Starting today you need Windows Phone 7.5 to use Marketplace

Starting today you need Windows Phone 7.5 to use Marketplace

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Today’s the day. This afternoon we started requiring Windows Phone 7.5 on phones to download, buy, update, or review apps in Marketplace. As I’ve written previously, this change applies to both the phone and web Marketplace storefronts. (If you’re just tuning in, please read my earlier post for the full details on why we’re implementing this new requirement.)

Most phones are already running Windows Phone 7.5, which was released last fall, and so most of you won’t notice anything different about how the Marketplace works. However, if your phone has an earlier version of our software installed, you’ll soon start seeing an error message when you try to download a new app, or update one you already own. (I say “soon" because it will take a day or two for the changes we made today to take effect.)

If you do get the error, all you need to do is install the free Windows Phone 7.5 update. You’ll find all the information you need to do that, including an update checklist and easy step-by-step instructions, on Update Central. (Not sure if you have Windows Phone 7.5 installed? Here’s how to check.)

By the way, even if you don’t use Marketplace, there are still lots of great reasons to update. We made hundreds of improvements, big and small, in Windows Phone 7.5. Here’s just a sampling of what I mean. So I’d encourage you to set aside time to update your phone for that reason alone.

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  • Retep
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    Answer me this. Microsoft owns Skype, why not just bypass the carriers completely and provide us with a new SmartPhone standard. The Carriers are a relic of the past and need to be RIP'd asap. with a wifi rollout and windows 8 phones. MS could steal a march on Apple, Google, etc in the NextGen wars.

    Do for Phones what Apple did for Apps.

  • Retep
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    This really isn't funny, I logged on here to get an idea of what Windows Phone to buy. This blog tells me to run for an iPhone or an Android. I already saw that the Lumin was declared excommunicado for w8 which really sucks.

    And, If Apple can make carriers behave then MS surely can provide the same clout.

    Its not the carriers on the line here, its MS, as users need a phone either way so they still pay the carrier.


  • I cannot update to Windows 7.5 because my phone will not update.  I have not been able to get it to update since I got it.  I have tried everything.  I've called my subscriber, Windows, maker of the phone, and have used the Help on this site.  Nothing has helped.  I have 9 months left with my contract and I will get rid of this phone and not get another with Windows on it.

  • Does Windows Mango support support connecting to the Internet using a proxy that requires authentication?

    I am able to browse intranet while connected to my Office Wi-Fi but not able to browse internet. Whenever I browse our SharePoint intranet portal it prompts me for credentials and then I'm all good to access my intranet.I tried specifying the proxy details for my Wi-Fi connection using advanced Wireless settings but no go.

    1. Samsung

    2. Omnia W

    3. Vodafone India

    4. Windows Mango 7.10.8107.79

    5. Zune software version : 4.8.2345.0

    6. Windows 7 Enterprise

    I was going through this link : (Windows Phone Emulator) but dint find any brerakthrough.

    Is this related to Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD) configuration setup in network?

    If anyone knows the fix for this please reply.


    Sudhesh Dessai

  • Thanks for ur interest scuba. Yes I know it's AT&T that's screwing me, but it really chaps my behind that Microsoft turn their head while AT&T shafts the people that put their faith in Windows Phone. Can't say my next Phone won't be a IPHONE...i hate it...they seam to have a better Support Model.

  • @Defjamm, I'm sorry to tell you that there IS NO "skip one update" rule.  This was a horribly perpetrated and, in my opinion, intentionally created "misunderstanding" of the REAL policy.   Carriers and OEMs CAN actually choose NEVER to update any device.  The rule is that IF they DO choose to roll and update it MUST include all previous updates.  The perfect example is, of course, AT&T -- who really doesn't care much about its customers, as far as I'm concerned -- who has missed, if memory serves, two updates now.  However IF they choose to roll the 7.5 Refresh (aka Tango) those two updates will be rolled into it.  What we DON'T know is if they will be rolling 7.5 Refresh.  They could take the stance that only new phones will come with the latest updates but existing customers can just bite them.   But, Microsoft's disclaimers notwithstanding, we were led to believe something very different.  Carriers can skip all updates if they choose.

