Smoked by Windows Phone by the numbers (and new ads!)

Smoked by Windows Phone by the numbers (and new ads!)

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When I kicked off Smoked by Windows Phone at CES in January, I did it with one thing in mind – show the world that Windows Phone is simply faster at the everyday stuff that people do on their smartphones. Since then we’ve seen it in the Microsoft Stores, run by fans, and hosted by Microsoft teams all over the world.

The big takeaway from Smoked is that it’s about showing what Windows Phone can do, not telling people what Windows Phone can do. So rather than write a really long, wordy blog post, I thought that it would be cool to post some of our awesomest (yes, I *still* claim that’s a word) results from around the world.


The total number of views of Smoked by Windows Phone videos since it kicked off in January.


YouTube top 5 most viewed lists in which Smoked videos appeared (“Most Popular from Around the Web – All Categories”, and we’re still in the top 5 on Science & Technology)


Percentage of viewers who liked Smoked videos on YouTube.


The number of countries running Smoked by Windows Phone.. Some of my favorites include Hong Kong’s game-show style event, Indonesia’s 50-person mall takeover, Nokia India’s “Blown Away by Lumia”, and the UK’s massive “Dare to Live” campaign that is spanning retail, advertising, the web, and of course, in-person challenges.


This represents the number of smartphones that have been Smoked by Windows Phone since CES. A big part of this is the “$1000 Windows Phone Challenge” that the Microsoft Stores have been running since March. Here’s how Windows Phone has fared in-store so far:



Windows Phone’s global win percentage. This includes everything from CES through today.


The estimated number of people who’ve seen, participated in, or read about Smoked by Windows Phone worldwide. This includes stuff like social and media impressions from our videos and ad buy, as well as media coverage social shares, tweets, and Facebook posts. That’s a LOT of people checking out Windows Phone!

Why stop there if things are going so well? Today we’re introducing a new set of Smoked by Windows Phone ads that you’ll start seeing across your favorite sites. If you’re in a hurry and want to see them all right now, hit our “Faster than Windows Phone?” YouTube playlist. Here’s a sample:

A big thank you to everyone around the world who’s supported Smoked by Windows Phone! None of this would have happened without you (ok, maybe CES, but you know what I mean … ).  Everyone on the Windows Phone team is grateful for your support.

Remember to like Windows Phone on Facebook & follow Windows Phone on Twitter. And if you have a Windows Phone (or PC) question or just want to say hi, you can follow me, too!

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  • Who me how the Windows7 phone connects to my corporate Enterprise secured Wi-Fi. Oh that's right, it doesn't, you need an Android or iPhone to do that. So it doesn't matter how fast it is when its a non-starter in the race!

  • @Rodney, nice!  I'd like to see a few more examples of other styles you play, though.  BTW, after watching your video some of the suggested videos were for an unbelievable guitarist, Jacqueline Mannering---yikes!  My fingers hurt watching her, and I play KEYS!  Anyway, I've also got some bits on my channel from a New Year's Eve gig from the 90s that my wife and I did with Red Handed.  Of course, now we digress WAY off topic, huh?  I'm truly hoping that the ecosystem between desktop, tablet and phone gets more ubiquitous, though, particularly because I want to be able to start projects in one place and continue seamlessly to another.  I don't think I'll fully get to see THAT, though, until we start seeing the kinds of apps on WP like you do on iOS that support virtual stompboxes, signal processors, etc.  That's one area that Windows Phone can't even come close to approaching iOS.  Right now I have to rely on my desktop and my laptop.

  • @ THX1200

    Only a hater who isn't confident in their own platform would perceive it that way. I have a fealing that you would never consider buying a WindowsPhone in the first place. What's your point? Are you concerned this will turn potential users away from WP,,, you're concerned about WP'S future? I doubt it, thats why I really dont mind telling people like you to F65k off!

    Lol! Just joking dude! Hey the competition isn't to put any other OS down, its just here to make a comparison. But, I do understand part of your perception. "The WindowsPhone Challenge" sounds much nicer than "SBWP" I'm sure that if they do make commercials they might rename the challenge,, its called other things elseware. Hey, what's kind of phone do you have? Everyone's welcome here...

  • @ DJ mike.

    Yeah, I love that RunDMC/Aerosmith walk this way! I remember watching the video on MTV back in the earlier 80's. I was about 7-8, but yeah, I'm old.

