And the winner of #captionthatlumia is…

And the winner of #captionthatlumia is…

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Last Friday one of my Twitter followers, @Nok4US, posted this picture and asked Twitter to caption it:


I retweeted and almost instantly started getting some really funny responses, so I turned it into a spontaneous contest; send me your best caption for the picture with the hashtag #captionthatlumia, and one lucky winner will get a brand new Lumia 900 in the color of their choice.

I got a whopping 1,499 responses. They included lots of tributes to Outkast (so fresh & so clean!) and few parodies of #smokedbywindowsphone (#soapedbywindowsphone?) and some tweets channeling Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World” (I don’t always bathe, but when I do, it’s with a Lumia 900).

But amidst all of them, my crack team of judges – you know, the people in my hallway here in Studio G - and I picked this one by @dnanian as the winner:

It took a heck of a lot of scrubbing, but I finally got all the cyan out.

I was also partial to this punny tweet by @donjuan914:

The perfect Finnish

And this satirical Haiku by @Sohraab:

Lumia so lean

Makes bar of soap look unclean

Lumia haiku

As our first and second runners-up, you’re both getting an awesome Windows Phone swag pack!

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and to @Nok4US for inspiring the whole thing.  I had a blast reading the captions and I can assure you that we’ll DEFINITELY do something like this again!


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  • T Windows
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    Thanks for these awesome out the blue contest you bring to the table – dude keep’em coming they are so much fun.

    The Microsoft Stores should add similar challenges for everyday shoppers, and newcomers to try while in the stores -you know keep the Windows party-buzz going.

    Thanks again Ben we look forward to your next event.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • @ Kenny

    I hear you. Yep, I agree!

  • KR
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    The beta tester thing I previously mentioned is the reason I still haven't jumped to a generation 2 WP and as scuba said in his comment on a previous post i'll wait even after WP8 devices are released and others beta test it and see how its doing before I will give it a shot.same for Windows 8 tablets.

  • KR
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    I'm more on the criticism side as @buckeyetico not because I have preference for a certain company but because I want WP to grow just as much as you want,may be our reasons may be different.i believe competition will be the best thing for consumers.

  • KR
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    First no more typo with my

    Secondly,i'm not a fan boy,so yes you sounded like me on that.just as Microsoft (a corporation) is there to maximize profits,i'm there to maximize my utility from the products I purchase,so which ever does that is my winning choice and FTW I hate paying for being a beta tester and so far that's what my relationship with windows phone has been.

    Nevertheless I appreciate what is good and criticize what's wrong,I don't ignore the bad or try to make some wrongs sound better than other's wrongs.

    Yes BlackBerry 10,is on my radar,just as future androids and WP8 is,and which ever will maximize my utility will be my choice

  • @ Anyone,,

    Is anyone else wondering what WP'S market share is as of May 1st?? Something tells me its at least double vs 2 months ago.. Considering all those 900's sold, and I know they have been selling very well.. It would be sad if Nokia sold more 900's in the past month than all other WP'S combined so far this year. Is that possible, or am I crazy?? :-D

  • @ Scuba

    All those things you mention negative about BB are the current OS. BB10 is supposed to be a total overhaul like WP went through. One of the things that piss me off about these haters is that they wrote WP off instantly because of WinMo. Is that what us WP users are going to turn around and be like?? Well, most probably will lol! But, IYO don't you think we should wait until it's released and judge it fairly?? Thats how I feel... Hey, I think it's going to be cool to have another platform to go look at once it's released. Plus, I'm kind of happy for those dudes over at Crackberry,, its been sad over there for a long time.. Lol

    Honestly, I think RIM might have a hard time with carriers, and developers, especially if the new UI is another iPhone clone. One screenshot I saw looked pretty iPhone, buy I guess we'll just have to wait to see the rest of the OS. If it realeses right before WP8 they are going to be in trouble! So, no worries over hear about BB stealing light from WP.

    Question, IYO do you think developers are going to be more likely to develop new apps for BB than WP? Their M.share is much higher than WP'S right now, at like 12%. If RIM can convince their current user base to use 10 then will developers see BB10 as the bigger opportunity? What's your take on this?

  • @ capt-Ron

    Yeah, I think that's what I'm getting from the statement, but what feedback from MS is indicating no? Did I miss something?

  • @ ScubaDog - So, what do you think about the rumors (you may call it predictions) that the Nokia Lumia 900 will not support WP8? If that's true, I feel sorry for a whole bunch of fellas that have already purchased this beautiful piece of hardware and shame on MS (and Nokia too) for allowing such a blow on early adopters (aka. hard-core enthusiasts).  If that's the case, I guess you guys will be OK to hang on to your "soon-to-be obsolete devices" for quite some time while the WP8 works on the early bugs the new OS will surely have.

    On the other side, have you tried the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta)? I did a clean installation on an old laptop running XP last night and although I didn’t have that much time to “play” with it, I like what I have seen so far.

