at least. To my big surprise no one here knows about windows phone 7, there is nothing, not from samsung or htc or nokia.

    So I see all these amazing reviews of the Lumia 900, how people is loving the new OS, the hardware, the speed, the social integration, and I think if people is jumping ships in a country as wide and vast as US where they always had an aversion to Nokia, where they eat and breath whatever Apple gives to them. I think with hardware as nice as the HTC Titan II, Lumia series, Windows Phone 7 could make a huge dent in a market like this, where people is embracing a change from what they thought was the best mobile platform in the world. Where people values a lot social websites, where none of those platforms has a real social integration like windows phone 7.

    So I feel like an outcast, I want a Nokia with windows phone 7, not only to get rid of the worst mobile phone I've owned so far, but to try what it seems to be a real game changer in the mobile OS arena, and I can't have one.

  • COME ON Microsoft.. why AT&T. Everything was almost perfect with the US except for two mess ups:

    - Launching on Easter when ALL AT&T stores were closed

    - Going with a sub-standard carrier like AT&T. Why not Verizon

    In any case, loving the phone... great battery life.. great support from Nokia.

    I WILL BE FOREVER indebted if Lumia 900 gets Apollo support. Please please please..

  • Korn1699
    114 Posts


    3. You can click a letter to get a list of letters to jump to, unless you already knew that..

    4. That list is silverlight apps.  The games hub has those that are XNA (even XNA apps that aren't games like Shazam).  It might have to be that way based on how the phone handles those, but not completely sure..

  • Is there an official place for feedback for the windows phone?  The Nokia Lumia 900 is a great piece of hardware, but to be very honest the windows OS needs to change!  I feel like these changes arent huge to Microsoft, but they would be huge for its users.

    I also know this is probably, taboo to say...but i feel like it would have done the developers a bit of good to walk around with nothing but an iPhone for at least few months before jumping into a windows version.  I thought about returning the phone but i didnt because the lumia 900 hardware is amazing...i also have hope that there will be an Windows OS  update soon addressing the issues after  listening to the Customers!


    1) I wish that I could take screen shots.  There is no way that I am aware of to do this and its one of the most basic and used functions on a smart phone.

    2) I love the large screen of the Lumia 900...but the top banner takes up a large portion of the screen and is non functional.  This actually makes the usable view screen smaller than that of the iphone.  (not talking about the screen size once i choose something)  I would post a screen shot of this, but i cant...

    3) I wish that the scrolling app page would allow me to change the order of appearnce.  Its alphabetical and thats that for now.  

    Look, i know that you probably did a bunch of studies on the most efficient way to get to something and this was probably the fastest.  I would argue though, that in a test environment where one is given a new phone, alpha would always win because it isnt their phone!  Regardless though,  the beauty of a phone is a users intimate connection and ability to customize and see it the way the THEY want to see it laid out. I dont know Why cant put something like ATT  Navigator at the bottom of the list...  

    4)  I wish i could have the choice to pin a "game app" to its own list on the scrolling screen and not just pin it to my tile. Games apps dump into one app while others may or maynot get a place on the scrolling list.  I dont understand why this is so.  Just wish i had the choice.

    5) I wish that XBOX Live games had a seperate box than other app games.  It feels like im being marketed too all the time.


    I am keeping the faith though.  Look forward to your thoughts.

  • Okay, so, here's the thing I'm seeing now....I can't tell for sure if I'm seeing the data issue or just a crazy coincidence.  Since AT&T is testing their LTE tower, I know we've been dropping in and out of 4G and (because we live right on the border) I sometimes see a Mexican tower instead.  I randomly seem to drop in and out of data capability, and it's worse in some places than in others.  So, I suspect that, since the bug is a memory management problem, I may in fact be seeing the issue, but it may not be as bad on my device as it is on others simply because we're LOCALLY having tower issues.  I just can't make a fair assessment.  All I know for sure is that, prior to Tuesday, the data performance of this puppy was incredible.  It's still awesome via WiFi, and I am still discovering capabilities of this thing...e.g., the widescreen pic capability.  I'm TEMPTED to call up AT&T and pay for the hotspot feature, since the Lumia 900 supports it.  The bottom line is that I just have a hard time putting this thing down.

