Two Marketplace changes and how they affect you

Two Marketplace changes and how they affect you

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Hi everyone. Today I want to tell you about two changes we’re making to Marketplace to help pave the way for new store features and new apps in the months ahead.

First, we’re removing the option to shop for Windows Phone apps from the Zune PC software. Second, as part of a larger Marketplace improvement effort, you’ll soon need Windows Phone 7.5 installed on your phone to buy and download new apps, or update existing ones.

As you’ll see in a moment, most of you likely won’t even notice these changes. Let me elaborate.

Focusing on phone and web

Until today you could shop for Windows Phone apps and games in three places: on your phone, on the web, and via the Zune software on your PC.

But we know—probably not a huge surprise here—that most Windows Phone owners browse and buy apps on their phones. The web Marketplace, which debuted last September on the Windows Phone website, has also become a popular place to shop, since it’s available from any Internet-connected PC or Mac.

The web Marketplace makes it easy to browse and buy apps from any internet-connected PC (or Mac). That convenience makes it very popular with customers. 

As a general rule, we like to focus our engineering efforts where they matter most, and your taps and clicks tell us that’s our phone and web stores. So starting today we began the process of removing the Windows Phone apps option from the Zune software. The Zune HD app store will remain open.

This change won’t require you to do anything special. Next time you run the program, you’ll simply see a pop-up letting you know features have changed. After you restart the software, it will look like the screenshot below. By the way, the Zune software is still important for things like installing Windows Phone software updates and making backup copies of photos and videos stored on your handset. And, of course, many people use it to play and buy music.

Once the Windows Phone store is removed from the Zune software, this is how it will look.

Paving the way for new features

Speaking of updates, most of you already carry phones running Windows Phone 7.5, the latest version of our smartphone operating system. But a handful of folks haven’t upgraded from earlier versions yet. If you’re one of them, and you like apps, now would be a good time to update.

That’s because starting in the next few weeks anybody who wants to buy or download a new app, update an existing app, or submit app reviews to Marketplace will need Windows Phone 7.5 on their phone. Updating your phone isn’t hard—typically all you need to do is plug it into your computer. Before you start the process, which can take an hour or more, you’ll want to read over the checklist on Update central, our comprehensive how-to and troubleshooting resource. To install the update, follow the steps in this article.

Update Central on the Windows Phone website is a one-stop shop for how-to and troubleshooting info on software updates for your phone.

Why are we doing this? Marketplace is growing fast. It now has over 80,000 apps overall and is available in 54 (soon to be 63) countries around the world. Requiring Windows Phone 7.5 is part of a larger effort aimed at improving Marketplace performance and security, and paving the way for even faster growth and more new features.

If you don’t update to Windows Phone 7.5, you’ll still be able to browse Marketplace. But you’ll get an error message if you try to install an app or game, or update one already on your phone. Still need convincing that updating is worth it? Check out some of the hundreds of improvements and new features Windows Phone 7.5 makes possible.

I look forward to your comments and questions.

UPDATE: Several of you asked whether you'll still be able to download large apps and especially games using the Zune software. The answer is yes. You can find instructions for using Zune as your Internet connection here in the first Q&A pair. Sorry for not specifically calling that out.

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  • como eu baixo aplicativos com meu celular conectado ao computador?

  • I made a Post a Month Ago, neither did those cowards at Microsoft/Nokia come foward to rumble. Im just a normal citizen and I know this move was Stupid. They hire thousands of Graduates who thinks this is Brilliant. And to those selfFist people who voted thumbs up to this Limitaion. who can u be excited because in your case download from the phone was there & still is. But they vote this Blog up. If I had a choice I would swap this phone now & Ive posted it online to transfer this Lumia curse.

    Still in South Africa Lumia cant receive MMS messages because MTN & Vodacom dont have the settings yet. I wish I can warn everyone that is about to buy any WindowsPhone about this. My friends were loving the phones Looks, but I will post this Blog to Facebook. 4500 friends will be warned

  • Disappointing stuff from Microsoft, yeah am referring to the removal of Apps feature from Zune.  With both iOS and Android rolling out everything possible to make things user friendly, it is nothing but shocking to see Microsoft going with the majority/minority user approach.  Need I remind everyone that Windows OS is minority at this time to begin with and so keeping ALL Microsoft users happy should be the business goal (technical stuff apart)?  

    First of all the PR/Communication for this change was handled poorly.  As like majority of folks expressing disappointment, I also had to Google about this stuff to find out the feature was missing.  

    Secondly, for some of us (categorized as Minority) this used to be a top feature so we are obviously not thrilled.  

    Thirdly the alternative ( is no comparison to the feature available (was) with Zune.  Zune just needed your phone to be connected to your PC for application download/install so it was very quick and easy.  Web downloads take longer time as it requires that you have a strong data connection (if you are not in a wi-fi zone).  If it is a big application then you pretty much give up.  Lets say users are downloading stuff impulsively, you really think they have the patience and time to remember the Application and do it when they are connected to wi-fi?  

    Again I think this is a classic example of working hard but without proper vision or understanding the users.  Disappointing really.  Anyways, looks like it is time for me to move away to a different OS after all :(

  • Disappointing stuff from Microsoft, yeah am referring to the removal of Apps feature from Zune.  With both iOS and Android rolling out everything possible to make things user friendly, it is nothing but shocking to see Microsoft going with the majority/minority user approach.  Need I remind everyone that Windows OS is minority at this time to begin with and so keeping ALL Microsoft users happy should be the business goal (technical stuff apart)?  First of all the PR/Communication for this change was handled poorly.  As like majority of folks expressing disappointment, I also had to Google about this stuff to find out the feature was missing.  Secondly, for some of us (categorized as Minority) this used to be a top feature so we are obviously not thrilled.  Thirdly the alternative ( is no comparison to the feature available (was) with Zune.  Zune just needed your phone to be connected to your PC for application download/install so it was very quick and easy.  Web downloads take longer time as it requires that you have a strong data connection (if you are not in a wi-fi zone).  If it is a big application then you pretty much give up.  Lets say users are downloading stuff impulsively, you really think they have the patience and time to remember the Application and do it when they are connected to wi-fi?  Again I think this is a classic example of working hard but without proper vision or understanding the users.  Disappointing really.  Anyways, looks like it is time for me to move away to a different OS after all :(

  • I think this is really stupid because not everyone owns or uses Windows Phone. I use my ZuneHD more than anything and I don't really understand why they suddenly pulled apps and games off of the Zune software. Yeah it's a great thing for people who use or own a Windows phone but for the rest of us who don't it seems really unfair. I really enjoyed using MSN and Facebook and all the other apps and games on my Zune HD.

  • Does this has anything to with the windows phone lower than version 7.. My phone operates on windows mobile 6.5 and I am having trouble accessing market place in my mobile..

