Windows Phone sponsors Kentucky Derby favorite “Hansen”

Windows Phone sponsors Kentucky Derby favorite “Hansen”

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[updated 5.15.12 with list of Twitter contest winners-.ed]

The Kentucky Derby—first leg of the famous Triple Crown of horse racing—takes place Saturday in Louisville. The Derby is always a thrill to watch (it’s not called the “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports” for nothing). But one of the unique things about this year’s race is the beautifully different white thoroughbred named Hansen.

Just like Windows Phone, Hansen really stands out from the pack—he’s the only white horse in the field and one of a handful to run in any Derby. As sportswriter Frank Deford said this week, “most eyes will unavoidably be upon him.” One look at him and it’s easy to see why. (Here he is winning the 2011 Grey Goose Breeders’ Cup Juvenile.)

Hansen will be ridden by award-winning jockey Ramon Dominguez, and we’re looking forward to seeing Windows Phone on his silks!

To celebrate the Derby, we’re also launching a Twitter contest today and giving away two new white (natch) Lumia 900s. To enter, you’ll need to follow @WindowsPhone, then send us a tweet using the hashtag #TrifectaTweet with the horses you think will win, place, and show in the Derby (that’s first, second, and third place, by the way.) The contest ends Saturday at 5 p.m. Pacific, and you must be a U.S. resident 18 or over to enter. See the official sweepstakes rules for all the details.

NBC kicks off its Derby coverage at 5 p.m. Eastern time. Post time is 6:24 p.m. Eastern. See for more info.

We hope you’ll tune in this weekend and root Hansen to the Winner’s Circle! (And feel free to mix up a Mint Julep, the traditional Derby companion beverage, using the Cocktail Flow app in Marketplace.)

Windows Phone sponsors Kentucky Derby favorite "Hansen"

Photo credit: Adam Coglianese


…And here are the lucky winners of white Nokia Lumia 900s from our Derby Twitter contest. Congrats, fellas!



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  • This is a fairly clever way to get your name out into the world.  Hope you don't mind me poking some fun at


  • @ Tsrblke

    Thanks! And I will take it to. Lol........

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts


    The podcast used to be a great mode of contests, sadly it's gone (I won my first WP there! I'm still using the replacement I got sent after the Surround went belly up from a bad SD card!)

    There have been Pintrest contests, and of course in larger cities live events (where my wife won her Focus.)

    By the Way Rodney, I apparently have all your luck.  I'll cut a deal with you, if I win (and of course I entered) I'll at least consider sending you the phone. ;).

    A blog conest every now and then may also be nice (although I understand how it could be hard to run that since we'd have to verify our IDs somehow, I guess you could use the blog email address.)

    I will suggest to people, even if you think twitter is useless from a social media standpoint (and largely I do) it's a great way to connect with companies and now tech support.  I primarly use it for that (and the posting of links to news stories that I don't want on facebook, mostly political.)

  • @SimonJones, @ BuckeyeTico: I hear you. It's a good point and we're exploring other possibilities. Twitter inherently lends itself to giveaways and contests, which is one reason many companies use it that way. I agree Facebook would be a great alternative--except they have very specific rules around contests that limit what we can do there. But we're exploring other creative options.

  • @ SimonJones mostly.. and BuckeyeTico

    You guys got to think of these contest as in MS trying to get WP's name out there. This is a form of marketing, and right now Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites are where the people are at. If you want to win the prizes you got to play by the prize givers rules.

    If you are able to reach this site then Twitter surely is available for you, so why not help MS market Windows Phone?? I try to think of promoting WP not as work I don't get paid for, but as self preservation, helping a cause that I am interested in, and WE can benefit from. There's no I in team guys! LOL.. corny I know.

    To sum it up... You can't blame the WP team for using popular sites to promote WP, and if you need help using Twitter or hash-tags I would be glad to help out as much as I can. Just a little perspective...

    There's always a "but" so hear it is.. But, It would be nice if these contest were extended to a larger demographic, and the team used other means of entering in these contest. Common MS, some of us still like licking stamps, and going to the post office during rush hour. I mean, what else do we have to do on our lunch breaks?? Just Joking guys. LOL.. I am being totally sympathetic to your opinions, and I agree.

  • @ Simon - Bingo! That's exactly what I have been saying.  Although I personally don't care for these contests, I know that many of you WP enthusiasts do, and whoever is in charge of this contests, is evidently in love with Twitter, which contradicts the perception I had that Facebook was the official social network of MS... I guess not.

  • And what about the people who don't use and don't want to use Twitter?

    Using "social media" like this excludes vast swathes of people.

  • Ok. I've tried to win over, and over, and I was convinced I would win a drawing at the behind the tiles event, but I didn't. I'm not giving up though. This is a numbers game, and I got to keep trying...

  • this is cool, a great thing for WP, be cool if he wins and calls from the winners circle.check out ramon's site, too at -al