Recap: They came, they saw, they saved time with Windows Phone

Recap: They came, they saw, they saved time with Windows Phone

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Our Free-Time Machine events across the country celebrating AT&T’s launch of the Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II drew big crowds and lots of news cameras today. We also gave away a ton of cool prizes, had fun with celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, and showed people how Windows Phone saves time by finishing everyday tasks faster. (Speaking of quick: The Lumia 900 rocketed to the top of’s best seller list this morning—and hasn’t budged all day.)

Here’s a quick recap—and a couple fun videos—of what went down. We’ve also posted a bunch more shots on Facebook. And if you couldn’t make it to today’s launch events, remember that we’ll be giving away 200,000 instant prizes and a trip for four to Hawaii on our Free-Time Machine website through May 31.

New York

Launch day fun kicked off in New York with Kourtney Kardashian, who appeared on Fox & Friends and Good Day New York to show off her new Lumia 900 and favorite features like easy picture sharing and fast Facebook and Twitter updating. After a quick tweet to her 5.7 million followers, she jetted over to Bryant Park and one of the Free-Time Machines we set up. Wait until you see what happened next.


In the Windy City, crowds gathered at Pioneer Court and Hancock Plaza to meet Top Chef 4 winner Stephanie Izard and try their luck on a Free-Time Machine. One time-starved (or just starved) winner won a home-cooked meal by Izard, a James Beard Award nominee. Yum.

San Francisco

In San Francisco, 49ers tight end Vernon Davis worked the crowds in Union Square, signing autographs, and showing off his dance moves. Although his footwork couldn’t compete with the 49ers fanatic who won lunch with him. Take a look.

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  • tsrblke
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    You could just set the cap at "Top 25 poster" that includes you and only has you handing out 25 (or less) t-shirts ;).  (Oh the days when I was a top 10 poster!)

  • Suissie
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    This is the promotion I liked best. Nokia promotion in Russia. Sign me up for a Lumia!!!

  • T Windows
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    Hey guys speaking of T-shirts... check out my daily Windows wardrobe -

    I know first hand it's hard to find the really cool Windows shirts, so I make them at home.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • tsrblke
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    Yes, please give them some tshirts Micheal.  It's all they've asked for! Just make sure you two post pictures :P Next time think bigger! Think Phone! ;)

  • KR
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    Yeah you don't yet have the right to wear

    So I Rogers Canada released the lumia900 today and I was fortunate to play with one of them.its an amazing phone,I was just disappointed all they had was the black version,I was really looking forward to get the cyan or white.i guess i'll just have to wait for the fall-holiday season for windows phone 8 devices

  • markv76
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    Love all the awesome publicity!  Can't wait to get my hands on a Lumia 900 myself!!

  • Note to self:  Participate more!!  :)

  • Free T-Shirt for 500 posts? Heck yes! Also love the article. The Lumia 900 is amazing and I'm glad WP7 is the OS of choice for it.

  • ....of course, by that standard I don't even get to wear one yet. :-)

  • @Kenny. Maybe we'll make it 400 or more. ;-)

  • KR
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    Be getting ready to push me one really soon,I've just been too busy lately,reason why I've been at 400s for the past 5months,but now that I know this,it'll be different :)

  • @Rodney, Scuba: Which T-shirts exactly?  I think anybody with 500 or more posts to the blog is automatically eligible for a free T-shirt.. :-) Email me.

  • T-SHIRTS!!!  T-SHIRTS!!!

    @Rodney - the guy with the 900 yesterday wasn't a NEW WP user, he's a guy I've talked to before.. Had a 1st Gen Focus previously, and works at Microsoft.  Seattle is a rather car-centric place also, but I started a job last year that gives me a free transit pass, and I only have about an 8 minute drive to the train station from home, with a stop that's just a 15 minute walk from the office, so I'm now a mass commuter!  It took a few months to get used to giving up my car during the day, but the people watching (and phone-spotting) are cool!  

    I don't think being in MS's backyard has much to do with the number of WPs I see in the wild, as most of the people with them aren't very tech-y, and probably just got lucky by having the right person at the store recommend our favorite phone.


  • Yes, the t-shirts!  Where can we purchase one of those? (or two or three?)

  • congrats guys! hopefully next time, events or any promotions like these are well promoted way in advance so you can pull in more crowds

  • Yeah! Today is what we've been asking for for a long time! Enthusiastic sales associates, catchy advertising, marketing stunts!!! Let's keep it going.....

    Only one thing is missing.. Where's those WP t-shirts I've been asking for?? Lol!

  • T Windows
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    Words along cannot express the shower of thanks we owe you guys for bringing more awareness to the Windows Phone platform.

    This is truly what we asked for only a few months ago, and the Microsoft Team has truly delivered on those request and suggestions.

    The videos are awesome, thanks Michael for sharing in this great day of Free Time.

    - Stay Powered by Windows