  • HTC TITAN purchased 11-2011 problems reported to AT&T date all that i have gotten is a 25$ cedit, thats better than most.

    Do not buy a Windows Phone through AT&T !!!

    Microsoft DOES NOT hold AT&T to the "you can skip only one update" rule.

    Thats right, updates that are meant to fix Disappearing Keyboards, Wifi Connectivity Problems, Security or other Major Problems to the consumer.

    AT&T considers these to be MINOR PROBLEMS, not worthy of correcting.

    These problems affect most, if not all, Windows Phones running pre.81......07. Operating Systems.

    I have personally talked to AT&T several times as well as HTC to only be told there is no AVALABLE update.

    There has been 2 updates offered to AT&T that they DID NOT push to ANY Windows Phones (.7740. )(.8107.).

    BUYER BEWARE the only way to get a update is to "force push" the updates and void all warranties on your new phone.

    So long story even longer...YOU signup for a 2-YEAR contract and AT&T has no obligation to support your Windows Phone.

    DEAR Microsoft/Windows Phone...I LOVE MY WINDOWS PHONE...but do I need to join the APPLE CULT so i can have a UPDATED PHONE free of bugs and glitches? ! SAY ITS NOT SO !


  • @abm, I'm already a subscriber to the Metro Developer Show podcast.  That show is really great, and I've even participated in a couple of the chat sessions.  Good stuff!

  • abm
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    @ScubaDog2011, themetrodevelopershow is a great podcast to catchup with WP and W8 news and development tips, the one I suggest people to subscribe. People can also participate in the live episode !

    Last time I listened to themetrodevelopershow's episode, Rayan and Travis were talking about the successor to WinCE that is MinWin for gadgets, phones and besides running .NET microkernel, it would do much more!

    Nonetheless, Microsoft and Adobe respect eachother's platforms. Microsoft dropped the idea of promoting SL on web as well as dropped XPS and rather promoted pdf. No XPS support on web like pdf; Bing and SkyDrive (view online in browser) and on Windows Phone. OTOH, Adobe released the hardware-accelerated-graphics version of flash as soon as IE9 hit the market. There are still millions of website running flash. Microsoft would not drop Flash support in Metro for tablets.

    I agree that the web standards are gearing towards HTML5 which in turn rendering Adobe Flash to lose the stats on web. Mostly, new emerging websites would take the HTML5 but among millions of websites ever developed on flash or contain the flash content, how many are yet to be converted on HTML5?

    For a flash/flex developer, it wont be super comfortable to use javascript without any HTML5 designer, where you have controls and you can drag drop elements and then code -- like actionscript is used in Adobe editor. At least not until now, when the suites like Edge are coming into existence as an HTML5+CSS3+Javascript counterpart of Adobe Flash. Ironically its Adobe Edge (

    For a web developers and designers, Microsoft has given the excellent first-class support for HTML, CSS and JS in VS11. Watch the channel 9 video here:

  • Now, this isn't directly related to this forum, but it may be soon, given the migration of Windows Phone from the WinCE kernel to the WinRT kernel.  I just read that it appears that Microsoft has gotten into bed with Adobe and apparently Flash is going to be bundled with Windows 8 (we'll see this for certain in the Release Preview in a week).  I just find this completely stupid.  What in the world is Microsoft thinking?  Flash needs to die a quick and painful death.  I was ecstatic that it wasn't supported in Windows Phone, and I don't have it installed on my Windows 7 desktop (and obviously not on my Windows 8 Consumer Preview).  This is a HUGE mistake.

