Mingle with Windows Phone experts, snag an Xbox 360 Star Wars bundle

Mingle with Windows Phone experts, snag an Xbox 360 Star Wars bundle

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imageIf you’ve been too busy to attend one of the “Behind the Tile” Windows Phone events that I wrote about a few weeks ago, now’s a good time to clear your calendar: the list of door prizes is growing (who says it doesn’t pay to procrastinate?).

Attendees now have a shot at winning a new Nokia Lumia 900 or an Xbox 360 Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars bundle.

To jog your memory, Behind the Tiles is an exclusive, hands-on look at Windows Phone and Nokia’s new flagship phones, hosted by some of our experts. I’ve heard they’re a blast and a fun way to meet other Windows Phone fans.

Only a few slots and dates remain—here's the latest schedule—so grab yours today. To register, visit the Behind the Tiles site and enter the registration code MSCUST when prompted.

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  • Nater
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    I mistyped and meant PCMag.  It's full of adds for stuff that is only loosely relevant to Windows Phone, IMO.

  • @ Nater :-D

    What are you saying? Lol. I'm not following you. What's up?

  • Nater
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    This blog is runing into PCMac.  As in, a bunch of advertisements and no relevant information about what the blog is supposed to talk about.

  • Cool Beans .. I will share this with my readers :) But plz consider doing something like this in Melbourne too ..  I will buy you folks an Oporto Burger when you get here :D

  • T Windows
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    Thanks for the “Behind The Tiles” event blog post, we truly enjoyed ourselves.

    Dude I must say it was an excellent start to my week- kicking it off @ the #BehindTheTiles Event held at the “AWESOME” Microsoft Tech-center.


    It was so great to see fellow Windows fans alike, and also getting a chance to hangout with the one and only “Rodney E. Jones”.


    Thanks dude can’t wait till the next cool event  -see you guys there.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • @ Micheal and the whole team..

    I love the "I love Windows Phone" 4 square logo! Can we replace the single Windows logo beside the WindowsPhone name with the 4 square? WindowsPhone really needs a mascot, and I would really like this logo to catch on with the general public, much like the funny green robots have. Plus, I think it would be great if the fans of WP got to choose what logo was used. We need something new and fresh, and this is a great opportunity for a corporation to show how open to change, and considerate they are to what the people want from their Windows products. This is a great idea!

    Are you guys with me on this?

  • Everyone! Please sign up for these events. They are fun, informative, and you have a good chance to win great prizes! You get to meet great people including WP fans, MS employees, Best Buy and ATT store reps, users from other platforms, and Nokia Lumia 900 experts. The locations, and atmosphere, are fun and exciting to. And, who doesn't like free food, and drinks??

    I love these events, and MS please never stop having events, and prizes, even if WP reaches desired awareness.

  • aziez
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    good news but there is for java phone??

  • Nathan
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    [sigh] Another US-only campaign... Rest of the world is still procrastinating!

  • Would be nice if there was a southwest Florida event.... :(

  • Jim
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    No love for Saint Louis (yet).  Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Aw, man. No Philadelphia area dates.