  • Wow.....BB10?  I'm sorry, but I just wasn't really impressed with what I've read so far on it.  It's still just....a....Blackberry.  I never, EVER considered BBs as anything other than uber-pagers for skrewl-kiddies and corporate execs who are married to a thumboard.  And, of course, I'm not a spec whore to begin with, so throwing raw specs at me for a piece of hardware just rolls off me like water off of a duck's back.  Meaning=Zero.  

    I'm cautiously optimistic over what Nokia has brought to the table as far as devices, enthusiasm and sheer force-of-will, and it seems that, to a modest extent, AT&T has been convinced to come around and at least not trash Windows Phones.  I have been seeing quite a few Lumia 900s floating around my small town.  I think the next big boost will come with deployment of Windows 8....I WILL be getting a Win8 tablet.

  • DjiXas
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    Where is Tango? You promised it on April

  • @Rodney - Could that comment about having a lot to look forward to in the future be taken as the 900 could be upgraded to W8?  MS has been really tight lipped as to upgrading.  And most of the feedback is pointing to No.

  • I wish I would have seen this before.  "Awe.. An iPhone cleaned up.  Pretty woman would be proud!"

  • @ Buckeye,

    Hey, you got a point. It depends on how you look at it whether they hid or held out we'll never know, but the message that a lot of 2nd Gen device owners are going to mad if they dont get updated surely got through.

    Think about this... Last night, everyone had a 900 in hand, the dude from MS was showing us features, and making exact comments that there's great things to come to the phone in the future. Now, he didn't say the Lumia 900 had things coming to it specifically, but this was a 900 event, and they really wanted to stress the point that if you buy this device you have a lot to look forward to in the future. What does that sound like to you? Well, again it depends on how you look at it, but in my mind that sounds like a pretty direct message.

    I think I had a good point... I dont know if WP8 is going to be great, or boring, so how can I get mad about not knowing if I'm going to get something that I don't even know I care for yet?? Weird right? But, thats my thinking, and I just prepare myself so I won't be disappointed in the future.. But, when things are great then I get to enjoy them even more because I expect the worse case scenario. Lol.

  • Rodney for President!!

    [fine-print] Paid for by WindowsPhone 7 blog and its community of hard-core patient followers [/fine-print]

    LOL! Now, seriously, it caught my attention this that you wrote: “3. Something always happens to make me glad, and remember why, I chose WP in the first place...” Coincidentally, it’s the same thing that happens to me and that’s what keeps me on board… and hoping for the best.  

    But I have to disagree with this statement: “…MS didn't cave, they stood their ground, and let these tech journalists know who's boss…” I am sorry but MS didn’t stood their ground, they hid behind their mom’s skirt (and still do) in the same way they are afraid of the carriers (mostly of AT&T here in the US).

    Do you see? I become the Incredible Hulk when I share what I think about MS’ act in regards to WP7.  

    OK mom (darn it), I will shut up again! ;o)

  • And, over 160 comments is hardly keeping your mouth shut. Quit being modest. :-D

  • @ Buckeye..

    If you read between the lines you will see that I criticize, and bitch, plenty. It's in a more "constructive" maker. I get frustrated, especially with marketing, and at one point I almost decided to just give up on marketing, and accept WP'S fate. The things I realized are, 1. Whatever ideas I have the team has most likely thought of them, and more.  2. MS listens, although they may not respond when needed, they listen. 3. Something always happens to make me glad, and remember why, I chose WP in the first place... Just like the Behind The Tiles event at the Microsoft Technology centre here in Dallas last night...

    Remember a few weeks back when everyone was on MS ass about not speaking on the matter of updates? MS didn't cave, they stood their ground, and let these tech journalists know who's boss. I don't believe Apple is the only company that has backbone. WP'S got more balls than people think..

    But, we need your feedback,, who am I kidding, criticism, so keep it coming. It's all about the user experience, and you can't complain if you dont contribute to it. And that's the reason they created this blog, I think:/ Anyways, thats what we use it for.

    So your right dude! I got faith, but I'm not George Michael. Ha! And, about the t-shirt,, I think ya boys got me hooked up!... Thats Texan for "these kind fellows are on it" Lol.  Get-er-done dude! And, yeeehaww yall!

  • @ Rodney - Wow man! You are getting way ahead of yourself -and the WP team too! But I will give you this, you are a believer and I truly admire your optimism.

    People like me are the heart of WindowsPhone? Nah... I am more on the harsh-critic side of the spectrum compared to your unconditional support approach.  But make no mistake, I love WindowsPhone and everything that is MS related but I guess I don’t have the patience to put up with all the crap we get from them.  And that’s why I prefer to keep my mouth shut –as my mom used to say: “if you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything”.

    Come on Mike! Where is Rodney’s t-shirt?

  • @ Buckeye

    I'm sorry, but WP9 isn't going to cut it.. Lol! WP9 is for things like linking to digital surfaces by NFC, getting me in and out of Home Depot without waiting in Line, having videos instantly stream to SkyDrive while being recorded, 1ms latency touch screens, console rivaling Xbox experiences, 7.1 audio video sound processing and output, extreme enterprise capabilities, animated live tiles, video live tiles, flexible devices, Animated/Video clip lockscreen wallpapers, and make phone calls.

