Now in Marketplace: Skype 1.0

Now in Marketplace: Skype 1.0

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The official Skype app for Windows Phone hit Marketplace this weekend. Download it now to start making free voice and video calls to other Skype users (or cheaper calls to landlines and other cells phones with Skype Credit).

If you’ve been using the beta version of the app, unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February, you’ll be happy to see the Skype team has been busy these last few months. Besides the usual bug fixing, they’ve also added support for 18 languages and made several other upgrades. A few highlights:

  • portrait mode video calling
  • support for joining audio conference calls
  • call-in-progress notifications
  • block and unblock contacts
  • add new contacts

Skype’s Big Blog and Garage blog have more to say about the new release. They also put together this nice video walkthrough. Take a look.

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  • japonga
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    The app works great and smooth but it would be much more practical and useful if it were integrated in the contacts/messages tiles (like Facebook).

  • Skype is being better with microsot . I think the sound and cam system will be better

  • anrorob
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    So Skype for PS Vita works in the background.

  • T Windows
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    I agree seeing that there was supposed to be a 45 day push of advertisement by AT&T; I’ve only seen one commercial.

    After the kick off in NYC & the Time Machine events I was ready for more – but so far Nokia has posted two additional you tube videos -

    Well we officially have less than a month left for the 45 day push so I’m hoping to see at least one surprise ad campaign or cool commercials from all three –MS, Nokia, & AT&T – We hope.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • T Windows
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    Thanks for the post and cool updates to Skype for the Windows Phone, I haven’t used Skype for some time now, but since it’s on my phone I decided to give it a serious look again.

    So far so good with the app, but I must say when I went the Skype website I couldn’t find one single webpage with the Windows Phone anywhere.

    On the other hand they had plenty images of the  -OTHER phones and several  laptop images with the -Fruit presence.

    But on a good note they did have 3 or 4 PC images, but just not enough for the average (MS) Windows fan like us.  

    LOL - I just didn’t feel the love seeing that now Skype is a partner to the software giant; or it could be that the webmaster is still a Smart Phone Beta Tester – just maybe.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • @ Kenny...

    They say that the iPhone is costing them to much to carry at a price most can afford. This means the next iPhone might have to cost more on contract, which will be to much for some people, and will make a need for a third, affordable, platform. Hence the recent Verizon cooperation, but like the lumia 900 being advertised on tv heavily, like I said, I will believe Verizon is on board when I see it......

    Speeking of Lumia 900 advertising.. Has anybody out there seen a Commercial on TV lately?? I don't think I've seen one all last week... Its to soon for the excitement to die down! What's the deal?????

  • KR
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    Just read on CNN that carriers are disappointed with Iphone sales.IDK If this is good news for Windows Phone,but it's definitely good news to me

    Read the news banner at the bottom of the TV screen under business news

    I have a picture I took but can't upload to this blog

  • KR
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    While I don't really understand what you saying,I agree on one thing though,the fact that Microsoft has lost direction IMHO.i think that is one of the biggest problem Microsoft is facing these days in all their product lines not only Windows Phone.

    Just as @Scuba said regarding the customization of Windows phone,I personally believe it's not necessary,that's just an example of how Microsoft might be loosing direction if the rumors of Microsoft letting OEMs to modify the UI in Windows 8

  • techieg
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    This totally makes no sense. How can you release an unfinished app? Something that will not work once not in focus or in screen lock. This is a huge shame. Also why is MS delivering focused and uncluttered TV ads such as this one for Skype instead of the stupid ads that show the users' lifestyle and only shows the phone in the end? MS has really missed direction a lot.

  • @ James, Kenny, DJ Mike, Scuba, whoever,....

    I don't really want to disagree to much here.. The next update to Skype.. would probably be a good idea if they allowed it to run in the background. We got to be competitive.

    256mb phones?... They must be planning on starting out at $free. This is possible, and could work. As far as fragmentation,, we'll have to wait to see what happens, but Im sure WP is already subject to some amount of fragmentation. Blatant fragmentation isn't what Im hoping for though....

