Go “Behind the Tiles” at Best Buy, win a new Lumia 900

Go “Behind the Tiles” at Best Buy, win a new Lumia 900

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imageWant to learn more about Windows Phone and the new Nokia Lumia 900? Starting tomorrow through mid-May, Microsoft is holding in-depth, hands-on sessions at 12 Best Buy outlets around the country.  See the complete list of stores and dates

What’s in it for you? Well, for starters you’ll have a chance to win a new Lumia 900. You’ll also get to:

  • Play with some of the latest and greatest Windows Phones
  • Attend an instructor-led deep dive with the Nokia Lumia 900
  • Learn more about Windows Phone’s unique Metro design and future
  • Get the latest info on Windows Phone for IT pros and developers
  • Mingle with Windows Phone experts and fellow fans
  • Enjoy free food and drinks

These events are invitation-only and have a limited number of remaining open slots, so register now if you’re interested. (Enter mscust for the RSVP code.)

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  • Attended the event in Irvine and I must say it was a lot of fun. Seemed to be a good mix of people that were already Windows Phone enthusiasts and iOS and Android users. Didn't win, but gained a great understanding of the OS and what MS is trying to do with it.

  • why microsoft is not going to give APOLLO update for existiong Nokia WP?

  • Congrats to KTGiang for winning the Lumia 900.  I am hoping to win one next week in Dallas.  But what I am really looking forward to is asking some questions about the Microsoft/OEM/carrier relationship in the update process.  I have heard many variations from many different sources.  I just want to hear it from the official horses mouth.

  • KTGiang
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    I won the black Lumia 900 @ the "Irvine" location. Which was supposed to be "Costa Mesa"... Good thing I just followed the address instead of the name. =D

  • KR
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    The new bing translator app doesn't work for me.i was cool wth the old one, now now this new one never works for me.it always says I can't perform this action now and that I should try again later or download the offline dictionary.when I try to download the offline dictionary it tells me I can't for the moment and that I should try later

    I just had to uninstall the app because its now useless

    How I miss my old bing translator

  • Leila
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    I live in Saudi Arabia and Mondrian is the first and only smartphone I ever owned. I bought it from US in April 2011 (operator unlocked).

    In December 2010, Mr. Steve Ballmer, on his visit to Saudi Arabia, said "We'll have Windows Phones available here in Saudi Arabia in December of this year.." (source -> www.microsoft.com/.../11-02opendoor.aspx). But when I surveyed the local mobile market there in March 2012.. I was unable to find a single handset out of those 25 devices (give or take!). 70+ percent of advertisements were for Android (esp. S2) remaining was that of i*devices. Word on street was "Samsung is going to announce S3 and its going to release in next few months. Should I buy S2 or wait for few months?".

    Personally, it feels like I am one of the most outmoded person, advocating for Windows Phone and Microsoft products in my circle. In return, I get comments like "have you heard of the Nokia loss news? You know why Nokia lost billions -- the answer is your WP! Have your heard about XBOX loss too..". Then they question about language support in Windows Phone!!

    There are 1.5+B people who speak Arabic and Hebrew worldwide. That is a considerably a big number with great marketing and selling opportunities. It's hard to believe that it requires 2 years to implement Arabic language pack for Windows Phone OS, when MS is providing these lang packs since Windows95! Middle East has a great mobile and gadget market which would increase your sales. MS can certainly expect more ROI! With my limited survey, I can say that overall the gadget market is still virgin here..

    That or please reconsider your slogan "Put people first"! (pardon my sarcasm, but you guys seriously made me heartbroken on this one!)

  • I'm thinking of running an announcement on the radio for getting us Windows users together for a club in my area.  With the Nokia drive and camera we could get together for some pretty fun back country tours. I'm not in Utah though.

  • Does Microsoft have any plans for marketing outside the US... ie. Canada?

  • @ Michael, Kenny, and T.W.

    Mike, yes a chronicle of the development would be cool. How about some video? We would love video of a, you,, MS employee developing anything for WP!

    @ Kenny, Michael... Yeah I'm still waiting on a WP T-Shirt :-) with the start screen real big on the back! Red accent color please!

    @ T.W.... See you to!,,, :-D

  • @Michael - GO FOR IT!!  That would be great to read!!

  • T Windows
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    Go for it!

    If you make a Windows blog app we will be more than happy to demo it and provide you with valuable feedback for future versions.

    I can see it now 10 star ratings for Michael Stroh the developer who built the first official windows blog app.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • T Windows
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    I’ll see you there – dude I can’t wait for the Windows Phone goodie bags, I’m hoping they will have some cool T-shirts & more stickers cause I'm out.

    I re-branded all my staffs beta phones here at the office with the " I Love Windows Phone " stickers, they are proudly sporting them still today.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • @Kenny (Rodney, Scuba): Hey, I'm just waiting for you guys to email me, using the link up on the right. :-)

  • KR
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    Did you finally bring down the number of posts to qualify for a T-Shirt to 4 hundred?if you did can please get my t-shirt :)?

  • Muteman
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    why is this not promoted in the United kingdom too? There Best buy in the U.K too, common Window phone team, make it happen.

  • @Rodney: Thanks for being my enforcer. :-) It's OK. I'm used to being ignored. Hahaha. I might take on the effort of making an official WinPhoBlog app myself--and maybe chronicle my misadventures in app development here on the blog

  • Also,

    Remember that video last year that MS posted on YouTube with Joe Belifore outlining the the features in Mango?? It wa posted on 5/23/11. This could give us a timeframe "8" might be outlined. Maybe... www.youtube.com/watch

  • @ Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did you guys respond to Michaels question? He asked if we would like a WindowsPhone Blog official application, and if we had any ideas on how it should be presented. Please give him your feedback. Now! :-D

  • @ Kenny,

    Yeah! I got to realize that not everyone is as biased as I am.. Hey, I bet MS speaks out either today or tomorrow. I just don't think they are going to tell it in a way that confirms anything.

  • KR
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    U got my comment on the previous post?lol

  • Yeah. Best Buy in north Dallas off 635 Monday 4/30/12.. You???

  • T Windows
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    Thanks so much for this post, I’m registered and ready to go!

    This will be the closest thing to a Microsoft Store/ event for us here in Dallas so we are geared up and looking forward to “The Behind the Tiles event”.

    @The Utah Windows fans –dude I’m sorry that they won’t be in your area for this event, but hopefully one day we will both have a Microsoft Store coming to our areas.

    –Maybe?  - We hope?  – We pray…

    @Rodney dude have you signed up yet?

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • Fogo
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    Hey - I signed up just to ask the same thing. Where's the Utah love?

  • Agreed! Utah needs some WP love...

  • Why are Microsoft events never hosted in Utah?