The Wrap: Flying games, photo tips, and Flo Rida

The Wrap: Flying games, photo tips, and Flo Rida

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Summer—not to mention Father’s Day and graduation season—is right around the corner, and this week’s Windows Phone highlights post features a bunch of stories and tips to help you make the most of it. What were your favorite reads this week?

Consumer Reports calls Lumia 900 a top gift buy

imageLooking for a great gift for your dad or favorite grad? Consumer Reports’ electronics experts this week recommended Nokia’s Lumia 900 in its summer tech gift guide. Read the article. Last month the magazine called Nokia’s flagship model “the best Windows Phone so far”.

10 tips for taking better photos

Speaking of the Lumia 900, one of its standout features is the built-in 8-megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss lens. But as Nokia’s official blog noted this week, even killer camera specs aren’t always enough to achieve Annie Leibovitz-like results. So the Nokia Conversations crew phoned up noted Dutch photographer, author, and critic Haje Jam Kamps for some advice on taking better shots. See his top 10 tips. While his advice is tailored specifically for Lumia owners, some tips apply no matter what Windows Phone you’re pocketing.

10 tips for taking better smartphone photos

What’s the best Windows Phone flight sim?

The Windows Phone Marketplace stocks several great flight simulators and games—which begs the question: If you only have time for one, which should you get? Well, the intrepid writers behind the Nokia Conversations blog selflessly volunteered to spend the week soaring the virtual skies to answer this age-old question. See which sims topped their list

5 apps for getting in shape

It’s Memorial Day weekend in the U.S.—the unofficial kick-off for summer. If your body isn’t quite bathing suit ready yet (or you’re just looking to save on pricey personal trainer sessions), you might want to check out these great fitness apps in Marketplace. Reviewer Jeppe promises these 5 apps will ensure “you’re striding across that beach looking photoshopped.” See the list

And finally….Flo Rida and his Lu-mia

Our eagle-eyed friends at WMPowerUser this week spotted popular rapper Flo Rida snapping pics and texting his posse on a Nokia Lumia 900 in the new video for “Whistle.” If Flo Rida looks comfortable, it’s probably because it’s not his first time on a Lumia: The 710 showed up in the video for his tune “Wild Ones.” Watch the Whistle video

Flo Rida texts his pals on a Nokia Lumia 900 in his new video for "Whistle"

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  • abm
    268 Posts

    @Nathan, @ScubaDog2011

    - OCR:- few days back on another WP blog post by Michael Stroh, I commented on OCR library missing for phone developers and that I am trying to develop an app which requires offline OCR capability. Unless you have low level C/C++ support, you can't have high performance OCR in WP. Bing Vision has implemented it. Bing translator is consuming it. But Microsoft doesn't provide offline OCR in WP SDK for third-party developers yet and no support otherwise in Silverlight.

    - ISharing on 1st generation WP devices:- internet sharing is blocked by AT&T on 1st generation AT&T unlocked devices which being used even outside the United States with other operators. I contacted Microsoft and HTC for my 7 Surround and they asked me to contact AT&T. Microsoft support implied; "even if the phone is factory unlocked and being used with other carrier, its branded with AT&T and AT&T has control to enable the features on phone." I further contacted AT&T support and they ensure me that in future all 1st gen WP devices will be pushed with an update to enable these features which were not there at the time of release and later came with Mango. Moreover, except one LG device, all WP devices have tethering enabled WLAN hardware. Unfortunately, no ETAs from AT&T on this one!

    - Wireless document printing:- Last year there was an app called Robocopy on windows phone. But since they never release the update for Mango, the application is forgotten and buried down the ground. If you dig into it, you will find they were providing some awesome features at that time. There must be other apps capable of pair and connect with printer wirelessly (bluetooth and wifi) without hopping through the PC. Would be great if documents in Office hub get this feature in next WP update.

