Have you updated to Windows Phone 7.5?

Have you updated to Windows Phone 7.5?

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For the past few weeks I’ve been mentioning that you’ll soon need Windows Phone 7.5 installed on your phone to buy, download, or update apps from Marketplace. (This applies to both the phone and web storefronts, by the way.)

We’re now doing the final work needed to turn on this new requirement, so I thought it would be a good time for another friendly reminder. If you’re just tuning in, my earlier post has all the details on why we’re doing this. (In short, the new requirement is tied to a larger Marketplace improvement effort.) But the key takeaway is that if you like apps and games, you’ll soon need Windows Phone 7.5 installed to continue using Marketplace. Most of you already do.

If not, you’ll find a checklist and step-by-step instructions for installing Windows Phone 7.5 on Update Central. I’ll also be back with another reminder on the day the requirement actually kicks in.

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  • tmd63
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    What I do not understand is why create software that has a crash out policy.

    I have not upgraded my windows 6.5 as I do not want any new applications and do not go to the marketplace. But my phone recieved an update and now windows REFUSES to start and the whole operating system crashes when re-started. If this is the way that Microsoft operates and thinks it is acceptable behaviour, then I will use their tactics when I am working at a store. I will tell any customer that comes in with a complaint of faulty goods to go take a running jump off a short pier as it is all their own fault for buying shoddy goods.

  • dclark
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    I have an HTC with Windows 6.2.  I never received notifications of any updates; however, I did receive an email stating, "Beginning May 22, 2012, the Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace service will no longer be available. Microsoft recommends you review the applications or games installed on your Windows Mobile 6.x phone and install any available updates in advance of the Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace service shut-down".  At that point, when I tried to update, the response was "no updates available".  Why did I never receive any UPDATE notifications and how do I update to the current version of Windows without totally wiping out my phone now?

  • Hi all, I have a samsug Omnia pro GT-B7330 running Win P 6.5, will I be able to update the OS to WP 7? also is there any special software that I need to connect my phone to my laptop as Zune does not recognise it? I have win 7 on my laptop.

  • i've had my i677 for over a year. my os is 7720! i've had no update since purchasing this phone. my firmware is 11.10.1! what's the deal?! my keyboard keeps disappearing while i'm typing! ie has quit working altogether! zune is no help. it keeps telling my phone is up to date! i call bs! why let the carrier determine the release of these, obviously, very important updates? this is unacceptable. i need my phone to work! quit screwing around and release the updates!

  • Dear Windows Phone Team,

    Does Mango Support internet access through corporate network which require proxy authentication?

    I am able to browse intranet on Samsung Omnia GT-I8350 when connected to Corporate Wi-Fi or PC using Zune Software but not internet. I did specify the proxy server name ,port and also the authentication credential still no go : ……………….. My Mango is drying in office 

    Is this somewhere related to WPAD settings , As I am getting error "cannot find server or DNS"

    Please help!!!

  • Where can I express my problem with WP7?

    1)Broken USSD messaging

    2)No DATA counter [ gprs/3g volume]

    3)Email toasts

    4)'unread' sms/email notification disappearing even it has unread

    5)SMS confirmation shows number insteadof name, and confirmation is a message... Cell broadcast is also a msg than a display on screen like nokia e63 or any nokia..

    Otherwise... Its awesome.. But microsoft forgets some basics..

    Is 7.5 refresh coming with these? or are you forcing all users to switch to OS with above problems...

    SO much embarassing when someone asks about the missing features.. Poor developers don't get access if they want to build a app to make it... If I want to Jailbreak and use available such apps, now it can't be broken too...


  • @A2Tanker: Have you tried connecting to your PC and manually checking for an update with the Zune software? Sometimes that does the trick.  If it doesn't, feel free to shoot me an email using the Email the Editor link on your right and let me know what model phone and carrier you use.

  • Wow, soon I won't be able to download apps.. that is great, it makes my next phone decision for me, my phone says 7.1 and there are no updates availible. It looks like I need to get a phone that updates... I cna't belive that I have been reccomending this phone to everyone I know, the crashing Android crowd and the iPhone users who are still looking around their phone when I am done updating or checking out friends updates and pictures

  • Got an update for the Samsung Taylor? I would be happy to apply it.

  • abm
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    @aizat1900, windows phone operating-system already include the internet sharing feature with mango update.

    You dont see it "Because your carrier has decided to not add that feature."



    I contacted HTC for my HTC surround and they in turn asked me to contact AT&T -- as they have the authority to enable it -- although I don't have the unlocked off-contract phone and I am using it outside US with other operator! Hopefully AT&T would push the update for first generation devices soon.

  • I'd love to upgrade to 7.5 but unfortunately I'm stuck at 7.00.7403. Here's my sorry tale. I started with a Windows 6.5 phone and upgraded it to a Windows 7 phone (HTC 7 Mozart), I then had to wait 2 months for my contacts etc to be transferred from the Windows 6 backup cloud to the Windows 7 version. I've been travelling so unable to upgrade my phone software. Now when I try to upgrade I repeatedly got an error ( 80072fa8). I finally managed to upgrade today but got 7.10 not 7.5. When I switched on my phone after the upgrade said it was completed - no contacts, no mail accounts - zilch but music! I restored back to 7.00.7403. So now I'm off to buy an iPhone.

