Nokia Lumia 900 now available in Canada

Nokia Lumia 900 now available in Canada

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The Nokia Lumia 900 is now available on Rogers in Canada.AT&T isn’t the only carrier celebrating the arrival of Nokia’s award-winning Lumia 900. Nokia announced today that the phone—which continues its reign on Amazon’s smartphone best-seller chart—is also now available at Rogers Communications in Canada.

Rogers, which started selling the Lumia 900 yesterday, has an exclusive on the LTE-ready phone. It’s available in black and costs $99.99 with a qualifying three-year service plan.  For more details or to buy one, visit the Rogers website.

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  • This phone is amazing. We just got this in our office and are a mobile app company. I am excited to say we are starting to produce apps for windows marketplace.

    If you are looking for a great, clean, easy, and international texting application go to the windows marketpolace and search for Heywire. Or click this link:

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  • Just like Metallica' song: Sad but true.

  • @konacase The official feedback forum for Windows Phone is

    There's no screenshot capability available built-in or through the Marketplace. That's one of the reasons I maintain a developer registration - there are several screenshot apps available for developer unlocked 'phones.

  • Is there an official place for feedback for the windows phone?  The Nokia Lumia 900 is a great piece of hardware, but to be very honest the windows OS needs to change!  I feel like these changes arent huge to Microsoft, but they would be huge for its users.

    I also know this is probably, taboo to say...but i feel like it would have done the developers a bit of good to walk around with nothing but an iPhone for at least few months before jumping into a windows version.  I thought about returning the phone but i didnt because the lumia 900 hardware is amazing...i also have hope that there will be an Windows OS  update soon addressing the issues after  listening to the Customers!


    1) I wish that I could take screen shots.  There is no way that I am aware of to do this and its one of the most basic and used functions on a smart phone.

    2) I love the large screen of the Lumia 900...but the top banner takes up a large portion of the screen and is non functional.  This actually makes the usable view screen smaller than that of the iphone.  (not talking about the screen size once i choose something)  I would post a screen shot of this, but i cant...

    3) I wish that the scrolling app page would allow me to change the order of appearnce.  Its alphabetical and thats that for now.  

    Look, i know that you probably did a bunch of studies on the most efficient way to get to something and this was probably the fastest.  I would argue though, that in a test environment where one is given a new phone, alpha would always win because it isnt their phone!  Regardless though,  the beauty of a phone is a users intimate connection and ability to customize and see it the way the THEY want to see it laid out. I dont know Why cant put something like ATT  Navigator at the bottom of the list...  

    4)  I wish i could have the choice to pin a "game app" to its own list on the scrolling screen and not just pin it to my tile. Games apps dump into one app while others may or maynot get a place on the scrolling list.  I dont understand why this is so.  Just wish i had the choice.

    5) I wish that XBOX Live games had a seperate box than other app games.  It feels like im being marketed too all the time.


    I am keeoing the faith though.  Look forward to your thoughts.

  • any clue if it shipped with the micro lte card or did it ship with the hspa+ card?

  • Shoey5
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    Picked up a Rogers Lumia 900. Love the phone, can't for the life of me figure out why the OS doesn't allow you to configure MMS Settings!

  • Reading through a lot of the posts on twitter with the #Lumia900 hash tag, very encouraging to see a lot of new WP users are coming aboard. It's up to Microsoft and Nokia however to keep them happy with constant firmware updates to iron out whatever issues arise. So far so good!

  • KR
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    at the same time i'm really skeptical about buying a windows phone now, i'm thinking of waiting till the release of Apollo before buying a new one, due to the non clarification of the update cycle and the potential fragmentation issues I feel are on the way.

    For now I don't think i'm getting a new Windows phone, may be in a month or two, i'll grab a used or refurbished Lumia 900 for cheap on ebay or from the carriers themselves

  • KR
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    I had more details from Rogers today, there's still some hopes they'll be getting other colors,but not yet sure

  • KR
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    I didn't get one I personally don't find the black Lumia 900 attractive, though I have one just for two days, to test drive it. it's a great phone and the Nokia apps are wonderful. but the black isn't enough for me to give up my generation 1 Focus so i'm waiting hoping for more colors before I buy one.

