The Wrap: Samsung Omnia M, sunny Lumia news, et tu Siri?

The Wrap: Samsung Omnia M, sunny Lumia news, et tu Siri?

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Here are my favorite Windows Phone stories of the week. What about you? Drop me a comment and let me know what’s on your mind.

Samsung launching Omnia M in Europe

Samsung has been busy lately. On Monday they unveiled the Focus 2, a $50 Windows Phone headed to AT&T on May 20 (check out Ben Rudolph’s hands-on review of this slick-looking phone). But it wasn’t Samsung’s final Windows Phone surprise this week.

Today the company also announced the Omnia M, a new Windows Phone initially headed for Europe. The Omnia M sports a four-inch AMOLED display and a “minimalist, compact” design. As CNET reports, it also comes with some neat social features including Family Story, a cloud-based service that lets families swap messages, videos, and photos, and ChatON, a cross-platform chat and messaging app.

The new Omnia M from Samsung will be launching first in Europe.

Can you see me now?

Cell phone call quality understandably gets a lot of attention from engineers and shoppers alike. But the reality is that many people these days spend more time looking at their smartphone than talking on it. That raises the question: Which smartphone screen is easiest on the eyes, especially outdoors?

The folks at DisplayMate Technologies, a firm specializing in measuring and calibrating display screens, decided to investigate. Their conclusion? As The Verge reported this week, the Nokia Lumia 900’s screen was the most legible in strong indirect sunlight, edging out the iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S, and other popular models. Chalk it up to Nokia’s ClearBlack Display technology. If you’re curious how that works, check out this nice explainer on Nokia Conversations, the company’s official blog.

The Lumia 900's ClearBlack Display screen is the easiest to see in strong indirect sunlight, according to a new study.

Looking for the perfect Mom’s Day gift? Try Windows Phone, says People

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Graduation Day are all just around the corner, and you know what that means: Yep, it’s gift guide season. And we’ve noticed that Windows Phone is showing up on many of them. People magazine featured Nokia’s Lumia 900—a phone mom-to-be Kourtney Kardashian has taken a shine to—in its Mother’s Day gift guide. Family Circle, meanwhile, recommended the Lumia 710 as the perfect choice for dads and grads. Playboy magazine this month also singled out Windows Phone and the Lumia 900 as one of its hot buys of the spring—but you’ll have to go look that one up yourself.

Hot apps: Gerbil Physics, Home Depot, iStunt 2, WeeMee, SniperBoy

Microsoft’s Laura Foy yesterday posted her latest Marketplace favorites—including the Xbox LIVE title iStunt 2, my current addiction. Take a look.


New apps on the way for Lumia phones

Here’s one more reason to pick up one of Nokia’s  award-winning Lumia handsets: The company announced this week that a slew of hot new apps are on the way for the phone, including Angry Birds Space. Nokia Conversations has the full story on the title lineup, some of which will be exclusive to the phone. Which ones are you most excited about?

.New exclusive titles on the way for Nokia Lumia handsets.

And finally: Et tu Siri?

Last month Apple’s beloved co-founder Steve “Woz” Wozniak heaped praise on Windows Phone, calling his new cyan Nokia Lumia 900 “beautiful” and his second-favorite phone after his iPhone (c’mon, what did you expect the guy to say?).

Well, now the iPhone itself has weighed in. As WMPowerUser reports today, if you ask Siri, the iPhone’s built-in “intelligent personal assistant,” what the best cell phone ever is, this is her data-driven reply.

According to WMPowerUser, here's what happens when you ask the iPhone's Siri what the best cell phone is.

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  • @KR.....solution: don't review.  Personally, I despise anonymity.  I live a transparent life.  I believe in 100% accountability---if I say or do something stupid, I thoroughly expect to be called on it.  If I do something evil, I thoroughly expect to pay the price.  If I do something noteworthy, I thoroughly expect to get the credit for it.  But that's my opinion.

  • KR
    503 Posts

    Big epic fail for the windows store on Windows 8

    Why do you have your picture posted along with with your account name publicly when you review an app?