    - Internet Explorer:- Well one of my favorite browser, especially when it comes to privacy. With IE9, performance also become one of the pluses. Compared to IE8 and its predecessors, IE9 is left with very few glitches and OTOH it brings lot of goodness. But, honestly, even due to those few gltiches left, till day the webdevelopers need to do extra effort to adjust the UI to render in IE9 desktop and mobile. A little example: lets say me and Rodney are friends on Using IE9 (default settings: Compatibility mode IE9, Document mode IE9), I click on Rodney's name ( and click on "Start Conversation" to initiate the private conversation. A crippled popup with appear, with the hidden send-button. Now change the compatibility mode to IE8, it will work just fine and so does FF which will render it correctly in first place. Now if I try to send the message to Rodney via Windows Phone.. its a totally different kind of nightmare!! In general, IE9 (desktop and mobile version) has issue with working with iframe-based rich text editors and popups. If you are a developer, you need to supply extra hacks for IE6-9 to retain the decoration. If you are a web developer and you strictly  follow the W3 standards, in most of the cases, you will find that IE doesn't follow what you intended. Hopefully IE10 would address all these hacky ways to overcome compatibility issues and be the most reliable version of IE for developers.

    - Pasting into dialer: pasting into native dialer is certainly required. Encouraging the developers is not the point at all. Microsoft DOES NOT let the third party to dial the number "within the app". You app can ONLY delegate the task to native phone dialer (read more on msdn about Microsoft.Phone.Task namespace). Also, the dialing task refrains the user to send the numbers with security code (with * and # etc). So third-party app can never give the first-class experience that native app can. Copy paste the number in phone dialer shouldn't be dropped in the next update of WP and letter to number translation, using the international phone dialer scheme (1-800-Microsoft = 1-800-642767638), would be an extra treat!

  • @Nathan, allow me to address your wish list.

    1.  Support for multicore devices is coming with WP8.  I get SO tired, though, of spec-whores.  Specs mean nothing.  Performance is king.  Anyone chasing after specs clearly is NOT paying attention to the performance of the device.  To this day, my original Focus OUTPERFORMS my wife's iPhone 4 in every way except the camera.  It also outperforms every Android device I've been able to put it up against, and I expect my Lumia 900 will do even better.  Multicores are essentially a waste if you really research it---better that they concentrate on leveraging the GPUs and continue to optimize the OS.

    2.  IE10 is coming with WP8.  I hate all other browsers, by the way, on my desktop, so why would I pine for them on my smartphone?  Yikes.

    3.  Wireless document printing.  Haven't heard for certain, but since WP8 is closer to Windows 8, it's likely that this capability will be coming.

    4.  That's a repeat of 3.

    5.  Pasting into dialer.  There are already apps that let you do that.  Install one and pin it to your Start screen.  People need to quit complaining about a function not being in a "native app".  Acknowledge the great developers that exist out there and use there products.  ENCOURAGE DEVELOPERS.

    6.  I can't speak to the C++ support, but I do know there are OCR scanner apps for WP7.

    7.  NFC, USB, HDMI, etc.  Most of this appears to also be coming with WP8---remember, it will share more in common with your desktop than with your current phone.  AT&T didn't "block" internet sharing.  I have it with the Lumia 900.  It's just not free.  We can debate THAT issue elsewhere, but the fact is that it's available on most of the devices that have the physical capability.

    8.  Other OEMs.  It's not Microsoft "forgetting" other OEMs.  It's other OEMs thumbing their noses at Microsoft, plain and simple.  And you can't blame stupid advertising that OEMs or carriers do on Microsoft.  I can point you to far too many web or print ads by carriers/OEMs that are just plain wrong.  Attack them.

    9.  Updates.  Read my earlier post.  The fact is that Microsoft never actually made a "promise".  It was implied.  And Microsoft was derelict in dispelling the assumption immediately.  The fact is that carriers can decide to NOT update ANY devices.  If they DO update a device whatever update they are deploying (and it doesn't have to be the latest) it MUST contain any updates between it and the previous one they deployed.  It's ugly.  It's stupid.  But it's the facts.

