Angry Birds, 6 more Xbox LIVE hits now 99 cents

Angry Birds, 6 more Xbox LIVE hits now 99 cents

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Calling all bargain hunters. 1 of 6In case you missed it amid all the excitement this week, you can now pick up several great Xbox LIVE games for just 99 cents in the Windows Phone Marketplace—including megahits like Burn the Rope and Angry Birds.

Get ‘em while they’re hot. Here’s the full list. Click any title to see it in Marketplace.

Angry Birds

Burn the Rope

de Blob ®™

Doodle God


Max and the Magic Marker, Special Edition

Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp

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  • erio
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    Got not chance to grab this games, not available in my area, so so unfortunate!

  • I grabbed a few, it's about time we start competing with other marketplaces ! I love my WP7 device but, I hate paying 3X the price for the same apps as the iOS and Android users pay...

  • @Kenny Rawlins,

    I am pretty sure my wife (who has an iPhone 4) isn't some blind iSheep some like to coin Apple users. And I can guarantee the way it sounded like you were pushing an Ultrabook on to your friend, I probably would have gone with my first choice as well as I don't really care to be convinced in buying a product (its why I avoid the sales folks in stores like Best Buy, etc...)

    And I had no clue you couldn't have two Facebook profiles. My wife has had two for almost two years now. One for family, friends, etc... and another one for her residents (She works/we live in a college residence hall)

  • Btw I read that article on Gizmodo about 2hours after my post here and there you see others sharing the same type of frustration over things that Microsoft's WP Team should be able to take care of by doing things like releasing their own apps to fill the void instead of having to depend so much on 3rd party developers.

    MS has to give the new customers confidence in their products by providing the apps and services that can enhance their user experience and productivity.

    In twitter, I like to read through what people are saying about this platform and its good to see that there's alot of growing excitement with the release of the new phones. But you also can see alot of them running into some of the limitations of the OS or frustrated about certain Apps not being there yet so I at least try to point out some of the alternatives.

    Please speed up the pace!

  • KR
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    We can market windowsphone as much as we want,it will get people's attention,they'll try it but when they discover its better in what it does,but lacks a lot in what it should be doing,it might not be a good thing and wouldn't make it gain marketshare

  • KR
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    When you pick an Android phone,you know you have all Google's services either as apps outta box or integrated.if I was still a huge google service user I would've totally owned a droid.

    And that's what I meant by saying branding this OS Windows might not have been a smart idea IMHO.when you get a Windows product you expect to get great communication between a PC and your product which is not the case with windows phone. No matter how much I prefer windows phone to Android and iOS we have to admit that Android communicate way better with a PC than windows phone does

  • KR
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    That's what I've always been saying,even when I talked about branding it windows phone.glad someone also sees that big issue

  • Exactly... the pace really needs to be picked up.

  • Now that alot of people are coming aboard to try windows phone. With the release of the lumia 900 and titan 2. Microsoft needs to do everything within their power to keep the new users on the platform.

    There's still alot of simple features missing which ms can easily fill the void with an app for e.g. Screen shot app and Bluetooth file transferring just to name a few. I know eventually these features will be baked into the OS but stop taking so long to fill the gaps in the OS.

    Nokia has been doing their part providing quality apps like Nokia Drive and Maps, now it's your turn Microsoft. The Xbox companion is nice but not very useful. We need stuff that can enhance the OS.

  • Gizmodo's Chris Madden has a great article up today giving Microsoft some tough love about WP.  And it's mostly about the apps that either aren't there, or are there but don't work.  It's well worth a read!

  • You know i got this Nokia Lumia 900... Nice phone so far but im very disappointed with Microsoft because one would expect for them to throw everything behind the platform(like Google does) but yet they don't... How can third parties support a platform that even their creator is lacking to support?

    For example:

    No Live Mesh Client

    No Remote Desktop Client *FROM MICROSOFT* <--- This should be included BY DEFAULT on the OS!!!

  • You guys should read this!

  • Yeah, I can understand not having my credit unions app yet, but major banks like Chase, or Wells Fargo is ridiculous. Think of apps like McDonald's, Target, Lowe's, Ford, Mercedes.. The games come and go in popularity, but the apps for getting things done on a daily basis are very important. Keeping WP on the TV is it's best chance at earlier adoption. Like I said before, marketing will solve ALL OF WP's little issues,, including apps.

  • KR
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    I think Nokia should introduce the other colors of the Lumia900 in Canada ASAP.on the Rogers blog,90% of the comments on the article announcing the Lumia900 consist of people requesting the Cyan or White variant.