  • @abm, you won't find any disagreement with me about how badly Microsoft needs to control the ecosystem (namely, the carriers) much better than they do.  However, that said, when you have a OEM like Nokia appearing to be able to push harder to get things through I think there may be a ray of hope.  If Nokia can keep ahead of the cashflow problem enough to see the Lumia line really start to replenish their coffers, I'm convinced that they will be the key to success of Windows Phone.  Samsung, their new device volume leadership role notwithstanding, is a day late and a dollar short to the game, as far as I'm concerned.  I love the Focus.  And, from what I've seen, the Focus S was pretty impressive.  The Focus 2 is NOT, in my opinion.  HTC, which has thus far been making crappy devices for both Android and Windows Phone, really stepped up their game with the Titan and Titan II.  Time will tell if this will be consistent.

  • @Turtlebreath, yes, the 7.5 apps will remain accessible because they are said to be supported by WP8.  Also, I think it's a mischaracterization of the truth to say that older devices will be turned into paperweights.  They don't suddenly stop working just because the Marketplace moves on.  Just ask anyone with a Windows Mobile device.  The Marketplace for those devices shut down yesterday and they're all still working.  I have two Windows Mobile devices (Dell Axim X5 and X3i) and they both work fine.  I just can't get new software via a Marketplace.  Truth be told, by the time older devices are truly dropped it's a fair bet the user will have already stabilized on the apps they were going to use anyway.  The difference between the Windows Mobile issue and the WP7 vs WP7.5 is that current devices (with unique exceptions) are all upgradable.  The Windows Mobile devices are over a decade old.  Moving from WP7.5 to WP8 will be SOMEwhat similar to WM to WP, but the WM7.5 devices are still so new and with no upgrade path to WP8 Microsoft really has to continue supporting them for a reasonable time.  I'd be surprised, though, if we see WP7.5 devices supported past five years--we'd be silly not to have gotten a new device by then anyway.

  • Hey, thanks, @T Windows!  You're awesome!

  • well better remove the 25character activation key stuff, that is bugging us all.We buy our mobiles paying hundreds of dollars and again need to beg u guys for another key to download some apps.What is the necessity of that key for you after all??

  • T Windows
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    If you do decide to dive into the development process, and start coding for your banking app – the following website link might just help you save some time.

    They actually just launched today The “WindowsPhoneGeek” Marketplace for Windows Phone app development.

    For the kick off its invitation only, but if you sign up for a login to their website you can request an invite, and since they just started today your chances are good.

    The next link below is an article that gives you a bit more detail about the developer’s marketplace, and how they can save you hours on hours of coding, and possible pre-written apps with similar task already defined for customizable use.

    I hope the site can help in your development quest –good luck!

    - Stay powered by Windows

  • I'm curious about one thing:  Will it be possible to download apps for WP 7.5 after WP 8 is released/?   What about after WP 9 is released?  

    I don't think devices need to be supported forever, but I do think it's a bad idea to turn phones into paperweights.   My Samsung Focus will be useful to me or someone else two years from now.  It should be possible to download software for this device for the foreseeable future.    I hope Microsoft supports that and does not  encourage  the practice of throwing perfectly usable devices into the "cell phone graveyard"  sooner than is necessary.  My Samsung Focus is not going to become useless when it turns two years old in December... I hope that Microsoft doesn't force it to become useless because they stop owners from downloading updates for the original phones.

    The closed "application store/marketplace" model will make it more difficult to keep around historical operating systems and phones ten or more years from now.

  • At least I am on Windows Phone version sev.. *keyboard drops*

  • abm
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    @ScubaDog2011, I am using HTC 7 Surround with Mango update outside United States. With my prepaid connection, my operator sends me a call bill and remaining balance text notification once the call is ended -- the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) which my device doesn't display. I contacted Microsoft and HTC support and they told me to count on AT&T to enable this feature even on the operator-unlocked device!

    So I agree this is kind of lame and unnecessary to rely so brusquely on the operator. Microsoft needs to control their ecosystem's devices more eloquently and redefine the food chain for the updates (especially chalk out the scenarios, when the operator should be involved)!

  • abm
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    That's a great step towards gearing the whole ecosystem to the newer version (not the latest!).

