10 things you didn’t know your Lumia could do

10 things you didn’t know your Lumia could do

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There’s a new poll out hinting that many people flocking to Windows Phone and handsets like the new Nokia Lumia 900 are former Apple and Android owners. (Can’t say I’m totally surprised.)Nokia Lumia 900

If you are a proud new Lumia owner—or just new to Windows Phone period—then you’ll probably want to check out the fun and handy story Nokia ran on its official blog today: 10 things you never knew your Lumia could do. It covers everything from saving battery power to finding a good nearby pub (always high on my list of priorities).

And if you did recently just pick up your first Windows Phone, I also highly recommend checking out our Tips +Tricks site—plus this giant list of tips. Guaranteed you’ll find something that makes you go wow.

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  • How Soon we Forget fellow WP users........if anyone has been using WP over last few years will, or should remember that MS has done and continues to put out a WP version and IT'S NOT UPGRADABLE. Example, remember the HTC HD2, (just to name one) very NICE PHONE it two could not be upgraded.

    MS in my opinion will be snake bitten in the end. I now have a Nokia Lumia 710 presently and guess what........IT'S NOT UPGRADABLE.........does MS look at this like the PC World and ASSUME all will ditch our phone (now that we just got used to it and its our new best fritend) because they have released a new version (OS) and have ZERO REGARD for those of us who have been patient and hoping that maybe, just maybe MS will RELEASE AN OS THAT IS UPGRADABLE for my/our phones.......WHY DO I NEED A NEW PHONE WHEN ALL I NEED IS CURRENT AND UP TO DATE OS????????

    Not bashing WP's, Love them, use one now and have been past few years and have no plans, at this moment to change. All I am saying is MS needs to UPGRADE THE WAY THEY ARE THINKING REGARDING WP's. MS you have  what could be the Future OS for ALL EVERYWHERE , SO WHY ARE YOU MAKING IT SO DIFFICULT FOR PRESENT USERS......IT SUCKS FOR US!

  • Potzy
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    So, when are you going to let people know about the 8 upgrade?

  • technoloG
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    What about the ability to backup all device data, as well as being able to restore all data to the current device or transfer it over?

    Vote for this missing core functionality at the WindowsPhone UserVoice Suggestion Box!


  • T Windows
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    @ All the new owners of the Windows Phone

    We would like to say thanks for being cool for the past 5 years with your beta devices, and that we are truly happy  that you have made the switch.

    Welcome aboard to the Windows family, you will be pleased and amazed at the awesome innovations you now carry in the palm of your hands.

    Ok ok with all laughter aside - seriously congratulations!

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • KR
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    @it might not be my main device

  • KR
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    I just don't wanna be rude whenever i'm using a different phone to come here and say yes I'm using a different phone and i'm loving it.the thing is i will always have a windows phone(i actually have 2) but it might be my main device as I've said before i'm a fan of Microsoft products and always buy them and watch them develop

  • KR
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    Lol.yeah I know I've threatened a couple of times but not every week(though every week I point out something negative and my writing make it feel like i'm threatening to leave :)),actually I did leave a couple of times,the most recent being before I got the update fix for the keyboard.i actually didn't use my WP for 2 months and I wasn't willing to buy a new phone during that time so I went back to my windows mobile lol(we all know one can't use WM for a long time :)).i also left for about a month after Mango when i couldn't set the MMS settings on my WP and returned when i interup unlocked it.

    So i do leave when i say it,especially when you notice i'm missing from this blog

  • @ Kenny and whoever...

    I'm not going to keep going back and fourth about whether I'm going to stick with WP, or what MS practices are, or make up excuses about things that have been promised and not fulfilled, or what WP doesn't have. I like WP, and nothing a few unconfirmed reports has to say is going to make me start to loose faith that WP will just keep getting better, and better. I think MS knows the importance, and demand that we have for updates, especially now. MS has dropped the ball on two things in My opinion, marketing, and updates. And, you guys are right, these areas need improvement fast. But it's not going to happen overnight. It is good though that a lot of people have been telling MS to speak up, I like that. If you truly love, and stand by a product, you will have faith that it will succeed, based on past variables of course.

    & Kenny, you threaten to leave every week! You aren't going anywhere dude. Lol! Don't tell me that BS! Hahah... Dork.

    I thought you were past that.. Lol

    Watch, this will all blow over, next week. How many times have we been through this?

  • @ OM1.. I'm saying that MS doesn't have to tell what there future plans are. Who does when their not ready? Who? Now, I do think that, considering MS stance in the market, they should explain this time what's going on. Go back and read my post.

  • I still love my lumia 900 despite all the crazy rumors. A firmware update improving the camera quality and more brightness for white backgrounds and websites is all Im asking for right now

  • KR
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    I've reached the point where I need a new phone,a month ago I was for sure positive my next phone was a Lumia,but now i'm back to the start point where I even doubt if it will be a Windows phone

  • KR
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    First of all not based on rumours,Microsoft has promised Apollo for the end of 2012,i'll just try to find the official statement and share it with you.