  • jjbowles
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    is it available in white in Canada?  My local ATT store told me it is only available in "black and blue."  I argued with him and said I came in just to see the white Lumia 900 before I buy.  Even though my mind was made up he kept pushing me to several Android phones including the Samsung Note.  "I don't want an Android, I came in to touch and feel the lumia."  Same guy also said the Titan II will be pulled off the shelves this week since it wasn't selling, the lumia runs Win8, iphone has better multitasking, WP only has a couple of thousand apps, .  HOLY COW!!!  You have a monumental education/perception mountain to climb,

  • @Rodney - I couldn't agree more.  Like you, I'm hopeful for WP8 to bring enterprise support...  Of course, I had been hoping for Mango to fix it too...  But WP8 coinciding with W8, it seems like the stars should all align to fix these discrepancies.

    Don't worry though, I am committed, and DO NOT have any plans to ditch WP - instead, I'm ditching having my work email on my phone, and I gotta be honest with you...  It's actually kinda nice not having all my work email on my phone 24/7!

  • @ DjMike...

    I suspect that WP8 will be extremely enterprise friendly, if MS knows what's best for WP's future. They seem to be doing the right things so I have faith that WP8 will be killer, for the consumer, and enterprise. Buuuut, it's hard yo hear people are switching now. IMO, the same way a team was assembled to bring LTE to WP early, a team should be made to tackle these enterprise issues NOW! But, who knows maybe there is one.

  • Speaking of the Nokia Apps, I can't wait to see the business email app...  And then, I REALLY hope it gets released to the general marketplace, because WP is losing ground where I work, since it's the only smartphone platform that doesn't support device encryption (native or through an app).  One of my co-workers who loved WP7 went iphone last week because she needed to be able to connect to our Exchange server.

  • @ Kenny....

    Did you get one??

  • Dunno why Nokia/MS are using Nicki Minaj and Kourtney Kardashian to try and promote the Lumia 900 when they are still tweeting from a damn dated ass BlackBerry. smh lol

    I must say I absolutely love my Lumia 900 though, very sleek and good feel on the hands plus it's optimized really well. Now is the perfect time to release certain apps like Screen Capture and Bluetooth file transfer until it's baked into the OS. Nokia is doing a good job with their apps slowly filling in some gaps in the OS.

  • KR
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    And i'll be glad if you guys keep on posting more international news like shows that you care at least

  • KR
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    Its a little annoying to know that Rogers Lunched the Lumia 900 today and it isn't on their front page,no matter which province you are in.

    Please fix this kind of stuff

  • KR
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    Also remember that maybe your provincial website hasn't been updated,I remember when the preorders opened, the only you could preorder the Lumia 900 was to change your location on the Rogers website to Ontario and the other provinces' website were updated later

  • KR
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    I contacted Rogers and the y say they have no information to release on the future availability of other colors of the Lumia 900 and to me it meant they'll only be stocking the black version,which I know is disappointing.

    What I suggest you to do is maybe wait for about a month to see if the other carriers will get it in probably different colors. if they don't then you can buy these phones off contract from AT&T's website (and have it shipped to you in Canada), or if you are like me who hates to see carrier branding on a phone you can get the international unlocked version from the Nokia international website or from a British carrier.

    For Now Rogers has the exclusivity on the Lumia 900

  • KR
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    that's interesting!on the website it list's the Lumia900 as coming soon, but when you click on wireless, then phones,then refine your search by OS (click on Windows Phone) you see the Lumia 900 and 710 come up. click on the 900 and you get all the details and right now shipping is free. heres the link that'll take you directly there

  • abm
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    @Michael, I am looking forward to give away my HTC surround to my brother and get a Nokia Lumia 900 for myself. Would he be able get the upcoming updates ("Tango - WP 7.5 Refresh" and "Appolo - WP8") in first generation device?

    PS, please guys vote for this app:

  • rjmlive
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    Not really.  I just called a number of Rogers stores in my city and none of them had any stock.  I then called the 1-800 number for Rogers in Toronto and I asked for the "Lumia 900".  After a minute on hold she picked me back up and asked, "Who makes that one?".  After a few more minutes she asked me what my question was and I asked her to send me a "blue one" in the mail.  She said they don't seem to have any stock of any of those phones in the system (black or cyan).  So much for launch day.  Rogers website had "Windows Mobile" devices (1) up until litterally 2 days before this Lumia 900 launch.  Terrible.

    How do I get one of these phones?!  I'm buying it in spite of Rogers, going to use it on Telus network due to data plan pricing primarily and coverage in my area.

  • tsrblke
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    @Entegy, WPcentral had a sliding price listed depending on if you went with the 3, 2, or 1 year plan.

  • Entegy
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    Awww yeah. Shame it's a 3-year plan, but I know that's not Microsoft's fault in anyway. That's our country's sad standard for all smartphones. But if I'm gonna be tied for three years, it's gonna be WP.