The web Marketplace launches in 22 new countries

The web Marketplace launches in 22 new countries

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I’m happy to announce that nearly two dozen new online stores for Windows Phone apps and games went live around the world this afternoon.

The new web Marketplaces are available in Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Israel, Thailand, and Vietnam.

In case you haven’t tried it yet, browsing and buying apps on the web Marketplace is an easy and convenient alternative to your phone. If you’re new to Windows Phone, here’s a quick tutorial on how it works.

Today the web Marketplace opened its doors in 22 new markets, including Ukraine and VenezuelaToday the web Marketplace opened its doors in 22 new markets, including Ukraine and Venezuela.

I also wanted to tell you about another initiative just getting underway that’s designed to make Marketplace easier to use. Some of you have told us that when you search for apps by keyword or name, you don’t always see the results you’re expecting. To help address that, this week we’ve started reviewing the keywords that developers assign to their apps and removing ones that aren’t relevant. You can learn more about this cleanup effort in Todd Brix’s post on the developer blog.

It will take us at least several weeks to complete our review, but our expectation is that you should start seeing more relevant search results when it’s done, particularly for popular apps.

Finally, just a friendly reminder that soon we’ll begin requiring Windows Phone 7.5 to buy, download, or update apps from Marketplace. As I explained recently, this new requirement is part of a larger Marketplace improvement effort. You’ll find a handy checklist and instructions for updating your phone on Update central, our comprehensive how-to and troubleshooting resource.

Talk to you soon.

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  • when windows phone support in my country ? viet Nam ?

    I can not find my phone and buy any app from windows market , Viet Nam have alot people use windows phone and now they leave because windows not support for customer.

  • i am in Malaysia still unable to access Zune reason  "unable in this zone". Pathetic.

  • vlmxs
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    We need Angry Birds in Latvia for the start! Also Angry Birds Space.

    Please do something about very restricted marketplace in Latvia - we need full support of all the software.

  • @kamenlitchev ihave the sammmeee problem!!!! i cant change my location/region and i cant use the us location to buy from ! @dudu i feel ur pain but at least its available in isreal now, me? am still screwed.

  • how do i buy apps when i dont live in any of those countries? please help me . i live in the Caribbean and i want to buy  some apps!!

  • How about fixing the ridiculous issue of not being able to change the home country? Win7 phones were available in Latvia months ago, and only now we get the Marketplace service here. So, how am I supposed to link my card if there is no possibility of changing the country? So moving is also out of the option, huh? :)

  • pavan.j
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    putting more efforts to sync with pc and to marketplace separately...  . ooof

  • No angry birds? This is absurd.

  • Sergii
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    @Mazhar Mohammed

    Please enable Xbox LIVE games in all marketplaces (particularly Ukraine).

    I understand that it’s not just “button click”, but all we need is just option to buy. Support, promotion, localization is not mandatory or very important (including achievements).

    Everybody wants to play Angry Birds,

    but they can’t do it in local marketplaces, unlike your competitors’ phones. So I have to explain all the stuff to my friends why there is no Angry Birds or other great games, and say that the only option is to use US marketplace, what is not good.

    Xbox LIVE games support is vital for platform success.

  • So, what?

    Just a note - I bought my Windows Phone because I thought I'd like. And I do like it. But there are some things that are urgent to be fixed. Judge by yourself what they are.

    Microsoft, guys, you need to understand that people want applications and the country being not changeable is a dead stop for their money. You see - there are a lot of people with accounts that have been initially US - just because 5 years ago in the era of @hotmail there were no other countries.

    Now, I want to make a quick comparison of my previous Android and current WP experience:

    ### Android ###

    - I get the phone.

    - I create Google account.

    - I mess with some settings.

    - I download a bunch of apps.

    - I add Bulgarian credit card without even being asked for my country.

    - I pay for apps.

    - I download Eclipse and start coding because I know Java.

    - I upload my app and it gets downloaded. I'm happy.

    - The phone starts lagging, has preinstalled apps that I do not want and lasts for two days. But, hey, I like it.

    ### Windows Phone ###

    - I buy a phone (Lumia 800). It's waaay cool and has no bloatware.

    - I try to login with my existing Hotmail account (because, hey, I've got it for ages). Oops, wrong APN - edited the one that the phone tried to use and logged in after half an hour of wondering what's wrong.

    - Thanks God I can send MMSes (unlike some people that cannot set the MMS APN because such setting is missing).

    - I mess with some settings.

    - I then browse the market - poor in apps; some people cry that Adobe Reader is not available for Bulgaria. Hm, but I find in and download it - strange.

    - Hey, that's Amazon Kindle app - I get it to read the newspaper that I have subscribed to. One wasted hour later I discover that Kindle for WP does not support periodicals. Ah, anyway, I have a real Kindle reader.

    - Grr, why does the player sound as a can on my $100 worth earbuds and does not have equalizer? Why does it blow my ears off after a ring? Oh, it's a bug.