    The hippy culture is kind of back,people want things that stand out.i don't know of a better way to be conspicuous besides color

  • KR
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    I totally agree with you on the banking thing.its not solely about big name apps its about the apps people use frequently as the banking apps.none of the 4 big banks in Canada has an app on the WP marketplace.same as TV News networks there's maybe just one official app from the most popular TV networks in's something I think Microsoft should promote and partner with these companies

  • @Rodney - I've had more successful demos too!  The only frustrating part about it, is how many people think that WP JUST came out... I was showing my phone to a lady at work the other day, and she said, "now this is the one that just came out, right?"  And when I explained that I'd had my phone since IT came out, over a year ago, she was confused, and said she really wanted to see the NEW Windows Phone... so I made sure that she ultimately understood that a couple new DEVICES and / or MODELS had just come out, but that the platform, the SYSTEM, has been establishing itself for some time now...

    Every news report I've heard pretty much follows the link you put up.  They love the phone, they love the OS, but the Apps are where it falls apart.  We HAVE to get more of the common apps on WP... the ones that aren't necessarily big marquee apps, but the ones that people use.  The banking apps (one for Chase, one for BofA, one for US Bank, etc) are a big one I hear about...

  • KR
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    I wonder why you are disappointed.You get that with anybody that use an apple product as their main product they are blind all they see is apple.

    Recently a friend of mind called me saying she needed a new computer after her MacBook when down. so I took her to bestbuy and introduced her to ultrabooks-since the reason she mostly gave me before for using a mac was the portability and thin feel of macbooks.she played with the ultrabooks for a bit, she loved the feeling and how fast + the great battery they have,but then after she was like-can we go see the macs, when I asked her why she started pointing out stuff she does with macOS (which in my opinion is the third OS after Windows and Linux) and right there I started showing her all those things on the ultrabooks and even showed her my ultrabook with the win8 beta,she was like wow, but still wanted to get a MacBook and since she ran out of explanatory reasons then she clearly admitted that its just because its a MacBook and its by apple. and she gave me this same reason when she bought an iphone4(was antenna reception is horrible I can't couint how many drop calls I've had talking to her or the number of times she randomly has no cell reception when I do)

    Thats just the way they are

  • @ Dj Mike

    And the awareness is already paying off... I showed my phone to 4 people last night, and they all said "I'm sold!""" quickly. This is because they have been seeing them on tv lately. My little demonstration had a much larger impact being backed up by those TV adds. Now, when I show my device people are saying "oh yeah, let me see that" instead of "what's that"... Nevertheless, WP marketing has a long way to go, and I hope nobody is becoming complacent yet. IMO we still need more tv ads than the amount coming on....


    This news report was on the technology update on The CW33 news @ 9, Dallas. It aired on 4/12/12. Although the reporter is obviously biased towards the iPhone, he does point out the WP functionality better than any WP marketing from the past. I was disappointed he had to end with saying it's not as good as the iPhone, but he openly admits it's better than Android for the majority of people. Take it how you want, but overall it's good exposure....

  • LGsPaWn
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    I think this is a great promotion - having had an iPhone for 2 years, and in February jumping into Windows Phone, the app prices weren't a wonderful sight. This promotion is exactly what I needed, though; I grabbed 4 of the games, even though 2 I already have on my iPhone. Fingers crossed the volume sold during this promotion shows that lower price points can work.

  • @Rodney - driving home last night, I heard a commercial for Free Nokia 710s (up to five of them) from T-Mobile...  And the commercial must have used the name "Windows Phone" at LEAST 5 times, and phrased it in a way to make it sound very desirable, as if to say, "you mean YOU don't have a WINDOWS PHONE yet?"  It was a very no nonsense commercial - just a woman's voice, don't believe there was any music, no sound effects and no humor.  Just dropping facts, such as "it's the best of Microsoft, built in to your phone," and more.  

    I rarely watch TV, so I haven't seen any of the new ads there, but was at the mall today and the AT&T kiosk had one corner with a huge Lumia 900 poster, but no phones on display that I could see...  (but to be honest, I was wrangling a sleepy 3 year old, so I didn't get to take the closest of looks)

    We both predicted it... we both mandated it... and the rise of awareness is finally starting!!

  • Dremt
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    It's non-reloadable promotional card, only for purchasing apps on Marketplace. I called the 800 number on the back, and they were completely ignorant to what I was attempting to do.

    If Windows Marketplace is not set up to accept this card...MS should never have issued it to me!

  • KR
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    She has a Sony Ericsson Xpera arc.she loved the blue Lumia 900 and the white,and was willing to get one,unfortunately Rogers(who is her carrier) offers only the black,which just as me she didn't like. She doesn't care so much about the OS,she chooses her phones based on the design and colors.she complaints about how Android sucks but hasn't seen any windows phone here that has got her attention

  • tsrblke
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    Those prepaid cards are always a nightmare, it sounds like somone didn't consider the preauthorization issues with those when they sent them out.  I'd just run down to your local gas station, wal-mart, target, or whatever and turn that into a $25 gift card and use something else for the marketplace.