    And, one thing that has been on my WP hot list????  This weekend, at a party everyone, who had android was hooking there phones up to the AV system by HDMI, taking turns playing DJ. It was cool how their phones had A/V out. I couldn't join in on the fun. Zune would have looked awesome up on that 50" TV, especially with the WinMo screen shots that they had up. What a missed opportunity. I have been saying this since before WP came out. We need HDMI out! No substitute, no new output, no proprietary output, no USB to HDMI output,, we need HDMI out. I will be extremely upset if WP8 doesn't have HDMI out!

  • KR
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    You've said it all

  • KR
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    I agree with you for the background agent think because i'm exactly the same I don't stay online all day even with Facebook.but given that Microsoft is pushing WP as a social life and entertainment ecosystem,they need to fix this because their target audience is the kind of people frequently online and social networking.

  • No background notifications is a big problem! That needs to be fixed.

  • @Kenny - I've made that exact same rant on here several times.  The 256MB devices are a BAD idea, and will not help WP in the long run...  Yes, they'll allow slightly more affordable devices, but at what cost?  Frustrating people to the point that they don't want to play in our sandbox anyway!

    And seriously, in 2012, how significant is the price difference between 256 and 512MB of RAM?  Isn't this at least SOMEWHAT of a smoke and mirrors game to appear like we're meeting the low end of the market?  If Nokia can sell the Lumia 900 at $99 right out of the gate, they could EASILY dumb down a few OTHER specs and sell it for $49.  Oh wait, they already did that with the 710... so WHY do we need these lower-spec phones?

  • @Kenny, that is a good point.  I've not been shy about attacking all the people who insist on a lot more differentiation/customization of devices, precisely for this reason.  iPhones have, for all practical purposes, zero differentiation, which makes writing apps for that ecosystem very attractive to developers.

    Now, to be fair, though, it looks like developers were SUPPOSED to be writing their apps to conform to certain memory Rules Of Engagement, thus allowing for them to operate--at least somewhat--in devices with less than 512MB or RAM.  Sad to say, Microsoft, in it's desire to kick the tires and light the fires with developers, allowed far too many apps to be certified while violating the ROE.  And, if you look at the short history of Windows Phone 7, devices and apps in general, you'll see there's been an ongoing battle between satisfying consumers DEMANDING that these things come out quickly versus those DEMANDING these things come out fully ready for primetime.

    You can't please everyone all the time.

    Personally, I'm quite pleased with the Skype app.  True, the Tango app is more full-featured.  But, I know many more people on Skype than Tango.  And, honestly, I never have Skype running in background on any of my machines, typically setting up a Skype call well ahead of time (usually for office meetings or communication with my wife.  I never "just call" someone.  So, speaking for myself, this isn't a deal-breaker YET.

  • KR
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    This is the sort of things I was talking about when I said the 256MB Devices will only bring fragmentation.This app wouldn't work on those devices.then next there'll be different versions of WP on different devices,then there wouldn't be any difference with android only difference will be the UI and the fact that Android will still be ahead and more established.

  • It's taken some time, but the app is super beautiful and works like a charm! :-)

  • Include the marketplace in China??

  • Marek
    22 Posts

    Still with a bug when switching from ear speaker to loud speaker. It takes about 4s!! and you can't hear anything for that time.. Bug since beta stage on my Omnia 7...

  • Aww comeon MS.. without the background agent, what good is this app? Tango, which has been on the Marketplace has been doing this since a good while back. Get your act together MS.. sort it out

  • DjiXas
    46 Posts

    Off-topic: but why SkyDrive WP app looks like from Windows Mobile 6.5?

    I am talking about the free disk space indicator/progress bar in setting/sabout? It looks so outdated

  • abm
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    Can't run in background! Can't receive a call if the app is not running! This is a BIG mistake. This is a deal breaker.

  • ok yesterday the marketplace was down and now zune says it can access the server? Guys a little heads up when moving/updating servers would be nice?

  • Great news, and congrats on the release... but it's a bit disappointing that there's no multitasking/background capabilities though. I'm sure a lot of us expect more from the company that makes the OS and the app.

  • Very, very good news.  I see ATT is out again of the Nokia 900 cyan.  Perhaps Best Buy weekend is successful.