  • How is this gonna improve speed and security. I feel sorry for those Developers who will die of starvation due to a decrease in customers due to this bad-strategic move. The Developers like Mazhar Mohammed and their bosses did not think through this well.

    Its like go to work every morning then instead of improving accessibility and reliability they  just figure out more ways of making their customer's lives miserable. I hate this

  • Now I only have Internet on my PC, Internet Data inconvenience and expensive how am I going to get apps from MarketPlace. There is still no way to connect your phone to the internet using Zune. Using Zune to install apps was a pain in an A*s. Now they decrease the available methods to only 1. Having an internet connection on your phone without a proxy. Wake up bunch of fools money does not grow on trees. Most of you who liked this announcement are;nt aware that you are just getting more limited as prisoners.

    This move was dumb as a results many customers are gona find alternative brands like Android. How can the only way to get apps is via the 3G internet on the phone with is limited to 20MB. I wouldn't be complaining if the Proxy Authentication on the phone applied to Marketplace and other apps. It only works for IExplorer9 only. I cant connect to maps, markertplace, XBOX Live,or even update my phone just because proxy authentication is not supported by those apps. If I had a choice I would brake this phone then buy me a Galaxy S3 or iPhone they are much better than this.

  • ************************************

    First of all I wanna swear each and every one working at Nokia&Microsoft as they are dumb,stupid and ignorant. I bought this fu*k Lumia 800 phone in march 2012. I wanted to update then but the Internet I rely on is at university. Which means it has proxy username/password authentication I cant use 3G on the phone the internet is expensive in South Africa. So after months try to get an internet connection with enough bandwidth, I saved up & finally bought R60GB for R1600 (Approximately $200) worth of Data for my PC Modem.

    Being excited to finally update my useless phone with no basic tools such as unit converter or  a dictionary I only receive another inconvenience, this thing about Lumia/Windows phone had enough already. If I would count them the list will be endless. All over sudden I cant use Zune or my PC to install applications. I paid R6500 for the Phone and R1600 for this Data just to get my life miserable. Im frustrated about this. I have wasted roughly $1000 dollars. How am I supposed get Apps now. The Idiots who work for Nokia/Microsoft are so nerdy they forget basic needs. This is a Huge mistake that Microsoft has done I have always trusted them but this is bullish. At first I liked Windows Phone OSes but now its limited like, or more than ipod is I will never buy a Windows Phone again.

  • Birat
    1 Posts

    I don't like the change of removing Windows Phone apps from zune.I was able complete large apps dwonload from zune easily but now when I try to download from my phone,it appears ATTENTION REQUIRED and then the app wont install.Please bring marketplace of WP7 back to Zune.

  • HI I'm using Dell VEnue Pro. 3 months ago i have downloaded the zune software for pc. I don't get any link for marketplace in the software. Neither I'm able to download any app while connected to pc. As when connected to pc,

    my mobile phone's internet speed gets faster....I'm unable to browse through marketplace.... Please Give me a brief detail about it. I don't have wifi connecttion & from mobile speed I can download bigger apps.....

    Thanks & regards

    Shishir Umrao

  • Dear Windows Phone Team,

    Does Mango Support internet access through corporate network which require proxy authentication?

    I am able to browse intranet on Samsung Omnia GT-I8350 when connected to Corporate Wi-Fi or PC using Zune Software but not internet. I did specify the proxy server name ,port and also the authentication credential still no go :( ……………….. My Mango is drying in office :(

    Is this somewhere related to WPAD settings , As I am getting error "cannot find server or DNS"

    Please help!!!

  • Does Windows Mango support support connecting to the Internet using a proxy that requires authentication?

    I am using  Samsung Omnia W wth Windows Mango 7.10.8107.79 and I am not able to browse internet but intranet site works fine when connected to Wi-Fi.

  • Akkong
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    I wish microsoft would remove the dependency on zune for file transfer and improve IE9 as it cannot display most of the pages and contents

  • I am the most miserable Snr on the planet. At my age it takes every brain cell just to get to a point where "something works" and then you remove the simplest of ways. Why not give us a choice of what we want to use at used to be so easy - plug in and Marketplace gave me plethora of choices. Now I cannot even get Whatsapp which was so handy for me. I almost feel I want to go back to the "brick" phone I had. So much for the beautiful birthday gift - all it seems to do now is raise my blood pressure. Can I send my medical bills?

  • It does not makes any sense, that you should end something that works and works fine.

    Usually companies add new and improved features, never seen one removing a good one.  

    Zune Marketplace it’s the ONLY way I use to download apps. It’s simple, and neat. You plug in your phone, and voilà: nice and easy.

    I never use the phone marketplace, because I don’t have net at home, there is no Wi-Fi at work, and where I live it's not easy to find a Wi-Fi spot.

    And accessing the market web site, it’s not practical.

    And by the way, Zune it’s a very good software. Easy to use and with a lovely design and look.

    It’s the only I use to see pictures, listen to music, download podcasts.

    The “all in one” concept was great. And now you take a part of it…

    It’s really a disappointment.

  • I think this software is a miracle. Great software.

    I think this software is a miracle. Great software.

    I think this software is a miracle. Great software.

  • I think this software is a miracle. Great software.

  • I think I understood why you did it.....but it is still a cop out, just re- develop the software, and close the security gap that allows people to download the app xap files.

  • Dear WP team....this decision is horrible. I don't want to use the website, its more complicated than using the software, i.e.: I go to the website and download an app, now I have to text the app (which wastes a text message from my me, I monitored my available texts); or I have to send the download instructions to my email, and access it on my phone. This method is so much more complicated that the 7 wizards of WTF could not decipher the logic behind this move? Before I could click an app, hit install and with my phone connected; in installs the app....that is a whole lot simpler. Well, if this does not change then it’s back to apple for me, I like and want a desktop client to make things simple and easy; I don't have time to waste on BS.  

    Yours truly, an angry customer.

  • @ robble – What exactly do you mean by “WiFi freely available”? Do you mean that South Africa doesn’t have public (free) WiFi access? If so, neither does the USA (although I heard some cities want to implement this public service).  Of course, you can find here “free” access to internet at most restaurants and hotels, some airports and malls, or if you are an AT&T internet customer, you can connect on the go at many hotspots nationwide.  And I will expect the same in South Africa, the EU, South Asia and most countries of South America.  Now, and bear with me on this one, I can’t possibly believe that you cannot buy a wireless router in South Africa and hook it up to your modem so you can have WiFi at home and therefore, download your apps and games directly from your phone.   Just wondering.

  • robble
    4 Posts

    Once again, because my last post got no reply:

    1) Not every country has WiFi freely available (e.g. South Africa, where I am at the moment)

    2) So the best option for me is to sit at work, phone plugged into laptop, buying apps over Zune which downloads and installs them free. This doesn't work for anything I buy on the phone, or any updates.

    3) The next best option is to go to find a coffee shop which will have limited (e.g. up to 70MB) WiFi, and hope the download doesn't fail (how can a pausable download ever fail? Ask MS).