    - One sound level setting? Okay, I will change to 25 from 5 each time after listening to radio. And those player controls on the lock screen that never disappear; ah, they do disappear – there’s an app for that.

    - That’s impossible – my two weeks old charger does not charge anymore. For 10 phones I’ve had so far that’s the first occasion of failed charger. I hope it will be the last.

    - What’s that? Find my phone is not working. The phone number that it lists is correct. Half an hour later I can only guess that my Bulgarian number is listed but when I try update it the country code is missing, I guess there are no tracking SMSes to Bulgaria yet. Yes, after setting to push method it works.

    - Hooray, there’s one personal budget app that I like – let’s buy it. Enter my credit card, checked. Enter my address… my US address? W Da F?! Country field cannot be changed. Never mind, I put some gibberish data and, of course, transaction fails. And I get SMS from my bank that the payment is authorized? What Da F?! Hour and a half later I get to which states that refund is issued. And along the way I have understood that sometime in the past when only US existed I have registered Xbox account with US location and I CANNOT CHANGE IT. So, that’s why I see all apps and can buy none of them. Pitty!

    Of course, I was aware that there won’t be any apps – almost an year ago I tried to register in AppHub and develop for Windows Phone – I know some C#. But, hey, only privileged countries can publish. That’s why app number is so low.


  • pantag
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    Is there anyway to get an idea of when a developer will be able to register from Argentina? This year? Never? We are a small team with several apps already done, but do not want to go through a Global Publisher.

  • jader3rd
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    Windows Phone won't turn on the Wifi antenna unless the screen is on. If you want to keep your battery lasting longer you need to be religous about using the Cellular Data. I suggest downloading the Cellular Data app, and turn it off unless you know you want data and you can't connect to Wifi.

  • @Dudu: Thanks for writing. We recently released the Windows Phone operating system software required to access Marketplace on the phone in Israel and 8 other countries I mentioned: UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Thailand, and Vietnam. (My colleague Todd Brix wrote about this in his April 24 Developer Blog post.) Marketplace will show up on new phones in those 9 countries once carriers start selling them. Customers with existing phones in those places will require a software update to access their new local Marketplace. Plans for this are in the works. The reason we launched the web Marketplace in these countries now is so that people could explore our apps and games and because new phones will be arriving at different times in different places.


    @bc3tech: Yes, you need to take action for your app to appear in these new Marketplaces. Even if you checked the “worldwide” option in App Hub when you initially submitted your app, you’ll need to go back and do it again for your app to show up in newly-added stores.

  • subhi
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    BUGS that need FIXES and Suggestions.

    I am a big WP fan. I switched from iPhone 3GS to Samsung Focus back in December 2010. I upgraded to Lumia 900 and love it. However, it is not without problems. Couple of issues that need fixes

    1. WP problem with being in an area without signal for extended time. I have had this happen a couple of times with my Focus, and one of my friends complained to me recently because this happens to him on his Lumia 900 everyday.

      When you don't have signal for extended time, the signal bars at the top left show a no signal indicator - happens when you are traveling in public transport in underground tunnels or in buildings with no reception. Now when you come out of the tunnel or building with no reception, the phone should automatically find the signal and you should be able to receive your emails, voicemails, phone calls, make calls etc. However this doesn't happen. Phone will be effectively in airplane mode until a restart. This is a terrible problem, and you won't even know that you are missing all the important calls, voicemails etc.

    2. This is Lumia specific. After you are finished a conversation, and take the phone off your ears, the screen should light up, and allow you to end the call. This takes too long on Lumia compared to the Focus. Often the screen lights up only when the other party has already hung up. We don't want to be a in a situation where you are unable to end the call, and the other side might be hearing stuff that you may not want them to hear.

    3. We need bug fixes more often. After I updated to Mango 7.5, I didn't receive a single update on my Focus. If you are not receiving a bug fix every couple of months, MS and the partners are just not working hard enough. There are always bugs to fix.

    4. Feature updates should happen more at least twice a year, and happen they must. It is okay to do a major update in early fall and a minor one in Spring, but they must come on time.

  • prelud
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    Please, please, please make it possible to change the country/region associated to one's LiveID even if that would require device reset and/or loosing all apps/xbox stuff!

  • @ leviathan18| Thats a good question! Is the US Marketplace available in Panama??

    @ Kinney| These guys got it taken care of. They don't need me. Well, maybe except for marketing. ;O)

    @ Hermant pawar| That's also a good point. There has to be a work around made available for this. I can understand your frustration. If we had a complete backup/restore utility it would be no issue resetting our devices. I would probably reset my device periodically just because... But, not being able to adjust personal information from the device is retarded, although I'm sure it's setup like this for a reason. Still, this way is inconvenient.

  • Hey WP Team you have plans to add Paraguay on the List of the Marketplace Country?

  • Vril
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    Great news, now i can consider buying a Windows Phone

  • Finally a carrier in Panama came with a windows phone (movistar) they are offering the Lumia 800 black (damn I wanted the Lumia 900 cyan) if I change carrier to movistar (which I hate) will I be able to use the market place or I can't because is not offered in my country ? or can I use the US one?