    I think it's ridiculous that in the past year there were no videos advertising Zune on WindowsPhone.... Or any of the other services.

  • thx1200
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    Snobbily insulting people's current phones.  That's an excellent way to get them to buy a Windows Phone 7.  Cleraly it's working based on the number of units sold-- Oh... Sorry.

  • @ samsamha....

    Why dont you get one? When is your upgrade?

  • @Rodney - over the weekend, we were working in our yard, and my Zune30 was providing the soundtrack...  My '80s playlist is over 2 days long, and it wasn't uncommon to hear Air Supply, followed by Guns 'n Roses, followed by Run-DMC!  Your comment about rock and hip hop reminds me of Run-DMC's "King Of Rock"...  Classic and awesome!

  • very nice. Too bad I am still using my old windows mobile 6.5 device, would love to have a new windows phone 7, it looks really awesome.

  • Even Siri says the Windows Phone-based Lumia 900 is the best smartphone ever - lol

  • Yeah, now I'm learning some Floyd solos. I've been listening to a lot of Funkadelic, and Jimmie Page solos.. So I grew up listening to Public enemy, Wutang, and NWA... For some reason I find HipHop and Rock to be almost the same. I guess I can see the same motivation behind the two. My Zune hub plays a mix from Death Metal to The Ohio Players to Olivia Newton John, and it freaks people out. Lol!

  • @Rodney - good stuff!  Way to shred!  :)

  • @. DJ Mike & Scuba

    Thats cool you guys are into music production. I've been producing music for over 12 years. Right now I'm using a Akai MPC2500, two MXL mics, a BC Rich Warlock electric, a Fostex MR8 MKII digital recorder, a Casio keyboard, Vox Wah pedal, and a Line 6 Uber Metal distortion pedal. I make a Blues, Hip Hop, Rock, and "Dance"... Here I go!..

    This is me horsing around..

    And here is all my other videos..

  • Leigh
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    @BRonCOde: so, dude, Microsoft lost another 100?  How many is "a lot"?   On the other hand, I believe you're wrong.  The one case I heard where the challenger challenged the results, Ben personally made sure he got the prize.  The weather challenge has no APP, they are using Bing, which is built-in. (which is the whole point -- a phone DESIGNED to do "tasks" rather than just run APPs, is faster at doing everyday things).  

    Thanks for playing!


  • @Scuba - it totally shows!!  That Behringer gear is shockingly good for the price... I've got a few pieces in my arsenal, and they've yet to let me down...  Great to know there's another music junkie / audio gear head / windows phone lover around!

  • @djmikebrady, yes, actually.  I'm using a Behringer 12-channel mixer that has digital effects (which I keep dry for podcasts), 6-band EQ and compressor built in.  While it's not as good as an outboard compressor or EQ, it does the trick starting out.  Not bad for a $300 board!  I use an older model rack-mount version for my keyboard rig that I use at church and with my band, but I have an outboard 16-band stereo EQ with that.   Eventually I plan to replace that desk with something a bit different, one that I can have more centered in the room so I can work the lighting angles better and aim the cameras a bit differently.  But, for now, it works!  Like I said, I'm having a blast with it.

  • @Scuba - that's awesome...  the first thing I noticed was the microphones and their stands - you definitely did some homework, and I'm sure it'll pay off in the long run!  I was watching it after everyone else in the house had gone to sleep, so I had the volume down low, but the sound was clear and legible, which is always important!  Do you have any audio processing like compressors between the mics and the mixer?

  • @djmikebrady, thanks much!  Yep, it's set up in my house.  When my wife and I first bought the house that room was just an enclosed porch that I converted to my server room and music studio (I run a full-blown Windows domain for my network).  A couple of months ago I got the hairbrained idea that I wanted to branch out into podcasting.  So, several hours of Bing searches and about $2000 later, you see the result.  Who knows if it will go anywhere, but we're having a blast with it!  I could have gotten started MUCH cheaper, of course (about $150) but I really wanted to have a good sound and at least some of the sophisticated features like lower thirds, etc.  I'm still not happy with the lighting, though.  I'm using two 500w shop lights on adjustable stands (each capable of bumping up to 1000w), but those puppies get HOT and since I don't have a way to diffuse the light it comes off as a bit harsh.  But, I definitely like the Microsoft webcams that I'm using.  The two cameras that focus on me or my co-host are the LifeCam Studio models and the one that gets the full shot is the LifeCam Cinema.  I had tried a number of other allegedly HD cameras, including one of the Logitechs, these are sharper, good auto focus and zoom, and capable of 1080p.  I've definitely learned a lot through all this.....and it gives me another potential avenue to share the Windows Phone goodness ;)

  • @ Scuba. That sounds cool! I will check it out.