  • @tsrblke, yeah, I just saw that today.  Speaking of quality control!  Sheesh!  People making purchasing decisions based on these things!

  • Fair enough, @Rodney.  Let me address each of your points.

    1.  Updates aren't any more or less fluid than they are for the other platforms, if we're honest about this.  The BIG issue was, of course, that Microsoft finally came clean that they have absolutely NO control over whether OEMs and carriers EVER update devices.  Really, this is also true of the other platforms BUT apparently Apple and, to a much lesser extent, Google, have successfully leveraged more INFLUENCE over OEMs/carriers to get theirs through at least more predictably.  Android is STILL all over the flipping map, though.  As for WP, carriers CAN choose to update zero devices if they wish--but if they DO deploy an update it must be accumulative of any updates that were released between the previous time they deployed an update and the latest one they choose to deploy.  Example: AT&T has not deployed the two interim patches since Mango, but they apparently will be deploying the 7.5 Refresh, which WILL include those two interim patches.

    2.  Hardware.  I don't believe this is a Microsoft issue at all, frankly.  I believe this is 100% an OEM issue.  My Samsung Focus works just fine with 40GB of memory.  In fact, the ONLY issue ANY Focus owner has had with the additional memory was because of the card itself, not the capability of the OS.  And, if memory servers, the Fujitsu device has 32GB built in.  As for the cloud, I think this is much less an issue with the OS than it is the SkyDrive itself.  Microsoft has made terrific improvements in it, but Apple has so far eaten their lunch in the seamless aspect.  The problem with cloud use right now is the same for ALL ecosystems: availability of cheap, high-speed wireless.  I live in an area where 3G is very limited and LTE is still in the planning stages.  Until users can access LTE EVERYWHERE the cloud will only be truly viable for metropolitan areas.

    3.  Skype.  I agree with your issue, but think it would be a mistake to leave it out.  It's a mistake, though, for it NOT to be integrated in WP8.  Tango (the app) actually works better and it saw every one of my contacts who had Tango installed automatically---I didn't have to add people like I do with Skype.

    4.  Quality control.  For the most part, I agree.  But part of the issue is the hype that goes on.  The Lumia 900 camera was oversold.  Even so, the camera is actually better than the default settings lead you to believe.  The problem is that MOST users are much too lazy to actually LEARN about photography and expect the default settings to be the most excellent experience.  I'm betting every real photographer just rolls his/her eyes hearing that, too.  Personally, I've been able to educate myself on the topic of settings and get some much better photos from the Lumia.  The camera STILL could have been (should have been) a bit better, though.  The iPhone IS the bar, after all.

    5.  Marketing.  This has always been the most dismal aspect of Microsoft, worst of all with Windows Phone---and it is just as weak with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.  Nokia, for all its other challenges, was the best thing to happen to Microsoft in WP7 marketing.  It's tough to come from a huge deficit, awareness-wise, to improve it as much as they have, acknowledging that a lot more needs to be done, though.

  • @ Everyone, & Nathan

    Above are pretty much the things that WP users have been saying since the release of Mango. We loved the feature set that Mango brought us, and it's been great having devices that can at least compete, on a basic level, with A&A.

    Nathan, you said it! I think you just summed up the lessons learned in 2012, and you just reinforce pretty much what everybody supporting WP has been saying all year long. I agree with you.

    We all know that sooner, or later, MS will unveil plans for future updates, and features. As we get closer to finding out what has been engineered we hope that we can get a few final words in before it's to late. We know that development takes time, and that the WP team is not going back to the drawing board, at this stage, because of anything we post. I guess this is just one last plea for features, and procedures, before work on upcoming updates is complete.

    If "WP8" addresses all of this stuff then great. But, if the majority of these request aren't fulfilled then you guys can pretty much see the tone of the Blog for 2013. The issue I'm beginning to have, or what's worrying me is that these things being asked for are either old, standard, features now, or are practices that should be already followed. Their seriously is no room, at this point, to miss a single thing here in the next version.