  • tsrblke
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    I read about that!  And they're offering that to anyone who buys a Lumia between now and the 21st, so Go! People! Buy!.  Sadly this does not help WP7's reputation.

    That being said, I think trade it was also an option (although that's not much better than resetting your phone.  On the upside, after the update you'll be able to at least reset your phone to the backup from now on.

  • @Rodney, believe it or not, it's actually better - not a huge difference, but it is noticeable..  It does seem to work better than the Focus in sunlight, though neither is stellar in that department.  

    Unfortunately, I along with two of my friends who also pre-ordered appear to be affected by the data connection bug.  It hit us all at the same time, which is odd.  Suddenly we can receive some texts but not send any.  We get no internet connection.  We tried the "set the apn" trick and that didn't help.  I refuse to hard reset my device since that appears to only be a temporary fix.  Nokia acknowledges a small percentage of early phones have a firmware issue with memory managment and a fix will be deployed 16 April.  So, for now, WiFi is the only way we can get data.  Such a shame, too, because the thing was working so amazingly fast until about 7:00 central tonight.  On the up side, Nokia will be crediting all of us early adopters $100 on our AT&T bill, which means our phones were essentially free.  Just wish I didn't have to wait until 16 April for the fix.

  • @ scuba

    What's the screen look like compared to the Focus 1st Gen.?

  • I have to say, I love the Lumia 900.  I pre-ordered the cyan version and am impressed.  Unfortunately, it didn't take me long to fill up all but 1.2 GB of the storage, though.  To my surprise, AT&T is currently testing the 4G tower here, so at times I do see 4G coverage (though I'm sure it will be just as limited as 3G, if not more so).  I just really wish these devices came in at least 32GB versions.  I guess I'll have to wait for WP8 before I can have more memory.  16GB just simply isn't enough to store all the music and podcasts (over 6,000 songs, 10 video podcasts, 2 movies, typically).

    Video DOES look smashing on the Lumia 900, and I was completely surprised by how great the sound is.  When I saw that the speaker was on the bottom of the device I figured this would be a weak point, but it turns out I was wrong.  So far, it's the best sounding speaker on any smartphone that I've heard (not an exhaustive study, mind you).

  • @ Michael Stroh,

    That's cool, and thankx for taking the time to read my feedback.. Sometimes you got to go out on a limb to get attention, but I understand the rules and won't push it in the future.. ;-)

  • techieg
    25 Posts

    Congrats. However, where are the TV ads? You need power, focused, straight to the point, and uncluttered TV ads that actuall show the hubs and other features of the ads instead of previous ads that only show everything about the user's life until the end where the phone is shown instead of focusing on the phone thru and thru. Here is a great ad that puts the phone front and center with just a pair of hands and the voice over, if you can deliver such ads WP is sure to surpass any other OS platform out there;

  • any word on when rogers is reciving the lumia 900?

  • @Rodney: Sorry, buddy, but I had to delete your last comment. I appreciate the passion, but we can't publish people's names or images in video without their consent.

  • Korn1699
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    That doesn't have the firmware specific to that update though, does it? Also, if you don't get those steps just right, it may brick it.

  • jjbowles
    43 Posts

    Korn,  the method I outlined is not a hack.  It uses Microsoft tools to deliver the same update in the nearly the same manner when it gets pushed to you.  Just like the 'real' update form the carrier, this method will apply updates one at a time until you're current.

  • Korn1699
    114 Posts


    That is Verizon though.  AT&T announced that they are coming out with another update that will include the fix, but they wouldn't say if it would be on 1st gen devices... They should be forced to provide updates until the 2 year contract is up.

  • DjiXas
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  • Korn1699
    114 Posts

    @T Windows  

    at least Apple takes carriers out of the update process...  I will probably need to buy a new phone at FULL PRICE OR HACK the update on the phone myself and risk bricking it, in order to get my keyboard from not disappearing EVERY TIME I type something...

  • T Windows
    116 Posts


    Face it the Smart Phone Beta Test is over -

    Better yet here’s a blog link that I think you would like posting your recommendations to better –

    -Stay Powered by Windows

  • DjiXas
    46 Posts

    Or at least let us know if you plan to add PayPal in the coming month(s), so we can purchase apps while you fix the country thing.