    @ Kenny. I got that gooood $#!t.... Caught, caugh >_<

  • @Scuba - cool podcast!  Do one of you guys have the studio setup at home, or where do you do it?

  • Wait, what?  ROFL, @Kenny, when were we ever fighting?

  • KR
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    Idk what grass you've been smoking but it looks like you're the only one who isn't sober yet


    Welcome back lol,and I have a feeling we'll be fighting less hence forth :)

  • Meanwhile, back at the ranch.....I've been scouring the internet looking for anyone who's had experience building local bank apps and would be willing to take me under their wing.  I've never developed apps before.  MANY years ago I was doing some very superficial--though very involved--routines for a Unisys mainframe system, but that's about it.  But I would love to be able to build a banking app for our local credit union, not only for my own convenience, but also as a way to further promote the Windows Phone ecosystem.

  • @Rodney.....LOL, I've been out pushing the Lumia 900 ;)   So far I've convinced 7 people to get one and may have added number 8 today.  Also, now that the weather has been warming up, I've started up teaching scuba classes for the season, so that's starting to take a lot of my time.... AND a dive buddy and I started up a new video podcast a few weeks ago, "Two Guys Who Dive".  We don't stick to just diving as a topic, though.  And, often, we get into friendly debates over tech (e.g., iPhone vs Windows Phone).  It's my first foray into podcasting, so I've been learning a lot as I go.  If you're interested to put a face & voice to the name, you can check us out live via every Saturday night, 8pm Central, or search for our show on YouTube.

    Anyway, I've been watching Paul Thurrott's site, his Windows Weekly podcast on TWiT and What The Tech? podcast.  It seems like the future is getting just a bit discouraging, particularly how it appears that WP8 is shaping up.  As much as I try to push the ecosystem, as much as I love my original Focus and the Lumia 900, I can't shake the feeling that WP8 will essentially be a 'reboot' of the ecosystem.  Now, at this point I'm pretty convinced that the only OEM that will be sufficiently pumping out updates and have enough muscle to MAYBE put AT&T in its place is Nokia.  Even though Samsung has now hit the top spot in manufacturing devices (encompassing both Android and Windows Phone), half their devices are crap and half are good---and almost ALL are retreads from the other ecosystem.  And they have ZERO influence over AT&T.  Also, I bought the Lumia 900 because it was A) a Nokia, B) had struck a much better partnership with Microsoft, C) had specific features I wanted to experience that WEREN'T in the Focus.  I had to accept--VERY grudgingly--that I'd have to live with an anemic 16GB of storage (which STILL haunts me daily).  I also had to accept that the Lumia was NOT going to be upgraded to WP8 (no current device will be upgraded).

    I'm anxious to get the first hints at what WP8 will be about in June, though not as anxious as I am to install the Windows Release Preview.  At this point I'm pretty certain I'll be hanging on to the Focus and Lumia for a while, focusing on getting my first tablet device---a Windows 8 tablet.  BTW, on Episode 14 of Two Guys Who Dive I shared my less than stellar experience---6 excrutiating hours---with an iPad 2.  Anyway, while I'm pretty sure the development path that WP8 is taking by jumping to the WinRT core as opposed to WinCE will open it up to all the hardware that Android enjoys, I agree with Paul Thurrott that it may very well be creating such an annoying "moving target" for both developers and consumers that Windows Phone may not survive.  It's too early to tell, though.  I'm also pretty certain that BECAUSE it's moving off of WinCE that the higher hardware specs will be NECESSARY in order to come anywhere close to the user experience currently enjoyed.  I'm not confident it will be as good.  Unfortunately, I think the loud noises coming from all the spec whores out there have won the day.

    Let's see what June brings us.

  • KR
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    The beta testing I think is soon to be over is that of tablets.when Windows 8 is out. I just bought an ASUS EP121 Slate and loaded the consumer preview of Windows 8 on it.dude its like a revolution that's all I can say.

  • And, everyone needs to give TWindows a round of applause! The last time I saw him he had a "Beta test is over" tshirt on. Coolest thing I've ever seen...