    4) There is no other option if the download is over 20MB, and I have to pay if it's under.

    Are you guys crazy?

    Here's the answer: make Zune (or whatever) cache every download and patch I have access to so as soon as I plug my phone in it'll prompt me and then update.

    Backup plan: fix whatever's broken about WP7 connecting to a Windows 7 ad-hoc WiFi network.

    This stuff is so easy. Why make my life difficult? If you EVER want to really reach countries that don't have WiFi as available as oxygen, you need to make this change. And it'd also be helpful for anyone who doesn't have WiFi access at work as well.

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    BB10 and the iPhone 5 can't come fast enough.  These people are so out of touch it isn't even funny.

  • @tojoski: Hi. Thanks for your question. Text messaging service isn't necessary for buying apps from web Marketplace. The web Marketplace also has an email option. If you select this option during checkout, we send you an email containing a link to the app you wanted.You open the email on your phone, tap the link, and finish downloading the app.You can learn more about this option here:

  • tojoski
    3 Posts

    Again I ask, Microsoft.. how are those of us without text messaging supposed to use the marketplace?

  • Folks, just follow the link that @Evan Inc. posted and you'll see that you can easily restore visibility of the app Marketplace to Zune until the next version comes out.  Yes, it was a quite short-sighted to disable it when some of the other features (e.g., device limits) had not already been addressed via other means (like via, maybe?).  And while I, like many of you, actually DID use Zune for a majority of my app management, I'm okay adjusting to to do it.  What I WOULD like to see is a complete consolidation of these various websites rather than a linking of them.  In other words, either make be THE site for managing apps, my phone, SkyDrive, etc., or make THE website---I don't much care which.  But get rid of the chaos.

    Also, I'm still mystified that some of you don't have a WiFi router at home with which to use your Windows Phone.  Unless you have NO internet access at home at all, I just don't see the sense of that.

  • KTGiang
    34 Posts

    I dont mind forcing people to update into a certain build. But I'm sad that youre forcing users to update into a known bugged build. Sprint hasn't released an update since 8107 mango. I know ms released the update and I know it isn't HTC because they have released the update in Europe. Its clearly sprint that's holding the update back. Now users are going to be forced to have the disappearing keyboard. This is just irresponsible.

  • @Rodney E. Jones Stop hating because people don't agree with you. I don't want changes until the newest Zune software is available. Call it Woodstock or xbox Music or whatever. I just don't want to manage my apps via the web and my music and podcasts and pictures via Zune until the next software package is available. This is a fragmented experience and not necessary if the feature set would remain in one central phone management software until the better option is revealed.

  • @bRaven13 Wellput. I've felt this way for years when the Zune podcast crew kept talkingabout big stuff around the corner. Years later this big stuff still isn't here. Maybe we're waiting for iTunes to do it first and then we'll copy it months later and noone will notice.

  • @Mazhar, dunno who you annoyed to force you to be the bearer of this bad news.


      I have to agree with every NEGATIVE post on here.  I don't plug in very often but My wife had been complaining that she could no longer see apps in Zune.  I thought she must be mistaken, WHY would Microsoft take ANY avenue away from a user for getting Apps.  ESPECIALLY in a program we are currently FORCED to use.  I don't give a flying fish about your FUTURE plans.  You PURPOSEFULLY destroyed the usefullness of an existing piece of software without ANY official mention of what happened.  I WASTED several hours of my life trying to figure out WHAT VIRUS my wife got that could disable the marketplace in Zune.  FOR THE LOVE OF CODE ... aren't you people SMART enough to give a freaking MESSAGE that you made such a SIGNIFICANT change?

    Micrsoft ... your in LAST place in the phone race, doing critically STUPID things like this ... that's not helping your cause.    I get you are fixing this in some future thingy ... but here's a clue .. DONT TAKE FEATURES AWAY  U N T I L their replacements are ready.  It's like giving me a car but taking the keys, telling me in a few months I won't NEED the keys, the car will read my mind .... guess what .. I STILL need to get to work TODAY.



  • Hey to those of you that are sad about this move on Microsoft’s part, you are in luck because for a short time there is a way to one again enable the windows phone marketplace in that amazing client we all know and love, Zune. If you are going to do this I would first recommend you disable auto update so something this saddening will never happens again.

    Oh and to those of you that say Zune is dying, although I agree the name Zune will not be spoken of for much longer, the Zune community and idea will never die. That spunky little kid, Zune, will always be a pioneer in the music and well everything industry. Thanks to Zune we have the amazing phone we are all here to talk about today, and windows 8, inspired by Zune, is just around the corner. Hopefully Zune; or Zune’s little brother whatever his name might be will have a bright bright feature,

    The link I promised:

  • @ Brian Miller:  We’re taking action now to address this issue, so customers who’ve reached their device limit no longer need Zune to add a new one. In the meantime, please contact us using this link and we can help:

    After clicking the link, hover over Marketplace, click More Support Options, then look for the option to file a service request.

  • Disappointed to see my post wasn't addressed, but it's academic now.  I returned my Windows Phone handset to the store and purchased an iPhone 4S in its stead.  

    I'd suggest Microsoft figure out a way to help remaining Windows Phone customers who hit the "five device limit" and are locked out of their devices due to its decision to break all Windows Phone functionality in its client software. Perhaps also contemplate the impact of unannounced "surprise" changes like this on usability in the future and consider warning users in advance before deleting core functionality and forgetting important issues like these.

  • @bahamutbbob: Thanks for posting. You have control over how you pay for apps. By default, the app is charged to your phone bill. But you can change this during checkout to have it charged to your credit card instead. Look for a link on the confirmation screen that says: Change payment method. More here:

  • I'm appalled at the lack of user experience consideration that the Windows Phone and Zune teams invested in this decision.  It is user-unfriendly at every level.

    I've gone through several defective Windows Phones, each of which was replaced.

    Imagine my surprise today to learn that I'd hit the "five device limit" with those defective devices.

    Imagine my annoyance when the phone instructed me to delete one of the devices using Zune so that I could get my apps running.

    Imagine my rage when I learned that Microsoft had completely stripped out the access to WP marketplace from Zune -- the ONLY place where I could do that.

    Imagine how useless my Windows Phone now is because of Microsoft's "five device limit" that could only be changed through the Zune software, which has now been disabled.

    Imagine my disgust upon searching for how to fix this problem on the Microsoft support database, only to be told by a support article -- updated just last month -- that I have to use the now-broken Zune, since there's no other way to fix it.

    I cannot believe that Microsoft would impose a five-device limit and then eliminate the only way to access which devices are part of that five-device limit.

    This is not a "minor oversight."  This is unbelievably poor customer experience, bad enough to make me give up on Windows Phone entirely.

  • I think this is a bad change.  We can still use the Zune software to buy music, yes?  Or are you going to remove that too?