  • @aizat1900, WiFi sharing is pretty much device- and carrier-specific.  AT&T, for example is only supporting it on the newest devices (e.g., the Lumia 900 and, I believe, the Titan II).  The only OEM that appears to be REALLY pushing hard to update their devices is Nokia.  Every time I turn around it seems they are deploying a new or updated app unique to them or some other update.  So, at this point it seems to me that folks will want to think hard about choosing a device other than Nokia.  Just sayin'.....

  • hy....i makee update on my phone htc hd7 and after the display is black....

  • are we expecting updates on internet sharing anytime soon? :D

  • GYoung
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    I have had the Mango (WP 7.5) update since October of 2011.  It turned the Windows Phone experience into a truly awesome experience.  I got the keyboard (very annoying!) "disappearing act" fix in January of 2012. My carrier is T-Mobile, and my locale is the southwestern United States.  I am using a HTC HD7 (and I love it, by the way!).  I was wondering -- could it be that the issue of not getting the latest updates is a "regional" issue rather than a "carrier" issue?  (i.e., "Major Metropolitan Market" vs. "Rural Market")?  Or, is it truly a "carrier" issue?

    On a side note, I'm a bit disappointed that T-Mobile seems to NOT get the latest phones.  For instance, if i wanted to upgrade to a Nokia Lumia 900 or the HTC Titan (or Titan II), I'd have to switch to AT&T.  BIG BUMMER.  The only Windows Phones currently being carried by T-Mobile would actually represent a "DOWNgrade" feature-wise, compared to my HD7.  The only real advantage of getting a new Windows phone right now from T-Mobile would be to get 4G.

    On another side note, I, like so many others, am wondering if I will wind up having to buy new hardware if I want to get the new Windows Phone 8 when it is released.  Or worse, what if I switch carriers so I can get, say, a Nokia Lumia 900--only to find out that that hardware still won't handle WP8?  Either way, I'm screwed, right?  My contract with T-Mobile is about up, so I have to make a decision soon.  Looks like I'm going to have to hang on to my HD7 for the time being, and wait and see what happens.

  • hannac
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    7.5 brought downloading attachments from my exchange server...I'm not the only one, but since sprint won't release any updates, who knows if there is a fix out there

  • I add my voice to everyone saying: Please get to carriers (especially AT&T) to push out updates as they are released. My Focus S is a great phone but it is stuck on 7720. I did not expect to be left out of software fixes by either AT&T or Microsoft. And neither company has done a good job, as far as I can tell, of explaining their policy on this issue. Microsoft has created a superior product that deserves wide adoption but might be crippled by really pissing off the early adopters. I really believe in this platform, don't make us regret our faith in the Windows Phone team.

  • So when will we get bluetooth keyboard support for Office Mobile?

  • @ScubaDog2011 Thanks, I understand you....I love my WP OS :)

  • dtraser
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    I'm with most others on here, the keyboard bug MUST BE FIXED ASAP!! Microsoft needs to push AT&T and other carriers to get this rolled out to thwir paying customers. I started off being a big fan of Windows Phone but to be honest the inability of Microsoft to push the issue with carriers has tainted my opinion. My company that employs over 50,000 considered Windows Phone as a company standard but due to the update timing issues, we abandoned Windows Phone and have determined iPhone is a better and more sustainable solution.

  • @linus1965.  ALL devices will be getting the 7.5 Refresh unless they were released with it already (e.g., the Lumia 610 apparently already has it).

  • update  tango   for  lumia 900  e lumia 710   e lumia 800  not ??? Perhaps we were wrong to trust in nokia and especially to microsoft

  • @kenzibit....think about what you said.  And think about what's already happening.  First, all Windows Phone device CAN upgrade (barring device-specific issues), so it makes sense that they'd "cull the marketplace".  Second, you might not be aware, but Microsoft is already killing the marketplace that the Windows MOBILE devices use---I think that happens in a couple of weeks.  And there are still a lot of those users out there.  So, it's not without precedence.  However, I don't believe that Microsoft will kill the Marketplace for 7.5 owners very quickly because those devices will still be viable for at least a couple of years.  And we've been told that Mango apps will run on WP8.  But, it still remains that all the Windows Mobile users will either have to settle for whatever apps they currently have or buy new devices.  It's not like their phones will stop working.  They just won't have a marketplace.  And, when the time comes that Microsoft has to cease support for WP7.5 users in favor of WP8 or WP9, those devices will still work, too....they just won't have access to new apps.  It's just the way the business is.  The situation is FAR worse for Android users, though.