    I hope that "WP8" takes us from playing catch up to Innovating once again. WP needs to not only come in line with the others, but it's time WP really crossed the line in terms of functionality, procedure, and marketing.

    "Metro's to the Maxx, so we got what takes"......... Cheerleaders!

  • Nathan
    63 Posts

    Agree with almost everything what Rodney said. There is this news about Ex-Microsoftie, head of entertainment division who claimed that Microsoft shouldn't developed the Zune software to merely compete Apple. I second his opinion that Microsoft shouldn't follow the Apple's trend. Microsoft has its own trends and capabilities which they should endorse rather undermine them and do whatever the Apple is doing *blindly*


    1: support for Multicores and enhanced memory 64-128gigs. Dont wait for iOS or Andriod.

    2: support NDK so the real browsers like FF can kick in! IE9 is good but can't render the RIA properly (esp with javascript popups) while retaining the look and feel with its desktop counterpart. Release IE10 for wp as soon as you can. Implement roam-able favorites via IE10 mobile, desktop, metro and Bing bar (to sync with other browsers) using SkyDrive (waste of space). Bring "Find on page" back

    3: Document printing over wireless - Wifi and bluetooth.

    4: support printing over wifi and bluetooth. Make a decent app to view and edit XPS and PDF documents and print them wirelessly. Dont *silently murder* XPS! many printers out there have support for XPS. No development for XPS after 2009... 90% of the times MS murder its products (Zune, WMA, much more and now XPS too!)

    5: copy past in dialer. iOS was the first smartphone platform of world which didnt had the feature to paste the phone number in phone dialer. Microsoft second it in WP... rather 100% dettp copy! iOS doesnt have the support for Wireless printing over Bluetooth and Wifi, windows phone second it again.

    6: C/C++ support for developers. I need OCR in windows phone and i cant use cpp library neither can i use bing vision.

    7: Support for FM-modulator, NFC, USB-drive support, HDMI in/out.. to make the gadget *modren* and to the OS ready for all kinds of gadget hardware. Let the nokia and other manufacturers decide which hardware is present in low-price or high-end devices. But DO NOT let the carriers to mess with basic support. AT&T blocked mango features like Internet Sharing and USSD even if you have unlocked device and using with other network. Quality Control?

    8: Dont forget other OEMs in favor of Nokia! For example, go to and see how much information they are offering for andriod compared to wp. if you scroll down the wp page its say:

    <quote>Mango Is Coming! Learn about the upcoming version of Windows Phone, otherwise known as Windows Phone 7.1 “Mango”. <unquote>

    Still coming huh! So dont murder the relationship with other OEMs. 'Keep them in loop'

    9: Dont delay the updates. Killing the promise (1 minor and 1 major update for WP per year) would kill the whole ecosystem.

    and finally

    Dont wait for Apple to release a feature first and see how it plays. Trust YOUR abilities and release whatever it takes to make wp robust, top of the line and feature-full like windows and xbox OSes. Give people reason to buy windows phone who already own iphone or andriod or who have choice to buy one of three OS device. My dual core slick n slim andriod with extra peripherals has the same battery life as my single core – less memory – lesser hardware –  wp. Then why choose WP? because of Metro? or Xbox Live (which without real-time multiplayer has no real advantage over ios and andriod games)? or because some guy hoping and plaguing the other guy that Microsoft shall make it better and explaning MS is better than Apple and Google!! << if that is true atleast act like that!

    PS fire your marketing heads and decision makers (along with steve balmer and steven sinofsky) who are stalling the great features to go public and sailing ms to the hell door -- [f-word]'ing waste of talent!

    PPS I hope anyone from MS still remember that they have an orphaned uservoice channel for wp suggested features. Not a single reply from MS employees anywhere on uservoice in months.

  • @ Tsrblke

    Uh ohhhh! I spoke to soon... Lets hurry and change the subject!