    I have never bought an app through my phone because, instead of charging my Live account, it adds it to my phone bill.  This is a really dumb idea, especially for people like me, who have shared cellphone plans.  Every single app I have bought before this change was bought through the Zune software, which I only started using because of my Windows Phone.  Now I have to go to another website why?  Because you like removing software features that work perfectly well?

    This is the last straw.  My next smart phone will not be a Windows Phone.  Good job driving away loyal customers Microsoft, you already talked me out of buying the next Xbox a long time ago.

  • In any of the Windows Phone app portals, new or phasing out,  is Microsoft working to purge or re-sort the mature and provocative apps that always seem to appear  within the Top 30 Apps in many of your app categories?  Your making it difficult for me as a parent to cater to a tween’s desire to have the “awesome Xbox” phone when these are the sorts of apps that seem to be allowed to take center stage.

  • My LG Windows Phone happily downloads podcasts, but it seems like many of the newest episodes (for podcasts that have played fine in the past) now deliver the message "Sorry, we can't play this file on your phone."

    No rhyme or reason behind this loss of usefulness, but it certainly is pushing me towards permanently walking away from this platform.

    What device would happily allow you to download content to it only to then tell you that you can't actually play the file.

    I've rebooted and even tried to change my locale, all to no use.  If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears.

  • @swap002, almost EVERY piece of software ever created looks for and downloads updates immediately after the first install.  You should already be use to that by now, my friend.  Also, your contacts and email are already sync'd to you Windows Live account....go to and login.  It's there.  Your files, also, are there, in the SkyDrive.  I'm not sure what you mean by "general files", but all my documents are stored on the SkyDrive---and NOW they are linked to any machine I want, via the SkyDrive app!  I really love that sofware.  I now have immediate connection to my documents on my Lumia 900, Samsung Focus, my podcasting workstation, my laptop and my Windows 8 test machine.  As for Nokia Suite.....well, 'meh'.

  • swap002
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    Ok,Zune isn't that great piece of software ever created by MSFT. It's sluggish most of the times, heavy installer for any device management software, add to it the updates it needs to download immediately after installation everytime. It can't sync my contacts, my messages, no file manager for general files. Almost an incapable software. Microsoft should seriously consider replacing this software. Now that Nokia is their special partner, they can use their Nokia Suite which 100 times better than Zune and its feature rich too.

  • Well that's one update to the marketplace, I wouldn't mind another for added payment options, I rely heavily on PayPal for online shopping, please bring us that option to Zune.

  • tojoski
    3 Posts

    So because I can't use the web marketplace, I'm stuck trying to find apps on the phone..

    I don't understand why this change was neccecary. The competitor's platform allows you to install apps while tethered.

    PLEASE tell me we aren't loosing the wifi sync... that will be enough to jump ship.

  • I found that the Zune client was the fastest vehicle for app discovery.  But it was also the least convenient.  More often than not, I heard about an app from a press release or review and downloaded it directly to my phone.  I think Microsoft is going in the right direction with this.

  • So where is the 1000x800 background image used these days? The only place I've ever seen it used was in Zune.

    Should I stop making 1000x800 background images for my apps?

  • @Rodney Actually I don't think I, personally, need to show someone anything on my phone atm. But in the future there may be some new stuff that is worth showing, some new inventions that we don't have, yet. I don't have any "real" videos or movies on my phone. And I don't really need to put it up on a big screen for people to see a picture or something. And I usually will just use my netbook for keynotes and such, so no, I don't want it in future phones, cause I don't think it's really needed. It would be al right if it was just a adaptor you plugged into the micro-USB, but I would dislike it if they put in some kind of HDMI or something specifically for video-out.

  • So now there is no way to install apps while tethered? I use mine like an iPod Touch, no plan, no sim. I use WiFi at home or wherever I can connect but I run tethered at work. This works fine for email and people hub but anytime you try to hit the marketplace (including email install from web marketplace) you get the sync screen and the stupid "to view content, disconnect your phone from the computer" message. Well, there is no content because you can't get at it from Zune! Good grief ...

  • tojoski
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    I'm not thrilled about this change. The app browsing experience on the phone is terrible and I can't use the web marketplace because it requires text messaging. Which I don't use and have no interest in using, In fact they are blocked all together on our phones.

  • @Rodney, I pretty much had already gotten comfortable with the idea that my Lumia 900 would not be upgraded past Tango (aka, 7.5 Refresh) and possibly some Nokia pushes.  However, watching the folks on XDA Developers, I won't be surprised at all if some cooked WP8 ROMs don't show up a couple of months after the first WP8 devices roll.  So, for those brave enough, they'll likely be able to upgrade that way.  Personally, I am confident WP8 will be frought with as many issues as the first rollout of WP7, so I'm not nearly as anxious to be an early adopter of WP8 devices---I'll wait until other guinea pigs test the waters and share their experiences before I seriously look at getting a new device.  I'm actually MUCH more focused on getting my first tablet---a Windows 8 tablet (iPad can kiss my hind quarters).  I like the Windows Consumer Preview a LOT and am anxious for the Release Preview in June.

    @JasonFarris, are you sure the message you got didn't also include USE WIFI?  I have never ever seen an app download that was too large for cell give me a warning that didn't include suggestion to use WiFi as well.  I don't know too many people these days who don't have a WiFi router installed at their home.  In fact, I almost never sync my WP7 devices by direct connection to my PC, but rather over WiFi to my PC (there's a configuration in Zune for that).  Now, given that app syncing is no longer an option in Zune, the availability of WiFi at home simply means for those large apps I have to wait until I get home so I can pull them via the web.  The access to the Marketplace does work well, and I used it to easily re-install my apps when I got the Lumia.  So, while I preferred shopping through Zune, I'll get used to shopping via the web.  It just seems like a pretty lame excuse to divest themselves of keeping up Zune (or whatever it becomes).

  • There is no Marketplace for Croatia on web page

  • So this effectively means all apps under 20MB  will incur data charges to download.

  • asd_123
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    @Mazhar Mohammed :

    You said you try to rely on data to make decisions, but read data in wrong way. Most people buy and install apps on their phones, just because they are FORCED to do so, not they want to. Too many stupid terrible design in Zune software scared away guys. Can‘t you make Zune Software easier to use??? At least like itunes so that there will be MUCH MORE people prefer to choose PC instead of phone to do these things.

  • So now with this change, It's even harder to use a pc (and its internet connection) to download apps. I sort of hoped that one would be able to connect a phone to the pc, click marketplace on the phone, and it not say "Synchnoization Complete"  so the market place on my phone could actually be used to download apps, while tethered.

    I don't understand this obsession with making it so difficult to do some of the most trivial tasks with this phone. Not everybody has a data plan, and you'd think

    'connect phone to computer'

    'computer has internet connection'

    'phone now has internet connection'

    would make logical sense. And though it does that... it lets you use I.E only basically.. You cant update anything while tethered, nor download anything new. This is just strange.