  • @ buckeye.. "Let's Get Reddy To Rumblllllleeee!" lol

    @ askmurf... Thanks for the support! Keep it real.

    @ Broncode.. Thats not a bad point, about the configuration. Are you saying they should've had a chance to load a widget? Huum.. That would be interesting. Maybe the challenge does need to be taken to the next level. I think that might be part of Panthers point. Well, bring it on!

    @ Kenny... Thanks dude! I mean boy! Lol Oh yeah, mid thirties son, so break yo self!

    @ PC repair.. Thanks for the support dude! Do you really repair PCs??

    @ Broncos again... This is old news, and those representatives have been reprimanded, and the challenge has been streamlined. Give it up! But you do have a good point about the config.

    @ Nokia... OMG!......OMG!.....OMG!!

    @ Ben.... Do you see what you made me do?? Lol!

    @ DJMike... Where in the world are you??

    @ Scuba.... Where in the world are you??

    @ TWindowd.... Keep the faith!

    @ All the haters out there... Give it up! THE BETA TEST IS OVER! HAHAHA.. LOL! ;-)

  • You should take Smoked to the next level. It sounds like this is great potential for print ads, tv commercial, maybe even your own reality show.

  • KR
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    Glad to know we have supporters far North and thanks for the feedback


    I feel your passion



    I love this community.i'm sure @Michael Stroh has what to keep him smiling everyday

  • bRonCOde
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    Sorry, just to give more context to how microsoft won:

    1. Microsoft preconfigured their phones as per challenge e.g. if challenge was to lookup a weather in tampa florida, they installed the weather app and configured it to show weather of tampa before the challenge started. The challengers were not given a chance to configure or told what the challenge was before it began. So the challenger would have to install/load the app, enter tampa to see weather.

    2. There are many reports that even when the challenger won, Microsoft did not admit they won.

    So take the number with a pinch of salt ... or maybe a bag of salt.

  • aksmurf
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    @rodney/panther quarrel,

    Had to sign in as no one, that I've seen at least, made this observation; no where in ANY of these posts or any other WP blog, smoked by WP, or whatever does it say that they're faster at EVERYTHING than ALL other phones. Sorry to burst your bubble panther but the smoked by WP challenge while it may be biased it DOES say, and prove, "everyday tasks". Everyday tasks are pretty much confined to the things everyONE does. (ie. Facebook, twitter, foursquare, etc...) Now of course not everyone does this and many use their phones primarily for business or what have you, but the selling points to WP is (obviously) not business, but rather personal use.

    I can personally attest that my Samsung focus s IS in fact faster than my dads iPhone4s, I'm on a local carrier that doesn't get full 4g and he's on att's full 4g and i post to Facebook significantly faster, but i can NOT do some of the business thing as fast or the mp may not even have an app or even one comparable. But like i said, the challenge is not about these things, it's about everyday things, my friends all have iPhones and ALL would be converted to WP because Facebook and the like are much simpler and faster, but the mp is still lacking in too many key areas to bring them over.

    @rodney and Kenny

    I wanted to add in my thanks for ALL of your comments and support to the blog, i read it almost everyday since getting my Gen 1 focus, keep up the good work. There are more people out here supporting WP and being the only guy i know in Alaska that doesn't have an iPhone, its nice to know somewhere there are more people rocking the best platform available IMHO... You guys REALLY need t-shirts...

  • bRonCOde
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    Microsoft forced people to admit they lost, even when they did not. Hence the statistics.


  • Ladies and gentlemen, on this corner, from the wild state of Texas, weighing 175 pounds, and 5 feet and 10 inches tall, Rodney “the allegedly fanboy” Jones! On the other corner, from all over the USA (or who knows), weighing… hmmm, enough to fight Rodney, and tall enough to stand up for himself, “the Droid Panther”! Now ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready to rumble!


  • You forgot to put the Number of Windows Phones sold to date: 17

  • @Kenny..

    Isn't it funny how pissed of you can get just from something somebody says on a blog? Lol. I bet MS sits back saying "these fools are building hype for us, for free, hahahahaha!"" And we can't even get a free 900, or some t shirts. Lol.

  • @ Panther

    Man! You say that I'm a fan boy, I really don't mind that because yes I am a fan of WP, Windows8, and Xbox, and I thank you for the complement because even you have to agree that they are great products. Wait, you don't believe WP is great? Ok, well that's understandable for now. What really pissed me off is being called robotic, and closed minded.

