Now in Marketplace: Facebook’s latest public offering

Now in Marketplace: Facebook’s latest public offering

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I know many of you have been eagerly anticipating the newest version of the official Facebook app, which we teased last month (on Facebook, natch.)

Facebook 2.5 is now available in Marketplace.Well, the wait is over: The update—version 2.5, officially—just showed up in Marketplace and carries some tasty additions. Most of you probably already have this app in your arsenal. If not, what better time to grab it. Here’s some of what’s new or improved:

  • Threaded messaging: Full Facebook threaded messaging, including group messaging.
  • Better tagging: Now you can tag friends and locations in your posts in the “with” and “at” format.
  • Wall cleanup: Use tap and hold to delete posts and comments from your Wall.
  • Hot links: Links in posts are now tappable.
  • More to “Like”: You can now Like comments,

Download Facebook 2.5

P.S. If you’re unable to download the new app or update the one on your phone, make sure your phone has Windows Phone 7.5 installed, See this post for more details or Update Central for installation instructions.


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  • dalydose
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    Ever since this new version came out, I don't see how to search for someone.  I wanted to add some people I met at a party and I couldn't figure out how to search for them by name or email.

  • @caresrg

    That makes the Facebook "integration" nothing more than a gimmick on Windows Phone.  It's like the stand-still configuration state of Beats on HTC devices.  It's little more than a placebo for a proper equalizer.  The Facebook integration is nothing more than a placebo for the fact that you can generally do the same thing on Windows Phone as you can on other mobile OS's for Facebook, only there's an app that does more on each platform.  Unfortunately for Windows Phone, the Facebook app is still not functionally level with the Facebook apps for iOS or Android.

  • caresrg
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    I would love it if the Liking comments and Wall cleanup were integrated into the native Facebook features in the People Hub. One of the huge benefits of WP7 is I generally don't even need to run the fb app!

  • I would grab it if i could update my status without my keyboard disappearing!

    HTC TITAN purchased 11-2011. Problems reported to AT&T on 2-2012.

    Do not buy a Windows Phone through AT&T !!!

    Microsoft DOES NOT hold AT&T to the "you can skip only one update" rule.

    Thats right, updates that are meant to fix Disappearing Keyboards, Wifi Connectivity Problems, Security or other Major Problems to the consumer.

    AT&T considers these to be MINOR PROBLEMS, not worthy of correcting.

    These problems affect most, if not all, Windows Phones running pre.81......07. Operating Systems.

    I have personally talked to AT&T several times as well as HTC to only be told there is no AVALABLE update.

    There has been 2 updates offered to AT&T that they DID NOT push to ANY Windows Phones (.7740. )(.8107.).

    BUYER BEWARE the only way to get a update is to "force push" the updates and void all warranties on your new phone.

    So long story even longer...YOU signup for a 2-YEAR contract and AT&T has no obligation to support your Windows Phone.

    DEAR Microsoft/Windows Phone...I LOVE MY WINDOWS PHONE...but do I need to join the APPLE CULT so i can have a UPDATED PHONE free of bugs and glitches? ! SAY ITS NOT SO !


  • tsrblke
    327 Posts


    It wasn't meant to be too arm twisty! I think I forgot a winky face!  Had I been saying that you you in person it'd have been with a humorous nudge and a smile!  Don't take it the wrong way! (If you didn't that was just to be clear  I'm not complaining that much I hope! Text has no emotion behind it.)

    In any case, glad to hear the FB team reads these posts! FWIW, I love the total facebook integration as of now.  Sucking down profile pics for my phone, combinding down updates etc.

    OT question: Any Focus S owners out there got a reccomendation for a good case?  Why wife has given up hope on the one AT&T sells since it keeps jammign down buttons preventing her phone from autolocking (among other problems.

  • I second DJ Mike! Support landscape orientation! Please, Please, Please! Anyone else??

  • Just took my first spin with the new version, and here's a request for the FB App Team:  PLEASE support landscape orientation!!  Please??  Pretty Please??  Does the physical condition of the please help??

  • I'm glad to see this has finally made it out - thanks!!  

    Like most people, I use the integrated functionality more than anything, and will wholeheartedly echo the need for FB Messaging without opening the app.  

    The other thing that regularly drives me up the wall, is that I use Foursquare (actually 4th & Mayor) all the time.  People on FB will comment on my 4SQ activities, and my Me tile shows the notification.  I go to my notifications screen, and click on the link, and it fails.  Every single time.  I have to open the app to see the comments on anything originally posted from 4SQ.

    Can this be fixed??  Please???

  • @Prof Julie & Scuba: Thanks for helping people out. :-)

  • have they taken the 'Create a new album' option out?  :((

    I can't seem to find a way to add photos to a new album like before..

  • @cckang, on the Windows Phone, if you have the Marketplace tile pinned to your Start screen, you will see a NUMBER show up on the live tile, indicating how many apps have an update available.  Then, you click on the tile to get to the Marketplace....notice at the bottom you'll see an extra menu item for UPDATES.  Press that and you'll be presented with a screen listing each app that has an update.  You can either press on one of the apps to be updated then choose UPDATE, or you can choose the UPDATE ALL button.