    In fact this was enough to make me uninstall it, because I don't know what else Microsoft is making public about me.on windows phone my XBL id is used when I rate apps I think that's a more private way of doing it

    Now I'm really skeptical about this whole Microsoft account thing

    Showing my name is alright but showing my picture along, that's a lil too much especially without not being given the option not to

  • @ Dj Mike, Paquito

    Yeah, I was actually thinking about those new Microsoft mice that fully collapse. They look pretty cool. You would think some team there would at least collaborate with Nokia on a "Superphone" much like Androids Nexus line. We need this, although you could consider the Lumia line our Nexus line. But, WP needs a Ultimate Hero device exclusive to Microsoft, lableld "ByMS",  for the true WP fans. Basically a new Lumia badged with WindowsPhone proudly, instead of the current lumia handsets which try to cover up the fact that they run WP by changing things like the marketplace icon. That's fine, but I want a pure WP experience,,, what we were promised.

  • That is a good point though - Microsoft keyboards and mice are awesome, some of the best looking AND performing out there...  Although if they were to make their own phone it would open up another can of anti-trust worms, and they're probably perfectly happy to NOT go there again.

  • @ Paquito.

    I like that idea.. It would be nice if MS designed their own hardware, and I'm pretty confident they would come with something great.

    I really dont have a problem with the current selection of devices from the vendors. Just today I was looking at a HTC One X, and I really haven't liked HTC design in the past, but obviously they have seen the lumia 800 and 900 because the polycarbonate body of the One X looks absolutely wonderful!

    I dont really understand how any of the modern smartphones can be ugly because they are mostly all screen. Now I can see how they differ, but IMO there's just not enough chassis visible to look bad.

    Right now it's probably best for MS to focus on bringing new features to WP, and MARKETING. Again, thats just my take on it.

  • Paquito
    3 Posts

    I want Microsoft to create their own phones.

    I really hate Htc, nokia or Samsung phones. They are very ugly.

    The latest Zune HD were very nice. Microsoft should create their own phones. (also their own all-in-one computers)

  • Siris answer for the best cell phone is very cool ;-)!!

  • @Mantvydas, while you are right that the font is too small in the People hub, I'd argue one thing, though.  If I'm dialing someone in my contacts I'm NOT looking at the number.  I'm looking for the PERSON.  In fact, I almost never actually dial their number.  I simply use the voice control and say, "Dial Terra, Mobile".  Voila!  It takes me a LOT less time to just tell my phone to dial than to bring up their name.  The only time the font size becomes an issue is editing.

  • @ Kenny, I dont know. I said "What's the best Smartphone" again, and the first thing to pop up was WindowsPhone in bold. Maybe its a location thing. See, thats why we need screenshot functionality. Guess we'll have to wait on that to right? Lol

    @ Mike B.  Yeah, mine sounds like crap in the car and the voice navigation is to low, way to low. We need some serious sound enhancement software in future updates. Please let WP8 have something.

  • KR
    503 Posts


    I just ran that test both on Siri and Tellme.Siri said WP and Tellme said iphone4S

  • @Rodney - HTC bought Beats a couple years ago, so there's nothing keeping it off WP... at least no GOOD reasons...  My Arrive has some ham-fisted EQ built in, I can't remember what it's called because while it did help with the built in speaker, it was absolute garbage when plugged into my car stereo, which is where 90% of my phone's music playing occurs.

  • Mantvydas
    15 Posts

    A gift for mom and dad? Unless their eyes are ok. My friend said about his parents, that they didn't like Windows Phone because telephone numbers in the address book (People hub) are too small to see, and there's no way to pinch them out.

  • @ mtcerio.   I just asked "TellMe" what the best smartphone is and the first thing to pop up was "WindowsPhone" in bold. The second answer was a review by Cnet...... So, looks like the computers have spoken!

    Now if you ask "What's the oldest smartphone" I'm sure it would say the iPhone,,, which fits right in line with you iBoys thinking. Lol!

  • mtcerio
    9 Posts

    Siri thinks that the Lumia is the best smarthphone, but what does Windows Phone think???

    Try asking Bing about "Best smartphone" and the answer is... iPhone 4S!

  • Actually, sound quality is something I've been complaining about lately. Is it possible for WP to get beats audio processing, or is this exclusive to Android only?? I think it would be cool if WP had Bose audio processing with selectable algorithms and at lest a 3 band EQ.