    I just dont understand how you use breaking your comment down by myself to make a point about me being a fan boy. Did you just not do the same in your post?? Hey, stop the double standards!

    You seem to want to justify your point about the WP Challenge by twisting every aspect of the challenge with a negative connotation. Sorry, thats not going to work with me. Trust me, I'm not easily influenced by hype, and I dont get suckered into buying products just because they are popular, or expensive. I buy products because of the feel of the entire product, and I do my research.

    No offence but you seem to be stuck on who is best. No, you're not stuck on who's best, but more stuck on whether it's right for MS to say they are the best. What a stupid point especially when Nobody ever said that! See you are making up a argument about WP, which makes you seem biased, not saying that you are, but you should be able to understand why I would think so.

    Face the facts about Marketing. There is nothing illegal about the challenge! Lol .. Ford has said the F150 is the best pickup truck 10 years in a row! Get over it. Remember what I said about double standards? And, why would it not be a good idea to use these a commercials? Oh I forgot, you dont agree that it's true information. Man, MS said to the guys what they were getting into, what feature they were going up against, and the contestants had a fair chance to either back out of the challenge, or use their devices to the best of their abilities. Now, unless these are paid actors, and who knows maybe they are, this is as fair as it gets! This is very similar to sports, or nascar. If Tony losses the race he can't say that Dales body weight is 5pounds lower... Thats called competition, and some get it, and others are sore loosers. Remember WP didn't win at everything, and It never will, so there is no best because like I said WP doesn't even have some features the other guys do. But, the things it does good are many, and those should be used for marketing. WP isn't fighting the same battle Android did against Apple, so you can count on some aggressive stunts,, like it or not.

    This is not a consumer report! This is MS pushing it's product, and you are right, a smart consumer would be better off getting a more unbiased report defining all areas of what makes a smartphone good or bad. But this is MS's marketing, and of course MS is going to be biased towards their own products. Now, come on dude get real! What company doesn't do that? Get off it! So, so you're saying that Verizon shouldn't show a person smiling using a Android device? Wait that's illegal, why thats false advertising! What if I bought a Razr and it doesn't make me smile? Can I take Verizon to court?? Lol! Dude, get off it!

    Let me tell you something. I really like WP, so yes I will defend it, but I can admit when things aren't right, ask Kenny, he's been working on me for like a year now. Lol but for real, for all my bias towards WP I am pretty open minded to the great things about other platforms, much more than others are. For example, and I dont know why I'm entertaining you, I have practically braged about my buddies Razr right hear on this Blog, and almost got kicked out! Lol. It's just that evertime I play with that razr I am impressed. I really like the sound quality, and adjustable algorithms, which WP desperately needs. Just a few weeks ago these guys almost exiled me for getting so excited about BB10. And what closed minded WP fan boy hits up carriers when new Andoid, or Apple devices debuts?? Meeee! Now Kenny, he's a real MS/WP lover to the bone, and he's not trying to hear anything else! Lol. No, but for real, I love most MS products, but I love technology first, so I'm not going to Ignore the real world.

    Yo! You think that WP sales are slowing down? Thats not try dude! And I'm telling this not to prove you wrong, or just stand up for WP, but it's actually the opposite. I dont know if you keep up with WP, but we know that these devices are selling more and more each day. See, we ask store associates about sales, watch associates to see if they push WP, see friends, and coworkers getting devices, and read about devices selling well in other countries. No device has sold like the Lunia 900, except maybe the original Focus, and this is happening now. Are you with AT&T or Verizon? Because, if you are with Verizon, then I totally understand why you would think WP is failing, But step foot in a Corporate AT&T store and you will be Amazed! Now I live in Dallas so my experience may be different.

    Either way I stand by the challenge, and still think it shows that people need to seriously think about WP when purchasing their next device because it has a lot to offer, and more is coming. It's different, so it's got to appeal to a lot of people, and it does, but sales are ultimately up to marketing, and if the carriers are backing the devices.

    less than 50% of what these haters in articles say about WP is true, so dont believe the hype, youre obviously smarter than that. You should trust us about the platform, because we stay on top of WP, from multiple points of views, not just MS, daily. If you think we are less informed because we are here, on a MS site,,, dont sell yourself short. Trust us because most of us are open minded to.