    Did you guys here? Photosynth for WP just hit the marketplace! Next post please.. Lol

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts


    Sadly the 32gig Lumia turned out to be a typo!

  • Nathan
    63 Posts
  • No Buckeye! You have to realize your faults before you can improve. Today is a glorious day for WP! The war is what our focus is on, not the battle.

  • @Rodney --Thanks for the pep talk.  I have no probably bing a qaulity role player on the WP Team.   As for Verizon, I have HTC Surround on ATT and have had two other phones (Samsung/Windows Mobile and Motorola flip phone) before then.  I'm not sure if it is a regionally thing or just where my travels take me but I haven't had half the problems other ATT users have had with converage.  I've always wondered if it just not the iPhone versus the network.

    @James M -- I've been content with the ATT store by me.  Even at the beginning, their sales guys were carrying HTC Surrounds... they actually convniced to go with the Surround instead of the Focus back in the day.  Guy walked my wife throught the basics of the Lumina like a decent pro.  

    @MSFT -- One more happy WP user (should say two? since I do all my wife's tech support);  My wife is quickly learning how to pin tiles, download apps, set up her own gmail accounts... All stuff I had to do for her back in her Droid days or it just never got done with Droid.  And she already noted how much better the voice to text is...

  • @ Rodney - Are you on something boy? LOL!

  • @ Scuba, and Whoever Loves WP!

    Let's face it guys, this year was better than last, but the season is over. We lost, and we're not going to the playoffs!

    The things that held the team back:

    1. Updates: What updates? Why have we not been getting incremental updates to add functionality thought the year? And, why are the updates that are being released being block? This is not going to cut it! Try harder next season!    

    2. Hardware: Not enough memory for 2012 usage, and WP software isn't advanced enough (yet) to take full advantage of cloud storage,,, mainly because we rarely get updates that add new features! Try harder next season guys!

    3. Shooting holes in our own foot: Skype? If it doesn't work just leave it out! It's beter to staye quiet cand lok smart Thhan to open yYour mout and Look knot smart as, well,, See my point?..

    Next season? Please don't intentionally piss of the players by not giving them enough training,, just to turn around and well train the rookies! Catch my drift? Maybe next year guys.

    4. Quality Control: I don't know? IMO it seems like the 900 is "hindered". The camera talks the talk, but walk the walk? Software issues? Some guys have been complaining about battery issues, and the reception issue! Why? This device should have been perfect, even if it had to be released a few months latter. But, good job on the update, which just shows how much att cares about the thousands of other WP devices they sell. Next season try harder!

    5. Marketing: "You are our weakest link, so you better get your s&#t together or you're of the team! Permanently! Actually, the best thing to happen to WP this year was the much better than last year, but still not anywhere near being "right", mom and pop shop budget marketing. Maybe the franchise spent millions, but was it in the right place? Try again! Like Miyagi says to the karate kid.. Again-Again-Again-Again... That's because practice makes perfect!

    Now,, we can do it, we just need more practice. The best advice I can give to the team is to listen to each other, and play by the rules. We can't change the game until we learn to play it first. But, we need to learn fast because next season will be here before you know it.

    All us "players" can do is sit back and see how the coaches revised the playbook (WP8).....

    Positive feedback or tough love,, whatever works! But, we got to pull our heads out of our asses, and face the facts that we're just not good enough yet. But, I wont stand for loosing! I'm no looser, and it just isn't going to happen on my watch!... Hit The Showers!

  • The 710 is, yes.  I work with someone who has the 710 and, aside from having no front camera, everything else works fine.  The 610 was the first of the "third-world devices".

    Now, on the OTHER end of the spectrum, what the heck is the deal with Germany getting a 32GB version of the Lumia 900!!!!??????  I am SO PO'd right now, I can't stand it.  I maxed out my Lumia 900 day one and it angers me that Nokia suddenly listened to customers and produced a version that wasn't anemic in the memory department.  Ugh!!!!!!

  • but, aren't those devices capable of running these apps already?