    Talking about the marketplace, I figured there is a small glitch in the marketplace "website" when we try to open the marketplace-website on IE9-WP. If someone access the marketplace website on windows-phone and try to install the app, it should open the app screen on the marketplace app, rather than taking you to the "Get app" secure page.

    Or is it for the scenarios where multiple phone devices are associated to the account? In any case, it shouldn't send the email if you are installing the app on the same device!

    Thank you.

  • Speaking of the Marketplace, does anyone know of a good resource for learning how to write a bank/credit union app for Windows Phone?  I'm tempted to pay the $99 to register as a developer, but to be frank I have almost zero coding experience.  The Microsoft tutorials are fine, and I have no problem following those, but they're pretty generic.  Most of the bank apps seem to  be pretty much a cookie-cutter design (obtain account balances, do transfers, etc.), and the general support mechanisms for developing seem impressive.  But there aren't a LOT of bank apps out there, and I can't seem to locate anyone who can help me get started.  I'm tired of people complaining 'there's no app for my bank", and blaming Windows Phone for that----it's the lack of developer interest in writing the bank apps that's the problem.

  • @Korn1699, nope, they are updating all devices.  The fact that I DO have all the latest updates on my Focus is evidence of that.  AT&T chose to hold off on the keyboard fix until the 7.5 refresh.  I've seen several independent reports that the 7.5 Refresh will roll simultaneously, similar to the way Mango rolled, approximately first week of June---all devices, all carriers.  Obviously, we can expect a staged rollout similar to the way Mango was deployed, but just like Mango, the silence on the 7.5 Refresh is pretty reminiscent of Mango.  Believe me, the keyboard issue was annoying, but just sit tight---the fix is coming.  I absolutely do NOT like AT&T's laziness on this (which is exactly what I believe this is....they just don't want to work for customers by keeping on top of every update that's available), but they aren't abandoning the devices.  Just doing what we call in the Lean/Six Sigma world, "Batch and Queue".  Not very efficient (masks broken processes).

  • @ ScubaDog2011... Oh yeah, I did see that... I wonder what's taking so long?

  • Korn1699
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    @ScubaDog2011, I don't think they are updating the first gen devices at all anymore, just the second set of devices and the Focus Flash, but not the original Focus.

  • I wish I still had the link for it, but AT&T had posted on their Facebook page that the 7.5 refresh was coming, and this is why the interim updates had NOT been pushed.  Their philosophy (which I vehemently disagree with) is to push fewer updates and make them count rather than multiple small ones.  And, as we know, updates are cumulative.  Contrary to what we were led to believe at original launch (that carriers could only skip one update), the fact is that carriers CAN skip ALL updates, but when they DO push an update it will automatically contain all updated bits that have accumulated since the last one.  The 7.5 Refresh (aka Tango) will contain the keyboard fix.  

    And, as I've posted before, if you have an developer-unlocked Focus you can make a simple registry entry that has your phone thinking it's part of the Rogers Canada network, thus triggering the updates immediately, then switch back to ATT-US afterward.  That's how I updated my Focus to get the keyboard fix.  My Lumia already had all the updates on it (and has received others since).  I have to say, Nokia is the winner on all fronts compared to Samsung, even though I DESPERATELY miss the 40GB storage I have on my Focus.

  • Oh Sven,,, did you see the article that stated that something like 90% of all first generation Windows Phones purchased were Samsung Focuses on att?? Obviously at&t doesn't care if their devices work properly, and that's why we don't care to fool with them.... 90%! just think of all the poor keyboards dropping right this very second! LOL! What a shame...

    I hope Scubas right!

  • @ Sven

    Hold on partner! LOL.. We're not trying to put them blame on any specific party. That's a whole other topic. Pointing fingers isn't going to get us the update. I want the update, not just find out whose fault it is. Personally I don't care about all the politics behind the devices, rather, my main concern is that WP succeeds because I love it for 1, 2; it's a healthy little competition, in my mind, which fuels my interest in the platform, 3; I like the exclusivity of being the first to do something, and 4... I don't really like the iPhone, or Android, and haven't seen BB10 yet.