  • What about the music store? Honestly I could care less about "apps". But I want the music and the zune pass!

  • @Mazhar Mohammed


    Oh yes! I'm having the same problem as Dudu is having right now.

    I bought HTC HD7 at the time when marketplace wasn't available in my country India. So in order to try free apps I created an Live ID with US region.

    now they have launched marketplace in India but the most annoying part is that I can not buy apps because there is no such option to change the country and therefore I'm unable to add credit card to buy apps.

    Moreover I'm unable to install local marketplace apps. This is a very annoying. This is a bad customer experience.

    When I contacted Zune support then they told me to reset my WP7 and create a new Live ID with India as a region. WTH. This is not a solution, even this is not a workaround at all. I will loose everything. My current Live ID is my primary Live ID and creating and reset the phone is just not acceptable.

    This is user data and user must be able to change this data as he will.

    Now  tell me will you recommend WP7 to a business person who often visit from country to country several time a year? Will you tell him to reset his phone and create a new Live ID every time?

    I understand there might be some issues but at least allow to change the country once for such these customers. Otherwise users will stop buying WP7 from the countries where marketplace is still haven't launched.

    This is very frustrating. I'm unable to use the full powers of my phone.

  • Dudu
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    BUG ??

    Did you missed some thing ?

    I'm in Israel.

    When I use a new created Hotmail account with Israel local.

    I try to use to buy a game from the Web Marketplace, I get a message that the First time should be from my phone.

    I do it from my phone, but hey, the phone does not have an Israel Region in Settings.

    so you choose some thing else.

    and when you got through the Buy process you are asked to create a zune/xbox account and during that you cannot choose Location: Israel , it's not there

    so your account is created with the Region you choose in phone settings (there was no Israel there , remind you)

    when you try to add a credit card , the billing info is set for "US" or what ever local you choose in your phone settings.

    and.... your credit card is not accepted !!!

    (because it's an Israel credit card , and the account is locked now on US region or what ever you choose in your phone settings , because Israel was not there to choose from)

    So... no buying , no credit card.

    Did you guys missed something ?

  • KR
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    You should apply for a job at Microsoft and if you're not hired let me know I'll give a call to Mr Ballmer.seriously man your passion is probably on the same level as Bill gates' when he started MS

  • @Mazhar Mohammed: any plans for Pakistan?

  • Great work! But now you _really_ need to ramp up launching the other core services (Music Marketplace in particular) in more markets. I live in Sweden which has had Windows Phone in an official capacity since the launch in 2010 (altough in a quite limited fashion up until Mango) but we _still_ don't have the Music Marketplace!

  • still no Sri Lanka? So what's the verdict? in the future? never?

  • @Saad: Mostly correct. The last 9 countries on the list will see new devices launching in the weeks ahead (timing depends on specific country and carrier). We've launched Marketplace in those countries now so folks can browse our app catalog and have it waiting for them when phones arrive.

  • Slightly unrelated, but Microsoft, please, for the love of God, support Dominican Republic in Windows Phone and Windows 8! I'm learning C#, and I really want to submit apps to the marketplace, and be able to sell them in my country!

  • riseagn
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    @ Mazhar Mohammed when will the popular Apps and games  be available in the new marketplaces plus will  the new marketplaces have the same amount of apps and games "80000" ?

    before the launch of new marketplaces

    i read a lot of complains from windows phone users on why some apps show up on some countries while others don't i think apps and games should be available for everyone no matter what country they live in to have the same experience as everyone else that's if Microsoft really want windows phone to be a successful as it should be

    Two things Remains as Arabian user Arabic UI for windows phone because other smartphone OS's provide it MS should also do it to win middle east heart and the availability of windows phone devices in middle east i still own Nokia C3 so im waiting for windows phone devices to be available in this region to buy one

  • Holy crud. That is a big step forward. Good work MS!

  • Jose
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    Hi, I've been wanting a Windows Phone since the Samsung Focus came out but as time went by I decided to wait for 2 reason. 1) Apollo. 2) I live in El Salvador, and I'm not sure if the marketplace is available in my country (but I have to say I haven't seen Windows Phones in my country so yea, not sure).

  • Brandon
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    do we need to re-submit our apps to these new marketplaces?

  • Saad
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    A week ago Todd Brix mentioned that 9 out of the 10 new markets had just received "the OS software required to bring Marketplace" to those countries. Does this mean that the Web Marketplace is launching before the devices can support them in those countries (i.e. the last 10 countries listed in this post)?

  • This is a good move and great going guys!!!  By the way when are we getting an option for the wifi sleep policy??  There are some of us who do not get proper data connection and it has been a really painful thing to keep pressing the power on button. If you could do this in the next OS update that would be perfect!!!!!

  • KR
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    Left you comments on the previous post

  • You guys are going for world wide domination  like Pinky and the Brain, or Stewie... These are markets that phones like the 610 are launching in, right? Smart move