  • @ Micheal H, Scuba..

    I guess the best advice, or hope, I can give anyone who is disappointed with the limitations of 256/800mhz devices is that supposedly in future updates more functionality will be added making apps like Skype usable. But, I'm not sure if this is even factual yet. So, when buying a device just know what you're getting into...

    Question for Micheal H.. Was the 710 available in your area, and what was the price difference?? If any.. :-»

  • Ditto.  I'm assuming he was complaining that a number of games & apps won't run on the Lumia 610.  What seems a mystery to me is that ANYONE thought every single app would be able to run on a low-end device.  And, did I misread his post, or was he calling the Lumia 610 a "hero phone"?  Um, if any Windows Phone devices could be called "hero phones" it would be the Titan II, the Focus S and the Lumia 900.

  • @ Micheal H.

    Are you using a Lumia 610?

    What exactly is frustrating you? Are some games not working for you?

    And last, What?????

  • why do keep reject my game zombies night out for nokia lumia 610

    is becourse you can not get your own game to run on a 800mhz processor with realtime light and shadows

    35 fully rigid and animated monsters and zombies , and it is all first person shooter

    why are you so unfair,, ermit i am better than you 200 million developers download if you have a apphub account and put it on your nokia 610

    and wacth a full blown 3D FPS,, the most impressive game on windows nokia lumia 610

    and remember you will never run as good as i do on a small phone ,, and a processor 800mhz

    in managed code,,

    link to the game that we are missing on the NEW HERO WINDOWS PHONE NOKIA LUMIA 610


    256MB OF RAM

    You got smoked there ,,

    it that why you keep rejecting the game ,, it is becourse it delever some feuturs that no xbox live can do

    it is becourse better action gameplay, or better quality , better graphics

    and running so smoot , that even some of your 2d games can not follow this

    can you please answhere this from my reject report

    What part do you find offencive ,, the text is this part

    " the hobbyist game makers proudly present special agent solo operation global take ove easter egg "

    well you are dam right it is a global takeover ,, you can not even get your own games to run

    with all those inhouse made games ,,

    pehaps you shood have let the real developers made these games , instend those ninja developers you have inside microsoft


  • tsrblke
    327 Posts


    I'd be all on board with you on that, EXCEPT, tango is really meant for "emerging" (read: Third world) markets by many/all accounts.

    I can't pretend to understand the market differences between here (first world) where my microwave likely has more than 256mb of ram (joking! I think, I hope!) and cars have complex computer systems built into the dash that make my first computer look like a cheap toy and the third world markets where ever dollar counts.  Heck even my pithy comparison is likely more wrong that it is right.  I have to think that MS weighed everything is is much more familiar with the on the ground realities of those markets.

    @Bill and James

    All I can say is "heh."  Seriously, "Heh" is all I got.  I'll repeat the story at least some of you have read from me.  When my wife went to AT&T with a Focus S in hand (Thanks Windows Phone Night out crew!) and asked to swap the SIM from the iPhone to the WP7 (they use different SIMs, plus we needed 3G+ or whatever turned on) the sales guy told her "Don't do that, you'll hate it."  I politely told him I didn't ask his advice, just his service.  And pulled out my Mango updated Focus (Gen 1) and said "Why wouldn't you like this, flipping tiles, fancy animations."  He was floored, didn't even know it did most of that.  Why?  Because and I quote he "had one [a Focus AT&T gave him], but it just sat in his car off" he likely never even upgraded it to Mango.

    FWIW, in other interactions with AT&T I complained about his rank stupidity (and quite frankly rudeness) that it wasn't fitting of a "Premiere Parnter" to Windows Phone.  Unrelatedly, (I'm sure) they've gotten better.  When we went to get the Focus S case fixed/returned that customer service guy say "Have you seen the Lumias?" and pulled one right out of his pocket and said "I love this thing."  So there is hope.

  • @ James... I guess that was you... Remember? "The only way to get a dual core WP is to glue two together" lol. That was hilarious!