    I'm invested in WP! not Samsung, or at&t. I'm willing to change my device vendor, and carrier in the future, but I'm not so willing to move away from the WP platform. I believe that it is most important to communicate any issues I have with the WP OS to the maker of the OS, not the suppliers,, they can kizz my black a$$.. LOL!

    Now, MS doesn't always seem to know whats best for themselves, "Ahem Marketing Ahem", but I think that if they want WP to succeed they need to step up and take WP by the Bizal Sizack. Remember this all started with MS. We would not have a HTC Titan, a 900,800,710,610, a Focus S, or Focus 2 without the work that the Windows Phone 7 Series team did years ago.....................You know Sven???? you're right! I guess we have been blaming MS. I didn't see it until now, but you're right! Sorry................... Yeah, sorry if that doesn't ride with you, but that's the way we think is best. Not to be rude... :)

    That's the problem with Android,, Who do you blame? Which came first the chicken or the egg?? IMO the egg, if you believe in evolution,,, but WP came first, and with the promise that updates would be "less" fragmented. Now, at&t is WP largest carrier, so If Verizon supports only Android, that would make WP's update process literally worse. I don't want to see this happen, because a lot of the exclusives that I used to use as selling points for WP are slowly dwindling away... We need to save the things that make WP "beautifully different", and IMO that's up to MS... and Nokia!

  • I'm not a Marketplace user, so good to know this will still work great for me. Thanks for the sub articles in here too; they really enhanced this piece.

  • Sven
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    @jjbowles I've done both my iPad and iPhone via a disconnected WiFi update and it is much faster actually. It however does not do the initial backup that cabling the unit and doing it through iTunes does. So if there are any issues, you wind up going back to some earlier backup to restore your device. It's a trade off. Requiring cabling also avoids the attempt to upgrade when the battery level isn't sufficient. That can be a mess.  Windows Phone really needs a better backup story anyway. Hopefully WP8 will address some of those issues.

  • jjbowles
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    OTA is not as bad an idea as it sounds.  Yes, it eats your data like crazy, so use WiFi.  Ipad is now doing this and it's the ONLY method of updating in WebOS since there is no deskside companion.  It works and it is easy for the user.

  • Sven
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    @ecoli This isn't intended to be a support forum. Try

    But, are you talking about on a Windows Phone? Did you just use the Windows Live option when setting up an account? For that you should just need your address and password. It should take care of all the server and port inticacies. Shouldn't even have to know it is Post on the forum if you have problems.

  • ecoli
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    I cant sync my email from!

  • Sven
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    AFAIK the keyboard fix is no longer a MS issue, but a carrier one. As in it is done and released, applired to numerous hansets, but the delay is carrier specific. Lets blame the right folks. You know, the ones that can't get more than 2-3% likes on their facebook pages.

    My bigger concern is all the folks who have tried, but can't upgrade their phones. Yes, it happens. Check the Windows Phone Answer forums. Some just won't connect to Zune, some hang, some have other issues. So now you say to those folks that have been fighting the upgrade battle, BTW, no apps for you. MS needs a 1-800 number to supporrt hiose folks with upgrade issues, or a concerted effort with carriers to allow in-store upgrades so folks aren't just cast aside.

    I myself upgrade two phones, and one did not go like butter. A less experienced user might well have been stymied by the handset booting into what looked like a BSOD after the firsat attempt. Hardware hard reset brought it around, and a second attempt succeeded.

  • Korn1699
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    I think it is funny that they are pushing the 900 so much because that is just going to be another chunck of users that they abandon.. I think that still isn't going to be upgradeable to Windows Phone 8, which will  be out later this year.

  • @ Scuba....

    I hope you are right about the update coming. I still have faith that there are still some good people in this world, and I want to keep it that way. Lol, keyboards dropping as we speak! See, that took to long, and to much effort, to type. Lol!