  • T Windows
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    Overwhelming THANKS  - to you for laying down the blue print in this new era of smartphones today.

    You specifically set out to show the world that the Windows Phone would change the game, and by far it has.

    Microsoft without effort is known for such innovations; and it’s evident that building a smartphone with intuitiveness as a standard was simply brilliant.

    It’s no wonder why the numbers of defeated beta phones rank so high today.

    For you to present a competition to where you put your money where your mouth is; was a direct wake up call to all competitors. You not only proved to us that the Windows Phone was faster at everyday task, but you showed us that a single core Windows Phone literally smoked the completion beyond embarrassment.

    I am utterly amazed and proud of these staggering numbers posted here today, and to think ...this is just the beginning of a new smartphone era; we as fans can’t thank you enough for your efforts, and your contributions to the Microsoft family.

    Thanks again Ben for a job well done, and we can’t wait till your next venture in technology awareness.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • @ Kenny Rawlins

    I COMPLETELY understand what you mean.  When it comes to biased people, such as the extreme WP7 bias by "Rodney", or the typical bias of almost every Apply fanboy, they don't know how, or when, to quit, even once they've been proven wrong.  They will, as shown by Rodney's reply to my last reply, nit-pick individual points, completely forgetting about the fact that what TRULY matters is the "whole", not the "parts".  Moving on (now the fun begins)...

    @ Rodney E. Jones

    You are, OBVIOUSLY, missing the point I was making, and that is, you can't say, as a whole, that something is better than something else, purely based on minor, individual points.  Ford doesn't say they are better than Chevy any more than Chevy says they are better than Ford.  The same is true of AT&T & Verizon, Wendy's & McDonald's, and even Apple & Microsoft...or ANY other competitors you can think of.  When one says they are better than the other, they are always pointing out specific keys areas where they are better.  In the case of this (faulty) WP7 "challenge", that isn't what MS is claiming - they are outright, and, again, falsely so, that WP7 is better than every other smartphone OS.  They are NOT claiming that certain aspects/functions of WP7 are better, BUT the "test" they have devised ONLY uses those key functions/aspects which WP7 was developed to be better than other current OSes.  This would be NO different than me claiming that Starbucks is better than Pete's Coffee, just because they've been around longer, or that Bugatti is better than Ferrari, just because their cars produce more horsepower.

    Again, I am NOT denying that WP7 is better than iOS or Android for certain functions, but that still does NOT make it the best, or the fastest, mobile OS.  here are still plenty of things that iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, and even the Palm OS, can do faster than WP7...but MS won't include those functions in its challenge, because their goal is to convince you (obviously, you've already become a "MS robot") that WP7 is the best mobile OS, and they know that if they created a challenge that was an HONESTLY unbiased challenge, when it came to total overall scoring, WP7 would NOT come out on top.  The only...and I do mean only...reason MS created this challenge is because WP7 is failing faster than WM6 & 6.5 did.  If you look at the Nielsen ratings on mobile OSes since WP7 came out, while WP7 did good initially (for an upstart mobile OS), its market share has done nothing but go down ever since.  Not only that, but it's numbers are dwindling even quicker than the WM6 & 6.5 numbers.  At the rate it's been going, I wouldn't be surprised if, by the end of 2012, there are more RIM users than WP7 users.

    As for the Apple fanboys, I never said it's ok, for, in many/most cases, they are just as bad as you are.  Like yourself, even when they have been proven wrong, they will nip-pick, purposely selecting only individual points, in a (very poor) attempt to prove their point.  I'm not saying Android users are any better, as some of us do the same thing...just not to any extremes as Apple...and now WP7...fanboys do.  As for your comment about me (supposedly) being offended by WP7s success, I haven't got the slightedt clue where you get this, obviously, idiotic idea, especially considering that WP7 has less than 2% (1.7%, to be exact), in the latest Nielsen ratings...approximately half of WM6 & 6.5, whereas iOS holds over 30%, and Android holds over 50%.  In terms of "success", that only applies to iOS & Android.  WP7, on the other hand, qualifies as not only a failure, but, until capable of proving otherwise, a disaster.  MS, themselves, are very well aware of the current failure of WP7.  Why do you think they joined forces with Nokia, the worlds #1 handset manufacturer?  It's because they are hoping that, by joining with Nokia, and getting them to agree to primarily (almost exclusively, at least in the U.S.) manufacture WP7 handsets, it will increase their market share.

