Now in Marketplace: the AboutOne family organizer

Now in Marketplace: the AboutOne family organizer

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Life in a modern-day family practically requires a master’s degree in management. Talk about information overload: There are doctor’s appointments, class parties, mom’s nights out, piano lessons, details of the Disney vacation, and all kinds of other stuff to track.

Enter AboutOne, a family organizer that offers a way to corral the chaos. Download it now 

The free app—currently exclusive to Windows Phone—is designed to be a one-stop family organizer and a companion to AboutOne’s web service. The app makes it easy to store notes, kids artwork, store receipts, health stats, emergency info, and all kinds of other domestic paperwork and data so it’s organized and available whenever you need it. Another nice touch: the app is password-protected in case you ever lose your phone.

I’m only scratching the surface of all the features and scenarios where AboutOne comes in handy. The AboutOne blog has more of the scoop.

AboutOne for Windows PhoneAboutOne for Windows PhoneAboutOne for Windows Phone

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  • @ Michael Stroh – What? It makes sense now; you are a Nittany Lion fan! Well, nobody is perfect… just kidding.  Then, I am telling you Mike, there is nothing around this area that makes people aware of the existence of WP 7 (and I normally travel to IN, PA, KY and WV)… pity.  And before I forget, your lawyers are cheap b4$74rd$ (excuse my french).

    @ Rodney Dangerfield [pardon me] Jones – Come on Rodney, show off your new t-shirt! Don’t be shy… you can do it.

  • @Buckeye: About Rodney deserving a phone. I don't disagree--but our lawyers unfortunately are picky about  these things. Maybe he can show off his new Smoked by Windows Phone T-shirt sometime. ;-)

    By the way, my hometown is Erie, PA. So I know those parts. I need to get down there for some Jeni's ice cream.

  • Krush You
    94 Posts

    @buckeye - yes, I for real live in Columbus (well technically Westerville) but still close enough

  • @ Krush You – No way! Are you in Columbus, OH for real? Man, I am not saying that I am the only one here that has a WP7 but it surely feels like that.  I, like you, walk around with my phone in my pocket but out of everybody that I see playing with their phones (e.g. in the park, in-line at the grocery store, during games, etc.), is either an iPhone or any of the thousand different models of Android that they have in their hands.  A while ago, I went in to an AT&T store to order internet and saw a couple of the salespeople with WP7s, I asked them if they liked the phone and although they said “yes”, they confessed that they were required to keep one for business purposes (they certainly seemed genuine about what they said but with little knowledge about our platform).

    @ TWindows – Dude, you are probably right (to certain extent), but my point is that I don’t see the phone out there.  For the record, Columbus, OH has always been one of the top markets in the USA for companies to “test the waters” when doing marketing researches about potential product/services acceptance in the general population.  I guess MS doesn’t think the mid-east of the country is worthy to look into it –and I know, I am speculating about this… and yes, I don’t have any “scientific” data to back it up.  I honestly admire the enthusiasm and unconditional support that very few of you always show for the phone and the processes.  I wish I can be the same, but make no mistake, although I am very “critic” (I hate to use this word) of the way the development and deployment of the platform have been handled, I am all pro Windows Phone (and MS products) and will never switch sides (like Rodney with his future BB10… LOL, just kidding dude).  Simply put, at this point, we need commercials and more commercials everywhere… is this becoming a utopia?

    @ Michael and everyone here – Seriously, who will support my initiative for Michael to reward Rodney with a brand new Nokia Lumia 900? If others have received free phones for practically nothing, the number one WP7 fan Rodney should indeed be entitled to one of those sweet Lumia 900.  What’s fair is fair!

    P.S. – I am done, I better get back to work if I want to keep my job… shhhshhhh.

  • T Windows
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    See you’re not alone anymore in Columbus Ohio; cool people like @KrushYou have their Windows Phone in a safe place.

    Just think about it there could be hundreds of people walking around various places with a Windows Phone in their possession.

    So next time you’re out take notice to those that are smiling for no apparent reason… Yeap!

    It very well could be another awesome Windows Phone user right next to you.


    Dude I feel your pain about the push for commercials – that’s why I’m saving my pennies to purchase my very own Canon 5D Mark II.

    I have a few ideas for the Windows platform base products as a whole and the Windows Phone will be the icing on the cake.

    ( disclaimer )

    Even though this will all be for fun and labeled un-official Microsoft advertisement… in no way associated with Microsoft or the views of (MS) Windows. –LOL

    But still it will be fun putting together some cool Ads for windows as my personal hobby.


    LOL – "I See Beta Testers"

    Dude this is going on my next Windows T-shirt, this one will be a fun message to wear out.

    Thanks guys-

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • T Windows
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    Thanks for your post , the About One app is indeed a great app for the family; my wife and mom literally added the family tree to this thing today.

    Thanks again.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • Krush You
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    @buckeye - I am in Columbus Ohio and I have the Lumia 900 - But when I am out walking around its in my pocket

  • And , yes to ask for a commercial is obviously way to much... What was I thinking???????

  • @ BuckeyeTico & DJ Mike

    Buckeye is hilarious! Dual Core/ Both Platforms! LOL... Dual Core.. LMFAO!.. You know, if I was a Android fan boy I would actually use that as a joke about WP.. "The only way to get dual core on a Windows Phone device is to tape two phones together" HAHAHAH!

    BTW, did you guys see the pics of the BB10 Home screen? it looks like a exploded view of a WP home screen.. Oh well when something is fresh, and functional, you cant blame others for jumping on the band wagon....

    I'm sorry, but this design isn't going to take them any further than WP's gotten.. LOL! And, still that sea of icons? So yestertech!

  • @BuckeyeTico - "I See Beta Testers"

  • @ Rodney & djmikebrady - For the record, I have yet to see someone else here in Columbus, Ohio with a WP7.  I look and look and look, but I only see "death people".  LOL.

  • @ Rodney - You keep insisting on BB10? Hmmm... something tells me that you will soon be a dual-core phone user.  Dual-core = WP7/BB10.  LOL! Just kidding... don't be hating.

  • @ Rodney - A commercial? Aren't you asking for too much? LOL!

  • And since this is exclusive to WP how about a commercial???

  • It's the season for releasing big name apps into the WP marketplace! Here they come!!!

    Cause to be honest I'm sick and tired of hearing about how WP is low on apps. App count seems to be the only BIG thing left for people to use while dismissing WP.

    Now, can we get Words with Friends,  Angry Birds Space, Chase, Wells Fargo, Instagram, Pandora, and whatever few apps it will take to shut critics up??

    Then again, even if WP had 500,000 apps this time next year, and iOS, and Android both had 700,000 they would still have something to complain about. Whatever! I cant wait till BB10 comes around. That should relieve some pressure off of WP because BB10 will be the new low app OS for all the haters to pick on. LOL!

    The best thing for MS to do is partner up with others and start pushing these HTML 5 apps in a BIG way, so we can finally come out of this app war, and the consumers can learn to buy phones based on functionality not app count.

    Nevertheless, I'm glad to see the AboutOne app in the marketplace. The marketplace is getting richer everyday!