    Of course, none of this is much of an issue with wifi or a dataplan, but the company I work for has a WP7 app out, and the majority of our clients only buy the phone to use our app, and hardly any of them have data plans or sim cards for that matter. It should be as easy as us just saying to them, 'connect to computer, click marketplace, download', but now its infinitely more convoluted. I'm not even sure they can download updates to our app any more.

    The web marketplace, while good, seems to also suffer from the fact you get sent an email with a link you cant view while tethered. Or it sends you a mysterious message; an option that only seems to appear at random..

    Of course, none of that would even be a problem if the phone didn't just sit there saying 'synchronization complete' when tethered. Everything would just work...

    I guess we can dream.


  • @RGBell: I spotted your comment and wanted to make sure you knew that Windows Phone 7.5 *is* available to you as an update. If you haven't updated your phone before, just follow these instructions:

  • @Mazar

    So you are telling me the engineers remove features without any talk to testing or managers who are suppose to look at this from a user standpoint?  There may be good reason for this.. but please don't white wash the idea that it was done like a high-school programming project.  Oops Feature Gone.. where did it go?.. We aren't telling you!  

    Question:  Did you also update in place all the printed content in all the Lumias and other phones telling new users where the App Marketplace is NOW?   Of is this "scavenger hunt" a new feature?  you should turn the feature on until you have coded and tested the right way to turn it off.  After that, changes like this should be reviewed by someone with a usability background or maybe Steve Balmer should have to sign off.

    "Hey Windows Phone is finally getting some action, what can we do to make people worry about the future of their phone?"

    Why am I a bit terse.. because I like the phone and I fear a few more poor choices like this, from the people who brought you Microsoft Bob, Microsoft Draw 2.0, Microsoft Accounting and Zune will mean we wait 2 more years before buying.  (luckily I didn't buy Bob)  Why do I feel like I just did another Smart Phone Beta test with Zune software?

    And BTW.. Windows 7 Rocks.. so if someone there is breaking our tools for Windows 8 needs, that is also stupid.  Support the users you have before chasing the users you want.

  • Scield
    1 Posts

    Personally I think it's a terrible decision.  I loved being able to download bigger games/apps, such as Pirates!, on my PC then just connecting my phone and letting it sync.  I hope they bring a similar desktop app service back.

  • @Sven, JasonFerris,Shockg: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m sorry this change took you by surprise and not in a good way. Engineering decisions like this are always difficult. We try to rely on data to make them, but know that some customers will be disappointed.  In this case, the removal of the Windows Phone store was necessary to pave the way for longer-term service improvements in the works for Marketplace, including changes that address some of the other pain points being mentioned. It was a tradeoff, but we’re hopeful that Windows Phone owners will ultimately be better served by the changes and upgrades we have planned.

  • Shockg
    6 Posts

    This was a really bad way to let people know that this was removed from the Zune software.  I went to my computer last night and there was a message that services had been changed and then that I needed to restart the software.  I use the Zune software to seach for Apps.  I prefer that way.  When looking through the Windows Phone help files to restore your apps is states to go into your Zune software and look at your downloaded apps and reinstall.  It only shows the apps downloaded from the Zune software.  NOT from the phone.  Bad move.  I have been using my Zune for many years and sad to see it go.  I have a Windows Phone also.  Samsung Focus.  Love the interface and have even converted some of my friends over to the Windows Phone.  But it does not have enough space to be my player.  I use the Zune 120 for that.  Still cary 2 devices.  And like it that way.  Really hard to be positive about the changes when some of them seem to be be more detrimental than useful.

    I like the look to the Windows 8 but with there even be a Zune software for it?  Will we be stuck with the old Windows Media player?  The look of the Zune software is great and I have been using it as my only player for quite some time.  

    Another thing about trying to push everything to the phone is that I am on AT&T and they don't update in a timely fashion when there are updates!  Still have issues with the keyboard disapearing when trying to type.  And what about a backup solution for the phone!?  Having everything in the Cloud is not a solution for me.  I have to reset my phone once in a while to clear out memory issues and it is a pain to try and restore everything.  Would like a backup solution that I can save to my computer and restore.  That would be nice.  And not just when doing an update. Because once again I don't see all of them thanks to AT&T.

    For now I will stay with my Zune and WP7 but not sure for how long if there is no user interaction before making drastic changs.

  • Great idea... doesn't work.

    My phone was connected to the PC via USB as usual. Went to the Zune software, it's true, the apps marketplace is gone.

    So I went to the "web" marketplace, decided to get the demo for Sid Meier's pirates. It told me the game was being "sent" to my phone, but then failed.

    "You're almost there...

    Sorry, but we can't send this app to your phone right now. We are sending instructions on how to install the app to Make sure to open the email on your phone to install the app!"

    So, I did. It was a link to the phone marketplace for "pirates". I'm still connected to my PC at this point, so therefore the "syncing" screen comes up instead. I have to disconnect from the PC in order for the marketplace on the phone to get Pirates. OK..

    So I disconnect, and the marketplace screen for pirates comes up on the phone. I hit "try". The phone starts to install, then says "attention required, tap here".

    So I tap, and the phone says "This item is too big to download....... connect your phone to the PC and use the Zune software" !!!!


    Seriously, I love this phone, this whole ecosystem concept, but get your heads screwed on straight fellas. Don't turn off the marketplace on the Zune software until you've updated the phone to know there is no marketplace in the Zune software.

    Besides, I should be able to buy / install apps with a USB connection to my host PC. Why force everything over the air?

  • Sven
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    Bad experience folks. Like others noted, the lack of any clear communication about the change in Zune app support will be a huge negative. Personnally the Zune marketplace was dismal, so i had pretty much quit using it. Way too often was an app available on the phone or the web and not on the Zune marketplace.

    My bigger concern, for the platform, is the disenfranchisement of pre 7.5 devices. Again, as has been pointed out, there are reasons some have not upgraded, carrier issues, PC access, among others. Until it is clear that everyone has the opportunity to upgrade, cutting them off is unconscionable. Check the Windows Phone Answers forum if you want t get a feel for the numbers that can't upgrade for some reason or other.

    The app, Re-installer, was mentioned a few times. I recently had the opportunity to use it, having purchased a Lumia 900. It is no Panacea. It does allow you to select the 25 out of a hundred apps you bought that you actually want re-installed, but it does not then automatically install them. You still have to confirm each and every one individually, and you are doing it from the phone. If you make a mistake and exit the process, you need to re-select all the apps that you haven't already done, with no indication on what you made it through. Thankfully it is alphabetical. Almost easier to do the re-install from the web interface IMHO.

    I am not so concrned about large files/WiFi issues. It does appear that a phone attached to a PC, does have internet access through Zune, via a pass-through sort of arrangement. it is annoying that you cannot access the marketplace on the device when it is hooked to a PC. That would actually make more sense than having the device attached, getting an app via the web marketplace and instructing the process to 'send' the app to the device.