    Now, having said that, be aware there is often a lag between when a new version of an app is in the Marketplace and the time that you will actually receive notification of the update.  BUT, you can force the update if it's available by simply logging in, going to the Marketplace, searching for the app that you believe is ready to update and click on it.  If there's an update available you'll see an UPDATE button instead of the typical INSTALL button.  That's how I updated my Facebook app this time around.

  • cckang
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    Normally, how we know (from our handphone) that is new version of apps that we previously download. For ios device, it will show at AppStore's updated field. For windows phone 7.5?

  • I agree with the two above who would like to post to their business page. I would like to be able to post to both my personal page, and my business page, if it's even possible to have two accounts loaded on one device. This came up a little while ago, and someone said that it was against the rules to have two logins for one user, but surely many have a personal, and a legitimate business page with different email addresses.

    The solution? Its simple! Some apps have two, or even three versions. One example is "APod Veiwer 7" which has two apps that can display matching photos to create one large. The same can be done with the Facebook app except there would be two identical apps, but with the added function of being able to name each apps live tile. This way we could log in to each app with our separate logins, and from the start screen choose which one to launch.

    I hope this isn't going against the user agreement, but this is what users want, and need. And, in order for Facebook to stay in the "foreground" it should stay flexible, and user friendly.... Remember MY Space??? Lol!

    Please consider this option, or some option that would let multiple logins exist on one device.... I would even be willing to "sign" a new user agreement.

    Also, it's nice to know out of the major smartphone platforms WP has the most functional FB app. Thanks!

  • YES! This app needs updated often! Glad to see you pushed an update MS. Very good stuff. It is probably the best Facebook app I have used across platforms.

  • Thanks for 2.5!  I really like the Facebook app on my phone and hope you'll continue to develop it and make it even better!

    @rev23dev & @ToughD:  You CAN post to facebook from your pages with this app for some time now (I noticed that I could do it in version 2.3).  All you do is tap friends.  Then swipe over to "pages", select the page you want to use,  tap the "add" icon at the bottom of the page and start posting.  If you've set the page up to post as the page, anything you post from your phone will be posted by the page.  There is room for improvement here, but I'm glad to at least be able to post updates to my pages as the page administrator.

  • Is it me or the picture of the News Feed section is still of the version 2.3?

  • Michael, since you said the FB app team reads this, here's a big favor - FB app on iOS (phone and tablet) recently started showing pictures in nice, fuller screen format. The WP app still shows a smaller image which can be clicked to open up the image viewer. Can the browsing of pictures in the New Feed be improved so the default image fills up more of the screen?

  • Thank you for the update. It's great that I can now delete posts!!!! what a huge relief.

    .. I'm still bummed about there not being landscape support! will this never come? PLEAAAASSEEE!!   :((  

    Also, the threaded messages are nice.. but any links provided don't appear in the message... i.e. my friend has inbox'd a youtube link.. it doesn't show in my messages.. only the message that he has typed explaining what the video is about. is this a bug?

    and also the first message of the threaded messages is always clipped so I can't see the entire message :(  this might need some work. Is there a way to see who the other people are in a group conversation? Its message between Jack, Jill and 3 others.. is there a way to tap on it and view the 3 others?

    YEEEYYY>>> I can like posts now.. fantastic!

    Thanks for letting me click on links posted on my wall!

    now all we need is landscape support .... I know you won't disappoint me.. :D ..

    FINALLY I can open my facebook app and use it with some confidence.

  • DjiXas
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    Can WP8 facebook integration include ability to edit comment?

  • I still can't click in link. I'm sure I have version 2.5. Microsoft wrote a "NOW HIRING" is his page and there is a link. I can't click it.

  • ToughD
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    Yes, I agree with the previous post.I too have a business Facebook page.  I believe there is a great need for business pages to be able to be updated and managed from a Windows Phone.

  • I'd like to be able to manage (and post as) my business' page from this app. That's my primary use of Facebook.

  • @tsrblke. OK, ok. Consider my arm twisted. I'll start including them. :-)  And thanks for sharing your thoughts. I know the FB app team is reading this.

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts


    If WPCetnral is doing it, it's obviously doable!

    In any case, while the new Facebook app is great, I chatted with my wife last night over dinner about her Focus S, which y'all successfully converted her to at one of those "Windows Phone Parties" or whatever they were called.

    While the FB app is all cool and whatnots, it does sort of send mixed signals that some of the big stuff can't just be done in the embedded facebook in the OS.  Firstly, you guys have to fix the fact that some updates just get "lost" (I know it has to do with how 3rd party privacy settings on my friends apps are set, but trust me, I've tried to get my friends to change it, they won't, they're paranoid.)

    Secondly, the ability to send/recieve FB messages on the phone would be quite nice.  Chat has been embedded but the messaging still requires the app.  And as my wife points out "If I wanted to download and use an app, I'd have stayed with my iPhone."

    Other than those two things (and the entirely unrelated "lack of a Nook app") you've clearly nailed it, as she loves everything else.

  • @silverdoe: That's a great suggestion. I'll see what I can do in the future. If you open Marketplace and do a search--or open the blog on your phone and tap the download link above, it will pop the Facebook app page open.

  • need QR Code these apps update post. I want to install it right from the phone!