  • @Bill94

    Yeah I got that from Verizon too! I went in to buy my friend a small 100 dollar entry droid phone. I was looking at the Trophy and the sales rep said "I wouldn't suggest that phone, it is a small niche and probably won't make it, I suggest getting an android phone." I took out my Samsung Focus I had at the time and showed him that I had one, and was interested in the ecosystem/OS.

    His response?

    "Oh, I'm sorry to see that."

    I was very angry. My reaction was close to this: Really? Excuse you? Insulting the customer? How professional. Please, tell me more about how a terrible business man such as yourself knows about android.

    I was very frustrated and went back to AT&T instead of switching to Verizon.

  • @Rodney E. Jones I am known for jokes now?

  • @ bill94....

    Good! Glad you guys didn't listen to that B$ from Verizon. But, if you're still with Verizon you might want to wait and see what they have to offer... You will be able to two up your wife because for one your WP8 device will be marginally better, and second, with Verizon you will probably get your updates. Lol!

  • I am officially having phone envy.  My wife traded her  Verizon/Droid 2 for a black ATT/Lumina 900.  She had been drooling over my Surround for a year now.  Two things learned from the process...

    1. Verizon store arrogant and quite rude when I asked to see a HTC Trophy.. I knew my wife wanted a WP for Mother's Day.  Commet was "Why do you want that?"  My initial response was to pull out my Surround and say "She likes my phone."  Pushed Droid, "Well our network is better." and then ignore me.

    2. Lumina 900 seems to be rocking here in Boston...  My wife's co-worker picked up the Cyan a few weeks ago.  The salesperson told my wife and me that he alone sells about 60 - 75 phones on a very good week... He is averaging 30 - 35 of those 60 sales as lumina phones since the release.  

    End of story, my wife ends up with new Pandora braclet and WP...  I just have to wait for WP8 and the rumor Nokia Pureview to one up her later.

  • @KR - EXACTLY!!  When the Lumia 610 was announced, its price didn't seem to me, to be SIGNIFICANTLY lower than the already affordable 710.  And I had an HTC Hero Android phone, talk about a mobile device that makes you hate a whole ecosystem...

  • KR
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    Totally agree with you.if the Lumia 710 sells for $250 off contact and still has the 512 and 1.4GHz processor I really think we just don't have to flood the market because it wouldn't create legacy and standards.HTC learned that with Android.

  • I still just get angry when I read about these 256MB devices... There is NO WAY anyone can convince me that in 2012, the price difference between 256MB and 512MB of RAM is enough to justify gimping a whole series of devices just so they can sell for, what - $50 less than the 512MB variety??  

    I call full-on Shenanigans on this.  

    It is NOT worth the fragmentation and subsequent confusion to the public.  It completely unravels the ecosystem and "same experience" that WP has been building for the last two years.  And like I pointed out the last time I went on this rant, if the Lumia 900 can come out with a launch price of $99 on contract (and immediately, half of that through 3rd parties) there are plenty of OTHER specs that can be dumbed down to drop the price, without taking a machete to the list of supported apps.

    I hate these pathetic devices, and refuse to call them "entry level" or "developing" phones, they're just plain wrong, in every way.

  • KR
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    There are just certain high performance apps that wouldn't work on those devices especially games.its like trying to play FIFA12 on a Pentium 2,it just can't handle it.

  • tsrblke
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    @KR @Rodney,

    I suspect that's right.  People report that Skype was working fine on the 256 phones before they pulled it (and WP central sideloaded it and still isn't having problems.) I wonder if this was just over cautiousness.

    Also remember that the 256 phones aren't really ready until Tango IIRC, and just like our apps needed to be updated to Mango, I'd imagine apps will need to be updated to full tango complience, after which they'll work fine.

  • @ KR

    I think I read somewhere that this is a temporary limitation. Future updates my bring more functionality to 256 devices. Hopefully!