  • @ Kenny..

    I ment drag and drop like the way the Zune software syncs music. Sorry I was confusing music for apps. Yeah it doesn't do that. Lol... But that's a good idea right? Talk about streamlining the experience... But it would still have to ask for the confirmation...

    One thing I would like to see Skydrive/W8 do in the future is update the page instantly when a file is added without having to refresh the page. Thats how Apples system works, iCloud or something?, and I love it.

    And, your right about the cloud services,,, there're great, but they need to be fully integrated before we can fully,,KEYBORD JUST DROPPED!,, fully rely on them.

  • indee13
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    For those of you looking for an easier way to reinstall your apps, there was an article a few weeks ago explaining how, not sure where that's at but they gave a link to an app in the Marketplace called Reinstaller here's the link to that

    I haven't used it myself but apparently you put in your Windows Live ID (which the app doesn't keep) and it queues all of you apps linked to that phone/account to reinstall OTA.

    Hope that helps.

    BTW I don't mind the changes. I got the popup in my software last night & had no idea what had changed...

  • I don't mind the changes if it means better streamlining for future releases. However I do agree that the sudden loss was extremely unprofessional. I actually primarily used the Zune software for buying apps. I logged in to the Zune software and just suddenly said I needed to restart because of changes. I had no idea what that implied. Went to check the Marketplace and I just thought it was a glitch until after a bit I cam across articles such as this one informing me of what was up.

    If anything you could have posted a message explaining a message in the Zune software about what changes you made and why, instead I felt left in the dark and was confused about what was going on.

    Hoping to see a revamped either Zune or single location marketplace software on Windows 8 here everything can be done fluidly at one location. Keep up the great work with Windows Phone but keep us informed!

  • KR
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    If Lumia owners don't get WP8,I mean all Lumias,it will be really really messed fact any gen2 device if WP8 comes in the fall or end 2012.that means they'll just have a 12 month life span.

    If people like me don't get it,it'll be fine I've got my WP for 15months now and by then i'll probably be at like 20months

  • KR
    503 Posts


    Lol.yes that's one of the point I was making.the other one being we shouldn't rely on the cloud for file transfer and non media syncing if WP doesn't address this ASAP it will never penetrate European,African and Middle Eastern markets

    BTW where the hell did you get the idea that in W8 we'll drag and drop apps into WP??so far in my cracking of the consumer preview code I haven't come across such capability even in prospects,and I haven't heard MS made such a claim.

    I support the HDMI out.i need for PowerPoint presentations.i don't carry a lot of music on my phone due to battery draining issues but all PowerPoints and docs are always on my phone,and i'll like to do a presentation from my phone,or even better wirelessly

  • Following the lead of: moujack888

    Steve Ballmer,

    This is what I saw today when I connected my phone to my computer:

    <screen shot>

    Your new Windows Phone 7 users [mostly NEW Nokia Lumia 900's] have had a mere two weeks to adjust to using the Zune software application for purchasing apps. Now the Apps Market has been cryptically removed from the application. I actually thought that something was ADDED when I saw the message and searched for about 10 minutes through the software to find the "new features." It was only after searching through three Windows Phone blogs that I realized that something was in fact REMOVED. Nowhere does the dialog box mention that the app section has been REMOVED and where users are to go to if they want to download new apps for their phones.

    This is not in line with the marketing line of, "Putting Users First."

    Some form of common sense needs to be applied by your Zune team. This "new feature" is very odd and confusing for the "average user." I am a hopeful developer for the WinPhone 7 [I LOVE my Lumia 900] and have been recommending this phone and OS because it's been slam-dunk easy to use. But the "average user" is NOT going to know that they have to go searching through the web looking for an interpretation of what "new features" means, only to find out that it means "we took something OUT."

    How about, "Features Have Changed: Microsoft has changed the way your Windows Phone 7 Lumia finds and purchases apps. This feature is NO LONGER supported in the Zune Software, but your apps can be found and purchased by pressing Marketplace on your Windows Phone 7 Lumia, or by browsing our online Marketplace at"


    Christopher D

  • Arator
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    I was basically using Zune as the only way to buy apps. It's so much easier. And I have to do all the other things (music, pictures, update...) with zune anyway. WP is so much behind android and IOS and these measures won't do anything to close the gap.

    bad decision as far as i am concerned.

  • @ Scuba...

    Yeah, and at the point where no current devices are upgradable it will be a disappointment, but who cares?? Well maybe some 900 owners, but It will be almost time for me to upgrade anyways.. If you are right, and this is the case, oh well...that's tech! So I won't be to disappointed.. I just wish others would be more mature and realistic. I'm still going to keep wishing for my focus to get WP8 though. Lol! Right??

    But, it would be fu%$#d up if 900 owners got left with not even one generational update. Dont you agree??

  • robble
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    Is this a joke? I'm in South Africa, where wifi isn't common. How do I download apps reliably through my PC's internet connection?

    It was bad enough when you could only download through Zune if you purchase through it, otherwise you HAD to wait til you found some wifi. And in Zune you don't get a progress bar to help you.

    Best situation: you can download through your phone (where pause/resume works properly and doesn't restart the download half the time), at the same Zune will always download all your apps and updates, without the phone needing to be plugged in, and it will just sync any relevant changes to the phone when it's plugged in.

    ALSO, the 20MB cap. I buy data bundles in gigabytes, because broadband infrastructure isn't great out here. WARN me before I start downloading a big file, but don't stop me doing it. Also if I've downloaded 90% of a big file over wifi, let me finish the download over 3G.

    Seriously, I can't believe it doesn't have those features. They are VITAL for any markets where wifi isn't as available as oxygen.

  • <sigh> Once again, I find myself NOT in the category of "most users".  I, in fact, DO use Zune to purchase most of my apps.  I find it's marketplace interface much more appealing that the website.  I believe iPhone users can still buy apps through iTunes, can they not?

    As for the insistence that users upgrade their phones to 7.5...are they absolutely certain that EVERYone is actually ABLE to upgrade (e.g., technical or carrier issues)?

    Also, I completely disagree with assumptions that we will be able to upgrade to WP8.  Every indication I've seen is that there will be NO upgrade path for current phones to Windows Phone 8.  I think everyone needs to just accept the fact that the OS you have, minor updates/fixes notwithstanding, is the one you're stuck with unless you buy a WP8 phone.  MS may be preparing the MARKETPLACE for WP8, but there is no correlation to the upgrade to current devices.

  • @ Korn 1699..

    You just made the most significant point if the year!... This is the problem with holding updates, some middle updates may have bugs, major bugs, and MS might be stuck in a horrible position if the have to force users to have to take on these bugs... This is ridiculous. AT&T needs to send us this update NOW! Before May!

  • @ ABM...

