Now in Marketplace: LinkedIn 1.0

Now in Marketplace: LinkedIn 1.0

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The official LinkedIn app for Windows Phone just hit Marketplace. Download it now

The free app lets you tap all the most popular features of the popular business social network. Search for jobs, see real-time updates from your connections, stay up-to-date with LinkedIn professional groups, and follow company and industry news.

LinkedIn also makes great use of Windows Phone-only features: Live Tile notifications let you know about new messages, invitations, and LinkedIn Today updates. You can also stay on top of selected professional groups by pinning them as a secondary Live Tile.

The LinkedIn blog has more on the app.

Now in Marketplace: LinkedInNow in Marketplace: LinkedInNow in Marketplace: LinkedIn

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  • pg1162
    3 Posts

    The pic here show you can pin LinkedIn Today to the start page.  Did I miss something?  I tried so may way and could not find way to do that.  I was disappinted.

  • Come on Rodney! Don't be so modest, you know you deserve one of those... Just imagine, Michael puts a new Nokia Lumia 900 in the mail for you... Sweet! Ain't it?

    [fine-print]Dude, I am lobbying for you![/fine-print]

  • @ Michael, and the rest..

    As long as these phone are going to new users then I'm happy.. And if these free phones are going to current WP users then that means their old devices may make it into the hands of new users.. Win-Win situation if you ask me.. :)

  • Come on Michael! Show some love for Rodney! If anyone here deserves a free Nokia Lumia 900, that person is without any doubt, our friend Rodney... I am dead serious!

  • @Rodney: Just updated the Derby post with the winners info, picked randomly from all qualifying entries. Don't give up, dude!

  • That's a great letter...  And he's totally right about the call quality.  My brother called me from his iphone  yesterday while I was driving home, and I had him on speakerphone (going through my stereo, like I always do) and I could barely make out what he was saying.  Then HE tried putting me on speakerphone, and I got MAYBE one out of every 5 words...  He put it back to handheld, I cranked my volume up, and I could at least have a conversation.

    After that, I called my wife (same setup in my car) on her WP, and had to turn the volume down because she was coming through so loud and clear.  

    For all the awesome things phones do these days, it's nice to know that OURS can still make a quality phone call too.

  • Thanks KC!

    And, Check this out guys! Over at there is a page dedicated to a letter that was sent by a "Apple Fan Boy" who gives his opinion about WP....

  • KC Lemson
    19 Posts

    Regarding the winners for the Derby, we just picked them and are reaching out to the winners shortly, we'll announce them soon :-)

  • Well thankfully I'm not in NY!!  I'm in Seattle, and it's an above ground commuter train!

    I've also got PRETTY EXCELLENT judgment on who gets the nod, who gets silent appreciation, and who gets a conversation... I've done all three, and haven't been maced yet!  :)

  • Seriously guys, I dont know about y'all, but if the circumstance were right I would definitely acknowledge their device. Especially if they were next to me . Now, here in Dallas we are used to talking to complete strangers in public, but I'm not sure how smart, or safe, that is for Mike in NY. Can you imagine him trying to start a conversation with some girl on the subway, and she goes all mace crazy on his a$$. Lol! Thats hilarious...

    But, if I could, without getting assaulted, I would just want to make them feel like the made the right choice, make them feel like they aren't alone in that choice, and make sure they know about WP8, so that they will stay with WP.

    Yeah Mike, don't do it just play it safe..... Also, those funny faces you're giving them might look kind of weird to. Lol! I can imagine you sitting on the train, and raising your eyebrows up at some dude,, the dude totally not knowing it has anything to do with WP.. He might get the wrong impression. Ha, and what if he likes it??????? LMFAOADL on just the thought! .. You might have a follower on your way home dude!.... Be carefully! These streets ain't safe no more! Lol.

  • @T-Windows, don't worry, I never make a big deal about it... Just smile, maybe nod at them, then jump on here and tell Rodney about it... :-)

  • @ Mike B.... But where are the winners for the two white Lumias??/

    @ T Windows.. Very well said! And you know me.. I'm going to chase them down, and get all up in their personal space. Lol!