  • Check these dudes out from the wpcentral blog. They live here in Dallas, and we've been talking about starting a WP club here... They crack me up, with their antics, and I think this would make a GREAT! WP commercial. Just two jokers walking to the store laughing, and bragging, about their new Nokia phones. The language may need to be cleaned up, but the basic concept for a TV/Online commercial is SOLID! Keep in mind that these two dudes both just got their Lumias so Ive been getting messages from them lately. Dallas Rocks for Windows Phone!

    And Michael, this video is public, so don't hate! LOL! Just joking.

  • camus154
    11 Posts

    Hi Michael Stroh,

    When is WP7 finally going to include separate volume controls? Still waiting after almost 2 years.

  • @Rodney - absolutely!  I ALWAYS prefer to go the "legal" or "fully authorized" route... When I link my Twitter account to my Facebook account, it automatically asks me if I want it to post to my personal profile (or Timeline) or to one of my pages...  It really isn't a big stretch of the imagination to get the WP integration to support the same kind of thing.  Whereas right now, if I share a picture, it brings up all my email accounts, asking me which one to choose.  I'd like to see, maybe under the "Social Networks" umbrella, options for all of my FB identities... which, just to point out to the goody-two-shoes out there, ARE ALL UNDER MY SINGLE, PERSONAL LOGIN!!!  :)

  • Fantastic. Unfortunately, in the Romanian marketplace angry birds, burn the rope, doodle god, etc. are not available. I'm sure nobody can tell us when things will change; the platform is doing so good, rovio can't even find the time to check the checkbox "Available in RO". Great !

  • @ DJ mike...

    So you agree that we need a "legal" solution?... Taking into consideration the goody 2 shoes opinions......

  • @ Kenny...

    Take her to see the 900, wait until the white version is available. Thats your best chance to convince her until Nokia, or maybe even Samsung, comes out with another device. Also, depending on which Droid device she has you might have to wait until WP8 to excite her about WP. Sorry, the market has filled the average consumers head with these misconceptions. Which device does she have??

  • Robb
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    great deals. I already have two of them and for .99 ea I will pick up the others.

  • KR
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    Her Droid is a crap but she'll give it up coz she likes the phone's design and all the time she gets my phone to do basic stuff

  • KR
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    Print this in Bold on my T-shirt "I love girls who love Windows" and beside it in smaller Characters print "Sorry Wife"

    Maybe that'll get my wife to dumb her droid for a windows phone :)

  • @Rodney, I believe that more than one facebook account for a single user is a violation of the Facebook TOS. Therefore, I don't think very many people are in your situation.

  • @Rodney - I admin several pages, and post to them via the post-by-email function of the page.  I have a contact set up in my people hub with that email address, and can send status updates and pictures to the pages through that.  Until we get a baked in "Post To Page" feature, it's working pretty well...

  • Luigi
    9 Posts

    That’s great news! Zune will be my first stop once I get to my home computer tonight. Can’t wait to get Angry Birds in my HD7 and Lumia 900 soon to be (I hope!) Sigh!!!!

    Speaking of Lumia 900: Is that true that AT&T has an exclusive resale distributorship for 45 days on the Lumia 900 and that after that period the Lumia 900 will be available on all networks? Better yet, does anyone know if a jailbroken AT&T Lumia 900  will work on T-Mobile 4G HSPA+ network?

  • @ waazzupppp

    That's right! I'm talking about syncing both my personal page, and my business page. Good idea right?

  • So... Is there a way to purchase these with Microsoft Points?

  • So... How do we go about using Microsoft Points to purchase these games (or other apps) via Zune?

  • @Rodney E. Jones - I personally think it's a bit crazy to violate Facebook's terms and expect a device to have support for doing it. Now if you are talking about pages, then I feel differently, but if you are talking about 2 separate individual accounts, no - it's a bad idea to support it because Facebook doesn't want people doing it.

    On the flip side to that... I would love to see "post to pages" support for those of us that Admin Company or Organizational pages. It would be great if I could update my business page, or my client's page right from the me tile - or better yet, the "my stuff" tile. A "Post As" selection in the Me tile could work the same way as well.

    For Twitter, there are too many multi-account supporting Apps already, so Me should get it built in soon - but we will see on that one...

  • I have to agree that using MS Points would be awesome - or even Xbox Points if that is different... You can buy games for the Xbox with them - why not Win Phone?

    Though I do have to take exception with the "pricing" of the apps on WP vs. the others... Sure, the Android app is .99 all the time, but it's updated twice a week and usually crashes on new devices from phone to phone. Also, legally, you are only allowed to install one license at a time for all purchases from the Android Market or Amazon AppStore. Windows Phone allows apps to be installed on up to 5 devices legally that are linked to the same 'live account'. This is huge for me as I regularly rotate phones based on how I feel in the morning.