    And, its people like you who are the heart of WindowsPhone!

  • @ Rodney - You better not switch or no WP7 t-shirt for you.  But I bet the WP7 team will not let you go because you are the soul of this blog.  Be patient -my little grasshopper (LOL), HDMI-out will eventually be made available to Window Phone, perhaps to version 8, or version 9... who knows.

  • @ BuckeyeTico,,

    Have you lost your mind?? LOL!....... Is that what you want?? OK, if  WP8 doesn't have HDMI out then I'm switching to BB10! HAHA! That's a joke, and now I sound like KKIINNEEYY R.... LOL!

    Sorry bout that K. :+)

  • @ Rodney - Oh, no! It seems that the number one WP7 fan (which can not and should not be understood as fanboy) in the whole world is about to switch sides... LOL, just kidding!

  • OK People... The Back Berry 10 development device from Research In Motion looks like BB10 is already set to be very competitive, and quality oriented. Although RIM didn't reveal the OS today the hardware of the development device seems to already be more advance than any WP device ON THE MARKET today. I'm not sure what WP8 has in store for us, but I guarantee you guys that this is the BB,WP,iOS,Android game now. And I'm cool with that..

    The good news is this pretty much makes any stupid comment about the world not needing a third OS irrelevant. I'm sure this will get the haters jumping on RIM's back , which will alleviate a lot of negative blabbering about WP not succeeding. For the first time WP will actually be on the other side, or somewhere in between, but not considered the new guy anymore. That excuses isn't going to fly Anymore guys!

    The specs that I can see of the BB10 development device already look good... 4.2 inch 1280x768 display, 16GB memory, HDMI out, and RIM made a point to say that this is not a BB10 device! BB10 devices will be much better...

    I'm not sure but it look like BB10 is set to be released "later this year" which is also the rumored time frame for WP8. BB10 is poised to be a quality OS, which in my opinion will make Android look even worse seeing that there are three tighter alternatives,, but that's to be seen. IMO this will make WP have to be even tighter in the future.

    Really, the point is that WP8 needs to be another "500 feature" upgrade. But it's not necessarily the amount of features that are added, but the key features that are missing, plus some more innovation.

    I just cant wait to see what the BB10 UI looks like. It better not have 1 live tile or I'm going to loose all faint in RIM's creativity, and just have to turn fanboi hater on Black Berry! But if it's innovative then I will embrace the new devices and not hate,,, as we should do because if anybody knows how closed minded haters can be WP fanatics do.

    One thing I just cant believe is how innovative the new BB10 touch keyboard is, and that the BB10DD has HDMI Out! LOL!! Hint-Hint............

  • dnanian
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    Honestly, @RyanDalton, I didn't see your entry...I was just riffing on the whole soap/color thing.

  • Tonight's "Behind the tiles event" was a winner! Awesome, and we got some hot pictures, and video. It was cool to finally meet you guys from the blog, and WPC who came out.. Stay tuned for the pictures and video, and thanks for the gifts Microsoft... Oh, the Microsoft technical center here in Dallas, actually Irving, TX, was cool. They had the MS surface, and other MS products on display. The whole building is cool, kind of intimidating, which shows just how significant, by significant I mean "big ballin", MS really is... I can't wait for the next event, and my WP souvenir collection just keeps growing. We had a lot of fun, Pizza Hulk won a X Box 360, "smoked" challenges went as usual, and we even learned a few cool things we didn't know about WP. Some Att, and Best Buy reps finally got the training they needed to. Lol... To bad they wouldn't comment on WP8, but us enthusiasts can see straight through that "no comment".. People, there's some great things in store for WP in the near future, believe me! And, MS and its partners are in this for the long haul,, no joke!

    To have developers, enthusiasts, store associates, users from other platforms, and Microsoft employees all at the same event was amazing. This just has to be done at least yearly. Funny thing is that everyone made comments on marketing, and had suggestions on how it can be improved. The general idea going around is to have ads focusing on the devices, while showcasing one feature at a time. Wow! I agree..

    Thanks again, Nokia, Best Buy, and MS, for the gifts, and please don't stop having events, and prizes, EVER!

  • @Zartan. I think so too! It seems most appropriate. I think I, I mean he should get a swag bag ;-)

  • tsrblke
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    Too bad you didn't win.  That being said, I was following the hash tag and there was a lot of overlap (some of which I overlapped other people, like #soapedbyawindowsphone without actually knowing I was doing it.)  Great minds and all that.

  • I though mine should have won, its obvious the winner took their idea from mine. :(

    Directions on how to clean the Lumia from cyan or black. Take the soap, and rub the lumia, now you have white. #captionthatlumia12:34 AM - 28 Apr 12 via web · Details

  • Zartan
    22 Posts

    I thought "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" was by far the most clever.