  • KR
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    So apparently it's not just Skype that can't work on 256MB devices,angry birds,PES and Tango wouldn't work on them.i wonder where we are heading to.not all apps can be coded to work on such low memory its just like trying to install windows 7 on a 256MB PC or Pentium 2.and these apps are big ones

  • JAT,, If the next Xbox has serious Skype integration could this make it popular with the enterprise?? Microsoft seems to have the most complete ecosystem, and if it's even more tight within itself I don't really see Apple being as popular for very long. I can't wait to see how this pans out.

  • tsrblke
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    My suggestions come from my foucs group of 1, my wife.  The semi-target market of "frustrated iphone user who wants something different."

    Oh BTW, while we were returning the focus S case to AT&T, the lady next to us was buying a Lumia (900 it looked like).  In any case she seemed excited.  The guy helping us showed us his Lumia since I was interested in them (such a purrrrrtttttyyyy phone, but I'm holding out for WP8 announcements.)

    In any case, the guy helping Lumia lady couldn't get the contacts to transfer properly from her feature phone to the lumia (it's not that hard, but I'm convinced that AT&T people just don't know what they're doing 50% of the time, yes it's a lot of phones to handle, but it sounded like he failed to check and make sure everything was copied to the SIM from the feature phone before running the transfer.)

    In any case, AT&T's standard response to this stuff (this is going somewhere I promise!) is to just dump everything again doubling most of your contacts (how do I know this? They did this to my wife with her iPhone.  Honestly I forgot how we got the iPhone contacts to the WP8, I think we exported them to outlook then to Gmail, and she used Gmail contacts...anyway back on story.)  Obviously this is stupid, and AT&T guy knew as such so he produced a slightly less stupid idea of manually entering the missing contacts.

    I say "obviously this is stupid" which actually isn't true.  In this case it might have been easier to do the double dump, and point out the customer the robust Address managment at (or for us oldies.) which IIRC includes a "duplicate finder/merger/deleter" app.  I thought about interjecting, but I was up to my eyeballs in something else (and didn't want to confuse the poor guy.)

    TL;DR, make sure your sales people know the web side of things so they can suggest that stuff to the users in strange cases (like complex address book managment)

  • @Rodney - LOL!  No new sightings this week, my job had me over in Spokane, where I was pretty much working odd hours and not hanging with the public at all...  But next week I'm back to my normal routine, so I'll let you know as soon as I see some more WP in Action!

  • @ Micheal... Thanks!

    @ T Win. .... Keep representing!

    @ DJ Mike.. Did you see any this week??

    @ Skuba..... How's the lessons going? Can you get underwater pictures?

    @ Kenny..... Change it back!

    @ James M. No jokes this week?

    @ Tsrblke.... keep up the great suggestions!

    @ Buckeye.. Or was it you that made me laugh last week?lol

    @ KC "Lemon" Your boy "Mazhar Mohommed" That guy is the other talkative one. Love me some Mazhar! Lol...

    @ Ben PC guy.. Quit bragging already! Lol

    @ at&t......... I'm not speaking, DROP! F%$K, WAIT, DROP, DAMNIT! WAIT,, Ok as I was saying, DROP! S%&T!... UHHH!, Ok, I'm not speeking to you right now, because you make it to damn difficult! Lol....

    @ Nokia...... Unlike some partners, above, you are doing a tremendous job. If you guys pay me out of my contract I promise I will go Lumia for life! No joke!

    And, everyone else,,, Support the troops, and have a great Memorial Day!! ;O)

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    Thanks for the post –and Major cool points for posting the Flo-Rida video debuting the White Lumia 900.

    The Windows Phone was not the only eye candy in this video, but it did capture some awesome photos during the video shoot.

    The Carl Zeiss 8 megapixel performed flawlessly during the video – to note this is the 3rd music video I’ve seen the Windows Phone in, so great job to the Windows Phone marketing team on this.

    We hope to see more exposure like this in the future with films and various media spots to come, thanks again Michael.

    - Stay Powered by Windows