    Yeah, I dont want to sound hypocritical because I just did a entire spill about acceptance to change, but HDMI is the most widespread used now, and for some time to come... I do love the NFC idea, its just that, well I haven't even heard of a future TV with the technology,, yet.... I just think current WP'S should integrate with current technology because we have to think about the real world, and reality, not just what us tech guys dream of for the future. I'm tired of hearing about what's coming two years from now while I dont have the present day features.

    Thanks for agreeing, and does anybody else want HDMI out on future WP devices?? This will just help to get Metro up on the big screen.. Now!

  • Korn1699
    114 Posts

    So, you are forcing people to get the disappearing keyboard bug?  I mean since Micorosft would rather work on stuff like this, than make AT&T release the patch to fix that...

  • @ Kenny,

    So, basically you're saying that we still need to focus on physical storage, and that WP devices need to be offered in 32 and 64 GB  versions??? Thats what my selective reading pulled from that.. Lol

  • @ Lorenzo A....

    Quit whining! ..... W8 should let you drag apps right into your phone just like you did with the Zune client. Although sometimes moving forward is a inconvenience, once we settle into our new ways of doing things we find out that it's usually much better. You can't blame MS for trying to simplify, and meld WP, PC, Xbox, into one seamless experience, and this is just a step in that direction. We can't stay on XP/W7 for ever dude, so work with the technology. Its funny how WP users preach about excepting change, and being open minded, to Android and iOS users, but those same WP users complain whenever something is disrupted in their WP experience..... Why?

    But, I agree.. It would have been better to execute it in some of the ways that you explained. Some notice would have been good.

  • Vril
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    1. zune is a bad name for a Windows Phone update/backup software

    2. "Marketplace is available in 54 countries." Really?  even though you announced web acceess for 54 countries months ago on the web people from over 10 countries get the message "No Marketplace available"

    (Iceland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Israel, Vietnam, Latvia,  Slovakia, Turkey, Romania, Qatar, etc)

    3. why would people buy a windows phone today if it will not get updated to windows 8?

  • So for users without access to WiFi connections to download large apps, they'll no longer be able to use the Zune software?  Or will they still be able to connect to their PC to download apps?

    I don't understand this change if there's no way to download apps when a wireless, WiFi or OTA through carrier, isn't available.  As it stands now, I can't browse the Marketplace on my phone when it is connected to my computer.

    How is this a good thing?

    Also, there are users without computers, without home internet.  I have at least three friends that only connect via their phones.  They can't easily upgrade their phones because they don't have a computer.  There needs to be more MS stores in more cities to be able to provide this kind of service to customers IMO.

  • abm
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    @Rodney E. Jones, +1 for HDMI in/out. Then there is FM transmitter, NFC, USB jumpdrive  support yet to come in future devices. Check out episode 53 of wpdev podcast which might give you little something on that.. ;-)

  • ALL this is great news for the developers

    70% of all xboxlive game for windows phone goes buy,buy

    thay are not upgrated,,

    so now it the time for microsoft to show FAIR PLAY  for the first time

    if thay fail, we all know that the xbox live paralell marketplace is running


  • What kind of changes has been made in security ? XAP files are encrypted ?

  • Would it have been so hard to provide a better way to help users through the change, rather than just a bland "Features have changed" message in the Zune software? You may be surprised to hear that not everyone reads your blog. It probably is a minority of your users who rely on the Zune software to browse and buy from the marketplace, but they are also likely to be the very people who need helping through the change by being informed directly through their Zune experience.

  • What a way to inform customers about important changes! A message saying "features have changed" when you start the Zune application and no further explanation. As others also are saying, I use Zune most of the time when I buy apps from the Marketplace for my Windows Phone because it automatically starts when I connect my phone to my PC at work every day, and the user interface is easier to work with on the PC than on the phone for such tasks. Switching to using the Web based Marketplace is of course not a problem, but I really would like to find out about a change like this without having to search the net for solutions to a problem. Not everyone reads your blogs every day (or at all)! You need to rethink how you use your information channels for existing customers! :-(

  • *** Idiots, bunch of idiots.  Not one person on the development team even bothered to use common sense to mention this to their boss?!?!?  You guys are way out of touch with reality ***

    The following is an email sent to Ballmer...


    Hi Steve,

    This is what your new “million” Windows Phone 7 adopters are now seeing when they launch Zune.

    <embedded picture of zune "marketplace" section with missing information about the changes>

    Your new Nokia Lumia 900 users had only two weeks to adjust to using Zune and purchasing apps via Zune software.  Now that piece has been ripped out of the application.  The worst is, nowhere does the new page mention where to go to if they want to download new apps for their phones.

    This is not just an end-user nightmare, but also a marketing nightmare as well.  I would love to come in and provide some common sense before your teams do some more major screw up like this.  Not only Windows Live website isn’t ready for Windows Phone adopters, but the Zune software is torn to pieces.



  • Bit disappointed. I had hoped the wp7 marketplace would come to Xbox, but if your shrinking it's availability that seems unlikely. I liked the Zune software for browsing apps, particularly ones not at the top of the categories as let's face it you can't scroll to app 200 on a phone. Also seems like your saying a website can be better than an actual windows app, which is a weird message to give out.

    Anyway I guess we can read 2 things into this. 1. Windows phones aren't selling and you need to cut costs. 2. Windows phone 8 really is going to be windows 8 with the windows 8 app store being the main app store and this is just the start of shutting down wp7 services.

    I seriously hope option 2 doesn't turn out to be true as let's face it, reinventing windows phone at this stage will just kill it completely. I'm on my second wp7, been using it since it first came out and love it to bits. But any change like that now will just make me go back to iPhone, nobody wants to be on a platform that's potentially going to be dumped in a couple of years for another complete overhaul, even if existing apps do still work.

  • asd_123
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    "that most Windows Phone owners browse and buy apps on their phones. "  --------Yes, just because using the zune software is an extremely horrible experience! We have no choice but using  Windows Phone instead. I spent hours on zune just cannot find how to place an app into my phone! Wishing you to improve the user experience but now you just removing it. great, WTF

  • DjiXas
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    I don't understand.

    Will we still be able to download apps via PC if we plug in the cable?

    If no, how do I download larger apps if I don't use WiFi?

    In Europe a lot of people don't use WiFi and our operators are not assholes. So either, remove the 25 MB limit from inphone downloads or allow us to downlaod apps via PC.

    You pretty much blocked me from using the marketplace for games, thanks.

  • KR
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    by server I was referring to domain join,group policy etc.

  • KR
    503 Posts

    The reason behind my previous post is that I just saw the feature list of Windows on ARM and it looks like Microsoft is going more cloud on it and not allowing for server and other non cloud base means of connectivity,i don't see why students and proffessionals will give up their ipads for Windows 8 on ARM tablets, they wouldn't buy the non ARM ones because they are expensive, one of the reasons why the current Windows 7 tablets couldn't even think of competing

  • KR
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    This is off topic,but I was trying to understand why Nokia (whose WPs are the most sold) is having a hard time penetrating the market in the UK, the main reason I came to is the CLOUD CLOUD and CLOUD aproach.