    I agree that Mango is worth the bug, but why the trade off?? And I dont mind the fact that a bug exists, its how long I have had to deal with it thats ridiculous, especially when a fix has been out for a minute. Yo, where did you read about a fix coming because I'll take your word for it if you have a reliable source. Please give me some hope dude! Lol!

  • @Mazhar Mohammed

    Why force users to an update that has been widely proven to CAUSE debilitating issues including the virtual keyboard disappearing but not push the update directly to them that fixes the issues?  Carriers do not request and release updates from Microsoft to users in a timely fashion, so why would Microsoft make this change with the Marketplace and isolate people with working virtual keyboards on older Windows Phone versions from accessing the Marketplace when their devices won't work well enough TO reach the Marketplace and provide a reliable virtual keyboard presence in the ubiquitous Mango update?

    You guys have got to kill this crap with the carriers having to request the update in order for it to become available to users.  End users are paying for the entire cost of phone (including the Windows Phone license fee); the carriers are only paying a subsidy.  You either need to provide updates directly to the end user through Zune like Windows Update does for Windows PC users (regardless of the ISP), or you need to put this horse down.

    Your planning of updates could not have conjured up more poorly, especially when carrier and OEM collusion of not providing Android updates has been going on long enough leading to people who value updates to leave for iOS devices.  Those people are more likely to buy your devices in the future.  I owned a Windows Phone, but, after all these stupid actions by you guys, I will not buy a Windows Phone again.

    Apple, for all its evils, has a proven update method that "just works" when it comes to updates.  They basically have a Windows Update "channel" on board, and the carrier can't interfere.  Sure, the carrier can test it, but there's a limit to the carrier blocking it.  This also means that Apple is DELIVERING value to an existing installation for an individual user, not letting Big Brother decide if the end user needs it or not.  I've said it millions of times, but you guys keep ignoring your real customers and your actions are going to lose you even more.  Will the carriers just buy volumes of Windows Phones when they have no one interested in buying them because increasingly important, incremental updates are being held up that could retain customer loyalty?  Look up BlackBerry!  Hell, look up Windows Mobile, in case you have forgotten.

    You have made it so that minimum specifications for devices make them update-ready, so there should be little to no problem pushing updates directly to devices on your own without carrier's involvement.  How an update that fixes a missing keyboard needs to be tested by the carrier for network compatibility is unclear and should not even be a factor at this point in the smartphone segment.  If there are changes to the OS stack that ping the carrier's network under the well-known industry standard terms of use, then you should definitely be pushing updates directly to users instead of letting carriers sit on them while releasing devices three months after a user just bought one with an older build of Windows Phone, like many who can't get the 8107 update that is supposed to correct the disappearing keyboard.

    I chucked my Windows Phone for iOS.  I don't apologize for mentioning that here, as I don't own a MacBook.  I proudly use Windows PC.  As long as Microsoft doesn't start letting ISPs interfere in updates to the operating system, updates to OS drivers, or to applications, I will CONTINUE to use AND buy Windows for PC.  See how that works.  Eureka!  When will you mobile OS developers get the freaking message with that idea?


    A majority of existing Windows Phone owners are still in contract and CAN'T AFFORD to buy new devices for fixes that should have already been pushed directly to them by Microsoft.  Not sure why you'd try to make the issues in the Mango update seem miniscule, but they are not.  The update mess with the carriers is salt in the wound.  This is the problem that continues to poison the Android pool of users.  People can't afford to buy devices at full retail just for a minor update when a new device with the update is released only months after people have bought their already obsolete device.  It should be standard practice at this point that mobile OS developers push the updates directly or build their OS's so that regardless of the carrier and OEM driver configurations that are currently done, the OS would be on it's own layer or partition and be backwards compatible with whatever carrier and OEM driver configurations that already exist on the device in their own partitions.

  • @ Korn 1699

    This is one of the few things, that have ever pi$$ed me off. I seriously, seriously can't believe we're being left out in the cold on this one. What a shame...

