Introducing the Windows Phone Gear Store

Introducing the Windows Phone Gear Store

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One of the biggest requests we get isn’t always for features – it’s for swag. So today I’m happy to announce the new Windows Phone Gear Store on CafePress where you can buy T-shirts, mugs, stickers, magnets, water bottles, and more with the fun “I Heart Windows Phone” logo on them.

This store is a work in progress, and we’re still tweaking the product selection and design. We’ll continue to add new products and designs over time. Also, all products are offered at the base cost, we’re not making any money off of this.

Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see.


- KC (, also one of the people behind

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  • Sheeds
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    Thanks for the reply. I suggest one of 3 options, to ensure your WP7 supporters are getting the best deal from Cafe Press on these items.

    1. The items appear also in the regular Cafe Press store.

    2. The WP Gear Store is updated on it's site to have a ticker/news section showing current Cafe Press special deals (codes for discounts when applicable) and/or

    3. The store carriers an information section telling WP7 fans to check the Cafe Press site for any available deals that might offer the WP7 products at a special rate.

    Pretty simple really :)

    Appreci the reply.


  • KC Lemson
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    Sheeds - I'm not sure what response you're looking for from us? It's definitely a great suggestion that we should keep an eye out for when cafepress has broad promotions available and publicize them via our social channels and we'll do that. But other than that... cafepress controls whether or not they have sales or specials like that, we have nothing to do with that. Like many online businesses they use such promotions or discount codes occasionally to incent people to buy.

  • Sheeds
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    Dear WP team,

    As I mentioned above, I was probably close to your first Aussie order. Would love some feedback however on a concern I have over the operation of the storefront. I placed my order without investigating the full CafePress site based on your comments above - that MS were basically passing on the items at their cost, with no extra through margin/pricing above CafePress. However today I saw a tweet from Cafew Press with a specials offer for their store. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I raised a new order at WPGearStore and applied the cafepress coupon code of 25% off. It worked. (Did not try checkout). The sales cart was updated with 25% off the items I had in the cart.

    This concerns me - as there is no cross-promotion or sharing of available CafePress periodic promotions - or even discussion that they can work here. Also, massive discounts like this (25%) suggest that in actual fact, CafewPress are recovering higher returns from WP7 customers buying gear from this store....

    Please comment on what's going on here. Will you update the WP7 Gear Store to also advertise the specials available?



  • Aww, I'm disappointed!! I ordered my cup and got it today but the logo is crooked!!!! Awwww man!!! I also ordered the magnets and stickers, they are cool!

  • At last! A tee is on it's way to Norway! :-D

  • hopmedic
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    I can't wear t-shirts at work - I need either a polo or a button down shirt with the WP logo on it!  Also - you need to sell the rubber grippy things that can stick to the back of the phone, that says Windows Phone, that you were giving away at WP garage events.  I need a few more!

  • @ DanielWp

    Hey, you should go to the top of this page and hit that "email the editor" tab, and from there you can communicate your idea to the team... Just a tip:-D

  • Dear WP-Team,

    nice Idea ! I'll place my order for a nice Coffee-Mug (but why isnt this Mug available in black - or, better: the Nokia Lumia Colors??).

    I have a request too, im the owner of the largest German Windows Phone Community, and maybe We could make a small competition for the German Windows Phone Fans on my website? What do You think?



  • I received my Windows Phone on Thursday and it is incredible, but you guys already know that.

  • dalydose
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    Since it is Cafe Press, I'm wondering if it is possible to have a shirt/item with a phone on the start screen and WE pick the tiles.

  • Sheeds
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    Placed my order yesterday! Hoping it is your first to Australia!!!! :D

    Good Stuff.



  • How about a black skin for the phone with the logo on the back?

  • GregPxC
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    Here's a link to a shirt I made for the Windows Phone event last year in St. Louis.

    It went over well!

  • i love it ,but have no in china~

  • A polo would be nice with the "I love Windows Phone" logo smaller and on the right or left chest area .  But arranged like you guys have it on the mug.  I would definitely get me one of those.

  • chilero
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    Sweet, I've had some Cafepress cash sitting in their system for a couple of years.  Now I finally have something to spend it on.

  • @ KC... For real! That would be funny. I would have to buy some of those.. Lol. Hilarious! You guys wouldn't go so far as to add items that kind of poke at other platforms? No comment, I know. Lol.

  • KC Lemson
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    Absolutely, you can count on it. We just wanted to start small and grow from there. Perhaps we'll add custom iphone cases for folks to give to their friends who haven't yet seen the light ;-)

  • KC... I love U!.....

    This is a terrific idea. I hope the selection of items keeps growing!

  • Albert
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    You guys listened! =D If you guys really want to create a Windows Phone culture, this is a great step--I will be ordering something for sure!

  • wheres the red jacket that ben wears in his smokedbywindowsphone videos?