    Either tell us that this won't be changed soon so we can create new account and buy apps or tell us it's coming soon so we are not left in the dark. Now you are just annoying customers and missing sales since many people are just waiting

  • T Windows
    116 Posts


    You Da Man!

    Congratulations to you and the Windows Family as a whole, and & major thanks to the Windows Phone Team everywhere for all the hard work you guys & gals have put into this platform.

    -Stay Powered by Windows

  • DjiXas
    46 Posts

    Guys, can you please tell us about the COUNTRY change status?

    Can we expect it to be fixed before fall 2012? I can't buy apps and don't want to lose my data. However, what bugs me most is that I don't know how long we will need to wait, if it's coming in 1 month, I can wait but if it's not supposed to be fixed before WP8 launch then I'll just create a new account and deal with the pain.

    I just want to buy apps :(

  • @ Korn1699 please get an iPhone

  • smcb
    2 Posts

    I'm looking forward to getting my Lumia 900!  I went to the event in Chicago first thing this morning before going to work, got to play with the phone, and won a $50 amex card!  Then I got to work and found out that Amazon had the phone on upgrade for only $20!  So, I get the new Lumia, and $30 left over - thats what I call a good morning!

  • Korn1699
    114 Posts

    I'm really having second thoughts about renewing my app hub subscription.  The first year I made only theoretical money from ads (money, but not enough to cash out).  I scheduled a renewal last night, but it might be better to just cancel it and get the Apple subscription if I do switch to that in a few months.  (Can't believe I am actually saying that)

  • The phone looks nice. I have a original Samsung Focus but have decided to leave windows phone after the problems this weekend. Trying to type on a WP7 and the keyboard keeps disappearing. I had a buddy who just went back to the iPhone. I will not be doing that, but I will not being using WP anymore. This keyboard bug has been there for a while and if they cannot fix it I am gone. I do not care if AT&T is holding it up, it is Microsoft who made the choice that gave At&T so much control. So I will no longer be recommending WP and will be moving to something else.

  • Korn1699
    114 Posts

    I really like the Windows Phone OS, but if updates aren't fixed by the time my contract is up this fall, I'll probably switch to the iPhone...  I hate Apple, but at least they get updates...not a few when the carrier feels like it, then being left out to dry for the remainder of your contract..

  • Korn1699
    114 Posts

    By only phone I mean I have no house phone and I am the only person living at my home, so I kind of need it working....

  • Korn1699
    114 Posts

    I know there are hacks to get around it, but my Focus is my only phone.  If I messed up or something went wrong, I would need to buy a new one at full price (which I really don't have money for right now).  My phone was also Walshed before, so that may add one more variable to my chances of having an issue with that hack.

  • @Korn, as far as the 8107 update goes, WPCentral posted an article a couple weeks ago that detailed how to update your 1st Gen device without unlocking, hacking the registry or anything else.  I did it on mine, only took a few minutes, and I have no disappearing keyboard now while I wait for Sprint to re-join the WP7 revolution, already in progress.

  • jjbowles
    43 Posts

    Korn1699, You can install the update yourself without waiting on your lazy carrier.

  • Loving my Lumia 900. Good work MS, it is coming along great. I can't wait to start developing for the platform.

  • @ Rodney @ Korn Thanks to XDA Developers, I hacked the registry on my Samsung Focus and forced the 8107 update. For me, the keyboard issue became intolerable.


  • @ Korn..

    Don't you feel left out? We need this fix!

  • Korn1699
    114 Posts

    I just wish I didn't need to buy a new phone to have a Windows Phone device that didn't have a keyboard that keeps disappearing all the time...

  • If the Lumia 900 doesn't get saturated with television marketing this week then we need to talk! I'm calling a board meeting, and I mean it when I say SOMEBODY'S HEAD IS GOING TO ROLL!! LOL! :-D

  • Great Terry!

    I'm going down to att today so that I can witness this excitement for WP. I can't wait to see the dedicated displays, signage, and the devices. I know these things are in place, but I have to admit I am a little skeptical about the store associates attitudes..... Anyways, I hope today is finally the day that changes my perception of the WP in store marketing experience. Great work WP team!

    I hope this week changes my attitude about WP'S television presence.....

  • hdw
    25 Posts

    Congrats guys! Keep pushing ahead . Lumia 900 isn't available where I live .As for myself I eagerly waiting for news on WP8.