  • @Rodney, are you talking about ones currently available on the iPhone?  I'll be honest with you, the only ones I see a lot are the ones that support guitarists.  Now, I'll also say that I think they all sound like crap and I won't let them be used on stage with me (it's good to be the king) but a lot of these kids insist on practicing with them.  BUT, having something decent just to use for working up concepts until you can get to a REAL rig with dedicated processors is useful.  But one of the biggest disappointments for me on Windows Phone was the fact that there is ZERO signal processing.  Not even a music player with a simple EQ.  That's just a foul.  The speaker on the Lumia 900 is far and away better than on any other WP device I've heard so far, but it just BEGS to have a good EQ to really enhance it.

  • @ James Manes

    Yes, Its coming! Lol. Ok, seriously here's a tip the Nokia Lumia 1000. Use you're imagination.

  • Haha cool stuff. Glad to see WP7 is making its way along! Any news on Apollo yet?

  • T Windows
    116 Posts

    @ Michael

    Thanks for the post, the Focus 2 looks really nice priced at $50 and we can only hope that they have a flagship Windows phone similar to Nokia in the works.

    But the 900 hands down for me holds its own with unique features such as the body style and legible screen views as noted above.

    What’s really interesting & cool to see is the Siri app agreeing that the 900 is the best phone to date.

    How crazy is that coming from their OS you would think they would pre-program the outcome messages to favor the 4s.

    Well it’s official… I just asked Ziggy the same question, and he said the same thing; Ziggy even quoted Siri’s web response with several other internet posts favoring the 900.

    Indeed a great week in review for the Windows Phone; first it was co-founder Steve “Woz” Wozniak going “goo goo” now Siri who’s next – Tim Cook?

    LOL – Thanks again Michael for the post.

    - Stay Powered By Windows


    SERIOUSLY! If there's one thing I would like to use my phone for it is music production! It's sad that Akai Pro, and many more top instrument companies only have apps for iOS. For real. Akai has complete, and I'm talking powerful, production software for the iPhone and iPad. Not even Android has this.

    MICROSOFT! IF ANYBODY IS READING MY COMMENT THEN PLEASE DO SOMTHING TO HELP OUT ALL OF THE MUSICIANS, SINGERS, PRODUCERS, ENGINEERS,,, ARTIST OUT HERE!  We really did make a big sacrifice going with WP, because if there is one thing iOS does well it's make REAL music!

    Scuba? Can you give me a small list of companies who have production apps for musicians?

    1. Akai


  • KR
    503 Posts


    I have seen more than 5 different WP in my city just in the past 30 days, and maybe 30 since January. Most of them were Focus ☺.the interesting part is that I went to a bell store today(my carrier) which use to carry the HD7 and Quantum but doesn't carry anymore wp and has no plans of doing so in the next future, the sales guy was rocking a quantum and very happy about it then we I showed him my Focus, he was surprised Samsung makes WPs lol and liked it.

  • @ Michael.. Where are the winners for the two white Lumia 900's. I watched the race and everything.. Hanson lost =( . Did I miss the drawing?

    @ Dj Mike. Cool! Did you holer at her? Was she fine? Lol!... Anyways, so about how many is that now 6? Keep em coming!

    Siri, spliri! Hopefully WP8 will have Tellme2 telling Siri what's up. I'm just worked that Tellme2 will have to speak for itself because the marketing department probably won't represent! Ha!  ^_~

  • So I just had a co-worker ask Siri that same question, and she shot back, "The one you're holding."

    Not sure about this story anymore... still awesome, but slightly less credible?

  • Oh hey @Rodney - forgot to tell you, but the other day on the afternoon train, I saw ANOTHER WP User I'd never seen before... She was rocking a white Lumia 710 with a pink back...  It's actually the first 710 I've seen in the wild, which was pretty cool!

  • should do a little research before posting that kind of thing :)

    Siri pulled data from Wolframalpha. Which based its opinion on data from

    5 out of 6 reviews gave it 5 stars.

    Thats not something you can rely on can you?

    I have a feeling if you pull data from other resources like amazon, the phone might actually still be the best reviewed phone.

  • It's definitely been a good week for WP!!  My personal favorite was the vague but hopeful news that Sprint's top brass claims to be bullish for WP8 (  With any luck, when my Arrive's contract expires next March, there will be some hot CDMA / LTE goodness to choose from!  (hinging, of course, on Sprint getting their LTE program off the ground in the Seattle/Tacoma area...)

    Beside that, I loved the sidebar conversation about music production in the previous post on this blog's comments!

  • The best part is everyone's comments on Apple Insider