Sweet! It’s a cake contest to win a Windows Phone

Sweet! It’s a cake contest to win a Windows Phone

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We think our Start screen is pretty sweet. cakeBut have you ever seen a cake shaped like a Windows Phone? Our fans have shared a few on Facebook, so we thought it’d be fun to throw a contest for the best Windows Phone inspired cake.

You can submit a cake and vote for your favorite on our Cake Contest Facebook page. So pre-heat your oven or call the bakery, because the top 3 cakes with the most likes will win a brand new Windows Phone.      

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Create a Windows Phone-inspired cake.
  2. Submit a photo of your cake on our Cake Contest Facebook page. (You can also submit a photo of a cake you made in the past, as long as you’re the baker.)

Entries must be received by Wednesday, May 30. Voting ends June 6. Our lawyers pinned the contest’s official rules here on SkyDrive, if you want to check them out. (Click View Folder if you don’t see them immediately.)

We can’t wait to see your creations. Good luck!

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  • I can't enter (I'm not from the US and the Facebook page isn't working!) yet I wanted to share my own cake, so here it goes...


  • Will i win if i make a cake with DISAPPEARING KEYBOARD ?

    HTC TITAN purchased 11-2011. Problems reported to AT&T on 2-2012.

    Do not buy a Windows Phone through AT&T !!!

    Microsoft DOES NOT hold AT&T to the "you can skip only one update" rule.

    Thats right, updates that are meant to fix Disappearing Keyboards, Wifi Connectivity Problems, Security or other Major Problems to the consumer.

    AT&T considers these to be MINOR PROBLEMS, not worthy of correcting.

    These problems affect most, if not all, Windows Phones running pre.81......07. Operating Systems.

    I have personally talked to AT&T several times as well as HTC to only be told there is no AVALABLE update.

    There has been 2 updates offered to AT&T that they DID NOT push to ANY Windows Phones (.7740. )(.8107.).

    BUYER BEWARE the only way to get a update is to "force push" the updates and void all warranties on your new phone.

    So long story even longer...YOU signup for a 2-YEAR contract and AT&T has no obligation to support your Windows Phone.

    DEAR Microsoft/Windows Phone...I LOVE MY WINDOWS PHONE...but do I need to join the APPLE CULT so i can have a UPDATED PHONE free of bugs and glitches? ! SAY ITS NOT SO !


  • Can't see the page, all I get is "No Facebook Page found." message...

  • KR
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    I meant porting the version of the pdf reader app that is presently on win8 to windows phone.not making an adobe reader app on win8.i don't even want one to be made after the horrible one on windows phone.we need the Microsoft pdf reader app which is already on win8 to be also made for windows phone.its a great app, and the adobe reader on wp is horrible

    Please talk to your team about this

  • KC Lemson
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    Rodney: I've been involved in usenet/newsgroups, IRC and later social media since around... well, I'm not going to age myself. My skin can take it. :-)

    HTC: As I mentioned earlier in the comments, we're working on making our contests available WW - there are a bunch of hoops to jump through that we just need to figure out, and we're in the process. Regarding the product, we have expanded our regional and language support with every release thus far, it's very important to us to have a global product, but it takes time and careful effort to do a quality job, so it doesn't happen all at once.

  • HTC
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    KC, hope you really can stop that insane habit of everything being US only.  Not only the competitions but the overall focus for Windows Phone.  For example Asian language input was delayed by an entire year which absolutely killed the prospect of Windows Phone gaining any traction in Asia (check the incredible Symbian to iOS migration in China that happened this year on statcounter - what a lost opportunity that was).  And the complete lack of pushing local distributors and carriers to promote Windows Phone, everything seems geared towards US carriers only.  Hope you have focus groups globally, not just in US or something, and can get beta Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 devices out in the real world.

  • @ KC... Yes, I think it would be good for moral, and just plain fun. Glad to hear you're going to be a regular around here. Hope you got thick skin because some of these users are very "passionate" including myself. It's all good! We just can't wait to see what future versions of WP entail, so hopefully yall got some goodies cooking up.. And I'm not talking about cake. Lol

  • KC Lemson
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    Rodney: Er, my "boy" on the last post...? :-) You'll definitely be seeing a lot of me going forward - I've been in WP for a few years (I lead the photos & camera program management team for most of that time) but recently moved into a role where I lead the team responsible for our social media presences (including our newsletter). Neat idea to do a who's-who.

    KR: I am not involved in win8 myself but I'm sure  that the win8 team knows that adobe reader is important and it's only a matter of time until the app's available.

  • KR
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    BTW,does anyone know of an alternative to the Adobe reader app on Windows Phone?because the official one is crap.


    My bad and thanks.can we have a windows phone version of the reader app on windows 8 consumer preview?

  • KR
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    Dude what's your problem with people's names.lol.i went KR to make it easy for you now you calling KC Lemon.WTH

  • Hey KC "Lemon"

    That's cool how you have been responding quickly, and I noticed that your boy on the last post was very talkative to! Usually we only here from Micheal, who always gives us faith that we're being heard. Point being, we like it! I'm sure I can speak for everyone who comments on this blog that we loooove it when you guys talk to us. Thanks, and stay in touch....

    Also, I wish you guys would give us a post outlining every single WP team member, and how they contribute to WP. Remember "Put People First"! And, how about a group picture please?? You know, junior high school style.. Lol

  • T Windows
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    Thanks for the post-  now this one is truly for my wife, she bakes every week so I’m begging her to fit this one in on her schedule.

    Too cool can’t wait to see all the entries; this will be a fun one – thanks again guys.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • KC Lemson
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    It's not flash, it is PDF. Tap on "download file" and you will be prompted to download the adobe reader app if you don't already have it. I'm on my phone and it works for me.

    To your specific question though yes this competition is us only. We are working on how we can make our next contest available more broadly though as we know that is a pain point for some.

  • KR
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    Can we have the rules posted here? Because I'm wondering if it is a US only competition

    I clicked on the link to view the official rules, but I was asked to install flash player which is unfortunate because I was my Windows Phone as my main internet browsing device.

    Why do Microsoft push html 5 on one side and tells us that we can't do anything without flash

  • KC Lemson
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    KR - We'll work with the winners to pick one based on their mobile operator.

  • KR
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    What phone is the grand price?