    @ DjiXas.. Get over it! ... Micheal, or whoever, just grabed the image out of the marketplace. This is the image the developer made, and submitted into the marketplace, so your beef is with them. ^_~ Dont you read WPCentral? Lol!

  • Okay, so check this out.. All these garbage phones are still being sold, and cost more than the $49 with contract that several WP phones go for...  WHY are we not getting these sales??

  • Great app for a great website. One of the top class Metro app I have seen. Well done MS and LinkedIn

  • DjiXas
    46 Posts

    @James Manes

    Really? How about YOU actually try it before accusing someone else?

  • T Windows
    116 Posts

    @ Michael

    Thanks for your post, it’s really good to see some streamline apps starting to shift to the Windows Phone platform.

    The LinkedIn app looks great as a metro style app for Windows, and from the business social atmosphere it will get a major boost in use and in downloads.


    I agree I’ve also noticed when I’m out that 900’s, and other Windows phones are being spotted more and more.

    Rather than make a big scene about how happy I am to see folks using them I just smile instead, this way I don’t scare them half to death with my excitement.


    LOL – “Stupid girl at att yesterday”

    Just think she has the “Best Smartphone Ever”  – per Siri, …well at least before they reprogrammed the Siri app to say different -  Still LOL.

    It’s good to see the positive growth for the Windows Phone platform starting to take off, and I know we have a long way to go because we live the experience daily, but it’s always good to see every day people discovering the joys of the Windows Phone too.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • The worst thing about Hanson losing was all the people on facebook the next day saying "I lost money by betting on that @#%$ Windows Phone horse!"

    Okay, so it was only two different people, but if I extrapolate that out across all of facebook, that's a lot of misplaced griping!

  • Thats cool! That must be fun seeing others with devices. I wonder just how many people I have passed by in traffic with devices? I will never know... Stupid girl at att yesterday said she has a Lumia 900, but she loves her iPhone. I asked her why she doesn't use the 900 att gave her and she says "It doesn't have enough apps" I asked her what apps she's uses every week, she says "Facebook, Twitter hmmm Email, text messaging, words with friends" she said she can live without Words with friends.... Now if she was smart she would have mention numerous banking apps, and the seasonal apps like "The Voice" or McDonald's, Target, and specialty store apps like Jo Ann's, and Bath and body works. I see apps everyday that aren't available for WP, like it doesn't exist, but the trade off? I'll stick with WP considering my options.

    @Michael... Whatever happens to the winners of the two white lumia 900's?? Either you guys are sore because Hanson lost, or I missed that post.

  • @Rodney - here's a sighting for ya...  I got on the train tonight and noticed a woman plugging her headphones into a Zune HD - I'm thinking, "awesome, kickin' it old skool" right?  Then I look over a few minutes later, and the ZHD is in her shirt pocket, and she's playing with a 900 in cyan!  That's two 900s I've seen on this train since it launched... Plus the 710 last week... Things are starting to move!

  • News Flash! News Flash!

    The best app ever on WP is coming to Windows 8 desktop, and tablet!

    Somebody suggested that a WPCentral app be made for Windows8pc, and Jay T Bennett said "Who said we aren't" Smart ass remark, but I'm sure they will make one... I dont know what's more exciting the release of W8, or the unveiling of WP8. Good times are coming!

    To some this may not be news. Lol

  • @dJIxAS That has not been edited in photoshop. The app looks just like that and the battery status and all that change when in the app. Try the app first. :)

  • Seems pretty slick. I have never used Linkedin before though.

  • Excellent!  I do like the 1.0 app.  Haven't used all of the features yet, but it looks extremely useful so far.  

    I hope Microsoft can close the Official app list very soon (Startbucks, Citi Bank, Wells Fargo, United Airlines, Visa [], Southwest, Pandora, etc.)

  • DjiXas
    46 Posts

    Heck, even the LinkedIn tile is misplaced...

  • sabyari
    5 Posts

    Downlaod complete... App is pretty awesome... Liked!

  • DjiXas
    46 Posts

    Why do you use photoshoped pics that do not represent the true look of the Windows Phone?

    Blue battery status, etc