    When I used to be an Androidian, I used a rooted Samsung Moment, rooted Evo 4G or Photon... They didn't like the same apps at all - especially the Tegra 2 based stuff on my Photon vs. the Evo or the Moment's lower res screen vs. the other two... With Windows Phone, my Radar 4G and Focus S run all the same programs and they are all installed on both devices at all times! It's worth the extra $2 a title for me and considering good games can be had for $2.99 - it seems that the $3 to $5 prices are decent if not good.

    The $.99 sale is definitely a step in the right direction for older titles, but until they allow sideloading through Zune, I'll pay the extra for some good entertainment on a phone that works.

  • As always this is OS.....

    I have two Facebook accounts, so naturally I want to be able to view whats happening on both from my smartphone. Just like the linked inbox it would be nice if a WP device could accept, and link, two or more Facebook, twitter, or other accounts together. The me tile only will show content from one account of the same kind at a time. Catch what I'm saying?

    Does anybody think this would be a useful feature??

  • @Jose Daniel: I'm not aware of any time limit on the 99 cent pricing.

  • Jezreel
    2 Posts

    When window phones start to introduce in the market. I believe that it will targeting all those business oriented online market.

  • Dremt
    2 Posts

    How come when I attempt to make a purchase using the prepaid Visa card I was sent by Microsoft after purchasing a WP7 device, it rejects all the information. I have never used the card before, it still has the $25 in full...but the info gets rejected every time I try to use it. Card is still good as it expires 6/2012. This is VERY annoying!

  • Mark
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    I've picked up all these cames except max. very nice and great price too.

  • Great news, but really more games should be sold at this price as standard really can't justify buying many games for my HTC Trophy at £2.29 when i know if i was an isheep or android user i could have the same product for only 69p. just makes me feel as though i'm being ripped off. i know £2.29 isn't much but annoying to know i could have bought 3 games for the price of 1 on other platforms.

    there needs to be a 'classic's' range where older titles become 69 / 79p if they can't be from the start.

    especially with for example angry birds where prior to the price cut it was more expensive than the iphone / android versions but contains fewer levels and no fast app switching.

  • These should be the prices for the games from the start. You can atleast start looking at reducing the XBL prices a little bit for a start. You will get a lot more love from the community.

  • Angry bird is the game that needs a right update from the ROVIO developers. This is the game that is still differentiating the platform from others

  • And Sri Lanka will be supported when you say?

  • They have these Best Buy Mobile stores at the mall now. It's Best Buy, but boutique size with a focus on mobile devices and accessories. I asked this associate, who was really down for tech, if anybody has come around asking for the 900. She said "YES, very many people are asking to see it, but we dont have it yet"....She said that she has been sending them online to find it... Now, this girl is new to the iPhone, and she loves it. She says she had 3 Android phones, but they have to many issues. Today was the first time she saw a working WP device, and she was impressed, especially about the misconceptions I dissolved. BTW, the store bad 1 WP device, the F.Flash. The representative said that it sells good, but only old people buy it.....

    I also had a similar experience at Car Toys today. The Manager said he switch to the iPhone because he couldn't put up with cheapdroid anymore. Car toys had 1 WP device, the 710, and the manager said he wishes they had the 900.

    We simply need more devices on other networks besides ATT. A lot of people want WP, but they dont want ATT! While this isn't new news, it just can't be repeated enough. But, I have faith......

  • @Justin I tried doing that but I'm getting the following message: "Can't get app

    It looks like you haven't signed in yet with a Windows Live ID on your phone. You need to do that before you can buy or download apps from Marketplace. "

  • T Windows
    116 Posts

    I was so hoping to see Plants -vs- Zombies in that list, but at least we’re getting a limited time price drop that always feels like a deal.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • WP definitely needs games pricing like this more often...  These are great deals, and I'm definitely adding a few to my phone!

  • @Jose - Yes he can - Just have him use the Windows Marketplace on the web to make the purchases with his LIVE ID he intends to use on the phone. If he has an existing Xbox LIVE account he needs to use THAT LIVE ID.

  • How long will this last? Because my brother's Lumia 710 won't arrive till the end of this week :/ Is it possible to buy the games (by using his Microsoft account) even though he doesn't have his phone yet?

  • It would be nice to see Microsoft doing this with more titles.  One of the complaints I hear from new WP users is how expensive the games are.

  • I really wish it would let me buy these games NOW, even though I don't own a Windows Phone yet. Microsoft, I'm TRYING to give you more money!

  • DjiXas
    46 Posts

    This is the price it should've been from the start.

    I still can't buy anything cause you don't accept points or PayPal and my LIVE is tied to US account, which asks for US credit card...

  • I wish Windows Phone accepted Microsoft Points to pay for apps. Then I would be all over this. (Or at had gift cards like iTunes does. Some of us don't like putting credit card info on our devices.)