    And while, I'm bitching,, lol.. Lets talk about MARKETING, and the HTC Titan II... Really? Really? Not one commercial? Really? A monkey with one finger could sell a HTC Titan II!! Just mention the screen size, and the camera! WTF? Don't you guys realize that just advertising one device at a time makes WP seem small, and week?

    Really? Not one Focus 2 commercial? "Just shut down the factory, or quit waisting shelf space".. Those are the words of a troll on WPCentral, regarding the Titan, but he has a point. Commercials sale devices faster, it works! It really works! And, to tell the truth the current crop of Lumia 900 commercials, are not in large enough volume, this is not enough! More, More, More!

    at&t WP'S network? The Lumia 900 at&t's "hero" phone? Not from what I see.. Now the HTC One, thats their real hero phone. They might not want to admit it, but the One seems to be outselling the 900, on a daily basis, buy looking at the customer reviews on att's site. And, last night they played the HTC commercial on EVERY commercial break during Americas got talent... Not one 900 commercial! The funny thing is they are advertising the camera capabilities of the One with some bloke jumping out of a airplane. Sound familiar? Essentially mocking MS's first generation marketing efforts, while showing how to make a informative ad. This is sad!  

    @ Mazhar Mohamed... Just a idea,, can we get a Q&A with WP'S marketing cheif? I'm sure a lot of us would like to hear about how WP marketing is coming along, what MS roll is, and plans for the future.. I got a fealing that you guys would get a lot of comments on this one... How bout it???

  • Korn1699
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    I don't think AT&T ever said that the 1st gen devices would be getting the fix.  Sometimes the issue isn't bad, but if you are trying to have a conversation with someone and EVERY TIME YOU TYPE A MESSAGE THE KEYBOARD DISAPPEARS SIX TIMES, it makes me want to just throw my phone at the wall or something.  I know there are ways to hack it on there, but I don't want to risk bricking it because it is my only phone and also my house phone.  I'm not paying $500 for a new phone in order to be able to send text messages without the keyboard constantly disappearing, since I would have to buy it out of contract because it hasn't even been 2 year yet since the phones came out.

  • @Korn1699, that makes no sense.  the 7.5 update was MASSIVE.  Certain aspects of the update simply require that all users now be running that version.  At this point it's silly to keep 7.0 versions of apps in the Marketplace.  Yes, there were some minor issues with 7.5, but the benefits so overwhelmingly outweight the negatives that you simply can't make the case for NOT updating.  The keyboard fix is available for a lot of devices and coming for the rest---with the 7.5 refresh, in fact.  Also, if you get a new device it's, of course, fixed.

  • Korn1699
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    This shouldn't have been pushed out unless you were going to give people access to the fix for the huge keyboard issue that is in 7.5.

  • Allow us to change our Live Id region so that we can actually buy apps from the marketplace. Even if changing region may need resetting the device.

  • So if the update is neccesarry today then is the keyboard fix coming tomorrow? Tomorrow as in very soon, not tomorrow as in later this year when we all have new devices.

  • While I went Mango the day it officially dropped, I much preferred my Palm Pre, which hit the ground with OTA updates.  You get a notification, it downloaded the update while on WiFi, and then installed it all on the phone.  WebOS may be nothing but a brief memory now, but I really liked the way it did pretty much everything.

  • @techieg Not exactly OTA as in using data plan, but wifi. Cloud should be implemented for backups. Everyone who has a WP has to have a Live account correct? Seems easy enough if SkyDrive could offer more data. I just don't think the current way of doing updates is not efficient or even good.

  • techieg
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    @James Manes

    If oyu know what Over The Air (OTA) means considering the size of the OS that needs to be downloaded you will not suggest such a lousy idea. How does your computer get to back up your entire phone and its contents wirelessly as well as download the new OS in GB wirelessly? Even a wired connection will take quite a while to do this, and here you are asking for wireless "upgrades" not even "updates" which can be small.

  • Without OTA updates this just seems like a mess. End users probably do not really know how to update or care. And probably will not take the time to read how to do it.