    Secondly not because apple does something necessarily means Microsoft should do the same.they have different customer bases.

    Thirdly apple releases a single phone every 12-13 months and they have a 18month update guarantee period which they generally commit to and fulfill.you don't wanna buy a Lumia today and 8months later I realize I can't update it,8 months doesn't get my value balanced.15 months at least.

    Fourthly this is no more the dumb phone era where you bought a phone phone for what it does now.with smartphones people buy the ecosystem which incorporate promises and expectations.

    I personally don't like apple products,but in general I have to admit they're more organized and do things better.i just wouldn't buy their stuff.when it comes to Android I hated it because it was crappy as windows mobile but I have to admit their recent phones such as the HTC one X and Galaxy Note perform really well when it comes to speed and smoothness(which what WP prides itself of) and are feature loaded which beats WP by far.so other than the Metro and live tiles i don't see anything special or better about WP anymore.i still love it because i'm just biased and generally like everything Microsoft

  • om1
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    Hmm, i said it wrong, but I guess you get what i wanted to say: the two previous versions of iPhone still run the most recent version of iOS, albeit with some reduced functionality.

    Saying "Apple doesn't do it" so MS doesn't have to either is wrong. I suppose MS wants to do better than Apple? Better OS, better hardware, better support, better marketing? Currently MS is failing on about 3 out of 4 points.

  • KR
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    Secondly,just as everyone else I think the uncertainty behind the Apollo update for current devices is very very bad.

    First from the consumer side in that they wouldn't buy an immature OS and be stuck with it without being able to update it.they don't wanna find themselves in such a situation,as a result of the silence from Microsoft,they'll feel there exist the possibility of them being left behind and wouldn't buy any windows phone.in the future even after Apollo they still will be skeptical about the future,and many still wouldn't buy it.

    this also affect current and prospective developers as the need consumers to sell.

  • om1
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    2 previous versions (3GS and 4) and the latest: (4S) run the latest version of iOS, albeit with some reduced functionality.

  • Nobody expects Apple to divulge release information, so why are they being so ruff on MS??. Previous iPhones have not been able to upgrade to the latest OS, and Microsoft hasn't committed to any time frame for the next major release of WP. For all we know lumia 900 users could have their devices for a long time before anybody gets a update. The update could come mid 2013, or later...so Lumia owners would get there moneys worth whether they get updated by December 2012 or not. The point is you should buy a device that you like now. Buy it for the features that you can put up with for the rest of your contract, because no update is guaranteed...... I'm still waiting on the keyboard fix,, screw Apollo! Lol..

    And, while more functionality would be Awesome, you guys that are threatening to return your devices don't like WP for what it is now? Its not good now? Why would you buy it now?

    Even if MS does promise a update for all phones what does that really mean? So you guys want to be promised something which you dont even know what it consist of?? To tell you something about something you could not have any information about until latter on just doesn't make any sense,, at least mathematically. But since this whole issue has been blown up by idiots its best that MS steps up and clears these misconceptions,, even if they shouldn't have to.

  • KR
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    First to answer Michaela's question,I'm interested in an app for this blog

  • Fed44
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    I don't want to say anything, but if the rumors of no Apollo for any handset is true the small WP7 market share as it is today will crumble into pieces and although I have been able to learn to love WP7 with all it's policies this is something I cannot support. Even if the rumor is false though, you will see the same happen if you fail to comment on the situation soon...

  • As a wp7 supporter since launch and a recent Lumia 900 owner, I think MS would be suicidal if they don't support the so called "flagship" phone recently released. Its bad enough many devs aren't sold on WP yet, now with this Apollo uncertainty, there will be little consumer confidence in the mobile market for MS.

    Not even wp8 superphones would save them because there will always be that lingering "will I get burn once again?" question flying around. I do hope Microsoft can speak on this soon and prove the rumors wrong cause if not, it's game over. :/

  • Better get word to your AT&T "partners".  I traded my iPhone for a Lumia last Sunday, a week after the launch, and their in-store machine for transferring contacts "hadn't been updated" for the Lumia yet.  Worse, they didn't know about the very elegant Nokia Contacts Transfer app... I had to stumble upon it at Nokia's UK website.  The AT&T guys resorted to a SIM copy, which really made a mess of my contacts list.

    WP7 is okay, and I will stick with it thru Apollo at least, but I hope you guys keep the pedal to the metal on development... you've still got some catching up to do with the iPhone.  Mail app and browser most notably.

  • Microsoft should offer a best-effort opt-in update for all current devices to Windows Phone 8. Even if that might not lead to optimal results from a purely technical standpoint for the current devices, and even if it would take extra time (maybe two month after WP8 is out on the new devices), it would win the hearts of the community big time.

  • I assume the thoughts on 'partial' upgrades of current WP7 devices are about correct, but it would perhaps the best if any uncertainties are just timely removed.