  • So, I've been thinking....I know Mango was made available to all current phones so I don't really see how one shouldn't update. But what if Mango was an update that most devices couldn't get? Lets take the Apollo update for example; incase the update comes and current devices are not able to upgrade due to some reasons whatsoever (eg: Multicore compatibility) and we get people with Mango and Apollo all in the ecosystem and then Windows Phone 9 comes and Microsoft once again wants to upgrade & improve the Marketplace so all devices should upgrade to Windows 8 or loose the Marketplace....what happens to the WP 7.5 consumers? Will we be foreced to get newer devices? It's been bothering me and thought I ask.

  • @phillColeman, surely you don't think the update PROCESS is annoying.  I think the process is the best of all three ecosystems.  Now, the APPROVAL is definitely a mess, since Microsoft has to submit themselves to the power and blessing of the carriers.  But once the approval to go is reached, I think the process itself is excellent.

    By the way, for those complaining about Tango, surely you've read by now that it appears that the 7.5 Refresh (formally known as Tango) is slated to fly simultaneously via all carriers in June (just like Mango worked).  I can tell you, as an owner of the Lumia 900, the keyboard issue is fixed.  And I also have yet to run into the WiFi issue some of you speak of.

    Finally, if your AT&T phone is developer-unlocked, there's a simple registry change to flip your phone from ATT-US to ROG-CA.  The next time you sync up you'll get the updates immediately.  Once done, just change the registry entry back to ATT-US.  I did this on my Focus, so it's as up to date as it can be until the 7.5 Refresh rolls out.

  • guest
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    I'd rather have the disappearing keyboard issue and use Mango than still use NoDo! How can people not update? They miss so many features... Don't understand this.

  • Korn1699
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    If you force this, you should for the carriers to release the newest update

  • @ Mazhar Mohammed – With all due respect, how about if MS grows a pair and makes all carriers release the “disappearing keyboard” update?!!!

    P.S. This is also a friendly reminder too!!!

  • The WiFi-bug is still present on version 8107, so why spend time on updating when you don't fix existing bugs

  • Understand and approve of encouraging users to move to newer software versions and in this case to allow Marketplace apps to be hosted in encrypted form will then encourage likely more complex apps from developers that might previously have worried about their source code being de-compiled and/or ripped off...

    ...however like others I still haven't recieved any other update since Dec 2011 (when I finally recieved Mango) so am still on v7.10.7740.16 regularly experiencing the disappearing keyboard bug on my Gen 1 phone ever since, with no sign of T-Mobile UK ever planning to release Tango or any other update for my phone. Even now they are carrying the Nokia Lumia 800 and pushing out bug updates for that Gen 2 phone!

    Really hoping that your team hasn't forgotten and are planning another big push with the networks world wide to insist that they roll out at least major milestone software updates to ALL their Windows Phone updates...otherwise you've just proved that it's only Apple that puts their customer's above the networks and makes sure their handsets keep getting software updates for at least the 2 years that most people get stuck on plans from their networks.

    I'm a huge Windows Phone fan so please don't make me feel I can't recommend such phones to non-techies on the basis that if a bug is found more than 6 months after a handset's release...well tough...even if the fix exists!!!

  • Maybe it's carriers you need to be 'reminding' not users.  Many users are clearly stuck on old versions because the /carriers/ aren't releasing the updates.

  • DjiXas
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    How about you bring Tango before users update phone and get bugs?

  • Tips_y
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    I'm here in the Philippines and WP has only recently been officially introduced here but my phone has already updated to 8107, the disappearing keyboard bug, so I'm a very happy WP user! I commiserate with all of you who don't have that update yet.

  • zeke009
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    Once WP gains more steam and popularity I hope you "go Apple" on the carriers and just release the fixes like Apple does.  The WP platform is great, but giving carriers a choice means they'll always screw their customers... at least in America.

  • These guys are right! This disappearing keyboard issue is ridiculous! I can't believe I haven't gotten a update to fix this yet... Its going on a year! When the keyboard drops multiple times while I'm trying to type it's really inconvenient, especially when I'm in a hurry. I want a fix, and no I refuse to force the update..  

    I rarely complain, so when I do the situation must be absolutely ridiculous.. How can users be force to ruin their keyboards, or be punished... Either way we get punished, but what did we ever do wrong?? Lol

  • Entegy
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    I was lucky enough to get Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) the day it came out. I saw the blog post about it and sure enough, Zune said I had an update! I've also gotten the two bugfixes that have come out since then. I feel bad for my American brethren who have to wait for AT&T to move on Tango to fix things like Exchange 2003 truncating and the keyboard bug.

  • Nater
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    WiFi bug on some devices.  The device uses the Data Connection even when the WiFi is on.  Such monumental failure especially for those of us that depend on their smart devices only to find out that our phone has been using a struggling 150kbps 3G signal instead of the 4mbps WiFi signal and because of it our battery went from 90% to Battery Saver in 2 hours.  Thanks!

  • The update process is so annoying.  Last update to my phone was in November & I'm still stuck with the disappearing keyboard bug.

  • KTGiang
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    If you can force users to download a bugged update, can you please force carriers (sprint) to release the fixed update? I still have the keyboard bug.