    I said this in the beginning and I'll say it again. Cloud users are a minority. though the cloud is something innovative, it still has a huge challenge to be accepted on a large scale. One such group of people is the enterprise who simply don't trust the cloud hence they use their servers which windows phone still doens't work with.

    I use to see the cloud as a good step ahead, but with recent increase in government censorship of the internet, it will just increase rejection for the cloud. put it simple people wouldn't want the government to force corporations to release their stuff they store online.

    One of the most requested features of Symbian customers interested in WP is Bluetooth ftp and Local Sync(not just media as zune does)

    in developing markets, which is Nokia's bread and butter, 3G is still in its developmental stage and very expensive  for consumers, so relying on internet connections to do 90% with your phone might be a draw back

    I have been fortunate to live on 3 continents(North America,Europe-Western and Africa-mostly central) for extended periods of time and I have an Idea of what these markets are like.Even in Western Europe home internet is still not available to the majority of the population-Cybercafes are still a huge business there

  • Daves_Desk   To get your apps

    After your phone is authorized in Zune and tied to your Live ID again  go to  (seehow simple that is? ve just using Zune software?)

    After signing in...

    click on "my phone" on the top line..

    Then Account on line below it..

    that gets you the list if apps you have installed and you can start the tedious job of installing them one by one and always starting at the top of the list after each one..

    I do like the phone but did Microsoft fire the usability team for the App software?

  • The idea makes sense..  I will have to change how I use my Windows Phone which I really like..


    The execution was Sloppy and Unprofessional:

    I plug my phone in and suddenly the Apps are gone.  -----Where did they go?  Off to Google I go  Ok I see a list of Artlces about what APPS other phones have that are missing on my Windows Phone :(   OK off to Bing...

    There it is someone else today has the same problem.. Link to this Blog

    Really?  You sent  people who took a leap of faith to Windows Phone to Google or Bing t find their APP Store...

    I have never bought an ap from the web.. I like the Zune software... so I was pretty much SOL for a while cursing Microsoft and their buggy software update.. that broke me system.. I liked..

    I like the Zune interface so I bought 90% of my apps there.  Sometimes Off the phone..

    What you are going to see is a loss of trust from users.. Just as they get to know the system.. Suddenly if doesn't work the way it did. And when software doesn't work like the user expects.. that is one classic definition of a BUG... IE thanks for Buggy software.. but not from the coders but from the  managers

    I also think you will find drop in App sales.. over all because.. When I plug my phone in. up comes Zune.. and I sync and look at app store..  Not any more.. no longer am I offered a chance to choose my App when I plug in.  Its like taking the potato chips from the check-out stand and putting them on aisle 12. You sell to those looking for chips .. you miss the changes to create an impulse buy.  They do teach impulse buying at those fancy schools Microsoft hires people from right?

    The proper way to have done this was

    Do what you did PLUS

    Detect Windows Phone if present offer a link to "Visit Marketplace on the Web for Apps"

    Short term a message explaining why you change the UI.  

    What we saw today is a problem Microsoft is going to need to deal with better in its move to the cloud.

    Just because you can update the software in place, doesn't mean you don't still spend time running USE CASES to see what happens to the user..when you "improve" a feature...

    Its clear to me the Windows Phone team is missing someone with a user POV focus that his happened like it did..

    Me.. I will miss a chance to browse for apps every-time I plugged in my phone.. but it will save me money..

  • yea i have a commit, why is it that ms cant just do as you ad states and put ppl first? if you will look at my last post i noted that the market place and zune had been down for several days. I contacted zune support and they said yea we are aware of the issue. why can you just do the right thing and tell us? I dont care about the credit for losing 3 days i just want a service that i can trust to support and tell me whats going on so i can know what to expect. i understand you need to do updates or move servers (maintance whatever). Just be honest and tell us so we dont have to play these games with your other divisions who dont know what the right hand is doing (or at least wont admit it). How about we forget about all the other promises that have yet to be kept and start with that???

  • RGBell
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    It would be nice if AT&T would actually release the 7.5 update. It seems that Microsoft should have waited until their "premiere partner" stopped screwing over their customers and allowed us to update to 7.5. If I try to install and app and get an error message I will not be a happy camper!

  • How do I restore my Apps without the Zune software, I just reset my phone.  I can't use Web Marketplace, doesn't work keeps saying Can't Get App for everything.  And I don't want to use Reinstaller app as I don't trust that I'm not giving away my Live creds.  There must be a better way than going through one app at a time on the phone.

  • In an effort to avoid any confusion for customers who don't read this blog and only get their apps via the software, couldn't you have made the Zune update alert the user that the app marketplace has been removed and what their alternatives are?

    Leaving them a bread crumb of where they can go for more apps might help instead of making them think marketplace is down, or that they did something wrong, or that their software is malfunctioning.

    "Putting people first." Um, not when you remove features that the majority of people aren't using and don't tell the minority what to do.

    May I suggest a new phone slogan:

    "Putting the majority first, leaving the rest to find a new alternative."

    Zune/Windows Phone team: Feel the burn of that slogan? That's how I feel.

  • I used all 3 methods of getting apps: web, phone, and Zune. I used Zune to download apps the most though!

    I used the Zune software on the PC because the desktop screen allowed me to see more app icons fast without needing to click through a browser or having to flick through the phone's marketplace. If the phone was plugged into the PC then the app was installed. Doing it via the web requires me to email myself (I'm not on a texting plan so I want to avoid a charge for the text message app link).

    Isn't this all the same marketplace backend? Apparently not. If you're going to remove something from Zune software, how about you finally tell us loyalists what's going on with it? I'm on Twitter and Facebook telling people all about these phones, shouting from every social network about these phones, and you burn me like this. I just want to know what I have to look forward to.

  • Hi, since the update it seems that we have lost the ability to view and remove devices from our Windows Live ID. Zune Pass is still visible, but Windows Phone App Marketplace is now gone. How do we view and remove devices from our accounts now????

  • I got the update today.  Sorry to see the option go, I used it quite a bit.

  • riseagn
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    as long as its kept for music, video and music marketplace its ok for me

  • Holy crap, you can browse for phone apps in the Zune software? Heh, who knew?! lol... I kid, but hopefully it proves the point that most people don't do this. If this enhances the marketplace experience on the backend, it's welcome news. Now let's see what you can do to let us backup/restore our apps more easily via web interface AND backup/restore text message. Thanks! :)

  • Personally, I'd prefer that the option to download apps stay in Zune desktop simply because, when I'm in the app, I'm more likely to download apps as I'm already in the app. It's a minor complaint because realistically I rarely download apps from within Zune compared to on the phone or from the web marketplace. Still, it seems a little disjointed on paper, but obviously will increase the value of the Windows Marketplace when it launches.