  • Some of those features can't work in non-US countries.

  • Luigi
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    That’s great to see what a Lumia phone can do… No surprises here for folks like us.

    However, two things that Lumia phones (or any Windows Phone!) cannot do is to directly sync to Outlook via USB connection with Outlook local Contacts, Calendar and Tasks folders, unless you have an Exchange account, but this is a different story. Since many iPhone users are moving to Windows Phones this is a huge shortfall on the Windows Phone operating system. I just cannot understand how this feature can work so seamlessly well within iTunes whereas with Windows Phone you have to either install the Outlook Connector which 1) causes your Outlook email client to freeze/crash on a random fashion  2) creates a new set of Contact and Calendar folders linked to your Live account so you are now dealing with two Calendars and two Contacts; or, you have to acquire a third party connector, pay $49.95 for it and pray that it works.

    Other flaw: Why Windows Phone OS does not have the option to “Leave messages on server”? Once I download a message in my phone, if I delete that message from my phone that same message is automatically deleted from the server and it’s gone forever. This happens under both IMAP and POP3 email setting.  No a big deal once you are aware of it but I lost several important messages during the learning process. Besides, this should be a standard basic feature on an ambitious OS like Windows Phone!

  • @Michael

    Please get this information updated as it is misleading:

    5. Use Battery Saver when you need extra battery life

    "In Settings, then Battery, you can enable Battery Saver which will discontinue your phone’s ability to get emails and a few other battery intensive operations."

    It doesn't discontinue the ability completely it just stops the scheduled/push that normally runs in the background.  You can still get emails manually by opening the Inbox and doing a refresh.

  • om1
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    I cannot believe MS does not have an official policy on this and is creating confusion.

    Let me make this clear: no official statement by MS means to me: the existing phones will NOT be able to run WP8.

  • om1
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    ArsTechnica wasn't able to get a confirmation from any microsoft spokesperson.


    So the issue remains unclear.

  • @James Manes: There are a lot of negative publicity going on around the web right now. Seems to be the trend. Anyways, have a look at this article: thenextweb.com/.../all-windows-phone-handsets-will-run-upcoming-windows-phone-8-update

    I also read somewhere that all devices, including the first gen ones will get the Win8, but maybe restricted in capability depending on the hardware it runs on. So, dont worry. Enjoy your lumia.

  • Comeon MS, make it possible for us to store our texts somewhere... I dont want a bleedin' app to do that for me.

  • I was about to renew my contract tomorrow and get the new lumia but after checking my fb and twitter feeds i read this issue about this phones not upgradable to apollo, i thought wmpoweruser posted an article claiming it otherwise? This needs to be clarified ASAP, otherwise i'm holding on to my mozart.

  • @MIchael Stroh


    I want info on this. Will I be able to upgrade to Apollo when it comes out or not. If not I am returning my Lumia ASAP an going with an Android phone.


  • SeNiLe911
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    1 thing you didn't know your Lumia could NOT do, upgrade to 'Apollo'... You have one day to come clean on this or it's going back.

  • Hello! I am sorry this doesn't have anything to do with the topic at hand but i just felt the need to ask anyway. What happened to the Suggestion Box app? As far as i can see there is a lot of activity by WP users but there doesn't seem to have been any activity there by any admins for several months, why is that?

  • someone @ ms better get their head on straight and deny this before me and 2 million others return our new phones! This is my 3rd wp (focus, focus s, and now lumia 900) and i refuse to invest any more money (including zune, games/apps, xbox live, office, etc) if this is what we can expect going forward (leaving the loyal fans out in the cold)!


  • Michael asked us this question at the end of the last post, please respond to him..

    "@Rodney, Kenny, T-Windows: I'll check on its status. There are a couple unofficial ones in Marketplace, and of course there are always feed readers.  

    How many people would find a dedicated Windows Phone Blog app handy? The Office blogs have a  really slick-looking official one. Have you seen it? Something like that, maybe?"

    Yes Michael, I would find one handy. And, I think the office blog app is good, but how about something with a real visual impact, something cool like the live tiles on the start screen? Metro with a high tech feel, just for us enthusiasts.

  • KR
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    Can we please have a way of configuring MMS settings on Windows phones carrier branded,but carrier unlocked?

    Rogers in Canada lock the phones such that if you buy a phone off contract and carrier unlock it,you cannot still use the MMS service on a different carrier even when you use the Samsung network tools(for Samsung WPs) your carrier's network profile doesn't appear for you to choose all you can choose is Rogers

    To overcome this,the only way was to developer unlock my focus and interup unlock it too,then the Samsung network tools could use my carriers network profile automatically,though i still couldn't select it from a list but at least Rogers wasn't the default option and now i can receive MMS

    A lot of people are complaining about this,even those who just bought the Lumia 900 off contract from Rogers are getting really upset for not being able to use their carriers MMS profile and as such can't receive or send MMS