    As for your final comment, in regards to no one believing that WP7 is the fastest at everything, based on your extreme defending of WP7, I'd say there is at least one person who, sadly enough, believes it.  With comments such as, "And use those statistics above to form the ads", you can't deny that, to a certain extent, you believe MS's hype.  I'm not trying to put MS down for trying, but to do it the way they are doing it is no different than false advertising, which is illegal.  If they did what other companies do...pointing out the specific areas where WP7 is better...than I'd have no problem with their ad campaign, or their "challenge".  The problem comes in using a challenge that is obviously skewed to showcase the specific areas where WP7 is better, but, at the same time, purposely not bothering to mention this fact in their advertising/challenge.  Have you heard the saying about bringing a gun to a knife fight...essentially, that's what MS is doing here.  Another way of putting it is that they have purposely (and, considering the false advertising I mentioned, illegally) "stacked the deck", which is also least in Vegas.

    Truth-be-told, I would love to see an honest challenge done, pitting various models, running various OSes...well, except for Apple, since their the only manufacturer to sell (notice I didn't say "manufacture", as that's another story)...with the test having been created by an unbiased company, to find out what tasks each OS excels at, compared to the others, and which, overall, is the best.  The best way I can think of this being does would be if the test was created by Consumer Reports, which has always done independent, and unbiased, testing of products.  It's just a matter of a programmer (or group of programmers) creating the same test (which contains, obviously, a long series of tests) for iOS, WP7, Android, BlackBerry OS, etc.  Think of the PCMark & 3DMark benchmarking tests, only combined into a single test, with versions created for each mobile THAT would be an honest comparison.

    Oh yea, and one last thing...thanks for the welcoming, and the friendly argument...always enjoyed, and appreciated.

  • KR
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    Lol.dude you always make me laugh,you're one of the reasons I check this blog daily.i can't tell you my actual age so publicly but i'm in my late 20s.

    And you're right one of the reasons I have to oppose is to avoid people going Melo,we need the balance to keep things focused

    Lol.i don't get offended no matter what you say .if I make you angry at times just take it easy friends and my wife think i'm a troll in real life and others think I just hate

    But I just like keeping things real

  • Hey Kenny, how old are you dude? I want to make sure I'm not being to disrespectful. And, dont lie!

  • @ Kenny

    I'm getting tire if your $%it! Lol! Your the readheded step child that I could never whip into shape.

    I've tried and tried with you boy, and I can't get know where with you. Where did I go wrong with you boy? Why do you just live to make me mad? Why can't you be more like you're brother DJMike? Sometimes I wish you were never born! You can do what you want, but as long as you're in this house you will play by my rules! Lol hahahahahahahahahah...

    But for real, I love you dude! We need balance up in here right? If we don't have opposition on this blog to keep me level I would probably go WP Crazy, like in real life! Lol

  • @ Rodney E. Jones

    I don't know about drummerboy0!, but I can say that I'm no Apple fan, & I'm most-certainly not an Apple fanboy (I prefer Android), but, at the same time, I'm not anti-Apple (only Anti-Steve jobs, which is now a dead subject...LOL), but, technically-speaking, yes, the A5 is a true dual-core, as it contains 2x A9 cores on a single chip.  Actually, if you want to get into full spec details, the A5 used in the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 & "the new Pad", is actually multi-core, as it also contains a quad-core GPU on the same chip.  In regards to smartphones & tablets, the terms CPU & GPU, technically, no longer apply, as both have been integrated into a single chip, the SoC.  In upcoming generations, in order to speed things up even further, & to eliminate the bottleneck currently seen with having separate system memory, you will, sooner or later, find system memory integrated onto the SoC.  If you're old enough to remember (or old enough to have read about) 1980s computers, which had RAM, Extended RAM, and Expanded RAM, smartphones are moving in a similar direction, except that, in the case of the RAM, it will be integrated onto the SoC, and the "Extended RAM" (as mentioned in the example above) will be used for pre-installed, as well as user-installed, apps.  As for the "Expended RAM", that would be equivalent to the microSD cards we add, increasing the total overall memory.

  • @ panther 6834

    So your saying that it's wrong that Verizon compares it's LTE coverage to AT&T's??

    Are you saying Ford should not say that the F150 is the best full sized pickup??

    Is it stupid for Wendy's to compare their hamburgers to McDonald's??

    You said it! Windows Phone is optimized to do certain task better than other platforms. What way do you suggest MS prove this? If you think about it, at least they aren't just making claims, but backing them up with competitions that prove what you said was an advantage.

    How can you say yes WP is faster here, and yes, WP is faster here, and yes WP is faster here, but you guys can't take credit for that??? Now, you are here calling WP users fan boys? So, its ok for a iPhone user to be a fan boy, but it's pathetic to be a fan of WP. Get real, and quit living in fear.

    You see, you are offended by WP not only having success, but being proud, and wanting to communicate this success in order to make sales. Only a "fanboi" would hate so intensely like you do. What does it matter to you how confident MS is about WP? Why would you even care if MS made false claims about WP? Why would you even be bothered the least bit if MS openly bashed the iPhone, blatantly?.. WindowsPhone only has .003%market share, nobody wants it, the hardware is outdated, the Windows name is tarnished, it came to little to late, the metro UI is ugly, and it has no apps. So, what's your reason for being here? If I was a user, and lover of the iPhone then my confidence in iOS would be so high no stupid smoked by WindowsPhone contest, thats not even fair, would even fade me. I would just sit back, and watch WP fail. But that's me, I guess you may feel threatened by WP, and do realize these competitions do prove a point.

    And nobody ever said, or believes, that WP is the fastest at doing everything. WindowsPhone doesn't even do somthings the others do. The message the SBWP challenge is here to provide is that WP performs certain task much more efficiently than other platforms, and MS believes that these task are a very important part of everyday smartphone usage... You'd have to take of those "Apple Color Glasses" off to see that.

    Anyways, welcome to the WP Blog, and we hope to hear from you regularly. Thanks for your input dude..:-D

  • KR
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    you should post here more often,i'm glad there's another poster like me who points the truth out without being biased

  • That the A5 chip isn't a true dual core processor right?? And mixed with that old school OS, yes a WindowsPhone is highly capable of smoking a iPhone 4s, 5, 6,7,8,9,10................. Lol! Fun! :-D

  • @ Drummerboy

    Smoke a iPhone? Fagetaboutit!... Don't make me act a fool up in here! Ohhhhnoooo he didn't!

    Get your funny a$$ back over to the iPhone Blog! Just joking dude.. Everybodys welcome her. Chill out dude! You made me laugh so hard I almost threw up! Lol. With that fake, halfbacked, so called dual core processor? Ha, you do know

  • I will always prefer Windows over the Mac OS (although I've used both over the years), but when it comes to smartphones, & this "challenge", there's a serious problem, as it's (obviously) biased, in that it's specifically designed to (hopefully) give the advantage to WP7-based phones.  The "challenge" was designed to take advantage of tasks that WP7 phones are supposed to be better at, yet, at the same time, other current phones are not (specifically) optimized for.  The reason I mention the word "current" is because, in developing this series of "task tests", they forgot to take into consideration smartphones that are no longer in production.  Case in point - a Palm Pre Plus, which beat the WP7 phone.  If a 2-year-old phone can beat a current WP7 phone, than it should be obvious to anyone...or, at least, anyone who hasn't become a WP7 "fanboy"...that this "challenge" has been designed to be purposely skewed in the direction of WP7.  I won't deny that there are certain things WP7 does faster, but to say that WP7 is, as a whole, faster than the other smartphone OSes is far from being honest.  That would be akin to Apple claiming that its Mac OS is the best computer OS, just because it does certain things better, or Microsoft claiming that Windows is the best computer OS, just because its the best platform for gaming.  Taken out-of-context, in the limited terms of their meanings, both are correct, but, when looked at as a whole...meaning everything that each OS is capable of...both statements become outright lies.  This is no different than Microsoft's (false) claim that WP7 is the fastest smartphone OS.  Sperry to burst all your bubbles, but the truth IS the truth, no matter how you want to look at it.  Not even "Microsoft-colored glasses" can change the REAL truth.

  • I love these numbers!! I'm so glad Windows Phone is getting some more attention. Now we just need to get Verizon Wireless in board with some new Windows Phone devices!!

  • @drummerboy0511 - many times my friend. Many times.

  • Has the Windows Phone smoked an iPhone? Just curious.

  • Yeah TV ads of this would be great!

  • And use those statistics above to form the ads.

  • @ Ben Rudolph.

    Dude! I seriously think you guys need to get some commercials on TV! Please!